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Az-Zalzalah-At-Takathur Tafsir Al-Adiyat 1-11

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accountability measures on rajim Bismillah Ar Rahman Rahim

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lesson number 311

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Sutra The earth is number one to 11

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Sutra that is a Maki surah and it was revealed after sutra

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the surah has 11 verses 40 words and approximately 160 hurdles Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim while our idea to Baba by the racers Banting

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fun moody decoder ha the producers of sparks when striking, fun Lila usuba and the Chargers at dawn for Adobe nakara stirring up there by clouds of dust for settling OBE jamara. Arriving thereby in the center collectively.

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In these ayat, Allah subhanaw taala is wearing an oath by alladia

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ulmaria Alma de la

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alladia, and Maria, and Maria rot, these are all c fats, these are all attributes. But what is the most of whose attributes whose characteristics are these it's not mentioned over here. And the scholars have said that it refers to horses. And some say that it refers to camels. Because if you look at the description, this is very much relevant to horses, and to some extent camels as well. But of the two opinions what is more strong is that it refers to horses that I will explain why.

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If you look at the first description that our last panel Darla mentioned, and in fact he swears an oath by his alladia idea.

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Idea is a plural of idea from the root letters, I ended well art one, and our other one is to run fast to speed. And then is one that runs fast idea feminine of that she who runs very fast.

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A number of websites that are doing is to cross the limits in something and to not maintain moderation. It is to cross limits and to not maintain moderation. Which is why this word also applies to transgression. And muddy because in that a person crosses limits.

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And if this is done with regards to walking, meaning in walking, then it means that a person has started to run

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because moderation walks in the machine. What does that mean that a person walks not too slow, not too fast, but he's walking in a normal pace. But either one with regards to walking means that a person is now running. He's going very, very fast.

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So I the idea that those who run very fast, and how are they running? Baba panting, snorting Baba from the root letters dog the half. Bob is too bent. It is to breathe very hard.

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Lava handle for us is when the horse pants and makes a snorting sound from his belly or from his chest as he is running very, very fast.

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So basically, it's used for the sound of heavy breathing, the sound of heavy breathing Banting that you can see the chest move, you can see the belly move, you can see the nostrils blurred, as the horse is running fast. And he's also panting so it's the heavy breathing of the horses.

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Originally, the word love is used for wolves, the snorting the panting of the worlds because even when they run They also produce this kind of sound. And when they run wolves, they run in the form of a pack. And when they run they run in order to attack generally. So what is the show over here that will are the lava it is the horses that run very fast, and as they run, they are running. They are breathing like wolves do.

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What is the choke? the confidence of these horses? The speed of these horses? Which horses are these, those that are engaged in battle, those that are running into the battlefield Where are the two Baba?

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Now some scholars they have said that it refers to camels, which camels, those that are taken to Hajj. However, this is not a strong opinion. Why? Because as I mentioned to you the word love is used for the banding of

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horses, not camels. So this is why other scholars disagree that what are the two Baba what are the two lovers it refers to who

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and if you notice are the Yak is feminine or masculine? feminine? Why is it feminine? This is just like for the angels the last panel goddesses when Nazareth

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many times when the angels are mentioned and how are they mentioned in the feminine form. However the horses for them also feminine plural is used. Like we have learned a softener to do a softener to jihad in the story of Solomon Artesia, the best horses

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and also the Arabs when they went to battle they preferred female horses

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when the Arabs went to battle they would prefer to take female horses Why would they prefer to take female horses because they were much faster?

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They ran much faster compared to male horses.

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So this is why Allah says Where are the two dogs?

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by those that raise by those that gallop by those that charge galloping steeds speedy running horses, and when they're running they're panting fun moody at the other hand her and by the producers of sparks when when they strike and Maria, this is the plural of moodier from the root letters. Well raw yeah worry. What does that literally mean?

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to be behind good. What else does it mean? Any other word you can think of?

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okay for us.

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What does it mean

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to cover to hide? okay for you every so often

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the sons of Adam or escena when one kill the other? And then he was left with a dead body of his brother he couldn't figure out okay for you already. so utterly how he should hide the dead body of his brother.

