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Amazing series consists of Short clips by Omar Suleiman for Bayyinah tv. Must listen.


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The segment discusses the number of angels brought into the region and visiting sick individuals, with a recap of events that bring together people to visit their loved ones. Visitors are approached by groups trying to convince them to visit sick individuals, and rewarded with a reward for those who have been sick. Visitors are given a number to visit their sick loved ones, based on factors including the number of visitors, visitors, and the number of visitors. Visitors are also warned of weak statements from the Prophet sall Drive about visiting people who are sick.

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There are a few narrations in the center of the province license where we hear 70,000 angels so 70,000 angels for example, escorting sorts of Anam as it came to the Prophet sallallahu sallam, the prophet Sly Stone, he also told us that on the day of judgments, Hellfire will be brought with 70,000 straps, and on each strap, there would be 70,000 angels. Now think about that, that's 4.9 billion angels in and of itself, just carrying Hellfire on the day of judgment and restraining it, as it's brought before mankind, and it brings all of us to our knees. So Subhanallah obviously, you take from that, you know, and if you haven't already gotten that, from everything else, we've spoken

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about just the huge number of angels that there are, and how many of them there are, but what's so particular about 70,000 angels? And is there any way to bring 70,000 angels into our lives? Now, there are many ahaadeeth that talk about visiting the sick and visiting, you know, a brother for the sake of a lost power sister for the sake of Allah, when they're feeling ill and making their act for them, or wishing them well, the Prophet slicin um, he said that when a person is on his way to visit his brother or his sister for the sake of Allah, when they're sick, and Angel stops them and says, clipperton Well, problem, I'm shocked What about what tamina jannetty Mandela, so they wish you

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goodness, you know, they say that you've been purified, and they wish you goodness in your life, and they wish you an abode in paradise as a result of that actions. panela that's just for visiting your brother or your sister for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala you get that as well. And we've mentioned many actions that get that there. However, there's something very particular about visiting a sick person. I remember it when I was teaching story of jabril in Malaysia, and I was with Brother What caught we were together in the car, and we were on our way The next day, to visit sister Nirmala I posted about her sister who has been struck by cancer, we asked a lot to give her

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she thought and to purify her and to and to expiate her sins as a result of the trial that she's going through. And Pamela as we were on their way, on our way there, I said to him, I said, you know, can you imagine that inshallah Tada, there are 70,000 angels that are escorting us right now to visit our sister, can you imagine that? And where did I get that number from the Prophet slice Allah. He said that whenever a person goes to visit his brother's sister who was sick, number one, he says why some that they're walking in mahathat agenda, which is the harvest the fresh harvest of Paradise, they're in the best part of gender. And they're covered in mercy and the prophets lysozyme

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said that 70,000 angels escort them. So panela 70,000 angels go with you to visit your brother or sister, and they even return with you. So they're surrounding your car, somehow realize you're going there. And they go with you. As you go into the elevator in ways that a loss, Panda has decreed, and they enter the room with you, and they will even escort you back home. And the profit slice of them said that if that visit was in the morning, those 70,000 angels would stay sending blessings upon you until the evening. And if it's in the evening, they would stay with you the entire evening, sending blessings upon you until the morning. Now somehow, that's a phenomenal reward. But the

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question is, how do we get 70,000? Why the number 70,000 and it can be explained to through a couple of Hadith number one, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he said that on the Day of Judgment, Allah would say to the son of Adam, you have an Adam, marital, oh, son of Adam. I was sick. phenom tyranny. I was sick and you didn't visit me. Think about that. Allah subhanho wa Taala saying to you on the Day of Judgment, I was sick and you didn't visit me? Now obviously, a person would be shocked and they would say kafer okay are up How am I supposed to visit you? Oh, my Lord, one terrible Allah mean, and you are the Lord of all the worlds? How is that even possible? And Allah subhana wa, tada would

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respond and say, didn't you know that so and so was sick? Well, there were two who had you visited him, now reject any, and you would have found me with him? Think about that, you would have found me with him. Now the Hadith continues to mention a person who was hungry, oh, son of Adam, I was hungry, and you didn't feed me? How can I feed you a lot here the Lord of the worlds and a loss of I know to Allah would say that had you fed so and so now? That he can, nd you would have found the reward for that with me. And Allah mentions the thirsty person and says you would have found the reward for that with me, the only person that Allah subhanaw taala mentioned actually being with is

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the one who is sick. So it gives us some clarity on the number of 70,000 because the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that every single day 70,000 angels go to elevator Matt more the equivalent of the character for the angels what is what is known as the frequently visited home elevator Matt more

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They never return again. So somehow in law, some of the scholars they took from that, that when we go to visit our brothers and sisters since the Hadith establishes that Allah Subhana Allah is with them. That it is that that it is as if we're visiting a loss of Hannah what to add, and so 70,000 would escort us. There's also a hadith that's weak but there but the scholars draw lessons from it, that the Prophet slice alum, just alluding to the the virtue of the person who's sick the closest they are to Allah subhanaw taala that he said, either the hunter Allah Maria, if you enter upon one who is sick, then ask them to make their app for you. Ask them to pray for you, because they're

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there at that time because your melodica is like the supplication of the angels. So ask them to pray for you as well. Even if that Hadeeth in particular is weak. There are numerous narrations that establish the closeness of the one who was sick to Allah subhana wa Tada. So don't forget that sooner. It's it's a neglected sin and bring it back into your life and surround yourself with those 70,000 angels.

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