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The Life Of Umm Ayman – Abu Abdissalam

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Hello smilla rahmanir rahim

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al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala

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nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi

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wa Rahmatullahi wa barakato have to do the same thing as yesterday Assalamu alaikum wa barakato

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salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Not bad, no, but still a bit sleepy.

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I think one of

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the beauties of this conference is that it seeks to address a very important issue.

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And I believe that this is one of the most one of the most important issues

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that need to be addressed in particularly this time and in this country.

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And that is the issue of Muslim identity.

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It is far too often, that

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many of our youth, we find in them the knowledge of

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so many different individuals from the west,

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such as football players, you know, pop stars, and, you know, bollywood stars, bollywood stars and whatever else.

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And you will find that

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it is too often that when we were to ask a person, tell us about such and such, or someone, so, from among the football world, that a person or many Muslims will know the details and that, and even intimate details of the person of this particular person's life. So, they'll know, for example,

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all the affairs that this person has had,

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they know the Oh the affairs of Hollywood.

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But when it comes to speaking about some of the female companions of the Messenger of Allah iclm, even the wives of the Prophet, slice Allah, many Muslims would not be able to even name them, let alone tell us about the life of some of these components.

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we find in this day and age, with the onslaught that Muslims are the barbaric onslaught that the Muslims are facing all over the world,

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not just the physical war, that Muslims

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fighting in various parts of the Muslim Muslim lands, but also the media on slow with this onslaught, Islam has become the target of

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a great

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campaign. Just like previously, in previous

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omus, they have always been, people have always been against the superpowers and whatever I've always been against Islam.

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Even as I mentioned yesterday, in my lecture about COVID bumalik, when we find that the Byzantines

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the christian nation at that time,

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the world superpower at that time was trying to launch a great attack against the Muslims. Even today, we find a similar situation in the Muslim world, but the situation is slightly different.

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At that time, the Muslims were few in number, but strong in Eman.

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Today we have the reverse. We have Muslims being one fifth or more of the whole world's population.

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And yet,

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when we look at the state of the Muslims, the humiliation of the Muslims, it is a surprise and the prophets lie Selim as we know he mentioned in a hurry that there will be many number but there will be like the froth on the sea, the froth on the sea, they have no influence. and due to this,

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we find that due to this problem, we find that this has given many Muslims and inferiority complex. We don't know our history. We don't know the contribution that Muslims both from among

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They're scholars and from among other than them have made to society, in fact, the modern world, from science and so on and so forth.

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And so, especially being brought up in this country where we're taught British history, we're taught a history.

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We talked a history from a certain point of view.

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Often, if a person isn't too careful that he begins to take everything that he's told, I mean, for example, we once did a survey about how many people basically are some of the Muslim youth in this country about the issue of Palestine.

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And so many people, so many Muslims in this country did not even know that Israel didn't exist, you know, 100 years ago.

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So many Muslims did not even know this.

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And these simple little things, they actually only they play on the minds of the Muslims.

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So as Dewan mentions in his travels, even Khaldoon was a person who traveled around the world. And he wrote about his travels.

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And he mentioned that when there's two types of nations, the highlight of

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the call is what you nowadays call a superpower or the the overwhelming over the nation has overcome the other nations and the mullaloo, which is the inferior nations.

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It says that the Hornet, the superior nations, have been imitated by the modelu,

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the inferior nations.

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And, of course, the time when I was writing was a time in which the Muslims occupied much of the world. And so when he was talking about Hollywood, he was saying that the Hollywood the superior nation was, of course, Islam and the Muslims. So you have the non Muslims, both within the Islamic State and also outside of the Islamic State, imitating the Muslims in dress,

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in action, in manners, and so on, and so forth.

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And so I mentioned this, wherever I went, I find this, this paradigm if you like,

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and today, we have the exact same paradigm happening, but in the total opposite way. So you have the Muslims, now the inferior nation. And so we don't realize our culture, we don't know our history. We don't have a culture, and moreso living in the West,

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where we are being told that the Muslims

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and the Muslims are backward, and they're not advanced, and so on and so forth.

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I mean, let's look really at the history. Just, you know,

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not very long ago, Queen Victoria.

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Maybe about 150 years, or 200 years ago, Queen Victoria of this country. And this is what we were taught in history in this very country. She used to bath

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twice a year, and sometimes once a year.

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Now imagine this is the Queen of England, she has about once or twice a year

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and is FLR for most historians on this point.

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When there is one or two

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that she has a bath once or twice a year now this became an aid or a celebration, the time when she has a buff. Why? Because

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it wasn't common amongst the English, to have bonds regularly. It was a great thing. So she would actually come and it was a public scene. Of course, they had a cooler screen, but she would borrow once or twice a year.

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Now, this is within the last 200 years 150 or 200 years. Why history's not that good?

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Compare this with Islam 1400 years ago, when the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, he said

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it was even

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That the the birth of Juma is necessary for every Muslim for every Muslim.

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So the Muslims 1400 years ago, were taught that they had to have a bath at least once a week and furthermore, with certain marital relations, and so on.

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and so forth. This would be another reason for the obligation of a ritual bath.

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And here we have the Queen of England, just less than a couple of 100 years ago, barfing once a week, once a year, so.