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And why would I yeah, from the same route era is to light fire to one is to hide and other is to light fire. For a too narrow Leti. To rune Have you seen the fire which to rule which you can do? So Iran is to strike

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one thing against the other. Why in order to produce fire in order to produce sparks, you understand to strike one thing against the other in order to produce fire in order to produce sparks. This is just like when you have a lighter and you rub your thumb over it and what happens one wheel rubs against the other. And as a result, the spark of fire comes out or something like that. But that's how it appears to be at least. But anyway, whenever you light fire even if it's with a matchstick, you have to rub it against a surface when you rub it against that particular surface. When you rub one thing against the other strike on the against the other that is when the sparks of fire will be

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So Maria, Maria, this is a Florida Maria, Maria, this is some fairy, one that Kindles fire, one that strikes fire, one that causes sparks. One that causes sparks, those who strike

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her other half of the room fetters off than her and God is to kindle fire by striking stone or metal or something of the neck. So for Maria, the other half those that produce sparks, how when they strike.

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Those that produce sparks when they strike. Now horses, what do they have beneath their feet?

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for shoes, and when they run, especially in a rocky terrain, then what happens depending on how they are running, and how their feet are stomping on the rocky terrain. If it's very intense, if it's very violent, what will happen, sparks will come out literally you will see the sparks. So for Maria, they called her that when they raise on rocky ground, their hooves strike the rocks. And this causes sparks of fire to fly from them literally. What does this show? What does this indicate? how fast these horses run?

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alladia tilava What does that indicate again? how fast they run for muriaticum. This shows that how fast they run again, and not just how fast but also when can you see the sparks in broad daylight at the time of

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no one can you notice the sparks either at nighttime or early morning,

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early morning. So for Maria de cada because we see that the Arabs when they attacked somewhere. They prefer to attack early early morning like at fudger time or soon after. Or

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later part of the night. Why? Because that is the time when you don't expect somebody to come when you don't expect the enemy to attack. So this is the time that they selected for attacking someone.

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So for Maria, they called her. You could see the sparks coming out of their hooves as they're running so fast on rocky terrain. How would you walk on rocks

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slowly and gradually taking one step after the other very carefully, but look at these horses.

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Family Law to sabaha and the charges at dawn unruly lot, Laura love mohila and Molina from their old letters, lane yellow leaves. What does late mean?

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other other than so movie is one who is not of your own group, which is why the word movie is also used for someone who attacks because someone who is not our view will attack you.

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And married is also used for one who attacks violently, because when he attacks violently, what will he do to your condition? later on? He will change it. He will alter it. You understand? Who is Madeira? Believe

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one who raised one who attacks How does he attack violently which is why because he is not our view is of the right and be when he will attack he will double your your state, you will change your state. So far movie or automobile author who those who read those who charge those who invade. When do they invade sabaha. In morning, I mentioned to you earlier that the Arabs they attacked generally when at early morning, because that's the time when the enemy least expected them. And also, if you think about it, in the morning, especially early morning, there is still moisture in the air. And there is due because of which the terrain, rocky terrain, it might be damp slightly. But it's

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amazing how fast these horses run, that despite the fact that there's moisture in the air, everything is dance kind of still, as they run sparks come out of their feet, family life is over.

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for Adobe nakara stirring up there by clouds of dust a thunder I thought know from the newsletters, so well and so is to be stirred to be roused to be excited to be stimulated. This is the literal meaning of the word we learned about the bacara and

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that it should be not such that the zero or the one at the schoolhouse, it should not be such that plows the land nor does it water the fields. So in plowing the land, what do you have to do?

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What do you have to do agitate the earth in which the part that is underneath, you're digging it so that it comes up to the surface.

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So for a thumbnail, they stir up and the noon at the end is for feminine plural. So far, I found that these horses they raise they stir up be happy with it with what be by what? By the running by their charging,

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or at that place at that time, at the time of mourning or at that place where they have attacked or because of their running. Because of their charging. What do they raise nakara dust clouds of dust

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nakara is from newsletters known of iron. And knocker is used for a trail of dust that is left behind someone who is running very, very fast.

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So a trail of dust left behind by who a racing a running writer.

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So I thought maybe he nakara just look at how they move.

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When they run on rocky terrain. What happens there sparks of fire. When they run on ground, they leave behind a trail of dust. So how fast they run.

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And when they run. They're so confident so daring, that they don't stop for a second I be Gema arriving there by in the center collectively, for cell phones or cell phones while seeing what does what's up. I'm in

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the middle of something to be in the middle. And we're subtle net they meaning they go in the middle, they penetrate, they thrust inside, they go into the middle be there by by what by their running or at that time or at that place. How do they penetrate How do they arrive there? jamara altogether, meaning all of these horses that are running together collectively, they penetrate into

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To the midst of the enemy, they go into the midst of the enemy for a subpoena v jamara. together collectively.

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And jammer has also been understood as the jammer of the enemy, that they go right into it for a supplement v jamara.

