The Value Of A Smile

Omar Suleiman


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The Value Of A Smile – Omar Suleiman

Khutbah – 26th August 2016


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The concept of Islam is discussed, including struggles with money and family members, a recent fundraising event for food and money, and the importance of smile in helping people find joy and happiness. The speaker emphasizes the importance of being a source of happiness and helping others, including finding one's own happiness and finding one's own success. The speaker also touches on the Prophet's story of the beast and its impact on people's behavior.

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spinarak nama him in our hamdulillah in a medieval monastery known as Dr. Rona study, you know we want to talk karate he want to be lovely lovely mansoori and fusina woman say Archie Amina Allahu tada Salam O Allah Allah.

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Allah, Allah Masha Allah, Allah illallah wa hora, sorry Cara. De homolka Allah will hand you're here where you need to Jorge, your name would be Eddie Hill hi wahala Alicia in the shadow Anna Mohammed Abu rasuluh wasafi Yahuwah Hello, Abdullah Manitoba Larissa tomasa. huddle oma waka shuffle Hama Osaka

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lado How can I hurry holla z for Ana de Holic Polly of masala to attend with his name while earning he will be he does tend to be suniti he eat I am with Dean allama john I mean home woman alladhina amanu amilo salami how to how to also be happier to also have a sub. I mean, Albert I mean, also you can win FCB tequila or Miranda will help or colorada you know choco la haka Ducati he went out mo tuna Illa and to Muslim on yeah you Hannah's it Sakura Bakula de la cama nevsun wahida. Allah come in has Elijah, Oba Salman humare john and Kathy are on one Isa, what's up Allah Hilary Jessa and wanna be halal or haram in Allah Cana la cumbre Kiba Latina Amano choco la Hawa, Paulo colons de de

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use, like Malcolm oil silicones and overcome one realtor in la hora suta hufa defassa was in Lima, the nama bad We begin by praising Allah subhanho wa Taala by bearing witness that none has the right to be worshipped to unconditionally except for him. And we bear witness that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as his final messenger, we asked a lot to send his peace and blessings upon him, his family, his companions, and those that follow until the day of judgment and we asked a lot to make us amongst them, love them, I mean, their brothers and sisters are very interesting Heidi from the Prophet sallallahu wasallam where one part is often not elaborated on the Prophet sallallahu it

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was set on setting this authentic hadith which is narrated by Otto Bharani and narrated by others. He says, Have oneness he says the most beloved of people to Allah subhanho wa Taala are in the heightened us the best of people in the sight of Allah are and feral homelessness, those who are most beneficial to people, and then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam actually highlights what it means to be beneficial to people. He says what have been our family in Allah? And he says and the most beloved of actions to Allah, He says Suren an inner joy. Oh, and and to the Sierra sorauren Allah Colby Africa, for you to enter a sense of joy to bring a sense of joy into the life of your

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brother. And totally Allah, Allah kalbi Africa surah to actually bring joy to that person's heart for a man who hopes are to feed him a loaf of bread. Oh, Leon, whoa, Dana, or to do away with one of his deaths. And another Hadith you know, we see shifting along the same lines where the prophets lie Selim mentions, you know, taking care of a person's Hajj taking care of their taking care of a person's needs. The profit slice I mentioned doing away with, with a sense of hardship that a person is going through. But always in each and every single one of these narrations. You find this concept of unto Tila Allah Columbia, HCA surah, for you to bring inner joy to the heart of your brother or

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sister. And usually this Hadeeth and I'm guilty of this as well, this Hadeeth will be used in a fundraiser. And you're not fundraising for smiles and you're not fundraising for people to bring joy to others. You're fundraising for food, or you're fundraising for money or your fundraising for something to do away with things that are more tangible. The hardships that people are going through hunger is a form of injustice that the Prophet slicin mentions to us especially when there is an unjust division of resources. When someone is in debt, it is upon the community to take that person's debt on and to do away with it. All of those are things that are very physical, very