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So which nation is advanced, and which nation is backward? So we have this extreme. Okay, we have just 50 years before the time of the prophets life seldom in France, again, you know, we only have to turn to Western history books to understand this point, just 50 years before the prophet SAW the love it was born in France, not too far away from here.

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They had a World Summit. This was a very important summit of all the bishops or many of the great bishops of the world, Christian, the bishops of Christians and had all got together to discuss

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a very important topic, what is this topic? The topic is?

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Do women possess souls? Are women human beings? This is about 14 150 odd years ago, 1500 years ago?

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Just 50 years before the Prophet slicin.

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Do women possess souls? Now if we look at the seller, or the forefathers of Western theology? Who are they the Greeks and you know, the Greek philosophers

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like Aristotle and Plato, if we look at their writings, we will study Okay, and this is this can be found in English as well, you will find that they describe women as being objects, the man

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And this tradition carried on all the way up until you know, and it was continued in

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Latin Christianity in the Bible, where you have the idea that Hawa Eve, was the cause for Adam's sin.

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And then this carried on all the way until just recently in 1937, in this country, they opened the doors to education for women. And in 1917, they opened the doors for the women to now be able to inherit property, and to own houses and property. This is just any in maybe 100 years ago, less than 100 years ago.

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Now, when we when we actually know this history, then we can, we can fight back, if you like.

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But it said that we as Muslims, we don't pay attention to this. We don't know some of the discoveries that some of the Muslim scientists made his way after even the time of Sahaba, even at the time of Sahaba.

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As we know, even taymiyah, who died at 728 of the hedgerow

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about 700 years ago,

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he concluded in his writing from the Koran, the earth was spherical.

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This was only discovered in the West I believe, about 400 years ago,

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only 400 years ago, so the Muslims have always contributed towards modern day science algebra, for example, was a science and invented if you like by the Arabs, by the Muslims.

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Likewise, the number zero came from the Muslims. The number zero did not exist amongst amongst the West.

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It's important why am I mentioning this is important for us to actually go away and study this study what exactly has Islam given us? But one step further, more important than that is to actually study about the Sahaba and about the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam to find out about his companions to find out about our history

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to find out about our culture and our heritage,

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because in a world where some Muslims have even changed their name from Muslim names to non Muslims names, because of the embarrassment of being part of this terrorist religion as it is now grounded and you notice in the media Jani just a few years ago, it used to be fundamentalist or fanatics and now it's Islam.

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Islam is even without the, you know, without any clothes, of it being of there being any fundamentalism or fanaticism, if you like.

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So because of this onslaught, so many Muslims have been made to feel even more inferior

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extent that so many Muslims don't even know

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why. Okay, but they don't even know some about the life of the Prophet Salam.

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And so this is just an encouragement from us from myself and Charlotte, all of us to pick up a little book on Sierra. There's many books available in the English language,

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and to pick up some of the books about the companions of the Prophet's life, and try to learn about these, about the best of creation of the Gambia of the prophets. Because the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he said,

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the best of generation best of mankind

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is my generation

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than those who follow them than those who follow them. So should we know should it not be incumbent upon us to learn about the best of generations now I've chosen one companion whom, about whom not many people know about,

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or she wasn't very famous, but she was the only companion

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we know

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that was around the time of the Prophet Allah.

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She was there until the death of the prophets of Allah.

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And her name was Baraka. Baraka means blessings. Her name was Baraka.

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She's also known as

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the mother of Amun.

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Now this companion, was actually an Abyssinian slave.

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Now, as we know, the time of the Prophet slicin, slavery was rife. And this particular companion, she was given to Abdullah, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam his father.

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And she was the only servant in his household.

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She's black, and she's from Abyssinia.

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Now often, if you know the way of jelly Arabs and pre Islamic Arabs, they will treat the slaves very badly. But in the time of Baraka was quite fortunate in the sense that she came to the family of Abu Talib to Abdullah the father of the Prophet sallallahu sallam.

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And she was, as I said, the only servant as she saw the marriage of Abdullah

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Amina was from a tribe. The mother of the prophets life salon was a tribe was from the tribe in the f3, or what is now known as El Medina.

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And so the Prophet slicin father and mother, they got married, and Baraka served the province liasons mother.

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And just a few weeks, two weeks in one direction after the

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the couple got married, Abdullah was sent to Syria. He was sent to Syria on a caravan route. Now Baraka stayed with us. And she was serving her and she narrates that Amina was quite sad that you can imagine a newlywed girl and she says that she had henna on her hands, the handle of marriage.

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She had the handle of her hands and her husband is now going away, too seriously for trading journey.

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And so she was quite upset.

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And after Abdullah left, then Amina actually fainted and Baraka came and she, she comforted her

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and she had tears in her eyes.

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And she was obviously you know, she was struggling with grief. And Baraka was seven hertz comforting her. She was like a friend and a companion for her.

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And then, after a short while,

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Amina came and bought a canneries. This was about two months after the departure of Abdullah Amina called me a door one morning and her face was beaming with joy. And she said Baraka, I've seen a strange dream. I saw lights coming from my abdomen,

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okay, and it was lighting these lights were lighting up the whole of the Arabian Peninsula the whole of the whole Makkah.

