Majed Mahmoud – The Story Of Musa & Khidr

Majed Mahmoud
AI: Summary © The Hadith story is discussed in a series of disconnected sentences, including Moosa's speech to Moosa and the importance of learning more about Islam. The group is on a journey to see a fish and eventually reaches Moosa. They discuss the importance of remembering to be mindful of the situation and shayona to avoid forgetting to do things. They also talk about a woman named Moosa who is a student and has a goal to study more. The segment touches on the topic of women and men, including the importance of showing the wisdom when faced with difficult situations, the wall construction project, and the importance of finding one's own success.
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Bismillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Today's story is incredibly special. Why? Yes, it is said in the Quran. But not all the stories in the Quran are also mentioned in the Hadith. You see that? Today's story is mentioned in a lot of authentic hadith. In addition, it's mentioned in Al Quran. It is the story of Musa alayhis salaam, what part of the story Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. He said the Prophet Musa Ali Salam stood up and gave a speech to many of us in a nice powerful speech. And you can imagine how eloquent the prophets were at the time. And he gave that beautiful speech after he was done. You know, imagine you have a q&a

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session with not just any instructor you have the one of the top prophets Allah has ever sent. Then one of the people comes to Musa alayhis salaam and he asked him this question. He says, au nasci Allah Who is the most educated person in the world? Who is it? So before I jump into the follow up response from Moosa, I want to remind you and remind myself, when you have an opportunity to ask someone a question, especially someone of knowledge or you know, someone who might be very busy, make sure that you ask the appropriate question that brings about benefit to you insha Allah. So when this person asks, who's the most educated person in the world, how much benefit does that bring

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to you unless you're trying to increase your knowledge, but you got Mussolini's Salam. So once you're done with that, then perhaps you might proceed to find someone else. And Allah Subhana Allah knows best moves Alison knowledge was so wide an ocean. Now step two, what did Musa alayhis salam respond? he respected the question and he says Anna, I am the most educated person in the world. Okay. When he said that Allah subhanho wa Taala did not like prophet more says Allah he said I'm response. Why? Because Moses should have said, Allah knows best Moosa IE his time should have said I do not know Melissa did not travel the world and meet every single individual to be able to say I am

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the most educated but we feel for him right you feel from all sides that you know I spoke to Allah subhanho wa Taala I have the revelation I received you know all these good things at hamdulillah but Allah wants to teach Moo Sally insolent a lesson. So then Allah told the moose that Bella what there is someone who knows more than you or Moosa? I've done many bad he's one of my slaves we imagined it behind he is located where is he? He's located in the junction of two CS per year. Who were animal monkey knows more than you he has knowledge which you must add did not know. Now what is more Sally salon reaction, and this is what I want inshallah, from you and myself and all those who are

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watching around the world to take this lesson Moo Sally Salah, made the mistake, agreed. We all agree insha Allah, he made the mistake. He was corrected. So far, so good. What was his behavior after being corrected? Musa alayhis salam said, Oh, Allah, how can I reach that individual? You see the humbleness? He didn't say, oh, okay, I'm sorry. You know, I want to increase my knowledge. I want to grow. That person more Sally said did not say you know, I think I have enough Islamic education. I don't need to further study Islam. What are you talking about? Who says that Moosa Allah is Salah, who spoke to Allah subhanho wa Taala, without a translator, one on one with Allah,

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he still was hungry for knowledge. And you and I, no matter how much we know of Allah, we need to know more and more and more that will help you with your Eman and help you with your life dealing with people and of course with your worship to Allah subhanho wa Taala. So he says Yara Keith subito How can I reach him? So here is the way to find that man. Allah subhanho wa Taala tells moose Allah is Allah. Who would you get a fish a fish? Yes. Let me show you a quick example of a fish. Food. You take a fish, you have it in a basket. Okay, so that fish is dead right in the basket. It's dead. So Allah Subhana Allah says, when that fish is no longer in the basket, meaning that fish will come

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back to life and will leave the basket. The place where the fish leaves the basket is the place where you will find that individual. We know his name is Oliver. Okay. So moose Ali Salaam. Quick question. He traveled by himself or with someone. He travels with someone. Okay, you shot if you known alayhis salam, then he was a young man at that point his job what's you shot job to