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tangible, but how do you quantify and measure and to Tila Allah Columbia HCA surah, to enter joy into the heart of your brother to bring joy to a person's life. Because every single Hadith mentions that idea. And you take that idea, and you think about it in your own life, when you're going through hardship in your own life. When you're going through difficulty in your own life. There are some points during that hardship and during that difficulty, where you actually want to forget for a moment that you're in difficulty. And you actually want to forget for a moment that you're in hardship, and you're almost tired of talking about your problems and talking about your physical you

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deficits or the debt that you're in, or the hardships that you're going through, and you just want to have a good time you want to escape for a moment, the hardship that you're going through. And if you think about your most difficult times in life, some of the best friendships and closest ties that you have, are people that came to you in those difficult times and just wanted to hang out and spend some time and one and made you feel like life was normal again, they gave you some sense of normalcy, again, and some had a lot, I never understood the full extent of this Hadeeth until the trip that we took to the refugees in Jordan. Why? Because when you go there, they're used to having

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people deliver aid to them. They're used to having food delivered at some point, they're used to having someone come and toss out boxes. But we're lucky the most valuable thing in the world to them was a soccer ball was complete strangers that were willing to race with them and play with them, and smile at them and cause them to smile. And for them to, especially the children feel what it's like to have some sense of a normal childhood for a moment. And it was incredible to see that so how to love the happiness that that brought to them. Just playing with them just being happy and showing them that they could be happy too, that they could smile as well that it was okay that it wasn't hot

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on for them that they didn't have to put on these poor begging faces in order to receive help from people that it's okay smile, be happy be a person who can find joy in their lives despite circumstance despite extremely harsh circumstances, harsh circumstances that we will probably never experienced or know. But the idea of bringing joy to a person's life and some kind of law that had he suddenly has a completely different meaning. Because you see it in action with the people with the most difficult circumstances, the idea of being able to smile and sometimes you couple those things with a few other aspects of charity. So for example, the prophet slice alum, and the very

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famous Hadith he says to assemble Kofi epic subaqua to smile in the face of your brother his charity, but in some Hadith, the prophet sly someone says to smile, you know that Tachyon amin and macrophage Do not be little a good deed. Any one of your good deeds even if you smile in the face of your brother as you serve Him, a glass of water and another Hadith, Muslim Imam Ahmed, which is also also also authentic the prophets lie Selim says la tequilana mina roofie say or do not be little any one of your good deeds, even if it is what oh, and tell a haka be wedged in public that you meet your brother, with a big smile on your face and watching Felipe is a face that's laughing. It's

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actually it doesn't just have the connotations of smiling, but the connotations of laughter as well be watching Polly because we know that there are different types of smiles. Some people smile at you in a way that you know you're in trouble. There's a lot behind that smile, some people smile at you with a threat, right? There's something behind it. Like you'll see what's coming next to you, you know, it's it's not the proper type of smile, that puts a person at ease. But there are some smiles and some laughter that actually changes a person's day and in some situations can change a person's life altogether. And they're in a matt gave various reasons for that. The first one, that Rahim

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Allah mentioned in the data set again, he said that when you smile at someone who feels like they are low in society, or who feels like they are a burden to their community or a burden to society, then it shows them that they are not a burden upon you that you actually enjoy their company and you enjoy meeting with them. So if there's someone who's, you know, you know, who's used to receiving resources are used to receiving help from people, then they feel humiliated to meet people, they put their heads down. Sometimes they feel humiliated to meet people because they're afraid of how they're going to be looked at and how they're going to be perceived. And anytime I say Salaam to

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someone, you know, someone says Salaam to them very quickly, especially if they're quote unquote beggars because they want to move on from them very quickly. So some of their intimate they said, it's a smile, that shows that person that they're not a burden on your society. They're not a burden on your community. They're not a burden on your world. And this is something that fillet Liv Narayan Rahim Allah is mentioned within particular that one Philemon would see someone who is poor, just look at this beautiful, this beautiful mannerism fillet would actually hug the beggar