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So Baraka replied, she said, Are you pregnant? Do you feel that you are pregnant? She said, Yes. She said inshallah, this baby will be blessed. This baby will be blessed. Of course, this baby was Mohammed for life.

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So she says the rates that Obama can raise the Amina said that she didn't feel any pain or any discomfort

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in she didn't feel any pain or discomfort by other women would feel in their pregnancies.

00:20:20--> 00:20:24

But she continued to remain, she continued to remain Sadler.

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She continued to remain fat, because of course her husband is not there. But Barack has stayed by her side and she kept on comforting her.

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And this was during the time as you all know,

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I will feed the year of the elephant. Wherever one of the kings the Ethiopian kings, he was actually in Yemen.

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The Ethiopians have taken over Yemen, Abyssinia, had taken over Yemen. abraha was the king. And he wanted to launch an attack against Makkah because he he built a great Cathedral in Yemen because he wanted the Arabs to come to become Christians. And so what happened was Abraham, he created a massive Cathedral, expecting the Arabs to come but one of the Arabs Of course, the Arabs, they still remember the Kaaba. They still revered the Kaaba. So one of the Arabs, he came into this cathedral and he defecated in the cathedral. And he spread this stool all around the world walls of this cathedral, that you can imagine this king is not going to have any of this. So he gets very angry

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and he starts sending an army, and he himself is part of this army to Makkah, the Yemeni south. Makkah is just above north of Yemen. And then comes Medina north of Mecca.

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Abra is now sending his army up north. And the famous incident of the field happened the elephant,

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about which Allah subhanaw taala tells in the Quran in a short while.

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Anyway, Abdullah,

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who is the leader of Croatia at the time, the grandfather of the prophets, why Selim amin, his father in law came and told the people that they have to disperse they have to go to the mountains

00:22:24--> 00:22:26

as you know, because

00:22:27--> 00:22:45

he said Allah will protect his house and so he wouldn't race to go and disperse into the mountains there are several small tribes coming with elephants and elephants at that time were like the tanks of today this was the only main weapon Okay, they make

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part of the armor. So as you know, applies marching.

00:22:52--> 00:22:58

And the famous Allah tells us in the Quran, I will be learning the shape honorable Jean

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Fie Li

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that Allah tells us did you not see how we dealt with the people that have we feel the elephant and did you not see how we threw their plot into it? We destroyed them until the end of the surah. Anyway, so now this is the same year. Now there are some narrations which state that Amina did not actually leave.

00:23:38--> 00:23:51

She refused to go into the mountain she said Don't worry, I'll protect us and she stayed in the mountain in in makarska maciza Valley and there's mountains all around McKenna veneration said that she actually went out to the

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to the to the mountains.

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Abdullah came back from this trading journey, or sorry the caravan of Lula came back. There are two caravans the first caravan came back. There was no sign of

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the people of Morocco are happy because the trading the traders have come back.

00:24:16--> 00:24:24

There was no sign of Abdullah the second caravan came back. And it was clear that Abdullah had actually got ill and he had died on the way.

00:24:26--> 00:24:37

Amina when she heard this news she fainted Baraka was the one who comforted her. She comforted at this time and she was the one who broke the news.

00:24:43--> 00:24:59

She narrates she said what Amina had the painful news. She fainted and I stayed by her bedside. While she was in a state between life and death. She was very ill. There was no one else in the room but myself. I noticed handed off to her during the day and through the last

00:25:00--> 00:25:06

Until she gave birth to her child, who was named Mohammed Salam it was and

00:25:09--> 00:25:20

she was actually the first person to hold the Prophet sallallahu Sallam when he entered this world. But it is amazing that Not much is known about this companion.

00:25:21--> 00:25:51

And she stayed with me a while the Prophet's life and it was set to the desert in order to, to be suffered by Halima, to send the children out to the desert, so that they can learn pure Arabic And so that they can be in the desert. And now mark is the center because it's summertime, it's the center of trade, people from Yemen from the south would come through Makkah up to trip up through your trip, which is Molina into Shan, north east.

00:25:53--> 00:26:23

And so because Makkah had the supply of water, because of the assumption, ever since the time of Ibrahim alayhi salatu, salam, you found that Morocco would be a stopping place, there was a center of trade at that time. And it's amazing, even today, with a tall high rises and all this is also a center of trade today. And this is perhaps the answer to the Abraham Allison's what he meant to ask for the people of Makkah. So, Martha was,

00:26:24--> 00:27:03

if you like, a little bit dangerous for the children, for the babies, at that time, because you have people coming from all over the Arabian Peninsula with the various diseases in the various infections, so therefore, the children of Makkah will be sent out into the desert in the pure air, and then there will be some food, and then it will become tough and strong as well. And then they'd come back after a few years, Now usually be two years. But you will know the story of Halima where she came and she asked to take after two years, she wanted to take her husband's life, send them back with her again. And she eventually after a total of five years, when the slicer was five, they

00:27:03--> 00:27:22

returned her to, to market yourself to the value of mocha to mother. And then Baraka would be the one who would look after the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. And he would, after the death of Amina he would he would actually call her mother.

