Murtaza Khan – Vices Series – Ep. 06 – Ingratitude

Murtaza Khan
AI: Summary © The segment discusses the importance of gratitude and showing gratitude towards one another in order to achieve the end of culture. The negative impact of media consumption on people's experiences and values is highlighted, along with the importance of finding the right person in the church. The segment also touches on the negative impact of actions from others on one's life, such as the loss of power and the negative impact of actions on one's behavior.
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of the praising and loss of Canada and, and sending immense greetings and salutations upon the final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. In the previous few episodes, we spoke about the dangers

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of certain bad moral habits or practices. We'll call Susan Allison, the bad traits of the tongue and the impacts of the tongue.

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And we mentioned that from amongst these bad traits needs to differ in procuracy, or change aims to show two faces to people. And we find that and the fact that some of us may rightfully just think about the major elements of nofap, which a person should avoid, but as many minor elements, as even a majority of our lives 16 660 different elements of nifa a person needs to avoid inside their lives. We mentioned upon that the person being treacherous inside his speech, lying inside the speech being deceitful of amongst the concept of nifa that we find in gratitude, which is today's theme, the latest album, that NASA

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had in a sonogram Timothy, whoever doesn't send people doesn't thank Allah Subhana Allah, and unfortunately, find it has become common practice amongst ourselves not to be grateful individuals, to be full of gratitude, even to simply to thank one another that we find has become a very hard practice inside our society. And before we even begin to speak, about thanking and showing gratitude towards one another, the possible reason could be that many of us fail to understand the rights and regulations that belong to Allah Subhana Allah, one other country, we don't seem to give the Jew estimate. Did you write Did you respect? Did you, Obama, the magnitude the greatness that belongs to

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Allah Subhana Allah, so that we begin to fall short on the rights of the people around us, and begin to fall short on the rights that belong to us to Canada. And that's

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a bad idea Shaku only few My servants are going to be great for individuals. And if you look at the context of this area, is speaking about Donald and Solomon and even seller, that is a context of this is the power that was given to these two individuals. There were only two Muslim kings that ruled over all of this earth, it was dealt with and his son, so the man and a man set up. So in this context, this is almost reminds and ishara and huffy, and hidden symbol, sign, that when people become into power, wealth, and in the position, you begin a very few of them, are grateful to Allah Subhana, Dianna and likewise I begin to speak upon the subjects around us because we are only a

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reflection of one another locally lamellipodia Shaku only a few servants, again, to be amongst the Grateful individuals that find various traditions that we find among books does, speaking of praying, amongst every moment has celibacy in other individuals, or at a find some of the companions, as well speaking of makers, from amongst those,

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make us amongst those minute amount of individuals who are always grateful to Allah Subhana Allah, not be identical in Chicago to Santa Monica, no shame here. And

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this is something that some of us we perceive, that may be a parent that have gained something by punishing us by torturing us, but causing harm upon us. That's what some of us may begin to perceive about Islam. And the Western world begins to prey upon that as well that Islam is just full of hardship, and difficulties.

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But actually find find is the opposite of

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what is the love game by punishing you and what will keep a person away from the punishment of Allah Subhana Allah, two simple things that you find in Shackleton.

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You show gratitude to Allah Subhana Allah, and you believe in Allah Subhana Allah coupled together, your belief in Allah Subhana Allah leads you to shock leads you to gratitude leads you to gratefulness leads you to mature and become for had this leads you to enumerate speak about the blessing of Allah subhana wa nipmuc nipmuc Islam and hamdulillah Allah, Allah wa done in 2011

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the greatest blessing to Olympus is that person should be rejoicing and praising and thanking US and Canada and he guided us to this

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To deal with Islam, if you are not guided us, we would have been amongst it a straight individuals. This is one amongst them, if not the greatest blessing upon the believer, the second best exemplified Mandela. Many indeed allies conferred another blessing and a mini is better than a tsunami unfussy him. Allah sent a messenger for amongst his own sense, is a second blessing that belongs to this Muslim Ummah belongs upon all of us, the sending of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. Now you find the end of this verse mentioned but cannot know Shakira Malema response, when you thankfulness responds back to individuals, and likewise, all knowing, and this is the end of the

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fifth, just the beginning of the sixth of the forum that we find gratitude of lots of 100 Adam leads to goodness towards people.

