30 Steps Towards a Refreshing Ramadan #06 Connect with the Quran

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The speaker discusses the importance of reading the Quran and embracing its message of connecting with the author. They suggest creating a Facebook account to access the textbook and learning about educational programs. The goal is to improve one's understanding of the Quran and its meaning for personal and professional life.

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So now my lead from what I have met Allah He wa barakato Allah subhanaw taala says that the month of Ramadan is the month in which the Quran was sent down. But not only was it sent down in Ramadan, but also gibreel Ali cinemas coming to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam every Rama one and revising and reviewing the Quran with him. And I just want you as you are listening to this and inshallah through the rest of this month, try to really

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embody that kind of feeling. Because the Quran is the message to you as an individual is a message from a loss of hand or to Allah and in it, there are many, many personal messages. So try and think about how you would have felt having that core and come to you and to be reviewed with you and to be revised with you. This will move on, let us try to read the Quran and get lots of reward that has an ad because there's so much fascinating reading around, but also try and reflect on some of the meanings of the Quran and try to see what they have relevance to your life. Some of the verses will not have relevance to you, but a lot of them will because doctrine is a book of guidance. And as we

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suggest in the chapter of the 30 steps, book, try to make the your obsession if that's the right word, your connection with the author and more than you're, you're connecting with the other things that have become distractions in our life today. So connect with them. Make sure you have a Facebook account, which you are accessing regularly and opening regularly so that this will move on, you are learning so much more.

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Also look out for the practical tips that we've mentioned in the book which can help you to at least complete the Quran once a month. But also the other aspects of accessing the Quran as well in sha Allah to Allah by learning the language and learning the educational programs. Take care