00:27:25--> 00:27:48

Then Mohammed's life fella was six years old. And Amina decided to visit yesterday, which is where her in those words are sorry, this, which is where her own family was. And also, this is where Abdullah had passed away, not too far from yesterday. So she decides to go now, Baraka had tried to dissuade her from doing this. And so,

00:27:50--> 00:27:57

but she wanted to do this anyway. So she went on one of these caravans that would go to Syria, she went alongside them.

00:27:59--> 00:28:23

So they got into a hotel, and the hotel is like, you know, you can imagine you have camels. And then on top of these camels, you have these little tents, or these little rooms, which some of the women would sit in these holders. And so there were three in this hotel, there was Amina Baraka and Mohammed Salah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and so they were all in this house.

00:28:24--> 00:28:43

And they decided to go with this caravan in going towards Syria, so they would pass through yesterday, which is North America, and then the caravan would continue. And they caught off in yesterday. And the Prophet Mohammed salicylate remained with his maternal uncles

00:28:45--> 00:28:52

with his maternal uncles, while Baraka, sorry, what Amina would visit the grave of Abdullah

00:28:54--> 00:28:57

and obviously, she was quite upset and then on the way back,

00:28:58--> 00:29:03

on the way back again, there was Baraka, Amina and the Prophet sallallahu sallam.

00:29:04--> 00:29:18

And Amina fell ill she started getting fevers. Baraka was the one who served her here as well, until she generates a very hot moving story where she says

00:29:20--> 00:29:25

she says that, um, you know, whispered into my ear,

00:29:26--> 00:29:51

and she said, butterfly, I'm going to leave this world shortly. Take care of my son, son likes and take care of him. He lost his father while he was in my womb. And here he is now losing his mother, under his very eyes, be a mother to him Baraka and Don't ever leave him and she says My heart was shattered and I began to scream and and cry.

00:29:52--> 00:29:59

And so Miss liason was distressed by my crying and he began to cry as well and he held on to his mother's arms.

00:30:00--> 00:30:05

And eventually his mother passed away. She groped her last grow. And then she closed her eyes.

00:30:07--> 00:30:22

Baraka wept. she wept, and she was upset. And she was the one who actually dug the grave of the Prophet salallahu, asylums mother, with her own hands. So she dug the grave and she buried the profits of a

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She went back to Makkah with the young child who is six years old, the prophet of Allah sallallahu sallam, and she took him to the house of

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the grandfather. He lived with Mohammed Salim as his servant, if you like. And then after two years, when the Prophet slicin was two years old, when he was eight years old, that he passed away, and then she moved along with Mohammed sly, sent to the Father to the father's brother, to Brother, older brother

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of the pilot.

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And then the prophets lie Selim stayed with with him. And Baraka also stayed with with them. And she continued to be in the household of the peroxisome all the way until the prophets lie Selim, at the age of 25, married Khadija for the love of Thailand. Now when revelation came to the Prophet salicylate, Baraka was one of the first people who accepted Islam. One of the first she was in the first few.

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And one time the prophets lie Selim Otto Baraka, she said, Oh, Yama, she caught he caught her mother. Oh, my mother, mother.

00:31:47--> 00:31:54

I'm now married. Let me get you married off. He said, No, I'm not gonna leave. I made a promise to your mother not gonna leave.

00:31:56--> 00:31:59

And she said, he said, No, you should get married, even I'm married.

00:32:02--> 00:32:05

And she said, Who's gonna marry me? And then

00:32:06--> 00:32:10

the prophets ally sillens wife Khadija said to her

00:32:15--> 00:32:25

that obey even Zaid had come from the tribe from President which was a tribe in the afternoon to he had come to seek the hand of birth.

00:32:26--> 00:32:32

So he married her, and he went to yesterday with her. And then eventually,

00:32:33--> 00:32:46

she gave birth to a son called Ayman and therefore she was known as a woman. But after a couple of years, after a few years, her husband died. And she returned back to Makkah from yesterday

00:32:47--> 00:32:52

to live with Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam in the house Infineon Allahu taala.

00:32:55--> 00:33:13

Also living with them with Zaid who is also a servant. He was given to Khadija his nephew, he got her got this person's aid. And he donated he gave, he gave him to Khadija who gave him two months life and

00:33:14--> 00:33:17

so he was he was a slave. The problems I send them later freed him.

00:33:19--> 00:33:34

And he is his own father is a German heritage. a heretic is a its own father came to visit Xavier, and the Prophet Mohammed slicin. And being of the best of character and he said to him, you have the choice, you can go, you can stay here.

00:33:35--> 00:33:46

And he said those amazing words. He says, I shall never leave this man says to his father, his own father said I'll never leave this man. He has treated me like a father treat his son.

00:33:48--> 00:34:03

Not a single day have I felt like a slave. He's looked after me Well, he's kind and loving towards me and strive for my enjoyment and happiness. He is the most novelist of his notice of men and the greatest person in creation, how can I leave him and go with you?

00:34:05--> 00:34:07

And of course they used to call him Zaid even Muhammad

00:34:10--> 00:34:19

Sallallahu sallam, and then later on he revealed that you shouldn't call him You shouldn't call them except by the names of their father. So then he became known once again as a demon.