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And unfortunately become visible inside a society. We think that we believe in a loss of Canada either, by the way that we treat people around us, Muslims around us, friends, colleagues, family members, especially in the disguise of practicing Islam that we find that some people think is rising. But we find that an individual is better than many of us. Because it gives you rights

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to to the people it gives you rights to lots of Canada and may not be so well versed individuals. And these were many of us are beginning to fall short. Life is just become a textbook, just become reading in black and white, don't seem to perceive don't seem to understand or are mentioned in my accent a long link or answers will

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show goodness to people like Alicia goodness to you. Unless your goodness to all of us. Allah doesn't say that when I give goodness to you that now you begin to shun people away. Or

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we found you misguided and we guided you. We found in a state of need without any food and drink and we thank you we gave you a drink. Referring to referring to the profits of the Lord. He said have a look at the rest of us.

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We boast and parade about ever we have and even the context is that we find what we

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don't see for cert on the earth. Once again he shall know that word power.

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If it comes to a person mind, they create pressure upon the earth. Then almost strange. You mentioned the opposite in a context when I speak about qarun in the Koran Academy Tomi Mustafa Ali him, shaman RG. Allah speaks about axiocam actual knowledge of goodness these are the believers. They know the wounds, remember our own. He was from the family of Moosa sobre la him, he began to transgress against these people around him. Allah mentioned What are they no Mel coluzzii we gave you such wealth, treasures were given to these individuals, we amongst you it is a total

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waste give the descriptive nature of the wealth that was given to qarun. What was given to this individual? And what did it lead to? This individual didn't become an individual who became thankful to Allah Subhana Allah, but rather he began above and he began to transgress his people transgress everybody around him, we find that returning back to the blessing of Allah Subhana Allah and the man who have been somebody or shokri that's what he meant is that every time a God wrote his famous book, on the two sabbioni, the pillar of the patient individually, am I not good

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enough for me, I've suffered how early December, inside the predefined appropriate 90 times is that the Quran, Allah other speaks about sub patience. That's what he meant is a suburb of sugar. If a person develops that inside their life, they have crystallized email that the patient is or their life and the Grateful patient whatever befalls him, whatever they have to carry out, whatever they have to do, and they are grateful for whatever circumstances Allah Subhana has placed upon them. And the attorneys always moist. We're remembering and making mentioned and thanking lots of Canada Anna does we find that let us return back to Louise loves to Canada. But what is Allah bestowed upon us

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to help us to understand of giving sugar to Allah Subhana Allah. Allah mentioned seven elements that loves and has created a place for human beings. Allah mentioned a low level of customer work you will learn a lot so that is the one who created the heavens and earth one the lemon a semi man and he sent down from the sky from the heavens he sent down the water. Even as a mirage he responded. And from this water you find a Cimarron fruits, vegetation to begin to come to produce begins to come out of the earth.

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Comes a form of source of eating for you was suffering from a fulcrum, the tragedy of the embryo he then subjugated the boats,

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the ships to flow upon the ocean to be at service towards you was suffering and harm. Allah subjugated the reverse to for you was that for our comrade the urbane, Allah subjugated the sun and the moon, the alternation standard, the moon, the coming of the sun, the setting of the sun, the coming of the moon is all subjugated for the human being, to gain the heat, to gain the coolness to gain sleep, to gain rest, or suffer accumulator wanna allocate subjugated, after night and the day, these seven things there are lots of kind of mentioned, emojis josiane begins to discuss about many times that speaks about the number seven, and it could be some mystical truth towards them, while

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removing them by Subhana Allah. So he has a lot of other than mentioned, what if all of these subjugation, these seven things that are given to the human being? What should we deal with in return? Or is there something beyond that, what are called demons and

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then Allah goes beyond that. So Peridot Allah, He gives you, whatever you ask for.

