A Powerful Prophetic Dua For Guidance

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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim, my brothers and sisters in Islam, what I wanted to share with you today is an incredible dua for guidance, that inner peace Allahu alayhi wa sallam would make when he would begin his night prayer, as I shall obey Allah Who unhurt narrated. And you all know that the purpose of life is to worship Allah. And we cannot worship Allah without Allah's help. And one of the means in how we seek Allah's help, to grant us ability to worship Him is to make dua and to ask him and so this dua shall be Allahu Anhu. She says, that interview sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would begin his prayer meaning Allahu Akbar, now the DUA is made and then you recite Surah Al Fatiha and a

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Salah afterwards when you complete the prayer as normal, he would say Allahumma Shabbat or Isla or Mika Isla, what is sort of feeler felt that somehow it will Eileen and labor shahada and the Docomo Vina, I bet they can female can ofI here telephone in Hindi medium of today for free human unhappy ethnic indicator, the mentorship or ill salata Mr. Clean, a very powerful. Let me explain it to you in a couple of minutes. At the very beginning, you notice that we are mentioning the names of angels, and these are the leaders of the angels. We say Oh Allah, Allah Houma. Oh Allah, the Lord of Gibreel mica in any sort of field. The idea is that these are angels that Allah azza wa jal has

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guided, he has granted them guidance, they are guided in everything they do and everything they say. So it's as though you're asking Allah to grant your guidance in the same manner He has granted these angels guidance. We begin with the first angel and that is Gibreel. Allah has set up, he is the leader of all the angels. And Allah azza wa jal gave him a huge responsibility and a task in life. And that is that he is responsible for coming down with the why and why he gives life to the heart and to the soul of mankind. He would come down with the white on all the prophets of Allah subhanho wa Taala has sent upon them revelation. So he comes with that which grants life to the heart and to

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the soul. That is God and Allah has set up the biggest of all angels. The next one in this dua is what Mica? Mica in Allah His Sadam is another angel from the angels of Allah subhanahu Medina, Allah azza wa jal gave him a mighty task as well. He is responsible for rainwater for rain and where it comes and where it goes. He is responsible for this Subhanallah mica eel Allah He said, comes down with that which gives life to the body. So Gibreel comes down with that which gives life to the heart and soul. That is the revelation or mica in Allah He said, I'm comes down with water. And this is what nurtures our physical bodies. When there is some Allahu alayhi wa sallam he said, Ma'am, and

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I am the unpaid Amin IAM, this is something incredible about rain. And that is that the amount of rain that comes down every is exactly the same amount that comes down every single year, since Allah azza wa jal created the heavens and the earth. So the rain that came down this sea is exactly the same amount of rain that came down last year and the year before, nothing more, nothing less. The only thing is that sometimes it comes down in certain areas more and in many years to come. It comes down in that specific area less. However, what comes down from the sky is the very same amount for every Subhan Allah from the miracles of Allah subhanho wa taala.

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And then we say what is sort of him? We mentioned the angel is sort of healed. We sort of feel Allah alayhi salam is an angel from the angels of Allah azza wa jal, and it is mentioned that he is from Hamilton, Arash, he is one of the eight that carry the Throne of Allah subhanho wa taala. And also, he is responsible for blowing in the trumpet in on the last day, and for resurrection, he blows in the trumpet. So this is how we begin to do it. We begin with mentioning that Oh Allah, you're the lord of these three angels. you bleed mica ill and Salafi, and they are guided by Allah azza wa jal is permission. Then we say felt a little similar to an O Allah, you are the originator and the

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creator of the heavens in the earth, Allahu Akbar. Now you're acknowledging the authority of Allah subhanho wa Taala over all things. Alma labia shahada, then we say, You are the knower of a heap of the unseen and the seen Subhan Allah, this is a drought for guidance. And you are saying Oh Allah, you are the knower of the seen and the unseen. See how perfect this is because you're asking for

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guidance that you have no clue about, and you are resorting to the one who knows the seen and the unseen Subhanallah Alima labia shahada then you see and that movie NIDA dica FEMA can Wolfie here any food. You Oh Allah, you're the one who judges between the sleeves concerning whatever they differ about. Dini, this is the dua a De

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Lima truly for free him in an active ethnic guide me to the truth concerning that which people have differed about how much difference of opinion is there today. Today, how many opinions are released in the world today, every single person wants to give an opinion. Even children want to give their opinion on huge matters in life and huge matters concerning Islam and religion and faith. While I hold our Quwata illa the qualified and the non qualified everyone wants to give an opinion. And as a result, people become confused. They become confused so much that many are leaving Islam and they are leaving faith altogether, leaving all religions because of this great

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difference of opinion among the people. But the believer the steadfast believer is not confused about this. He's not worried because he knows he can resolve to Allah azza wa jal for his guidance. These are the efforts that you're supposed to put making these so you see Dini Lima 20 for fee him in an active evening, guide me to the truth concerning that which people have different about in Nikita demon Tasha in our salon Mr. Clean for Verily, you are the only one who can guide whoever you want to the straight path, Allahu Akbar. And there is no doubt in this. You see it with solid conviction and firm conviction that it is only Allah azza wa jal, who is able to guide you and I, no

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one else. Everyone else is only a means they read an area to us. They explain a hadith to us. And this is a source of guidance. But the one who ultimately guides the heart and turns the heart towards him and turns towards guidance. Is Allah azza wa jal? So no matter what situation you're in, if you're confused about wearing the hijab or not, if you're confused about leaving a river, and repenting from it, or not, whatever your situation is, make list. If you're confused about marriage, should I marry or not? If you're confused about divorce, should I divorce divorce him or her or not? Whatever you are confused about a job should I take this job or this? Whatever it is, ask Allah azza

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wa jal through this powerful

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at a powerful time, which is the night prayer.

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Begin your night pray with this diet and see how Allah azza wa jal would guide you in the Damiel Rahim Allah He used to make this diet in abundance, and he's distressed about its importance Subhan Allah, so we ask Allah azza wa jal to guide us and we ask him Subhanahu wa Taala to continue to guide us and to increase the sin guidance in the holy vertical other allah sallallahu wasallam albaraka Then Urbina, Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Germaine