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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah while AlLahi wa sahbihi wa Manuela

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Allahumma alumna Maya and final and final Bhima alum center in the Casa Mian Mooji would do a long many I will be coming and Mila amfa Albania Sha one FC latesh ba What do you smell? Robin Allah is a bad headache Anna Mila don't cut off my neck until Wahhab rubbish rattly solder you were yesterday. That's a melissani you have a vocoded I mean,

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what I'm going to talk to you about is a surah from the Quran, which we all know and and memorized.

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It's a very powerful surah so it's a cathode, which you all know it. I'll have Kumar Takahata Zhu macabre Kyla Sophia tala moon, the macula Sophia salamu. Lo tala moon Imani Aki Rahman Al Rahim, Melissa

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tamala to solo Naomi nine. That's it. It's basically how many is

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exactly. So basically, ah is that is one of the most powerful surah and Subhanallah when I it's also a talk I attended super analog and it turned me upside down because it talks about our daily life. It is not something about the unseen. It is something exactly Allah subhanaw taala as he is looking at each heart and home of each one of us, and He is giving us the picture. And he's telling us what are we and why we are and if we continue to be what are we going to end up that's why it's a very powerful surah so what does it say? I'll have Kuma Takata I'm just gonna translate some of you have Quran just turn open the Quran on the Surah Al Haku MacArthur, MacArthur is what

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having more

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time and it's usually used in the Arabic language for having more children. Can it's accounted for in in in Arabic, most of the time means having more children and younger siblings, children and grandchildren. But in the general meaning is to have more

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time and Allah says aloha komuter Castle, you are being distracted,

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distracted and busy to you with what with having more.

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That's it I'm just translating now, Hector's or Tamil macabre till you went and visited graveyards. That's that Surah Al Hakuna Takahata zu acaba Kela sofa tala mu ne and that's a very strong word from Allah. No, just like you tell your child No, Allah says name you will know

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you will color sofa Talamo as if this by itself is not enough. What did he say? So McCullough sofa Talamo and nail you will no stress. Pay always attention in the Quran. When Allah repeats the same sentence twice. It's a strong message. Very strong message kennela solfatara Moon low talamona and Maria de la Rahman Al Rahim. If you know the knowledge of your team, meaning for sure. If you have the knowledge for sure, you will see the hell fire in front of you.

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Living in front of you. That's our winner. You will see it you will have no doubt you will not even imagine you'll see the mulatto saloon niyama even

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when you see it, you're going to be asked about all the name joy, comfort things we have to monitor

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then after you are asked you're going to be seeing it clearly I in eliakim no doubt that's the translation. You all have read it right? Anybody doesn't know the surah I doubt it. We all teach our children the sewer what as what is a takaful?

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What is the things we want again and again and again. So I'm going to ask some of you and just share whatever there's nothing wrong. If it is wrong, then we are all learning type what we are wants to have more

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more materialistic things a little bit more detail. Comfort, more detail. wealth, money. That's the first thing we want more What else?

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So what do we sit in our gathering and indirectly

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have this competition between us about it? Okay, golden jewelry Are you come from the subcontinent. Go

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There's a big thing absolutely jewelry, gold and jewelry in general between woman but specially subcontinent and the Arab world. Yes.

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Food What else?

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fashion children, children, children is number one. Number one Suppan Allah and pay attention to what we say any, we don't say things directly rarely those of us who say it directly, or you have three or four.

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We say it very indirectly and I didn't mean it, but we mean it. I didn't mean it, but you mean it. So where is your children which is school? This is how it always starts, right? For example, and name of the school that is public school, and you don't pay money for it. indirectly. I'm going to turn the talk topic and the talk to make sure I tell the woman that my children is in private school.

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True or false? I'm not saying everybody I'm not saying everybody I'm saying this is one of the things grades and how well they do. We like we invented the wheels about saying it has to be how you sit somebody tells you how many children you have. The usual answer should be whatever the number is, right? Three or four? No,

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it's a three or four I have three girls and two boys and they are this and this and this and one is Mashallah becoming a doctor. One is Mashallah becoming a lawyer. True or false. Number one is money, wealth, and wealth in the form of jewelry, in the form of fashion, in the form of homes, cars, Yanni, we are being pleased, so easy with trivial things. And if I may use this word, and I don't want to use bigger words. So usually money. I'll have Kamata Carter, and we are so busy running after it.

