Regarding Hajj 2021 – Ask Shaykh YQ #173

Yasir Qadhi


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The first question is a logistical one, which is I've been asked this quite a lot, so I'll just answer it Live on the Air here. And that is that people are emailing me and asking about the hedge of this year is there going to be hijama offering a package? One

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COVID Nika Illa de Jalan, no, hey la him first.

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Lake Erie.

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And the response to this is that Allah who, as of yet no official verdict has come out. No official update has come from the Ministry of hedge, we were all equally uncertain. Neither the questioner nor the one who is questioned has any knowledge about this. Right now, it is all rumors and all theta will call. Nothing is official. We are waiting for the update from the Ministry. However, there was an article from a reputable news site that said that only those who have been vaccinated will be allowed for the pilgrimage, but no other news has been given. So we are assuming and this is just an assumption that there's going to be a long list of conditions and that if there is going to

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be an open hedge it's going to be with so many conditions as to make it much more limited than usual. But this is all rumors. For sure. Unless a miracle happens is not going to be regular hedge. And as of yet no package is actually confirmed. No package from the Western world from North America is confirmed. We're talking right now. In the first week of March. Allah widen what the update is going to be and people are asking about my own package as well as of yet because we don't have anything for the ministry. How can we then advertise nothing is being advertised as of yet as soon as we find out you will be the first to know shallow data from our social media all social medias

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that I have will be announcing any updates about the hedge but as of yet we are in complete uncertainty and we ask Allah subhana wa tada to open up this door and allow us to go those that are able to go

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he can