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Grab that basket and to go with Musashi salon and his only task is one. Whenever you see the fish leaving the basket let me know because that will be the place where we will meet that mysterious, educated, knowledgeable now Yella Bismillah R Rahman Rahim, Musa alayhis salam, along with Yoshi abney known they traveled along the seashore with Karla Moosa Lee Fattah hula Rocco had other Luca majima Alba Hawaiian Oh, the fo Koba Musa alayhis salam is telling you shall be known. I'm not going to, I'm not going to rest or settle, even if it will take me years to reach that person. I need to learn. I need to know more. I need to meet him Allahu Akbar, look at the humbleness and the powder

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of Musashi Salaam. So they traveled and they traveled, they got exhausted, they reached a rock, which they rested next to So far, so good. So far, so good. So they were resting, and then having this break, for what the musasa who musasa has put his head and then he slept Okay, he's next to the, to the to the beach, and he's taking his time and rest and you should have known is with him. What happened? Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he says, the fish started to move Allahu Akbar when Sal laminal Mikkel and the fish slipped out of the basket, and then it entered the sea. Now, where's your shot? Use that wake up Moosa. He didn't. Brothers and sisters.

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Eventually Moosa Ali Salaam woke up by himself, but you shot for God to tell Moosa about the fish, as Allah says in the Quran, Phelim Bella Majumdar benei Hema Nasir hota Houma they forgot about the fish for TESSA sebelah who failed to hurry algebra. It's made its way to the ocean in a miraculous fashion, leaving a trace behind it. So they continue to travel so as I said, I'm got up and he continued to travel brothers and sisters along with us sharpening noon, eventually more Sally salami became hungry. He told you shall attina vada Anna, you know, give us some food some breakfast to have, you know, we're very exhausted. So as you shop noon is looking into the basket to get some

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food. So yes, for the his job was to carry that lunchbox and to be watchful over that fish. As he's looking.

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He says it is a wiener in the Sahara. Look how he speaks. Moose. I remember when we were resting by the rock, remember? Okay. For Nina cetol. Hood, I forgot to tell you the fish has no leftover basket and went to the ocean. What did musala e Salam do? Let the man finish? Look what he says one and Sani who illa shavon. You she says shaytaan caused me to forget it as Cora with data sebelah horfield Maharaja, but it was amazing how the fish just left the basket and went to the ocean. shaitaan caused me to forget two quick points here.

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Yes, shaytaan can be a means for you to forget things. How? Okay, how? By putting thoughts in your mind and getting you busy with other things to make you forget the primary thing. You see that? So you should have known for example is thinking Oh, the fish I gotta tell Musashi Salaam about it. So an example an example shaytaan whispers into your mind. Oh, you sure? Did you did you call did you lock the door behind you when you left the house? Oh my god. Did you tell your friends that you're going with looser than usual thinking? So these thoughts are from SharePoint to make him forget about what about the fish leaving the basket. Now what did Moosa I lay his solemn do that wonderful

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man patient understanding. He's putting himself into use and you shoot it you shot if the noon show and he's feeling him. He said you know what color the alchemical Navara This is exactly what we're looking for. Thank you so much for Ted dalla 30 Hema kasasa then brothers and sisters, they rushed rushed as fast as they possibly can to that spot. And guess what they found? For what Jed Fitzpatrick for what is that? They found as if there's a tunnel onto that sand towards the ocean. Now they can go through that path to find that man, and as they're walking and walking toward Jeddah I didn't mean a bad dinner they found that man was Allah slave. We said jabby thobe that man or

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Hadith covered with a garment. You know when that man was covered with the garment it looked like you know this is Subhanallah mousse SM wants to say Salaam to him. And the moment this man uncovered himself moves it Sam said a Salah.

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I like so this man which we know 100 he turns and he or he talks to Moosa, and he says, what an adult because salam, he says, The man said while being shocked, is there such greeting in your land? How do you know the greeting of Salaam assalamu Aleikum? How do you know about Salaam Alaikum? So Musa alayhis salam says, I know Moosa I am Moosa from Benny Salah Al

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Anam okay Moosa from the venue Surah Al by the GDC how he introduced himself nothing for or against, but he didn't say I am Kenny Milan be your la Moosa is that there's a panel that humbleness because he is especially the he's a student coming to learn from his shame at this point right now right, though we know Musa alayhis salam from a level and status wise he is one of the top five prophets Allah has ever sent. Okay What happened? What happened mothers and sisters, that path is there and they meet up further and further now is talking to mu Sally Salaam Moosa has a goal has a mission, he tells him

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listen, how can I please follow you look at the humbleness Can I please follow you. So you may teach me of what you have known which Allah has blessed you with? A herder says two powerful sentences ready to powerful sentences. He says yeah Moosa, oh Musa, you have knowledge which Allah taught you that which I do not have fair enough, it clear. Then he said an Allah gave me knowledge Moosa which you do not have. Alright. So then a herder is telling Mu salistre lambda knowledge I have