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What does this show

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their fearlessness, their confidence, their bravery, their obedience to their masters. That early morning, when their masters dig them in order to attack somewhere, they go immediately, they run so fast that they're panting. They run so fast on rocks that they're sparks coming out of their feet. And when they run on dust, what happens? a trail of dust is left behind them. And they're so fearless that they go right into the midst of the enemy. So basically the shows how obedient they are to their masters.

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Now all of this is a custom, an oath. What's the doab cousin? Allah says in insane and you will be lucky.

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Indeed, the human being to his Lord is very, very ungrateful.

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Very ungrateful. Do you understand this job person?

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Look at the steed and look at them and

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look at the horse. So faithful, so obedient, so submissive,

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so energetic, in obedience to His Lord, to its master,

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but the human being, look at him in an insane and he will be lucky No, these cannot, who is cannot, cannot is someone who is very, very ungrateful, someone who mentioned difficulties all of the time, and never ever mentioned the blessings. He remembers the difficulties, the problems, but he does not remember the blessings.

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And urban Canute land that is canoed is used for such land that doesn't grow anything. You pour water on it, you put good soil on it, you put seeds in it, you put everything inside of it, it takes everything but it doesn't produce anything.

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It takes takes takes, eats, eats, eats, but it doesn't produce it doesn't give anything in return. This is who canoed is, so canoed means Cafu one who is very ungrateful one was very thankless one who denies the favors of his Lord in an insanity abila canoe, hustle and bustle he said, canoe this law worm will be eroding mostly Bad, and the answer narrow.

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He is the one who is always, you know, negative towards his Lord, how that he keeps count of all the miseries and difficulties and problems. Yesterday had this problem day before yesterday, I had this problem. Five years ago, I suffered from this 15 years ago, I suffered from that. He doesn't forget the problems you're doing mostly. But any Ensign near him, he forgets the blessings.

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He will remember the smallest of problems. Even I stubbed my toe over here. I hurt my elbow over here. I hurt my forehead over here. I lost those $5 over there. He will remember the little little things even that have gone wrong.

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But the biggest are favorites. He forgets them in insanity. abila can Oh, look at the wars so obedient. That is the master takes it in the morning, it will go the master takes it to a battle in order to raid and the horse will obediently comply.

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What do we want to do in the morning? What do we want to do at night? Rest take things easy. We don't want to get up. We don't want to be on the move.

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But the horse doesn't complain.

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We want our food. We want our money. We want all of our blessings. We want our health. If even one thing goes wrong, we get so upset. And the horses are so obedient. And when they go for a battle using the horses don't get injured. They don't get wounded. Of course they do. But do they ever complain? I'm not coming again. No.

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We get slightly hurt in the way of Allah. And we say because this happened. This is why I'm not doing this again.

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I cannot continue with this anymore. In insanity. abila Canute, the horse puts in so much effort,

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so obedient, how is our obedience? How is our effort? How is our loyalty?

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Well, in who Allah, Allah Shahe and indeed he is to that a witness the human being Allah Delica for that, what does that refer to?

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That refers to his in gratitude. He's being canoed

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he is Lesha he is surely a witness to that. Meaning he knows very well.

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As to how ungrateful he is. This is not something hidden to the human being.

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It's something very obvious he knows. He is Shahid over it and he's Shaheed over it, how in this dunya and also

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on the day of judgment in this dunya is a witness to his own in gratitude. He knows it's not something hidden from him, and on the Day of Judgment, he will be a witness to his own. In gratitude, we learn in sort of the new day 24 yo Mata shadow lane elsina tumor ID well juubi McCann we are Maroon

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on the day, a person's own body is going to witness what in the hood Allah daddy kinda Shaheed

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and some have said that in the who, who refers to Allah Subhana Allah

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that Allah is a witness to what do the ingratitude of the human being.

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We're in the who and indeed he they have been highly in level of wealth, he is Lesha D, surely one who was very severe. For the love of wealth. He is very, very severe meaning he loves wealth, like crazy. He loves wealth like anything.

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In total, fetchit is 20 we have learned what the hip bone and malherbe been, Jim, a lot of love. You have for wealth over here, leisure deeds, and because he's very shredded for his love for wealth. This is why he becomes stingy. This is why he becomes lazy. This is why he doesn't want to put in any effort.

