Muslims Balancing Work Life And Family

Zohra Sarwari


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We are actually out of time right now. Fire on waubra, Nikki, Mama sang

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Zhonya email and I want you to think about a female,

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your hope, maternal past birth and job and Sharla just want to talk real quick about the last chapter of your book, which is balancing of your life. And this is really, really crucial in every Muslims life because panela everything that we do the Prophet peace be upon said that we need to keep it balanced within that we can be streamed on any site, something a little bit about balancing your life, balancing your life is exactly how you kind of set it, it's being able to distinguish when it's time to study, when it's time to be a mother, when it's time to be a sister, when it's time to exercise and take care of your health, when it's time to cook. Everything has a balance. And

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everything has an importance that you have to realize everything has a time. So whether it's going to socialize or it's going to be with friends or to be a family are taking care of what's most important. It has its own time. So I always say you know, you have to know how to juggle it. And if you can't figure that out, that means time management comes into skill again, if we can manage our time, then ensure that we can balance our life because then we're not at one extreme to the other. So often you see people so wrapped up in business and all day their work and working and working. And then they never get to see their kids and wonder like, Why didn't my son just say that, to me,

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they don't understand that they were never there for them. So I'm not I'm saying everything has an importance and we just have to kind of figure out, where's the balance to it, how to be able to make sure that we're not over going anywhere upon the same thing, like you said a syllogism that with Islam. I mean, we do our prayers, we read our Quran, every you know, a Baba is working out there and doing things and being part of something. So it's important to remember that that you know, so often people will take Islam to one extreme or another and they'll say, why can't pray. And it's like, wow, it's five minutes of Allah, you know, or at all that's all they want to do is pray just they're

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praying recro motion is like, again, we're losing that sight of we need to do both. And if we don't have that, we're kind of like lose that whole picture of how we're supposed to be. And the greatest example obviously is the Prophet some of

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them for that. Michelle loves a very I learned a lot from this program. Sure our viewers did as well. Unfortunately, we are out of time I want to give you a moment to say a dua or any closing remarks you might have for our viewers, and inshallah we'll close the program. I'd like to first of all, thank everyone who watched the show does not go ahead for everyone has been out there and being supportive and watching it. It means a lot to us especially my wife john being out here and doing her job and it's upon a lie It's not easy being here. So everyone who's doing this and supporting her mail last month Allah you know, bless you guys Mashallah and second, I just wanted to say hi to

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my children because they always tell me mommy you don't say hi so I thought well we can all use the barn our salon and lastly I just like to end with a student she left us okay, just say that this was of some use to begin his meetings and and his meetings it's been something as

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well as in Santa Fe leadin

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gonna have a what there was a little bit hacky what that was so this habit.

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For that like to thank our viewers for watching today, progress and Monaco 100 Salahi What better cats