Ash-Shama-il al-Muhammadiyya #07 The White hair of the Prophet

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The transcript describes a video of a video featuring a man who dye his hair and changed his color. The video also describes a discussion about a man who was asked about his hair color and whether he needed to wear a henna or a leather leather leather coat. The segment also includes a brief advertisement for a book and a photo of the man's hair.

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Hola hamdulillah salatu salam ala Rasulillah Loma Linda myInfo now and finally my alum Tina, was it nine Manya Amara

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so inshallah inshallah we will continue with the description of the best man ever created some Allahu alayhi wa salam May Allah subhanaw taala gather us with him in the for those who Allah Shah Mata I mean your blood I mean, not like it was Ebola can this beautiful gathering in sha Allah Allah may Allah subhanaw taala

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switch our sins into good deeds? I mean are

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you gonna tell me the rahamallah title the next chapter, that magia fie che vi Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the reports pertaining to the white hair of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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The first Hadith in the book

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a definite Mohammed new Bashar called Verona Buddha would call the Imam and Qatada Call, call to the anus of nomadic Han haga Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam called lemmya Blow VALIC in nama can assure you even fee so the hi when I can AbuBakr hobby in a while ketam

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cortada with the Allah Hannah related I asked an A sub nomadic

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are the hola Juan did Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam dye his hair however, he got the means dye sub of irony that he dyed his hair and as answer by saying he did not need to he did not need to for all he had were a few white hairs on his temples. So dry

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and a sort of

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was a sort of anybody knows temple

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between the eye and the ear. So this area here he had few hairs of white hairs here another Hadith which was not mentioned in the book, and here between the lower lip and the chin. This area here also had some white hair here and hear from Allah Allah Salam. However,

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Abu Bakr dyed his hair with Hannah and Catherine okay. So as the closest person to Rasul Allah fie salon. His servant he was asked the rustlers Asalaam dye his hair, he said that he did not need to any wood that means that he did not have that much white hair to be dyed. He did not need to. So he has a little bit of white hair here on the sides and on the bottom of the lip. But he added aboubaker Did dye his hair

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with henna and cut him What does it get him I will explain in sha Allah Tada

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the messenger dye his hair means that he changed the color of her white hair in his head and beard using henna or anything else.

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Well Anna's answer he does not need for all he had he had only few white hairs. That means that he died the few white hairs he had on his temples. The prophesy salon dyed his hair as we will be explaining so soon inshallah Tada. But Abubaker dyed his hair using both henna and ketam What's the color of henna?

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Red and the cotton is black. When you put them together it comes out to dark red, dark red.

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we're gonna see later that there is a Hadith from abnormal roadie Allah Han that says

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that says that our solo Selim actually dyed his hair

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and both Al Khalifa

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said that he dyed his hair yellowish

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and here it says that

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he did not dye his hair

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so how do you reconcile between both

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some of the animated said that was almost I sent them dyed his hair for a very short period of time when Abdullah saw him just to make it permissible

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just to make it permissible.

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Now there's another beautiful point in this hadith here.

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That Qatada asked us about Abu Bakr

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And he said that there was sort of assassin under his hair. He said no, he didn't because he did not have to, but Abu Bakr did,

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who asked about Abubaker So, what does that indicate?

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How much they you know when you when two people are so close so close that he inseparable you know when he mentioned one you have to mention the other

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so as naturally even though he was not asking for isn't dead now, caribou book

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be followed by something that he does

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I'm about to die this beard can we say okay, this is a sunnah

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yes or no?

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Yes Why? What are how is the Sunnah? What is the Sunnah?

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Three things right? Either something

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as soon as I Salam said

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allowed. So where does this way go?

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Allowed right? That indicates that obviously what was SLMC something and he did not say anything is called an Arabic ah

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that's your Shiva

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he saw it he did not say anything that means it's approved. Okay. If it was something that he wants to forbid or prohibit, he would have told a backer This is not right.

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So we can say that this is allowed. Okay. But the beauty of the point is, look how close was Abubaker to the Alon Surah Surah allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam even though this was not asked, he mentioned Abu Bakr his name

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and the Sheikh said the henna is a reddish brown dye used specially on hair and cotton is a plant that makes the hair black so mixed together. They would make dark red had definitely is Hakob Newman soul wire, blue Musa color had different Abdullah reserved and mammal and fair bit us call now to know that to Phyrexia Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Well if Yeti Illa or ba shallot SHA written by

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an abnormality related that I did not count more than 14 white hair

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on the head and beard of the messenger salAllahu alayhi wasallam.

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Now we're going to see a lot of narration that says around 20, which is reasonable 20 and 14 are very close when it comes to hair. It's not 20 or 14 buildings or men so you can get confused. It's hair. So between 14 and 20 is not a it's not a big difference. Right? So Subhanallah again, that shows us Yeah, Annie, how much do you love somebody and how close you are to count the white hairs in his beard and his hair law hokhmah and he Subhanallah the love they had Rasulullah Salallahu Salam is is amazing, amazing Subhan Allah.

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from those two ahaadeeth

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we conclude