30 Steps Towards a Refreshing Ramadan #09 Time Flies

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salaam alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakato. Today's reminder is about time, and something that we are all aware of. But maybe most of us do not look at time in the best way or don't deal with time in the best way time is a very precious commodity as you may have well read in the ninth chapter of the book 30 steps towards the refreshing aroma one and what I want to say in this reminder is now that we are aware of time, or we are aware of its importance, what are we doing to make sure that our time is going smoothly and Allah Subhana Allah has already given us a daily time schedule, which is the prayers five prayers help us to focus our time over the day. And it's good to link our

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activities very much. So to the prayer time, like for example, we mentioned before, when you read for and maybe make your plan, read citation after one of the obligatory prayers, or if you're doing certain amount of Vicar, but also make sure that you're scheduling your day in the best way. When are you getting up and try to stick to that, make sure that you have set portions of activities that you're doing over set time and that way, you will see that even though time will still pass it will still run quickly as that is the reality of it. But it will actually be more fruitful and more achieving in the long run. So make sure that your time is properly articulated in the way that your

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plan is working and inshallah you will achieve a lot. Now, today, we have many opportunities to learn. There's lots of things online many opportunities to remember many opportunities to do activities. So harness those activities within your time schedule. And you will very much see that Ramadan isn't something that's just passing by very quickly, but it's passing by with productivity. And that is the key word that inshallah we hope to achieve. And I hope you can all achieve now we have, we have already passed one week and Ramadan is day eight today. And I hope that you're keeping up with the reminders keeping up with the chapters of the book, because remember, it's about

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consistency. So if you are listening to this reminder and you've managed to reach this point, please send me a short message just to say I'm here. Just a quick note, say I'm here and I know that you've been watching, you are well adhered because if you don't, what's happening is very quickly these videos once they start to accumulate when the chapters in the book accumulate without being read, then you know it's going to be difficult to get back on track. I hope that's useful.