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So Allah has given us everything upon this earth. But it gives us everything that we asked for. Muslim is

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an instrument that we find whoever doesn't ask Allah Subhana Allah.

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Allah gets angry. So we shouldn't think that in these days in the build up, that we find that we shouldn't ask. If you ask asking excessiveness, ask a lot. If you ask for agenda, don't just ask Allah that's a must. We just let me go into paradise. If you ask for us, for for those of

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us with the highest point of Paradise, don't just pray this let me enter into paradise. To me a lofty goal, a lofty aspiration that a person should have because no one believes Subhana Allah should have good thoughts about Allah Subhana Allah, that Allah will just give, just respond will give whatever the person asks for, if they fulfill the criteria that is laid out upon this earth. We interpret the law he led to

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this what concerns us, when we do not matter.

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If you try to enumerate, you try to count the blessings of Allah Subhana Allah, No,

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you cannot count them. As you begin to tell one blessing you need to begin to start all over again. Then as I mentioned in the in Santa lumen, indeed a human being is an arrogant, tyrannical, oppressive, ignorant individual.

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of the oldest Allah has given this to the human being. Why does not conclude this?

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Allah, Allah, Allah people Kabir does not know what he's created. He's the most subtle, the most aware that a human being is going to be baloon is going to be oppressive, is going to be tyrannical is going to be full of ingratitude is going to reject Allah subhanaw taala that's what's going to happen. This human being like by the end of Allah mentioned, that he bestowed the trust of the heavens and the earth, that the mountains refused to take it he refused to take it for Hamelin insane, and no Planet illumine, Japan, he took that trust, that he will let me take the mountains in heaven, let me take this Amana but indeed is one form of oppression and an Indian individual he is

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to take distrust, because Allah knows the state of the human being. There are many human beings going to be ungrateful towards Allah Subhana Allah. And if you remain with this ayah inside surah Ibrahim, what a blessing it is that this is actually probably the 14th chapter of the Quran. Because we are living the days of Abraham alysha rather we find that most of Islam monastic will have the rights and regulations to all go back to Abraham at a center that we find inside his passions. And we find he has come to mean to Righetti omalu my family members, they were at university these are in debating and mojarra. I've left them in a barren empty land.

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We cannot visualize look at the moment is made advancements there but look at the crevices of the mountains look at certain places you can still begin to possibly visualize how this barren empty land was. Hardly anything grows. It really left his family members there in this empty land. And he prayed Ramana Li Mashallah.

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And he studied this door of Abraham Ellison. He's never been an empty barren land, hardly any food any drink. The first thing he prays for a panel up Mashallah.

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Spiritual need. First and you praise to Allah Subhana Allah. It says, Oh my Lord make them to establish the prayer

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them according to psychological or social needs at a time it is proof that sociology they write about will be the need for food and drink, and shelter and clothing. But the need of the NBA, the need of the believer is a certain need of shelter and food and drink. It's a spiritual need the spiritual worry, that make sure that Oh my Lord, that my family members, they establish the prayer of indeterminacy that we allow him to come in so marotti alone. Yes, Sharon, make people come close to them. The human being by nature is one who live with society doesn't live aloof, lives lives with the people mixes with the people. So he prays that made people mix with my family members to live

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with them was so cool Minister marotti give them fruit a provision for what purpose longish Koran they become grateful to Allah Subhana Allah. That's what your prime minister that he prayed for. The story of Abraham read that have seen these earlier. Speaking about Abraham Allison, two or three pages that

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should refresh our image the story of Abraham Addison these days have had to get refined, see what the story was, rather than you find that?