00:34:22--> 00:34:41

Anyway, so there was a there was even a Vitaly peroxisomes cousin because at that time, there was a lot of famine, and I couldn't look after all of his children. And so he said it you know, the love and to Mohammed slicin. And, and so it was brought up in the house of the prophets had come so you had the Prophet size and you had

00:34:42--> 00:34:46

you had IE Zaid and Baraka, these five people living in this one house.

00:34:49--> 00:34:50

Even later,

00:34:53--> 00:34:54

when the prophet SAW

00:34:58--> 00:34:59

when he came with the religion of Islam,

00:35:00--> 00:35:46

You found that the profits I sell them. He valued Baraka as a as part of the intelligence. Okay, so they played important roles in the Islamic or the Islamic intelligence. So at one time in Makkah, you can imagine Islam was quite small, and it's still a little secret. And so there was one place in one house where they would teach where the prophets lie Selim was actually would actually teach the companions about their religion. And this was done in secret. And one time Felicia had to give an important message to the Prophet slicin. And Baraka, she risked risked her life, to go to the prophesizing in this house, and give him give him this message. And then the Prophet sly seven said

00:35:46--> 00:35:55

to her Baraka, you are truly blessed, because maybe he got a revelation at the time, he said, You, you have certainly a place in paradise.

00:35:59--> 00:36:01

And then when she left,

00:36:02--> 00:36:29

the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said to his companions, which of you wants to marry a woman from paradise? Which of you wants to marry a woman from paradise? And by this time, of course, she's an old woman. She's a widow. She wasn't very good looking, according to some of these generations. She wasn't very good looking. And so nobody said, you know, nobody came forward until

00:36:30--> 00:36:43

they even have if they came forward, he said, it got us on the last lesson. He said, marry, a woman from Paradise is more beloved to me than marrying the most beautiful of women.

00:36:48--> 00:36:49

And so they were married.

00:36:50--> 00:37:07

They and Amun Baraka were married, and they were blessed with a son called Osama Osama, even though some of his very beloved to the prophesied ceremony continued in the roles of the battles and so on and so forth. As we know.

00:37:09--> 00:37:21

When the profits lifestealer migrated to Medina, he left Baraka in Makkah, and she had to take care of some of the special affairs in his household.

00:37:23--> 00:37:50

But eventually she couldn't take it any longer. So she migrated by herself. But she went remember she had lived in Medina when the police Hassan was in Makkah because her first husband was in Medina. And now she goes back to Medina because the prophets like Selim is dead. So she traveled and she made a long and difficult journey you can imagine, Medina takes about four or five hours in a car, okay, at a reasonable speed.

00:37:52--> 00:37:54

At that time, there are no roads, no cost, you know,

00:37:56--> 00:37:59

you have desert sand walking, trekking.

00:38:00--> 00:38:13

In the heat in the blazing heat, you have to carry all your provisions, it takes days to get there. And then the prophets I send them when he saw the state of bodycon. He again reaffirmed he certainly has a place in paradise.

00:38:15--> 00:38:29

And he wiped her face and eyes and massaged her feet. And this shows you look at the profit side. Remember, this woman was actually his slave, initially was his slave. And he massage her fee, treated her like a mother.

00:38:31--> 00:38:32


00:38:34--> 00:38:47

even later, Baraka came in, she was quite, she was quite, she played important roles in the affairs of the Muslim Ummah, such that even offered she would.

00:38:48--> 00:38:49

She would

00:38:51--> 00:39:02

distribute water to the people who are thirsty, remember that again, it's very cool. So she would be among the female companions were distributing water to the Mujahideen

00:39:04--> 00:39:13

Hassan, a man who is also a Sahabi. He was a Muslim, and he was killed in the battle in funding.

00:39:16--> 00:39:19

And save was also killed later on in Syria.

00:39:21--> 00:39:23

In one of the battles

00:39:26--> 00:39:28

when Baraka was about 70 years old,

00:39:30--> 00:39:55

anyway, after the prophesied silom he even in this stage, when she was old, he would visit her and he would say to me, Oh, mama, mama, and he would serve. Now as I mentioned, she was the only companion who saw the Prophet slicin when he was born, all the way up until when he died. And when the public civilized and died, she was filled with tears.

00:39:57--> 00:40:00

And she was really upset and there's one really beautiful narration

00:40:00--> 00:40:05

in which a worker Norma, so in the case of a worker on the laptop,

00:40:06--> 00:40:09

he said to her, let us go and visit on

00:40:10--> 00:40:23

the way the Prophet sallallahu Sallam used to visit only. And so they went and they showed again the importance of visiting the elderly, and so they go to visit or mainland.

00:40:24--> 00:40:26

And one time they visited her,

00:40:28--> 00:40:36

when she saw them, she began to cry, because they started Of course, reminiscing about the Prophet's life. And so she began to cry.

00:40:39--> 00:40:55

And then they said to me, why are you crying? Don't you know that what the message of a loss of Iceland has now with Allah is better for him than what he had? What he had in this world?

00:40:56--> 00:41:06

She wiped her tears. And she said, Yes, of course, I know this. I know that the prophets lie. Selim is in a better place, and he has something better. But

00:41:08--> 00:41:14

I cry, because the revelation from the sky has stopped.

00:41:15--> 00:41:17

And so when she said these words,

00:41:19--> 00:41:21

Abubakar began to cry.

