Minute with a Muslim #169 – Do You Really Love Allah

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In Islam, we have to back up what we believe with action. In fact, there's no difference. When we say belief in English and the English language, we kind of imagine that it's just something that you kind of think is true. Right. But in Arabic, that's not what belief is Eman cannot be separated from actions. Actions are right there with it. Because that's just reality. If you're not backing up what you think is true, or what you claim you think is true with actions, then you're exposing yourself, you're lying, you don't really think that's true. If you really thought it was true, then you would live by it. Something else is going on. Right? So there's no there's no separation between belief

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and actions in a snap, right? Belief is actions, actions is belief. And so the Prophet Muhammad SAW I saw them he said, you know, everybody from my own was going to be in paradise except those who met Abba, ala man, Abba, who the one who refuses, and then they're wondering, okay, what, how who could possibly refuse and the person who refuses the person who has an act, the person who doesn't backup what they say they believe with actions, action, Where's the proof, the proof is in the pudding. Or in this case, the proof is in your actions. Alright, so I mean, every single one of us you know, we've said this before about identity politics and we have to get over identity we have to get over

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claiming I'm this I'm this I belong to this group, and that sect and this orientation, Where's the proof? Where are your actions? Do you follow the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu de Sena, right, what are the last day and add Imran he said, if you if you claim to love me, then follow the follow the messenger, right then follow the messenger. That's the test. If you really love Allah, then you're going to follow the Prophet, Allah He said that. And the the converse of that is that if you're not following the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, then you can't claim to love Allah.