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I don't know if you're able to handle grasping it and understanding it and just you know moving along with it just normally like that in the current length of study and Sabra you will not be patient towards handling this. That type of knowledge is on another is a different type. Then he says okay for hospital alumni alum to head be hombre and he told them listen, I believe it's beyond your capacity, no disrespect Moosa beyond your capacity to understand certain things that Allah has taught me. So most Allah Sam says, set eg Dhoni in sha Allah and sha Allah sobre. Now the patient when I see the camera, and I will not just obey any command that you have, I'm going to be all ears.

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I will pay attention to everything that you say. So that makes the condition

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for any Tibetan if you wish to follow me, follow me and shake you promise. You do not ask me any questions. Hi, tell me who they are until I explain things to you. Fair enough. Agreed from palaka now they are about to have a journey. Yeah, let us Mila Where are they going? From talakad you're walking by the seashore and they see a boat brothers and sisters Samarra to be him Safina for Colombo home and yummy Lu Houma. So, he asked the people on that boat to carry him along with Moosa and take him on a trip. Now otherwise known perhaps he was very helpful to the people he was very kind. So they knew him and they did not charge him and they gave him the ride for free. So this is

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very kind of these people. So while they were in the ocean, more Sally salon and I heard her say something very powerful. What happened? He sees along with Moosa A bird is for Allah Hafiz Safina that bird is on the edge of that boat, and that bird drank, okay and put its beak into the water. So far, so good. I was told Moosa, my knowledge plus your knowledge, plus the knowledge of all Allah's creation, all three, my knowledge plus your knowledge, plus the knowledge of everything Allah created, in comparison, to Allah's knowledge, is like the water that bird took from the ocean. Allah Cuba, you see that see Allah's knowledge. So trust Allah subhanho wa Taala. He knows what happened.

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He knows what's happening, and he knows what will happen. So he says, all of that is just that drop of water, that sip of water that bird took in comparison to the ocean. So why after he said that brothers and sisters,

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he grabs like a stick, or a hammer or a tool to drill a hole into that ship, what they got you for free onto that ship, and you're drilling the hole. So that's what Moses said a hurricane.

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You're about to make the people drown. Why?

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Do that for they're about to drown. He said this is not right Hubbard Sol herder told him. lm Aqua laka Did I not tell you right before we started and you promised that you will not ask any questions you will not interrupt me had the auditor come in with a cry until I explained to you. So Moses says Oh, I'm sorry, led to me. I apologize. I forgot. I genuinely forgot the man that seat went to his name and Emily also don't go It's so tough on me. Moses of Hannah lesson don't go so tough on me. I am sorry. So then 100 and more sad. They left that ship. Okay, so Mahara Jimena, Safina then they're going to another journey in that journey brothers and sisters on the seashore. Moose and what

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happened? Either hula manella boom and Hillman elkader and Musa they see a child playing with other kids. So then 100 goes to that one specific child for katella and then he kills him. Here. Moose, I did not forget that I promise I want

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to know senza key yet like did you just kill an innocent soul? That has not done anything wrong? This is just so evil for me. That's no cry that's so wrong from your mother. So Heather now is upset. Carla alum aka laka. He's an addition in NACA, lent us Tati and I did I tell you Mussa that you will not be able to handle Did I not tell you that before we even started? So then, more Sally seller makes a deal. Carla incel to cache in badda filler to sa heavy Listen, if I ever interrupt you again. If I ever asked you any question, again, photos are happening, then we depart. But Bella Tamilnadu near Audra, you know you notified me enough and you give me enough chances, then no

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problem. They agreed and they go on a third journey. Bismillah. So then they were passing by for what is the fee * Dada. They pass by your city brothers and sisters, in which there was a wall. But there's a story of the city first movers that were traveling. And they were perhaps hungry and thirsty. First stop that North Korea is Tatianna Allah so they sought food and drink from the people living in the city. And these people Subhan Allah were stingy Yeah, these people were not hospitable at all for about a year they refused any sense of hospitality not even you know what opened the door just give them a cup of water and then nothing zero which is very strange with travel as you can

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tell respected people were asking you nicely, but they refuse to give them anything to move on. So here that wall was about to fall in that village there's one specific place so then further tells boosah Let's go and help put this wall together Let's rebuild the wall for our karma. So Musa alayhis salam he sees rebuilding the wall and making it nice and straight for it not to fall. But then he tells a super low shit tell it to her family he gets a little bit strange you could have asked to get paid for this job like he did it completely for free. Like these people didn't do anything for us you know nothing don't rebuild the wall or fix it but at least ask for a payment for