00:41:22--> 00:41:29

And a woman began to cry. So all three of them were crying, not because

00:41:30--> 00:41:39

that they fell, Oh, where is the profit slice? No, because the revelation has stopped from above the seven heavens.

00:41:41--> 00:41:57

There's, there's not much to talk about this companion. But I thought that we could talk about this particular companion because she is so unknown, but yet she's the only companion who lived throughout the life of the Prophet slicin and served him

00:41:58--> 00:42:01

and whom was guaranteed paradise.

00:42:02--> 00:42:11

Who is the one who did the very grave, the mother of the slicer with her own hands? She was the one who looked after and bought up the profits.

00:42:13--> 00:42:43

And yet no, we don't know much about him. I go back to the initial point about I mentioned at the beginning of my lecture, and that is the importance of Muslim identity. We should feel as Muslims first before anything else, we should feel Muslim. We should know our culture we should know our heritage we should know and our heritage is the seal of the province lifestyle and the life of the Prophet salicylate and the companions of the Messenger of Allah, Allah.

00:42:45--> 00:42:47

Allah Allah tells in the

00:42:53--> 00:42:53


00:43:01--> 00:43:02


00:43:15--> 00:43:16


00:43:19--> 00:43:23

Coil, why Nana Nina, Saba Kona.

00:43:28--> 00:43:33

Allah tala tells him the frog and those who came after them after the Maha geranium and saw

00:43:34--> 00:43:39

those who say, Oh Lord, forgive us,

00:43:40--> 00:43:43

and those who preceded us within

00:43:45--> 00:43:47

and those who preceded us, within

00:43:48--> 00:43:51

szczepanik a lot more behind the shadow and it

00:43:52--> 00:44:14

was too late. I ask Allah subhanaw taala to give us the knowledge of the companions of the Messenger of Allah by cinnamon allow us to seek that knowledge. And I asked Allah allow us to practice whatever we have learned from their lives, in our own lives of anatomy and fintona has an overlap national clinical and non clinical a lot more.

00:44:23--> 00:44:27

What is the definition of a Sahabi? Who is considered a companion of the Prophet sallallahu

00:44:31--> 00:44:33

wasallam Salam ala rasulillah Allah Allah He was

00:44:35--> 00:44:51

the scholar of Islam differ as to what is the precise definition of a Sahaba another best definition that seems to be or seems to include all of the companions and exclude anyone who is not a companion. The best definition

00:44:52--> 00:44:54

is inshallah is the one that even Hjelm

00:44:56--> 00:44:59

mentions, which is that a companion is anyone

00:45:00--> 00:45:03

Who saw the Prophet sallallahu iveson

00:45:05--> 00:45:07

while he was a believer while he was a Muslim,

00:45:08--> 00:45:16

and he continued and he died in that state, or, in fact, the actual wording used is he met the Prophet slicin.

00:45:17--> 00:45:39

Anyone who meets the Prophet sallallahu sallam, as a Muslim, and he continues for the rest of his life, until he's a throughout his life as a Muslim until he dies, as a Muslim. So this means that he meets the prophets license. Now this meeting can be even when they say, well,

00:45:41--> 00:45:43

even if it is for a short period for a second,

00:45:46--> 00:46:08

he doesn't have to explicitly see the profit slicer level hidden, because some of the companions were, as we know, blind, and have some some who are deaf. But the point is that he simply meets the province Lysander. Also he has to be a Muslim. Why when he meets him, and he's not allowed to apostate, apostate and then even if it becomes a Muslim Afterwards,

00:46:09--> 00:46:12

he still is not considered a companion

00:46:13--> 00:46:43

according to this definition, and then he has to die as a Muslim. So these are the various conditions of a companion of the Messenger of Allah. And so the scholars differ. And some scholars have said that there were 124,000 companions and of course, they get this by looking at the various narrations. So for example, hedgetrimmer without the last Hajj know how many components are present in the various narration, so they estimated approximately of 124,000 components.

00:46:50--> 00:47:23

What do you say about Islamic feminism? feminism is a very broad term, and it means different things to different women. Now, in early when Mary forgot her name, when she wrote a book about Islamic, excuse me, she wrote a book about feminism itself, a Vindication of the Rights of Women, what she was talking about was the rights of women. Okay, the rights of women, she wanted equal pay and these kind of things. And then later on, it became a movement and evolved until they wanted

00:47:24--> 00:47:27

not just equality, but they wanted to be

00:47:29--> 00:47:34

to have the same roles if you like, men and women. Now, Islam comes and tells us,

00:47:36--> 00:47:57

basically, as I alluded to earlier on, I mean, this is a lecture in of itself, as I alluded to earlier on the western theology with regards to women who have gone from one extreme to the other, they have gone from the extreme of thinking that women are, you know, they don't even possess souls, all the way up to the modern day extreme, which says, There's no difference between men and women,

00:47:59--> 00:48:14

is no difference between men and women. And in fact, this philosophy is very untrue, what we can say islamically that men and women are equal in status, or equal in status.