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He is shrouded in his love. For wealth. We're in the hula hoop belhaj de Lucia de

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but Allah says, Allah Yaga Mo,

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does he not know either berthier on Africa booth, when the contents of the graves are scattered? Does he not know that there will be a time when berthiot or Matthew kabu whatever is in the graves is going to be brought out and exposed berthier we have done the word birth in

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Bahrain cell berthelot and bartholomay is to upturned something and expose it. We're either kabu berthelot went for example, there is a bag that is packed with everything. You open up the bag, you open up the suitcase and whatever is inside, you just updated completely, you're looking for one thing and as a result, everything is upside down, everything is out.

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So either birth, your method, cobalt, whatever is in the graves is going to be brought out. What does it mean? Does he not know that there is a time when he is going to be resurrected?

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Does he not know that there is a time that he will be resurrected? He will be brought before his Lord. So why is he so ungrateful? Why is he so disobedient? And why is he so lost in the love of dystonia? In the love of wealth?

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Well, hustlin mF is sold and that within the breasts is also obtained on the Day of Judgment what's going to happen? Math is so do whatever is in the heart is going to be hustler. hustler from tax lien and tax lien is to take out the marrow from the bone.

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Literally, it is to take out the marrow from the bone. So what is deep inside, you scratch it out, you scrape it out, you take it out. And sometimes it's so difficult to take out the marrow.

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Similarly this to take the seed out of its shell or the fruit that is inside a cover, like for example coconut.

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So the screen is basically to take out something that is deeply covered hidden inside.

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It's like how you get peanuts or almonds or walnuts.

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So we'll have Selena methods to do whatever is covered concealed buried inside the heart, it will be exposed it will be obtained it will be taken out and it will be distinguished everything will be brought out.

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So whether it is a man or it is colorful, or it is the good Armando pulp such as tawakkol fear of Allah, such as Raja hope trusted a lot, whatever. positive feelings or negative feelings, good intentions, bad intentions. Whatever is in the heart of a person will be brought out well.

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If you think about it, whatever is in the COBOL will be brought out. Whatever is in the solution will be brought out.

00:24:31--> 00:24:38

Where are people in the COBOL they'll be brought out where your feelings in your heart they will be brought out

00:24:39--> 00:24:58

in naraba home indeed their Lord, be him with them. yoma eden on that day, the hobby. Surely one who is fully acquainted. He is hobby who is hobby, one who is fully aware, fully aware of the reality of something the inside out of something

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He is fully aware of them on that day, meaning he knows about what they've done. He knows about their intentions. He knows about their motives about their feelings about what kind of gratitude or in gratitude complaints they had in their heart. Because sometimes it happens on the surface, we show gratitude, but on the inside, we're very upset with the way things are very unhappy, very discontent.

00:25:25--> 00:25:32

So in Naropa home, Bahamian were in the hobby. They're an artist fully aware of them. The person cannot hide his feelings from his Lord

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this meal

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moving to Florida.

00:25:57--> 00:26:00

What's up on Abby, Gemma

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This is insane and your behavior conclude that indeed the human being is very ungrateful to his Lord. This is in general, that typically, in general, this is how people are. Just as inner insana Haleakala, generally people are impatient. Similarly, generally people are ungrateful.

00:27:13--> 00:27:31

Because, yes, there are some people who are exempt from this who are grateful and Allah says we'll call a luminary by the ushiku that there are very few of my servants who are actually grateful. But most of the people how are they ungrateful? Because most of the time, what do we remember things that have gone wrong?

00:27:32--> 00:27:43

Most of the times we discuss problems. Most of the time we have complaints. Most of the time, we don't have positive things to talk about. Why?

00:27:44--> 00:27:50

Because we don't think positive, whatever is in the heart will come out and speeches will come out in our discussions as well.

00:27:52--> 00:28:11

So in the insanity of de la Canute, we're in Nagoya, Allah delicata Shahi, we're in who they have been highly Lucha de. This is the reason why people are so ungrateful. Why? Because they love wealth, they love money, they love this dunya. And even if one thing is taken away from them,

00:28:12--> 00:28:19

they have a list of complaints. Even if one thing is not the way they want it to be, they're very, very unhappy.

00:28:21--> 00:28:31

But if you look at every situation in your life, yes, there are some things that are not the way you want them to be. But 100 another, so many other things that are so good.

00:28:32--> 00:28:53

And this is true, that if a person is positive, he thinks positively, he will feel the blessings, he will notice the blessings. And if a person is negative, then he will not even notice the blessings that he is surrounded with. He will only look at things that are going wrong in his life. And that are not necessarily going wrong but according to him or not, right according to him are going wrong.

00:28:55--> 00:29:25

So we're in the hula hoop behind Isla de. And this is also general that every person every person loves money loves Well, you will not come across a person who says or who actually means that they don't like stuff. They don't like things. There are people who say I'm not that concerned about money. But if you don't give them money, then they'll start complaining. So there's no person who is free from this every person loves well, however the shutdown that law varies from person to person.