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that job. So alhaja tells them listen you know this is strike three call ahead of Europe Albania. Albania gets over. You know, we're done. We're breaking up right here. Then he tells him set when a bit okay, beta weenie mallam does start a la sobre. Now I need to explain to you every single event which you could not be patient for me to eventually explain to you okay, Ms. Safina let's go back to the boat. As for the boat, it belonged to people who are poor Mr. Kane, working at the sea, okay, and there was a tyrant King ahead of them. So they were sailing, and they were about to pass by a very tyrant king who seizes and takes every good ship by force. Any good ship like a boat that is in

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a perfect situation. He used to rob them take that boat. So does it sound does it not sound like a good deal that us drilling that hole into the boat will cause the king when he sees the people, the fishermen into that boat and he sees something broken in the boat. He'll be like I don't want this let him go let him free. So now what happened brothers and sisters, these people got hemmed in a lot not to perhaps die. Yes, because if they had a good boat, and that tyrant King tried to fight anyone to fight back some people perhaps

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should have been killed, the boat would have been gone so panela so with this being happening brothers and sisters, that people will eventually be grateful to Allah subhanho wa Taala very much extra when they see the wisdom behind it. And perhaps you know what possibly happened? Allah Allah, but these fishermen that specific boat, they became the richest of people. How? I would ask you guys this question you allow it. Someone maybe can tell me how is it possible that these fishermen possibly became the richest of people? Who do we have here? Amir, can you can you help us out? Can you take a shot at it?

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It's been Yes. Since the the last boat left. I mean, the only ones going to be bringing in fish so

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I sent right because all the boats are gone. Send me I've got it right. All the boats are gone by that King. And if they're the only boat remaining, guess who has the high demand? They got her. All right. So Pamela, may Allah protect us and protect your mother, Emir, and grant you Jenna I mean, Rabbil alameen. But I'm gonna share something with brother Amir and the rest of you is that some of our alumni they teach us one of the blessings that Allah bestowed on the people of the ship is just like how they helped moose and herder and God them and honor them for free. As a result, Allah rewarded them for their boat to be protected and Allah help them out so panela You know, this is the

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help that Allah says in the Quran Hello, Joseph. Sani the lesson. When you do something that is excellent. Except no when you do something that is excellent. expect something excellent back from Allah subhanho wa Taala and you never know the wisdom behind things and here is one but if you notice brothers and sisters when a herder poked a hole into the boat that the people in the boat know the wisdom right away No, they didn't. It took a lot of hours or days until they eventually found out Same thing with you You might have a job and you lose your job to Why did I lose my job and I got laid off and what's going on some of some of you got to know the wisdom amongst later

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because you can handler that that company went bankrupt so I was able to find in that within that month and get a good package from them because I was laid off they gave me a two month paid for example. So with that attended I got to find that job. So the main thing here is for you all believing man and woman if this ever happens to you and you cannot see the wisdom right away I swear by the one who made you all believing man and woman there is higher there is good in it but you may not just see it yet May Allah grant you patience amenable Allah mean. So then we go to the next one who is it? We go to that child? So that explains as for the child, okay, got to have me a very good

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excuse there right? A good wisdom. Well, a mellow lamb for Canada who moved meaning the parents of that child were very, very good believers. And we feared that he would pressure them into defiance and disbelief. That boy would have grown up to be a very evil tyrant individual, so much so that he would have pushed his parents to cover Subhana Allah May Allah protect us in this boy was about to cause so much fitna and as a result, Allah subhanho wa Taala Aradhana a new de la humara buma. As a result, Allah wanted to substitute what was the word substitute that child with another child who is righteous Zakat and accountable Rama. So brothers and sisters here we see Allah's wisdom. Now you

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and I, we see it, but the parents mom and dad of that child, do you think they know the wisdom during their lifetime? Let me ask someone if you don't mind. Let me ask for example, we have several omashola we have 11 windows here. Let me go really quick. So we have NEEMO NEEMO. Medicine.

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I have a question for you. Do you think mom and dad they knew the wisdom of why their child died? NEEMO Okay, Nemo is not unmuting no problem. How about more is tadge more is tadge What do you think?

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Okay, last one. Fatima Toronto. Come on. You got to represent Toronto.

