Omar Suleiman – The Virtues of Dhul-Hijjah – Episode 03 – The Days Allah Swears By

Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The hedger's usage of specific days and nights is often referred to as the " ADAS" or the "will" of the hedger, and the hedger's use of specific days and nights is also often referred to as the " ADAS." The hedger's blessed seasons include the first 10 days of the hedger, the most blessed day of the year, and the nine days of the hedger, the most blessed. The hedger's importance of shaping behavior to reflect seasons is highlighted, and opportunities and blessings are encouraged.
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Yo, welcome back to the virtues of the hedger. Allah swears by these days and this is something that you hear often in the UFC it. But the virtues of that are the benefits of that or how Allah swears by these days is often not spoken about. So we know that in the last panel says will further will al and ash Allah swears by the dawn. And then Allah subhanaw taala swears by the 10 nights will he add an ash? And then Allah swears by a safari when what Allah swears by the the even and the odd will lady either yes. And Allah swears by the last part of the nights. So what is the benefit of that? And what does this refer to? Well, according to the majority of the scholars, in fact that amount of

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poverty, may Allah have mercy on him so that this is the consensus of the scholars, these 10 nights that Allah swears by are the first 10 of them. And that is a sign of its virtue that Allah subhanaw taala would honor it with an oath. Some of the scholars a minor opinion is that they're the last 10 nights of Ramadan. And some of the scholars actually mentioned also a minor opinion that a lot does not use. Well al and ash or or one layer lasha v 10 days. So because Allah does not use any definite article to refer to that these are the only two nights they say that it can refer to two sets of 10 nights. So it could refer to both the first seven days of the hedger as well as the last few nights

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of Ramadan because it simply swears by 10 nights as opposed to the 10 nights. The point being though, they definitely are, according to the vast majority of the scholars refer to those 10 days. And and you know, that come in the beginning of the hedger. Now, some of the scholars talked about well, how come a lot uses were they on the nights instead of the days, when we know the most virtuous nights of the year or the last 10 nights of Ramadan. And the most virtuous days of the year are the first 10 days of the hedgerow, and the scholars of the Arabic language and the scholars of the Koran will point to the fact that Leon and am and Arabic are often interchangeable days and

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nights are often interchangeable in their usage. And there might be something with the eloquence of its or the flow of it that would determine the usage of night or day. And this is the case for example, with Zachary it his salon where there's a theme, when a lot talks about the profits of Korea, at his salon, and a lot of talks about the three days that he was given an oath of silence. And in one place a lot refers to it as a young and a lot. Another place a lot refers to it as Leon as days or as nights. So it's often done in the Quran, or it's often done, at least in the Arabic language that these two will be used interchangeable. And even though Allah says what a nationalist

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swears by 10 knights, it is referring to the first 10 of the pages some of the scholars also said that when Allah says well fetchit on Allah refers to when he swears by the fact that a lot of swearing by the fudge of the day of eight which is right after alpha, and the day of the sacrifice a lot of swearing by a very particular fudge a very particular dawn. Now what is the benefit of this flow though? If you pay attention to this, Allah is swearing by the best part of the day, then Allah swears by the best days of the year, then Allah swears by the best days of those days, then Allah swears by the best part of the night so fudger is the best part of the day the Prophet peace be upon

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him said booty Kenny omega t FIBA Korea that Allah has placed blessing in the early morning hours. There are things that can be done between fajita and sunrise that cannot be done throughout the day. So it's the most blessed part of the day. It's the time that you find your greatest energy. It's the time that you find that your needs are amplified that you can start the day off right so even sitting in the masjid and remembering Allah between fajita and sunrise, the prophets license that is the reward of Hajj. So it's the most blessed part of the day and most people miss the opportunity of it. Then Allah swears by the most blessed days of the year, in the first 10 days of the hedger. And

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then according to narrations was chef really well, well, whatever the even in the art would refer to the day of the sacrifice Yeoman out of the day of being the even the 10th of the hedger and out of which is the most blessed day, the ninth of the hedges. So a lot takes the most blessed days of the 10 days and swears by them in particular. And then Alice pantai swears specifically by the night as it starts to leave you, meaning the last part of the night, which is the time of PM, the most blessed time of prayer, the the time of Assad, the time where we would feed ourselves physically, if we were to fast and feed ourselves spiritually, whether we're fasting are not in those last times of

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the night, those last parts of the night. So what is the loss of hundreds out of emphasizing here first, and what's the lesson that we can take from this other than Allah has honored these times of the day, these times

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Of The Year, this times of the night, what we can take from this is Allah subhanaw taala has given us blessed seasons throughout the year, blessed months, a blessed day of the week, blessed times of the day. And that a person who is seeking the blessing of Allah will always seek to get ahead by making use of those times, and that most people will not make use of those times and as a result of that will fall behind. And that is not from a lack of mercy or lack of justice on the part of the Lord. But it is instead a time where we would prove neglectful, and where we need to remind ourselves that Allah has given us ample opportunities to do things to please Him. So these are times

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that people typically don't take advantage of. And you know, again, most people miss these days they don't miss Ramadan. Most people miss the blessings of these days, most people are not doing anything spectacular in terms of their remembrance in terms of their good deeds, especially in the first eight days of the hedger maybe on the day of alpha, but the first eight days of the hedger and this is where people really shine. And it's important to mention this here, because a normal blonde, everyone is worshipping Allah, everyone's fasting, everyone's doing certain things, but you really want to shine in the sight of Allah. Then that time after budget where most people go back to sleep,

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if they even woke up in the first place, shine in the morning, get a head, start on your good deeds, get a head start on your productivity, you really want to shine take advantage of these 10 days that are better than the entire year. You really want to shine wake up a little bit before that when most people are still sleeping at night, and invoke Allah subhanho wa Taala at a time where Allah subhanaw taala truly favors his chosen servants in those moments. So this is your time to shine, don't lose the opportunity. And that's the blessing of Allah swearing by these blessed times are one of the wisdoms of it for us. And I'll just mention here that some of the scholars also mentioned

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Shah he didn't want to shoot, the witness and the witness are referring to alpha and Juma because the day of alpha and the day of Juma share many similar traits so just as the day of alpha is the best day of the year, the day of Juma is the best day of the week. Just as the time between offset and macro is a time where we should increase due out on the day of alpha. It's a time according to an authentic narration that on the day of Juma we should increase our debt we should increase our supplication to Allah subhanaw taala. So these are blessed times with less opportunities. Don't miss out on these blessed opportunities and bless deeds desert Willow heighten with Santa Monica

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