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It begins with two profits. The story begins revolves around two main profits above and beyond. speaks about the father of mankind, the Adam and Eve center speaks about

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the father of all of the prophets, known as Ibrahim Addison, why did it turn out to be kalimat Moon corner in Nigeria locally nasty, man. Why the tiller a primer to victory met in kalama una awami. Allah gave certain commandments to Ibrahim La Silla.

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Certain Commandments were given to him until he completed all of them. Every time Allah Allah told Abraham Isaac to do something why Bernie Malawi was improving everything he fulfilled every time a lot for the convenience of the game. He fulfilled it. That's you find the beginning or the end of the first duty when speaks about Ibrahim Alisha speaks about his journey, the resurrection a building of the combat that we find. And then the second juice, even to the third juice that we find is speaking about Abraham and insulin. Even if you travel into certain Nisa called Chicago for military brahma hanifa Academy.

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Say Allah spoke the truth. Follow the way of Milla Ibrahim la sera for on his way, he was Hanif when they voted to only a loss of Canada either. In elevating Woody Allen nursey the lucky people. The first pay first house that was placed on this earth was Boca Boca is another name for Makkah was placed it this is a place that you find. These are signs of a lot of hamdallah.

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Unlike wisewoman does that

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mean whoever enters in the police precinct of harem Amina peace rest entering into the harem nakida person finds then Allah mentioned wedding day at minister by a

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woman come for you and allowed me to write the regulation go and perform the Hajj, manage Taka, la Sabina, whoever the means to do so. Woman rejects whoever belies women is a performance. So in Allah, honey, you and me, Elijah's rich. Millions will be there today. In a few days, millions have gone there before maybe billions are made that journey 70,000 angels yo million, what is known as the blueprint of the garden, and title Mark more up in the heavens that we find every day 70,000 angels enter, perform power, remember, a loss of power that glorify Allah subhanaw taala and they leave and they never get to come back again. They never return the solo album of

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70,000 angels at one time never return ever again inside their life get a second opportunity. If all of that and all the people upon the earth. They all reject they don't praise Allah Subhana Allah now young postman monkey shape will not diminish anything from the kingdom ship of a loss of Canada

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and in either mean, he's rich from Alabama. That's what I'm gonna put sometimes we think that we're doing a better this benefits are lost in Canada either. Leonardo Da da da da da da da da cominco this reflection is planned. The sacrifice that we're going to offer isn't going to go to Canada either. Well goes to Allah is stuck on his consciousness.

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What does someone do for inner hydrazone taqwa? Takuya?

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The journey

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What does How would you take your provision? Take your belongings are the best thing that you take to meet Allah Subhana Allah is to coupon that's the best thing. The best when you meet Allah which is a pure heart, jambalaya

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Enderman autonomy company selling that day your wealth, your children, your property, life dunya Nothing will happen to you except for one thing in them and a tapa because being said him, whoever comes up pure sound hot, hot fun of Nicaragua. A remembrance of a love of

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That is a hot, that will be beneficial. That is a heart of a primary student with collega European

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motor color our color palette can be a pretty messy Domino, show me life and death. Unless we don't you believe in course I believe that contentment inside my heart. I want to visualize life and death. It penetrates into my heart. There is no shot inside my heart at all. That was Ibrahim Addison to fulfill his heart fulfill that peace and contentment of belief and devotion and commitment towards Allah Subhana Allah. That's what I mentioned. 100 Allah,

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Allah, Allah Tiberius Merida.

