How Long Can I Stay In Mecca After Farewell Tawaf

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Shaykh Abu Eesa answers


AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of following certain rules in a trip, including staying in Mecca and paying one's respects. They also mention the need for a slight delay in packing and the importance of following certain rules in the trip. The speaker encourages viewers to share their experiences and help each other with their issues.
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How long can I stay in Mecca after the farewell Oh off.

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So the thermal dwarf is an obligatory act of Hajj as soon as you do when you're doing just aamra. And it's a great sign of respect to the house the prophets of Allah, Allah He was sending them said, as of the Lebanon bass narrated that he said that O'Meara NASA and you kudos to him, Bill Bates, autofill bit of deliverable said that the people were commanded by the purpose of life and limb to make their final thing that they do their final kind of deal, their final kind of moment,

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in this act of hygiene, ombre, specifically for hygiene, and preferably for ombre, that their final kind of interaction be with the house or the warmth of the house. And so that's what obligates this act, and it's like showing and paying your respects is that is that you know, getting up off the data Dulverton and the invitation and shaking hands and saying thank you very much. And see you next time. That is what happens. And is that is that final dwarf, which is done in normal clothes, no, no conditions around within two hours straight after. And that's it. But because of the way through it him the final thing that they do the scholars they this is you know, classically we're always saying

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that literary then he just jumps onto his also his cowboy on and off he goes, and it has to be immediate. And there's no you know, you can't spend the night and you can't you know, go and buy food and go shopping. There's a lot of discussion about that. Now, obviously, anyone who's been hydrometer, or anyone who is about to go into Bentley, they're gonna find out, that is a huge logistical nightmare, the whole getting out of Mecca. After too often with millions of people trying to do the same thing. People are living all over the place, there's issues, there's 300, there's permissions, they started, authorities closing roads are gonna pick up hospitals, blah, blah, blah,

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the bags, the pack can take a couple of hours as well. It is a massive, massive operation. So I do believe that it is permissible for there to be a slight delay. And I don't mean Yeah, you can just chill now. And I've got that two off out of the way. Now let me go and do my shopping and do my packing for the next one, two days. No, you need to have done everything that is of significant significant nature beforehand. So like all of your packing all of your shopping, all of your buying all of your visiting of things and whatever that needs to be done. So that the only things that are left are the absolutely necessary logistic requirements that have to occur for your trip. And in

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your group. That's the only thing that should be left. And yes, if that means that you have your group leader says I need you to go now. And when you come back, now you've got a few hours to catch up on sleep, and then we've got to get to the airport. Then even though the classical scholars did not like people spending the night it is allowed for you to spend the night to go to sleep, for it is allowed for you to buy some food, it is allowed for you to pray a prayer after 12 without in the heart of all pray another couple of prayers in your local mosque, if you're in asiya or shisha or whatever, before you get on your final coach to the airport, these are allowed, there are a

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necessity of our time they do not break the meaning of the head, it is clear that the head is focusing upon major significant acts that are that would meet the person's intention, and so on. And I like to give an example. It's like, Look, you know, if you again, you're that you're that guest at someone's house after the hour, and your hosts have now you know, you thank your host, and you will come to the door and they're at the door and they normally stand in the door once you get into your car and off you go, right. But if you were to now suddenly, whilst they go, somebody coming in, you now stop and then you suddenly go round the front drive and start looking at their plants and start

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looking at this and that and start looking and you say 1015 minutes, that's the most awkward nonsense ever, that people are going to be looking at you thinking right? Well, this is this is awkward, you know, is the person going when I'm going and we've already the you know, what do you say to a person like that right now? And you know, do we walk in now do we leave them you don't try to say that's that's wrong, you've said by needs to go at the same time, they don't expect you to jump straight into the car and shoot off the mind you need to put the kids in, take the car seat out, transfer it to the back and just put the bags in one or two minutes. And and that little delay

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is expected for them to stand waiting, smiling and then give you the wave off as you go. So it's that balance. It's not that extreme where you're there for ages, not that extreme where you're there immediately. But the necessary things to leave straightaway is what is expected in the culture and in our earth. And that is exactly what is to be applied in Makkah at that time as well. The necessary things that need to be done afterwards, like eating and praying are allowed but all the rest of the pattern shopping and all that kind of you know, whatever, that should be avoided and Allah knows best. Hey, thank you for watching and subscribe so you can continue to get the rest of

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