Reflections – Dhul Hijjah And The Legacy Of Ebrahim AS

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The holy calendar is designed to be more rewarding and pleasant, with avoiding harms and the need to avoid harms in the future. The holy culture is centered around the holy holy culture, with the holy holy culture being the holy culture and the holy culture of the world being linked. The importance of the holy culture is discussed, along with its historical significance and the holy culture of the world being linked.

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Bismillah salatu salam ala rasulillah he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam for bad things a verse in the 10th Jews in Surah Toba Allah subhanho wa Taala says that the vetterli the count of the month, according to Allah 12 in night that the Shahada in the law is natural, Sharon fakie tabula in the book of Allah that is the low end my food Yamanaka Samajwadi will are the day Allah created the heavens and the earth minha arbeiten home for out of these 12 months are sacred months, three are in succession, and one comes with an interval that is basically they'll cada they'll hija Muharram and Rajab, so these are very, very blessed months, these are very, very pleasant months. The reference

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to these 12 for the record is the lunar count and not the Gregorian count. So while it's totally fine and permissible to calculate with the Gregorian calendar, it is more rewarding and meritorious, that we base our calculate on we keep our commitments and our meetings on Islamic datings. So you would find in the Quran Allah subhanho wa Taala uses the expression when he spoke about the Prophet Musa alayhis salaam, what were Arjuna Moosa Latina, Laila, and we had an appointment with Musa alayhis salam for 13 nights Allah didn't say 30 days. Now we know in the in the lunar calendar, or the Islamic count in the night precedes the day. So it's first the night and then the day. Hence,

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the scholars tell us that it is a communal obligation. It's for the key fire that the man has to keep track of the Islamic months. It's unfortunate for some of us, we only know it when it's Ramadan, or when it is the hedger due to the fact that there's fasting and there's Hajj and there's a read that is connected to it. Other than the remaining 10 months of the year. We are negligent heedless and oblivious of the Islamic month. Allah says minha Roberton, Haroon in these 12 months, four months are sacred. And amongst that is dill hija Ville hija. That is the final month in the Islamic calendar. Allah says that is one of the four months and then as much as the month is sacred.

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The first 10 days of this month is even more sacred. So Allah Swinson oath, Allah swears an oath when in fact God while I

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was shuffling well what? When lady ADA, yes, Allah takes an oath by dawn. That is the time of fudger or some say the prayer of fudger. While I Yala nursery, again, Allah didn't say 10 days, Allah said 10 nights 10 nights reference to the lunar system. And the 10 nights here refer to the first 10 nights of the hedgehog. Now Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam had made mentioned in the Hadith, that there is no action that is more beloved to Allah subhanho wa Taala to be worshipped at any time then during these days during these days, the virtue of worship is multiplied many folds. And likewise, if a person Allah forbid, commits a crime commits a crime during these days, the crime is

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much more severe. So Allah said they are 12 months four months are sacred. Follow the movie hidden and forsaken. Do not oppress yourself, do not oppress yourself during this period. And the scholars have to tell us that Allah Allah unelma sia Phil as Mina tell mo Baraka, where you castle Allah and emkin attell mata Baraka, shed do feel to the hate, wow. Allah said formats are sacred, don't oppress yourself, and what is meant by oppress don't sin. And from that we understand that when you do in wrong, you spite in yourself, you're harming yourself. Allah says in the 15 years, in Soraka, have when a person was arrogant and he went into his orchard, sometimes you walk into your office,

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or you walk into your showroom, or you walk into your empire or your warehouse, and you might be arrogant or haughty about yourself, what the hell a janitor who he entities object or who were valuable enough See, while being harmed himself. So do not commit any wrong in these months not to say that you can commit wrong in any other months, but it is more severe than lol, Allah and l matsuya. Phil as Marina del Mobile Raka Well, you can't swallow Lmk that'll move our motto Baraka that committing a sin in the blasted months is more hideous. And we can extend that to even say blessing locations. Right? I'm gonna tell Mata Baraka, someone who is in the holy lands in the

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presence of the Kaaba in close proximity.

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To the sacred mustard of the messenger sallallahu wasallam are in the blessings city of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So during these days during these days reward is multiplied, do not oppress yourself do not commit any sin. And then Allah takes another oath was Chef 3113 Allah swears by the odd and the even worse chef, the even when what three the odd now that's the translation. Some say that the even means the creation because we are in pairs we have partners we have parents and children. And then the odd refers to Allah Himself. Or many have even said that it is a further Oath of the first 10 days of, of the ledger. So Allah takes an oath of four months that

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are sacred, one of it is the hijab, then Allah takes an oath of the first 10 days, then Allah takes an oath of odd and even which many say that odd refers to the ninth of zil hija, that is the day of arafah and 10 refers to yo Manohar the day of read, so there is an oath upon oath Alliance exhorting us to engage in worship. And in these days across the globe as believers, the legacy of Ibrahim alayhis salam is commemorated. And I just want to share with you an amazing reflection that I came across in some writings as well. We all know the incident when the noble companions asked messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the lava Hey, what is this practice of the sacrifice of animals? So the

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messenger sallallahu Sallam said, so netta amico, it is the ritual and the practice and the teachings of your ancestor Abraham alayhis salam now, academic language tells us that Sunnah Sunnah is Mahabharata, a nibio. A Sunnah is a practice which a Prophet did diligently, continuously, perpetually, religiously. But when we look at the sacrifice of the Prophet Abraham, which has been referred to as his ritual and his practice, we need to further distinguish, is it the sacrifice of the Ram? Or is it the sacrifice of his son of

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the prophet SAW Some said, it is a son of your ancestor, what is the son of your ancestor? Is it slaughtering the animal? Or is it the sacrifice of his son? And if you look at it, you cannot refer to the slaughter of the animal as the ritual of Abraham, simply because that was unintended. He did not intentionally slaughter, what fight they now will be the beheading of him. Allah said we substituted it for him. So he was on the verge of slaughtering his son, and then his son was removed and Allah had substituted it by an animal from Jenna. So it could not then satisfy the definition of Sunnah, that the Sunnah refers to the slaughtering of the animal, because this was not willfully

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done by the prophet Abraham. Nor could it apply to the slaughtering of the sun, simply because that did not occur. As much as the definition of slaughter is immortal, 16 idle for whom to pass the knife on the throat, which Abraham alayhis salam did and he obliged and he complied. But in essence, the son is married was not slaughtered. So that brings us back to the drawing board to us. What is the Sunnah the practice the ritual, the teaching of Abraham which the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, turn into a beacon and Subhana Allah, the scholars tell us it is submission to the will of Allah, that is the ritual and the practice of Abraham. And this ritual and teaching, of submitting

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to the will of Allah. The pinnacle manifestation of that was at the time when the Prophet Abraham submitted his son in the court of Allah. So his entire life revolved around submission to Allah. If God Allah hora boo s Lim when his Lord said surrender, he said, I surrendered. And a clinical manifestation of that submission was when he slaughtered his son or he intended to slaughter But fate and and the will of Allah had intervene otherwise, and Allah had been substituted. And hence Allah subhanho wa Taala loved this great sacrifice of the Prophet Abraham, and he has made it you know, part of the teachings of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So great months great

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days, let's exploit and capitalize and if we cannot exert ourselves in worship, like I said, then just stay away from sin and vice Fela totally movie hidden and forsaken. abstinence from sin is a virtue itself.