00:48:16--> 00:48:17

But as Allah says,

00:48:18--> 00:48:19

what he says that

00:48:21--> 00:48:48

the man is not like, the male is not like the female. So yes, they have the same status. They are equal in status, but their roles are different. They have different roles, they have been created differently. And an example that one one chef mentions, he says, Look at fruits. I mean, I'll modify the example of it for more than a time. But if you take, let's say, you know,

00:48:51--> 00:48:55

Frank, Bruno, okay, and you take Einstein,

00:48:57--> 00:49:00

Einstein and Frank Bruner and you put them in a boxing ring.

00:49:01--> 00:49:03

Okay, this is among men.

00:49:04--> 00:49:10

Nobody would say that men are not equal in status and in this dunya they don't say men in an equal in status.

00:49:12--> 00:49:20

But yeah, if you were to put Frank Bruno and Einstein in a boxing ring, no doubt Frank Guna would win, you know, hands down.

00:49:21--> 00:49:30

Then if you take the same scenario the other way around, okay, no offense to Frank Bruno. But if you were to take Einstein and Frank and Bruno, and they were to discuss for example, you know,

00:49:32--> 00:49:34

you know, various

00:49:36--> 00:49:37


00:49:38--> 00:49:55

Okay, no doubt if you were to put them in a debate, you know, we know that Einstein would win, okay, these is this is because they have different roles. They've been created differently with various different abilities. Okay, and you can increase your abilities by nurture as they say.

00:49:56--> 00:50:00

But the point is, even among men, you have different ability.

00:50:01--> 00:50:26

But nobody's gonna say this person is not equal to that person, there's no in his field he, you know, is superior and in his field, he is superior. In the same way Allah Subhana, Allah has created women with certain qualities, and he's created men with certain qualities, women have that natural quality that no men can claim is the fact that they can give birth to children, apart from Arnold Schwarzenegger,

00:50:28--> 00:50:31

okay, but no man can give birth to women.

00:50:32--> 00:50:34

Excuse me, no man can give birth.

00:50:36--> 00:50:39

In the same way men cannot breastfeed naturally anyway.

00:50:41--> 00:50:44

So they have been given this role by the Creator,

00:50:46--> 00:50:57

as one of the roles they've been given is to nurture the children. And you'll find just naturally that women are generally more caring and

00:50:58--> 00:50:59

loving towards the children than men.

00:51:00--> 00:51:46

Okay, from the angle that, oftentimes you find is the is the woman who gets up at night to feed the child when she has the child screaming. Okay, that's often the case. Now this in the same way, traditionally, it's been the man's role to provide for the family. And hence, it is obligatory upon the man to seek to do enough, aka what is known in Arabic has nothing to provide for the, for the, for the females of the family, and for the rest of the family. And it's not obligatory for the woman to do this. Whereas is obligatory for the mother to do certain things to the children, which is not obligatory upon the Father. So Islam has given roles to women and given roles to men. Now,

00:51:46--> 00:52:14

obviously, this is summarizing, in a nutshell, the issues now, due to these responsibilities that Islam has placed on women and placed on men not to say that they can't take and help each other with their responsibilities. This is not the intended meaning of what I'm saying, yes, they should help each other in their various responsibilities. But the essence or the responsibility, the essence of the responsibility, lays lies with the different

00:52:15--> 00:52:15


00:52:17--> 00:52:24

take this one step further. And because of these responsibilities, Islam has given different rights

00:52:25--> 00:52:34

to the men and different rights, the women, so the men of the family will have certain rights because it's their job to provide and look after

00:52:35--> 00:52:38

original comunale that the men are the

00:52:39--> 00:52:40

those who

00:52:41--> 00:52:56

provide, and there, you know, there are many meant to look after the women. And so Islam has given them this responsibility, and therefore a man has a right of being obeyed in the family. He has that right.

00:52:57--> 00:53:02

The women on the other hand, the mothers have been given certain responsibilities for their children,

00:53:04--> 00:53:16

obligatory responsibilities that they have to do, and therefore they have certain rights that men don't have. And that is why the mother takes precedence over the father, from the angle of love, care and affection.

00:53:17--> 00:53:37

And so this is why the profit side Simpson three times go and serve your mother goes over mother guns of your mother, when the Sahabi asked who deserves my most affection, and you know, companionship, and said your mother, then who your mother, then who your mother, then who then your father. So she has rights that men don't have, and he has rights that she doesn't have,

00:53:38--> 00:53:49

according to their responsibilities, and Islam puts everything in their place. So Islam didn't come from one extreme and then involve into the other extreme as a reaction to the first extreme No.

00:53:50--> 00:54:02

And we can prove that even in British law, men and women are not equal in status in equality that they desire. Why because if a woman was to walk around topless, she would get fined.

00:54:03--> 00:54:13

Whereas if a man was to walk around topless, he will not get fined. Why? Because they recognize that there is a difference between men and women,

00:54:14--> 00:54:57

men and women, there is a difference. That's why why don't they have a men's football team versus a woman's football team, because they are not now anyway, because they recognize there is a difference in the physical makeup. So even in this society input, you know, anyway, the whole lecture can go on I have a lecture on this topic, entitled, forced portraits of Muslim women versus Western women. And we can see how the women the theology about the women in the West has evolved from the Greek philosophy of they're not even humans all the way up to now that not only are they equal, but they're exactly the same. They have no differences. And their role should be the same. They should

00:54:57--> 00:54:59

be able to do both things, but indeed in the Western Union,

00:55:00--> 00:55:31

Looking at many of the feminists they want to actually backtrack, coming to the answer of the question. What is what do you say about Islamic feminism? Well, it depends what you mean by feminism. If you're talking about feminism from then with that, yes, women have equal rights to men and so on and so forth, dealing with the Islamic rights of the woman, yes, this is very good. For example, some of the cultural evil practices like forcing women into marriages and you know, these kind of things, is equal to forced marriages are not allowed in Islam.