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Once again, praises and lots of praise be upon me, ah, he's bestowed upon me is mine. And his heart is bestowed upon me. And as we remain, which surah Ibrahim I traveled to all the Saudis 52 offices or so to see how many times lots of power speaks about gratitude, and speaks about in gratitude. Even this cluster of sutras that we find a person who can read and study the sutras with our certain sources together, beginning with surah Yunus, the template of the Quran, then Sula, who would then surah Yusuf, all names of the MBR then a break of Soto Radha 13 Surah Surah Ibrahim. Why, why the suit has been given these names. Remember, this is from Allah Subhana Allah to give these titles and

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these names, and only a few other prophets are mentioned by name surah, surah, Mohammed, and sort of no

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person should read the sutras to see why Allah either selected these students, or chosen these names, or selected these prophets. What is so special about these individuals that we can learn from the seat of these individuals are well in the beginning that we find the first number five was the key to be a leader in the field

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in Chicago, so rivalry begins by mentioning what the aim is to remind them about the dangers of returning back to the US or Canada, Adam, and Eve in a science, science, what type of people they can be somewhere in Chicago, people who are patient, people are grateful. Those are the signs of a loss of power to Allah What does AI mean that the days of a loss after the end days

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the end days will come? We will pass? persons you know, hastin them person shouldn't rush past it should be full of patience. That'd be fun. Every time you mentioned that you become Imams and leaders. In such society a person needs patience. When a patient's a person cannot be classified as an email cannot be classified as a as a leader with Southern Punjab de tener El Dorado Eman why patience and certainty person reaches the level of becoming what is classified as a real Imam that we find with call the musella COVID Guru named multiply alikum musasa mentioned to his people remember the blessings of Allah Subhana Allah upon you. And we're all familiar with the blessing

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that was sent upon Moosa upon Bani Israel that we find. Then again, Allah mentioned we do not have Bukola in Chicago.

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We do not have Buccola in Chicago, as

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well as in the other.

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person shows gratitude to Allah Subhana Allah allows you to knuckle down and increase you what is does not have to come in to come to

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your Lord has granted it, prescribed it, written it down legislated it. Whoever shows gratitude to me that as he the knuckle that increased you in goodness in richness, whoever turns away from a loss of effort to be the shady. Whoever is ungrateful to laws other than the punishment is severe for individuals who are color moves into an empty journey. And again, all of you

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you disbelieve

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in Allah. No honey, you mean if you reject a lost attorney, well my rich, the one who prays that belongs to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And likewise Allah mentioned

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farmers who feel unsafe, them like give it a descriptive nature Mother of those individuals who tougher European, who reject your Lord, who denied their Lord. Don't believe in Allah subhanaw taala their actions are like dust, which have been thrown in a windy day

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Makka Sabo Allah shame, they cannot control anything that's taking place around in this moment in time, the Holika What?

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That is the most manifest loss

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methodology in European, the parable of those individuals who reject the Lord. You know, sometimes we must and we get confused as well. is they are good people on the face of this if we don't deny that, but good people who don't believe in Allah subhanaw taala. Now you will learn it will come down believe in Allah Subhana Allah, don't accept Allah Subhana Allah, no matter what goodies on the face of this earth,

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in the shadows, Attila Subhana, Allah Lau you shall we shall we shall, it doesn't mean anything. They actually are going to be like dust particles thrown on a windy on a stormy day. They have no value. Yes, it is sad. It is sad because many of us may or may may know good people who are good individuals. But good people are individuals. And we began with before being good to people they could to Allah. Recognize Allah, believe in God, submit to Allah Subhana Allah, the verse in Surah, Ibrahim, they continued continuing the journey of gratitude. And in gratitude, we find amongst these verses that begin to speak about the highest level of gratitude that we find is none other than a

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shape on it believes because we find that the element of his expansion, or throwing out from gender that we find is none other than ingratitude, pride and arrogance that made to be expelled from gender. Does it make the schooling eco for to be mashup to me? It did. I've already committed disbelief. I've carried it out. I just believe I've rejected lots of header data. So I'm awaiting my punishment. Now I'm going to try to take the masses of people away. And as the discussion continues, further, Telemundo, new and fulsome calm Don't blame me blame your own selves. That's what I call a pleased to say that he would say don't blame me blame your own self all that I did. I just gave this

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intuition. Again these whisperings to you, and you follow them out inside your love I had rejected a lot a long time ago. And I know what my punishment is going to be. But I asked for respect to give me leave. So I may go once again and again that law said that only a few

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y'all know that said and few individuals, a McCullough seen you know that you're a sincere individual, you're not going to be able to overcome those individuals. You know, can you be able to overcome them, they can be devoted individuals, towards Allah Subhana Allah, then we find a lender in a pata unit.