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and he would say welcome to the one who has come to give me enough who's come to give me good deeds. And he said how wonderful are you people? He said that that you know you take from our dunya without taking anything from our aka you only give to us for our Acura you only take from our dunya how wonderful are you people it's like some vanilla free edge and from a loss of

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It's either he would actually embrace this person. Well, how can he would laugh with them and he would smile at them and it was like, you know, you are not some curse that Allah subhanaw taala sent to me, you're not a curse in my life, you're a blessing. The fact that Allah subhanaw taala honored me with being the means of delivering help to you and your time of difficulty in your time of need, is actually something that's an honor to me, I should feel happy about that. If a lot chose you, or I now let's not think about the beggar now let's think about it in our own context. If a lot chose you, to be the source of stress relief, to be a source of comfort to someone else, rather than

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needing it yourself, that's a wonderful honor from Allah subhanho wa Taala, you should genuinely be happy that a lot chose you to deliver them. That a lot puts you in that capacity. Because many people would love to be in a capacity where they could be a little earlier rather than and he had the upper hand rather than the lower hand. They would love to have that opportunity but a lot chose you. A lot chose you when someone else is going through a hard time to be someone who can be there for that person. And you never know because Allah is in your cause so long as you're in the cause of your brother, it could be a reason why Allah subhanaw taala lifts a similar difficulty from your

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life, but a lot chose you. A lot chose you to be a deliverer of joy to be a deliverer of sudo to put happiness in someone's heart. And somehow to love you think about that Hadith of the Prophet slice on Tibet Semak Fei Jie I think sada cuts a smile in the face of your brother's charity. What is the smile cost you? What is it? What does it cost you to say kind words to someone? What does it cost you to laugh in a way that would bring joy to another person's life? You know, some how to lie. You never know that person could have been having a horrible day, a horrible day, they walk into the masjid. And they see people that are happy and smiling and that are greeting them. It could change

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their entire day they go home completely transformed. How you took them out of a place of hardship with something that costs you absolutely nothing. If we think about how we go home to our families, what is the difference between just a few moments when you enter into your household? upon Allah on salamati allowance Anna and her. She said that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam never used to enter his home, except as if he was coming with a celebration. Yeah, TV

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and Wi Fi salon. The profits licensing comes into the house. And that's it says if he's bringing a party home does if he's bringing a celebration home, what is the profits license, just leave behind, he left behind dealing with all the problems of the community. He left behind sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Genesis he left behind, you know, family hardships, he left behind poverty and poor people and so forth. But when the prophets lysozyme came into his house, it was as if he was bringing a thought of this as if he was bringing a party home. Like a celebration, it says if the profits license just came back from a wedding, think about that. And compare that to the way that you enter

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into your house. You enter into your house after a long day of work. Right? And what do you come home with? Your family was happy they were excited to have you home and then suddenly, instead of you taking in the happiness of your family, you brought your misery from work and made them miserable, too. What did you gain from that? What good came out of that, just think about the few moments that you enter into your house. The way that you greet your family when you first enter into the house. It can literally set the tone for how your nights gonna go. Think about it. It can literally change the way that your night is gonna go. Because if you come home, miserable, and your

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spouse was in a good mood, and you brought home misery, and you dampen the mood, it's gonna lead to some bitterness and work you're more likely to get into an argument or a fight. But if you come home somehow a lot with a sense of happiness smiling. A few kind words, I shut off the alarm on her and Heidi settle if Quincy was slandered the way she knew that the Prophet slicin and was upset is because the prophets lie some walked into the house. And he simply said Salaam and asked her how she was doing. The fact that the prophets lie some did not engage in a in a good conversation with her, showed her that something was abnormal. For many of us it's abnormal to have a conversation when we