00:55:32--> 00:55:51

And so, if you're talking about Islamic feminism, from the angle of making it known to the people that these practices are false, then yes, we support this. But if you're talking about the western, the current day Western philosophy with regards to feminism, then this is not Islamic, rather, is very far from Islam. And

00:55:53--> 00:55:58

this is very true. This topic in and of itself needs a lot of attention.

00:56:10--> 00:56:15

How do you reconcile the issue of hijab and segregation of men and women?

00:56:16--> 00:56:26

While we can solve this with a worker, visiting home a man and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam massaging the feet of a man

00:56:28--> 00:57:03

with regards to water over visiting her, she was an old woman, and as we know, that old women when they reach a certain age, okay, Islam has different rules for them, they don't have to wear the full hijab, that the men the younger women have to wear, they don't have to wear the full hijab and likewise the issue of helping them all you know this this rule doesn't apply to elderly women. Okay, so you can actually go to them and you know, massage your feet as long as she's much older. And Allah subhanaw taala knows best when I say old I mean really old okay not to get

00:57:13--> 00:57:47

can a man be a Muslim, female servant, what is the ruling regarding the interaction between the two again, which is continuation from the last question, when we translated the word was a bad translation the word was actually slave not serve serve or naman was actually the slave okay of slaves and slaves in Islam, they have certain different rulings to the free woman including that of hijab it is not obligatory upon the slaves to wear hijab according to the strongest opinion among the scholars.

00:57:49--> 00:58:06

Anyway, that again, you can refer to various books of fit for this is one in English called Manhattan Muslim workers, it has a section on the on the chapter of slavery and you can go to that and Charlotte for that. So yes, the man is a man in the loosest sense of the word.

00:58:26--> 00:58:28

We know that Muslims contribution to

00:58:30--> 00:58:49

advancement in the world but why are we so forward and backward and inferior? Allah subhanaw taala characters in the fraud that whatever has before you that it is because of your own hands with your own hands have given you also Allah tala says in the law you come in

00:58:51--> 00:59:01

and change the condition of the people until they change the condition of what is within their own selves. Now, when Allah subhanaw taala punishes the Muslims, it is like

00:59:03--> 00:59:09

the way a father or mother punishes the child by smacking that child.

00:59:11--> 00:59:12

This is

00:59:14--> 00:59:41

lovable, smacking, okay, lovable, smacking, mercy smacking, you're not doing it in order to harm the child. You're doing it in order to teach that child a lesson. In the same way trials and tribulations that afflict the Muslims as individuals who as families or as you know, as a nation, there are there as tests under the Harlequin moto and hyaluronic

00:59:42--> 00:59:52

acid Rama, Allah is the one who created death and life to test which of you is best in conduct. So the whole purpose of death and life is to test to test.

00:59:53--> 00:59:59

This is point one, so we have to be tested by trials and tribulations. Point two is when the Muslims have lost their

01:00:00--> 01:00:03

Imagine, and many Muslims don't even pray.

01:00:04--> 01:00:50

Okay, they don't even pray. We expect to be victorious. You know, we expect the help of a lot simply London's. If we look at the Battle of Oxford, and we find that only 40 companions disobey the Prophet slicin, approximately 40 components. There's 40 out of the 1000 that within, that is 4% 4% of the Muslim home at that time disobeyed the Prophet sallallahu sallam. They were told to remain in them on the mountain of a hood, and not to come down. But they disobeyed him and they came down when they thought the war was over. The Muslims had zero casualties at that time, zero casualties, the kofod were running back. They were running away from the battlefield, they would have won this war.

01:00:51--> 01:00:54

But the Muslims who are on that mountain, only 40 of them.

01:00:55--> 01:01:21

They descended the mountain, the booty, the booty, they wanted the booty call it even when he was a non Muslim. He was a great tactician and military tactician and so he said, okay, he saw the gap. So he took his army from behind the mountain and over, okay, and he attacked the Muslims from behind. So now the Muslims attack from behind behind his army and from the front from the, from the rest of the Muslim tribe.

01:01:22--> 01:01:34

So Muslims are stuck in between, from zero casualties, they went to 72 casualties from winning the war, they lost the war. What does the law say about this? And they

01:01:35--> 01:01:50

say this is from your own selves could use the Arabic word for plural, orderly. Now, Allah blames the whole oma for the temporary humiliation

01:01:53--> 01:02:16

because of the sin of just 4% of the Muslim ummah. Now imagine here you have 99.9 recurring percent of the Muslim Omer sinning and we expect that we're going to get victory and Isaiah and honor it's not gonna happen until the Muslims turn back to the so we have to start with our own selves with our families and then the rest of society