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I mean, I've seen those individuals who change the blessing of Allah, Allah, towards disbelief, towards rejecting them, we have no common power. And then the evil chastisement the evil abode resting place for these individuals, but the unique methods are changed the blessing of Allah Subhana Allah either often change your blessings, when a person not grateful to lots of other or person to change themselves, in what meaning in wasting the blessings. As we touched upon squandering the blessings, losing the blessings, spending on her on being around, is all losing the blessings of Allah subhana wa Tada. Does he find it easier? Just a few verses from Psalm 52 verses

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is that should I bring the 14th chapter from 1000s of verses in the Quran, which is full of sugar, full of gratitude, telling us to stay away from in gratitude. And as you find that after this gratitude

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that we should develop inside our lives of thanks to Allah Subhana Allah, then comes thanks, gratitude towards the people around us, beginning with

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when things belong to overland, does it belong to friends? Does it belong to the people around our Ashoka?

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Firstly, thanks, gratitude, servitude, after Allah Subhana Allah belongs to one's parents bewailing name, kindness, goodness towards parents, how many how many parents they complain to the email that these children are supposed to be practicing Islam, but they don't give us a right. They don't speak well.

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To us, they don't say good words to us, they mistreat us, they abuse us. And sometimes we have to stop them. They are these, the same young brothers, who come to the masjid on a regular basis are these the same brothers who speak in his tone to their mother, or the the same brothers who speak in this way towards their father is shocking. It's astonishing at times, that he shows that grassroots elements of basic Islam hasn't really been developed inside our life. To understand that the sub, the reason of you of me being on the face of this earth, is our parents, is our parents. And as I mentioned, even if you happen to be disbelieving individuals, you have to show goodness towards

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them, for a

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show goodness towards your parents, taking care of them, no matter what type of parents they happen to be. Secondly, that we find another element of gratitude that somewhat many of us will fail to understand inside our life, is the relationship between the husband and the wife that we find before the relationship between friends and other people around us. Yes, many of us are very quick and sharp to say that the woman does not obey her husband, or a woman. jahannam is full of women are full of ingratitude, to free him now, because of ingratitude towards towards his spouse towards a husband. That's one part of Islam that we find that many of us were so very quick to develop towards

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that part of Islam that we find, we fail to understand that the other half of the husband is the wife, then the person needs to read,

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read the faith of a family relationship, understanding and sugar and gratitude to one another many, rather than to say that my wife doesn't serve your wife doesn't do this wife doesn't do that for me. But look at the psychological state of the woman. She has three, four children to take care of, to nurse to feed, to look after, take care of the home, take care of everything. But you have only one perception inside your mind about rights and regulations that belong to you. Once again, you began with Islam, is it a black and white text that you pluck your head in and you bring it to an Imam to get your foot in and said that my wife is not what is my right?

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That's not how it works inside Islam, there is a whole understanding of what is known as the environment around us, the environment that we live in, to understand to come to a conclusion. So gratitude towards one wife, or husband should deliver show kindness and love and affection. And likewise the wife as well. Without that sugar man.