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go home. It's the opposite right? She thought something was abnormal because the prophets lie Selim did not engage in his usual joyfulness with his family. And some had a lot. Think about it. If smiling in the face of your brother's charity, what is the smile in the face of your mother? What is the smile in the face of your father? What is the smile in the face of your spouse? What is the smile in the face of your child? If the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that sadaqa to your family is

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Both sadhaka and Scylla it's charity and it's establishing good ties it's it's it's beyond just charity to someone else. Then what is a smile which is classified as Marouf and charity? It's classified as an act of kindness and act of sada. What is that whenever you give that to your family, how much more blessed it is in the sight of Allah subhanho wa Taala Now think about that with the way that you greet people. And one of the things that one of my teachers have had a lot shakaama she Shani hoppy Lola Thai? They said something very beautiful and she said if you look at the Victoria the memories that the companions of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam

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How did they remember him it his sell off of Silla, below the law of Title Nine who could not look at a place in Medina. Except that he said, I remembered the prophets lie Selim smiling at me from that place, Allahu Akbar. He didn't just remember the prophets lie Selim being there. Said everywhere I look in Medina, it says, If I'm seeing the prophets lie Selim, you have testimony and he's smiling at me. That was beloved memory of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. Not all of the great favors that the prophets lysozyme did in his life. There's no doubt about it. But the sweetest memory of the prophets lie some of belittle the law of the prophets lie some was not the law, even

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though Salaam radi Allahu taala and who was a rabbi, and he saw the prophets license for the first time. He's the chief rabbi in Medina. And he saw the way the prophets lie Selim looked and the way the Prophet slicin carried himself, what did he say he looked at his face, he says, four out of two and a half and watch Lisa B, when she comes up, I looked at his face. And I knew that that was not the face of a liar. I could tell from his face, he wasn't a liar. Think about that. That's the effect. We also find that even though pay him a lot to Allah says very beautifully, that a smile does not require a language. You don't you know, there's no Adobe smile, and they see smile, and

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smiley smile and Turkish smile or American smile, there's just a smile, you don't even have to know how to communicate with that person in their language. You know, somehow to law if you if you know, I'm going to hide if you go to Hajj, and you see the the people will frown at each other in all different languages, and yell at each other in all different languages. But smiling is something that's universal, some handle, and that's one thing that we learned, as we were taking youth from the United States, and they're playing with Syrian refugees, and they don't know how to communicate with each other. But they're smiling and playing and laughing. And that was enough for them to miss

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each other at the end of it. There was no language that was necessary there. But if you take it at its full meaning and to Tila Anna Columbia, HCA surah let's just stick to that for a moment. bringing joy to someone else's heart, Kowloon maroof Caden and saw the patterns at various others last pantai says good words are better than charity than actually physically fulfilling someone's needs, while following it up with anger and with a frown or by harming them as you give them charity. Just nice words. Just nice words, just being there for someone in their time of day just laughing with someone when they don't have much to laugh about anymore in life. Think about it in

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your own social context. What does this mean for us as Muslims as we go through our lives and what is the reward of it at the what is the reward of the song? What comes from it all?

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One of the most beautiful discourses of any moment welcome Rahim Allah data to Salah king.

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He says that the greatest thing that a person can hope for from Allah subhana wa tada is what?

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It's not just gender, beyond gender.