00:29:26--> 00:29:32

Some people have a lot of love for wealth, other people have lesser compared to that and other people have more than that.

00:29:33--> 00:29:38

So depending on the love that a person has for wealth

00:29:39--> 00:29:50

is going to be his gratitude or in gratitude. The more a person loves stuff, the more he wants them. The more he wants them, the more unhappy is when even one thing is taken away.

00:29:52--> 00:29:59

You can see this in children that when they love their stuff, they may have a box full of toys or just full of toys.

00:30:00--> 00:30:05

But if that one ball is taken away by the other child, they cry I want that ball.

00:30:06--> 00:30:09

Why? In the hula Hogan hi Lila shoddy,

00:30:10--> 00:30:18

shoddy love He has which is even if that one tiny ball is taken away, and there are five other balls in the chest, no, he doesn't care about them he wants that bar.

00:30:19--> 00:30:21

So he will complain and he will not be grateful.

00:30:23--> 00:30:27

So what's the problem? What is it that leads to in gratitude?

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The love of unhide the love of wealth, we're in Erbil, Haiti, Russia, de Brazil reminds us FLIR Barcelona, how long will you have all of this? Don't you know, when you will be taken out of your grave? You will not come with all of these things that you love, while hustling and if so do at that time what is in the heart will be brought out what's in your heart feelings of gratitude or in gratitude, happiness, or unhappiness, positive thoughts, or negative or hustlin? mF is sudo. And in Naropa, homeodomain, in the hobby that you cannot hide anything from your Lord, he's fully aware, the oma even that day, doesn't mean that Allah is not aware before that. Of course he is. So why is

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Yama even mentioned? Why is the oma he didn't mention because that is the day off, ASAP, that is the Day of Recompense. That is the day when Allah will give to each person, the reward or punishment for what is in his heart.

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Instead of the 3910, we learn yo matoba surah is from Allah human coverting. Well I know are the secrets that are in the heart will be examined.

00:31:39--> 00:32:22

And most of time, we have to really check ourselves because it's really easy to complain. I was thinking, how many blessings I have and how many I did it had this of the whole day. And how many times I complained the whole day. Because if you think the blessing of Allah that even our seeing our talking, I remember listening from chef mama Daddy, he was talking about this old man who was very old and he did not have much and he was blind. But every day he would say oh, I think Allah subhanaw taala who for Daniela kathira, man holla pata de la. And there was a young man passing by hand say that. I heard you every time saying this. I look at you. You don't have strengths. You

00:32:22--> 00:32:53

don't have words. You are blind. And you are this old? What are you thinking? How did Allah did? Bill upon you? He says sit down and I will tell you he say how many people are there that they cannot hear? They are done and go to the masjid. He said there are many he says I think Allah subhanaw taala for that. And he said how many people are there they can speak? And I can speak. And so he said that many? He says okay, I think a lot for that. And he kept mentioning like this. And that young man who was asking him he became very humbled

00:32:57--> 00:33:21

that you can never enumerate the blessings of Allah has given us so much. And a person whose eyes are fixed on the blessings, then he becomes obedient to his Lord, just like these horses, that are so obedient to their master, so humble. And when a person's eyes are fixed on what is missing, then he cannot be obedient, he cannot be grateful.

00:33:23--> 00:33:35

So obedience and gratitude, have a very, very deep connection. The more grateful a person is, the more obedient he is. And the more ungrateful a person is, the more disobedient he is.

00:33:38--> 00:33:51

The thing is, why a person be ambition? I think it's lack of understanding that if a person understand, I don't think you can be impatient, they will do separation because they are honest notice.

00:33:52--> 00:33:54

We have to teach

00:33:55--> 00:34:01

our children the Quran, because when then recite Quran, the biggest calamity they will see it's

00:34:03--> 00:34:12

very true that the biggest problems even appear to be small, just as we learned that first the New Year siru Nusra. At the one who

00:34:14--> 00:34:24

said the listener, then what happens? Allah makes his life easy for him. How? It doesn't mean that he faces no challenges, no problems. No, he's able to deal with them.

00:34:25--> 00:34:29

So even if there are problems, they don't appear to be that big.

00:34:30--> 00:34:35

He's able to accept them. He's able to say at that time in LA, or in LA,

00:34:36--> 00:34:38

and hope for award from the lover that

00:34:40--> 00:34:41

will listen to the recitation again.

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the war in

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a war in

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