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And if you are not working, then you make sure your husband you push him and push him and push him to get you. And if he has, then you will make sure you show everybody that you have a lemon rahima Robbie, and that's not my talk, I'll have coffee. You are so busy running after material things. Money, children, to you. And even those who doesn't have, they will create

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fine things to boost about cooking. Race about the food. Have you seen it raised about the food? We forgot the Sunnah of what? The sooner of the hosting the guest, young karamo wife giving the guest it's due, right? No, it's become a race. How do I know that? People who I know very well, and I say why you are doing this. And I have this relationship and says you didn't see what she did when we went.

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It's not a race. It is not a race. Right? She did it. May Allah reward her maybe she had the capability. Maybe she that's what she's good at. I am not, I don't have the time. I have things more. I can do things as good as she does. But in other forms. I don't have to race and have Kumu Taka and what's the other thing we boost about and sub they call it right? My father was my mother was my whoever was true or false. And we compete. We compete. Yanni. It's a race, it's exactly a race. So how many helpers I have in the house? How many cars I have? How many jewelry, furniture? furniture? How many people come to your house and tells you beautiful Where did you buy it from

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somebody, some people even more, I call it direct and how much you paid for it.

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And remember Shafi is something in that meaning in his teaching used to say if someone asked you

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this, you will say why do you want to know?

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Why do you want to know I should ask myself this question. Before I ask, really? Why do I want to know what does it what is going to make me a better Muslim? Is it going to make me closer to Allah if I know she bought this couch for whatever runs?

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The only time you really really have to ask is one

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when I I need to buy and I really like it and I need to have an idea. So when I go and buy I will not pay too much. And there is a way of asking Please forgive me Can I ask?

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And that's that tells me the person in front of me is really not interested. And then this is how they ask. Please forgive me. I have to ask and if you don't want to answer it's I absolutely understand

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Then Then you know this person is reading once it for a reason not just to learn. So I'll have a takaful and there is a principle right this one and this is a say, ma t tamina Dunia forebody Omar sorry Fang Caminha for awaba whatever you were given of dunya whatever you are given of dunya the pleased with

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and whatever you were not given of dunya be pleased with

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meaning whatever Allah gives me 100 Allah, and I mean it. And whatever Allah didn't give me 100 Allah and I mean it.

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And there is one, one say

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something in that meaning Allah gave each one of us, every creation of him, something like 24 hours of the day, or 24 carats, like the gold player. The only difference between you and me are between you and you and you and me and between us is how he divided the 24

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meaning some woman Allah gave her 20 carats worth of children

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and four carats of money. At the end she has 24 some when Allah gave her eight of children, eight of wealth, eight of education at the end 24 someone Allah give her 24 carats of friable, she is very happy with what she has, at the end of the day. She has 24

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if I look at everything around me in this way, I am not going to be jealous of you. And you're not going to be jealous of me because we all have 24 why Allah gave you eight or seven and gave me five or 10 or 24. Why

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that is his hikma. That's his wisdom.

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But the principle we all follow that you can be for long enough sannyasa Allah will not give me anything that I cannot handle. Handle in the meaning that that what is good for me. And that's what should you be and put three lines or five or 10 should be good for me. should be good for me because sometimes Allah give us but I don't think it's good for me. I look at

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the other What did Allah describe dunya in Surah

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Surah tahajjud one of the most powerful source very powerful temaki surah Allah says the following alemu and Nirmal hyah to dunya. Lahore wala and Xena to water farhaan water Catherine freedom Wiley 100 no dunya Yeah, Allah in no worldly dunya is the following that description of dunya what is dunya? Allah is the one who created dunya right? Like you. For example, you bake a cake for you and someone else telling you what is this cake? Who knows about the cake?

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The one who makes it, she tells you this cake is this and this and this and that's what I did and put it in the oven for 40 minutes get out and do Allah says Allah? No. In Malhotra dunya wordly dunya is the following. And he described it. La hoon. Well, actually, this is La Jolla. It's a joy and it's a play Allah who is not only a joy, la who is when I am

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doing something for fun, just to kill the time

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in Arabic called long

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time so dunya by definition of Allah, the creator of the dunya says dunya is Allahu Allah it's a play. That's too And now what is it else? Now when I was Xena beauty?

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Xena is a beauty to you. What a cat what a fatherhood boosting between people.

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What a castle the same word what a castle. Race getting more. More to Catherine what Phil amali Well, our lodge in money and children.

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That's dunya

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tuffa Hello, what a castle. I want more so I sit and boost about it.

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Not necessarily use it to get to genuine Meaning what? Always. This is something I always joke with my patients. When I first time I see and she's pregnant and I say how many children you have. And she says I have three and I say so. I'm taking the history and she says the three children.

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three girls. So I say well hamdulillah you're getting to Jenna.