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It's to meet Allah subhanho wa Taala who are all done and Allah is smiling at you in a way that demonstrates pleasure. There is nothing greater than that reward. When Allah mentions to us in certain insam Allah subhanaw taala mentions these people that give charity and that serve and they say in the manual for a more commonly watch Hila Landry demon comes as our show Cora, we serve you, we feed you for the sake of Allah. We don't want any type of gratitude from you. We don't want any type of repayment from you. This is not words to be said in charity, but it's an attitude that a person has humility. As they're serving people. They have a sense of humility. They're humbled to be

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in that state. I'm humbled to be the caregiver and not the one who's being given I'm humbled by that that's an amazing blessing from Allah subhanho wa Taala. What is the reward that Allah subhana wa tada mentions? But welcome Allahu

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Allah does away with the hardship of the Hereafter, while the call napolitan wa surah. And Allah Subhana Allah would give them instead, pleasure radiants happiness they're afraid of they're afraid of meeting Allah subhanaw taala while he's angry with them instead, they will meet a loss of data while Allah is

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pleased with them, while Allah is smiling at them. And then Allah says What does ah whom Bhima sabato Jonathan maharera. And then they be given paradise and silk garments, because that's more beloved to them than paradise and silk garments and everything that it has. And just like the greatest thing you can expect from a loss of hundreds and you can ask Allah for is that the first time that you see a loss of 100 to Allah, he's smiling at you that's greater than junda greater than everything a lot can give you. It's also the greatest thing that you can give to a person beyond just physically taking care of people's needs. just bringing a sense of joy to them, and you ask

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yourself with the small interactions that I have with people, what is the effect and the impact that I have on their lives? With my interaction with my family? What am I bringing to their lives? And what do I want from a loss of hundreds Allah? Can you take a moment and just imagine showing up on the Day of Judgment,

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for your first meeting with a loss of no time, the first time you will see Allah, think about that magnificent moment, the first time you will see a Allah

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and imagine the comfort and the joy that comes to your heart. If you meet Allah subhana wa Tada. And he is smiling and he is pleased with you.

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Think about that.

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Is there anything in the world that you could want more than that? You give to others what you want Allah subhana wa tada to give to you. And sometimes it's those small things that Tachyon nominal roofie say they're over 40, a hadith where the Prophet slice Allah mentioned, do not belittle a good deed, even if it's a smile in the face of your brother. Don't be little. It doesn't take much effort. It does not take much effort. And it can change a person's date. And in some cases, it could even change a person's life. We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to make us amongst those that have joy in their hearts and contentment in their hearts. And we ask Allah to make us amongst those that are

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able to deliver that those that are around us We ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, to make us amongst those that are always in the cause of their brothers and their sisters. And we ask Allah subhanaw taala to be in our cause. We ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, to forgive us when we are not grateful for him putting us in a place where we can give to others. We ask Allah Subhana Allah to make us grateful for that and to increase us in gratitude, so that we find it easier to smile and to drown away our own stresses our own hardships, and instead focus on alleviating the hardships and the stress of others. We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to be pleased with us when we meet him. We ask

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Allah subhana wa Taala to allow us to meet him while he is pleased with us. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to allow us to meet him while he is pleased with us. We ask Allah subhana wa tada to allow us to meet him while he is pleased with us Allah I mean a political jihad or stuff related to lack of money certainly Muslim investor fill in the hole for a while.

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And hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen whatever you want to elaborate a lot I mean when I actually went to Machu Picchu Allahumma salli wa sallam about a karate Cora silica Mohammed and Salalah when he was selling wine and he was trying to sell them to someone Kafeel llama Filipino and menards was Muslim enormously not even humble and was in the Casimir on the Caribbean Mooji but there was a llama ferlin our hammer wire for an hour or two I dibner Robin avala and for Santa

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Ana water hammer Nanak una nominal ha serene allama Valentina rubber, Hama Kamara bonus Evora or benevolent I mean as far as you know the reality no karate Aryan or Jana limit subpoena mama llama Surah mustafina FEMA Charlotte Coronavirus de la Marisa Islam and Muslim in the Caribbean with Mr. Dean Alanna Anika Vitamina with vitamin originality Juan and I'm in veniam sadly mean about the law in the law yet more of landywood s and E tidal corba Ariana and in fact she will moon Carrie well, Betty caribou coolala come to the Coronavirus como la escuela co wash guru Island Emma is it lecom are the crow lie about what la jamoma putting their own. welcome us.