Suleiman Hani – Powerful Stories of Everyday Muslims #05 – The Story of Success

Suleiman Hani
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of definition of success and how it is linked to one's life. They stress the need to protect oneself against being distracted from goal achievement and the need to stay focused on the definition of success. The speaker also mentions the importance of not being affected by negative the culture of success and the need to stay focused on the definition of success.
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Our story today is the story of success. What measures true success and what do you strive for? One time a university student went around bragging to his friends, and bragging, generally speaking on social media, about his success in getting a particular job at a specific company that he wanted. And he was bragging about it and talking about success, and how his life was defined by these moments of success, and how he had worked so hard for the success that he attained. And hamdulillah for that success, we asked ourselves as individuals, how do we define success, for example, is the ultimate success in life to attain a specific degree, or a specific job or to get married or to have

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children? If that is how you define true ultimate success? Then there's something missing in our perspective on the purpose of life? Or are those things perhaps some blessings in this world trials for some people, difficulties for others, and not the proper measurement of success that we want? Allah subhanaw taala the One who created this universe, the One who created us, the one who informs us about our purpose tells us about the people of paradise, then the description of paradise. In her the law, who will foes allow them limitedly her the family are many law. Indeed, this is the ultimate success. This is real success. And for all of this for the rewards of paradise. Let the

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doers do what the competitors compete with the people who strive and strive for this. And Allah subhanaw taala informs us whoever saved from the fire feminazi Han Inari. What would you feel an agenda for the fires and they enter Paradise, by Allah's mercy, they have truly won they have succeeded, that is success. And this worldly life is nothing but an illusion, nothing but adornments, nothing but a distraction from true success. Once you know what the true definition of success is, you do not allow anyone or anything to get in the way of you and that success including yourself. And the reality is if you attain all the worldly success, but you lose out on Paradise and

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Allah's pleasure, then ultimately you have truly failed and have not succeeded. The loss of the Hereafter is eternal, whereas any loss in this world is temporary. And this is important for us to keep in mind. Because there are many people who attain the success of the hereafter and lose out on some worldly successes or some worldly pleasures, despite trying their best. But at least you know, you have at least you're positive by Allah's mercy that you're working for an eternal paradise to look forward to an eternal success. And this is a reminder for the believers as well when you're struggling in this life. As long as you're still holding on to Allah's pleasure, you're holding on

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to an eternal success and eternal paradise. You have not really lost everything, as some people assume. Sometimes when people go through hardships, they like to think that they've lost everything that their life no longer has meaning. May Allah protect us and relieve us of our hardships and allow us to overcome our difficulties and our challenges. But it's but it is extremely important for us to remember that when you go through a hardship as difficult as it may be. When it comes to your worldly situation. You have not truly lost everything. If you're still working for Jana, if you're still working for Allah's pleasure and Allah's mercy, keep working for it because you have ultimate

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eternal lasting success. Make sure as well, that you are not affected negatively by friends, or family or society, or the media when it comes to the measurement and perspective on what success is. Because oftentimes people become affected and influenced by what they see people competing for. And they feel like they're missing out. So they start striving for those things as well. Thinking what that's my fulfillment, that's my success. When in reality, these things become more of a distraction. Protect yourself against being distracted from low or superficial, temporary goals. While missing out on the eternal prize and success of paradise. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to grant

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us the best of this life in the best of the next life and to protect us from the punishment of the fire. And we ask Allah subhanaw taala to allow us to stay focused on the ultimate definition of success and to earn it by His mercy and His grace. Allama me

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