The Ultimate Guide To Misery #02

Wael Ibrahim


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Our body is a complicated machine.

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It requires a lot of supplies to remain fit, healthy and energetic. And one of the things that we really love doing and I always look forward to in order to maintain our bodies is food. Yes, we really love to eat a lot. And even though our bodies need sugar and carbohydrates, too much of them could lower our level of energy so badly. And energy is all you need at that stage so that you can fight hard your addiction to pornography. So if you wish to live a miserable life in an endless cycle of addiction and undesirable sexual activities, then follow this formula. Number one, exclude vegetables and fruits from your diet.

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Number two, increase oily food so that you may increase the risk of developing heart diseases. Number three, enjoy fast food whenever you want. Obesity is not that of a big deal. And lastly, eat too much a lot until you're absolutely full and cannot carry your own weight.

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As you can see, all the above will slowly lead you to laziness, boredom, and of course lots of entertainment, hours of scrolling your life away on the internet. And definitely more addiction to pornography.