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Do you think mom and dad they knew the wisdom of why their son got killed? Though he didn't do anything wrong. Or martial arts America. Excellent. Okay, I see the comments Perfect. Now I sent them they do not know. So unlike option one, sometimes Allah subhanho wa Taala brothers and sisters will do things to you in a way that you may know the wisdom A year later, but in the story number two, they will never know ever until the omal piano. You see that? It starts

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But the reward is magnificent insha Allah and you see how Allah subhanho wa Taala? Yes, he gave, he took something but Allah never takes away something from you, except to give you something better in sha Allah. Never do you go through a calamity and you trust Allah except I swear by Allah He will give you something better than what you have lost. This has proven historically and religiously, as you see with a two parents, as Allah says meaning they were righteous brothers and sisters. Now let's go to the third one. And the last one the wall. What's the story with the wall? Well, I'm LG dark. For Kennedy with mania tea mania in Medina, it belonged to two orphans. Okay. Under it under

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that wall, there was a massive treasure. What can abou Masada and the parents of these orphans? were righteous you see that the parents were righteous. Okay, so what's the wisdom here? Allah subhanho wa Taala wanted the two orphans at Maine to grow and grow a blue I should doubt until they become mature and strong men, or strong men and women are teaming up Medina. You become strong and they find their own treasure.

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Do you guys see their wisdom? Do you see it? Why did Allah want them to wait? Why did that treasure not just show up right now? Why is the wall because the wall was about to fall like it was close. But there's another Mussa they repaired the wall. So now it will take a lot much longer to fall. What's the wisdom for the wall to take long to fall? Your love Bismillah let's see. Let me go to page seven. And go to

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be her Choudhury. We had Choudhury, unmute yourself and tell me what's the wisdom take a shot I what's the wisdom of having the wall taking so long to fall for them to see the treasure like they could have been rich when they were young? Right? They could have had the money top school they could have lived a very luxury life you know probably mom is struggling because abou Homer Simpson was the father but why Abby What do you think?

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Um I think that was done is that because if the wall for the longer time then Meanwhile, meanwhile the children the two orphans wood will be growing and then they can like when it falls, they can get the treasure. Oh Mashallah. Tabata cola. Excellent, excellent. You know, I actually didn't pay attention to this point. Honestly. I took it from behind me Allah bless and bless them And grant them gender say I mean, so you know, when people get older they're usually usually they are more wise with how they use the money. Sure. I'll take that I'll take that you know, when someone is spoiled, they're very young. They may not use the money properly I like that. But you know, Lucia

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with another thing. Ready? Another thing? Remember the people in that village? Yeah, I remember that where they kind or were they stingy? They were stingy. So you do you think when the wall falls and they see the gold and the money in the treasure, do you think these stingy people when they see all the money they will tell the orphans will take care of your money till you get older? Very likely not very likely they will be robbed. So a laws wisdom is that you know what, Allah can make you all rich right now. But no, it's not the best time for you. Maybe because you're not ready to be a millionaire. Or you're not ready to be a millionaire around such people around and some people

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brothers and sisters, they are better off living an average or slightly below average financial and maintain their Deen than living wealthy and losing their Deen and there are people Allah willed for them to be well off because otherwise they probably would have lost their Deen if they would have lost their wealth and Allah chooses and he gives whoever however he wants. So we need to surrender to Allah subhanho wa Taala just like prophet Moo Sally said, I'm now that he is learning all of this. Well, yes, definitely. JACK and Zoho May Allah wants them to find their own wealth brothers and sisters. So now anytime you see it is being delayed, like that people the mom or so with like,

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where's the money for my children? Same thing marriage. Many of you want to get married. I've been waiting. I'm 20 this I'm 30 that 40 is 50 whatever my age is? Where is where's that righteous spouse that is about to propose Where is that righteous man or righteous woman? There's a delay subber server, the right time will come in sha Allah. May Allah bless you all and grant you all gender. I mean, you're blind. I mean, but you have to realize whatever is happening for you that which is it is good for you brothers and sisters. Then further says 132, who I'm getting a hold of tells moose, listen, everything that you saw, is not from me. It's from Allah. There. Look at that wheel man.

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lm does the Li e sobre. These were the examples. These were the events that you could not be patient towards. Hopefully this was explained Well, there are things in life you will know the wisdom of it the next day. There are things in life that you will know the wisdom of it when you become an old individual. And there's things in life that you will know the wisdom of it until the day you meet Allah subhanho wa Taala but we know what I find in all three. It is always good. It is always good. It is always good. May Allah grant you all the best brothers and sisters

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