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The wife does affect the people around them, there's no benefit in thanking anybody else around you. And likewise, then we find finding other individuals, other Muslims, is a very strange phenomena that we find that when Muslims begin to find their Deen, whenever it comes to practicing Muslims, it's as if there's a chip on their shoulder, that as if the other individual has no value, and no perception is no respect to me give it to another Muslim. We have to mention this. Because this is spilling inside our society. That when certain young individual practice they do they look down upon other individuals. Yeah, a

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couple of Kareem rumba, a few days, who reminded you about Allah Subhana Allah, who reminded you about last time that we told you about Allah, Who told you

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can make a certain a how many teachers that possibly some of us have excelled inside our lives. We're lucky in a country, we never lose respect for them. Never lose respect. Because when I was only a child, and I couldn't read or who taught me how to read the Quran, when I was only a child, you know how to pray to me how to pray to me what was right who was wrong inside my life. Now when I become a grown man, and man for my own strength, my own wisdom, my own capability, and I say that these individuals, what do they do for me? How can you help me inside my life, but you fail to understand it as

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a service. Seneca belong to the first individuals, the first individual things that the encouragement the things that remind them, who gave them coming to live in harmony student become great, great, skillful individuals inside their life, it becomes something praiseworthy, becomes happiness with an individual. That is our society is thriving. But when people begin to frown upon the loved ones around them, and people around them, then it becomes we begin to misunderstand, what are we doing inside our lives? We're not able to find people around us.

00:34:50 --> 00:34:59

Whoever doesn't find people will not be able to find lots of panel data. And all of this was placed in conclusion in some sort of local law, the 31st time

00:35:00 --> 00:35:15

The quran quran study is painful. So speaking about the journey of look man and his son, and how we advise these times about all of these points, about talking about belief, about our Salah, about being good deeds and when not

00:35:16 --> 00:35:17

to say

00:35:18 --> 00:35:37

what are some sheep with RB ma? What are two socket, calendars. Sir, inside the Arabic language is a disease that hits the camels neck, Don't raise your neck, because the disease enters the neck of the camel or the beast it raises the neck makes it makes it look arrogant. Look, I'm not

00:35:39 --> 00:36:00

a fitness. When you walk with people, Don't raise your neck. Don't be proud. Don't be. Don't be arrogant, be humble, be grateful, be full of gratitude, the laser cannon Allah and likewise train ourselves that is raising ourselves. They only one time a person to subjugate themselves

00:36:01 --> 00:36:10

to in a state of total devotion and commitment is to Allah Subhana Allah, that Allah bestowed all these blessings upon me while you're

00:36:11 --> 00:36:19

a parent, and he did all of this. For purpose, for purpose. This is the purpose in number either have

00:36:20 --> 00:36:20

a staff

00:36:22 --> 00:36:27

that's what a person should pray. If a man loves a servant, loves an individual is

00:36:29 --> 00:37:10

a love begins to use that individual. That's what all of us should pray, or love. It must be something inside my life, my wealth, my property, something about me, Allah, take that from me. Take that from me and use me inside your part, even though love doesn't need it. But this is the way the dunya that we want to use as individuals in the past in a service of a loss of data. In a service of gratitude, we have lost that give us all a dopey inability in these days to build up a Yama Yama tree to become individuals full of gratitude, of remembrance of thanks to Allah Subhana Allah these are days of oddity of sacrifice, of remembrance have to be definitely have definitely the speed,

00:37:10 --> 00:37:46

praising, glorifying remembering Allah Subhana Allah, Allah wants to hear the voices of his servants in the marketplace is walking around at all times, praising and glorifying lots of parents. These are voices that traveled to Allah Subhana Allah Allah will boast on the Dave Oliver boast of millions of standard wire all these disheveled individual as they gather their wives, they come here what they clustered here together on this open land, Allah knows why they are there, but wants to boast in front of the ages and look at these servants of mine, this journey that they've made. We ask a lot of us except those individuals have made this journey and to write us amongst those

00:37:46 --> 00:37:57

individuals to make that journey inside our life to the house of Allah subhanaw taala year on year on that we find because the person finds peace and tranquility with the words and the surroundings of Allah Subhana Allah

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