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Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the definition of a guardian angel and how it depends on the definition. They also mention a recent Battle of beddit where angels guarded a woman and her sheltered from the bad weather. The speaker emphasizes the importance of protecting oneself from harm and offers resources for further learning.
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You know, I've often been asked this question, do we have guardian angels in Islam? Because that's obviously you know, a very dominant topic a dominant theme when you're talking about the angels guardian angels. And obviously you know, it depends on what your definition of your guardian angel is, is it you know, your dead brother your your dead parents are so on so forth that become guardian angels. No, absolutely not. We know that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam obviously was guarded by Djibouti and Adi Salaam. So yes, jabril serves as a guardian angel to the Prophet sallallahu sallam, to anyone who wished him harm, he would stand and he would guard the prophets lie

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Selim. Also the profits license talks about the end of times and he says that when the job comes to Medina, when the Antichrist tries to enter Medina, he would find that the city is protected by angels. And we already mentioned the Battle of beddit, where Allah subhana wa, tada sent angels 3000 angels to support the believers and to fight alongside them, and so on so forth. Now, the question becomes, what about us? Do I have a guardian angel? Do I have guardian angels? There's a law or the prophets license. I mentioned that. And actually, the answer is yes, Los Angeles as well. Your sido alikum have over a Lawson's protectors to you. And a lot even gets more specific. He says, let him

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walk the bathroom and be near the woman healthy he Yeah, for Luna home an umbrella that that he has protectors from in front of him from behind him all around him, protecting him by the permission of Allah subhanaw taala. A larger agenda is the one who sends them to do so. Now the prophets I send them he gets even more specific, he says that there are angels on all four sides of us that are protecting us from the sheltering. So when the devils come towards us, when when, when they when they when they try to inflict harm on us those angels stands in the path of them and protect us at all times. As long as we are on good terms with the loss of penalty Allah obviously as long as we're

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not in a state of corruption, or in a state of secrecy and disobedience. Because obviously the angels are not going to be with you when you're in a state of disobeying Allah subhanho wa Taala, right, you've exposed yourself to those harms. You know, don't expect the angels to go clubbing with you at a club, they're not going to be around you. You're listening to something you shouldn't be listening watching something you shouldn't be watching talking to someone you shouldn't be talking to. I guarantee you those angels are not going to be around you protecting you at that at that point. However, whenever you are in a state of obedience, they are protecting you against the shield

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lien against those who wish you harm as of how long would I hit Rahim Allah, he got even more specific, his Tafseer of that. Ayah he says yeah, for Luna home in Elgin he will ever was shitter so they would protect you from Elgin, you know, so those that wish to harm you from the gym, and any form of harm even a shitter you know, the cold subpanel like you have an angelic jacket in that sense, the cold from not affecting you too much. There's actually angelic protection for that as well. And he says an enamel and the answer any bugs getting in your ears at night and things of that sort right? at times when you're not even expecting it. You know, you might not even be anticipating

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heart or you might not even find out that you were ever exposed to harm until the day of judgment. However, Allah has these angels that are in constant protection of you. And even Ambassador the Allahu taala and who said they only step aside in obedience to Allah. When Allah subhanaw taala decrees something to harm you. That's when they step aside. They don't ask questions because they know that which is coming from the last panel to Allah is good. At the end of the day, it's been decreed for a wise purpose and they they cannot protect you against that decree from Allah subhana wa Tada.

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