The Beginning And The End – EP 25 Telling Allah and The Messenger SAWS About You

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Amazing series consists of Short clips by Omar Suleiman for Bayyinah tv. Must listen.


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The shift of Easter Sunday has led to a shift in people's desire for forgiveness and protection from the hellfire, with the focus on forgiveness and protection from the hellfire. The importance of witnessing the shift in people's minds is also emphasized, particularly during shift changes to avoid war. The history of Islam is also discussed, including the prophets who claim to be the ones who seek forgiveness and protection from the fire, and the angels who are the ones who search for people who are remembering Jesus. Finally, the importance of mentioning one's name as a part of one's identity is emphasized, and a recommendation to subscribe to the channel for more episodes is made.

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We mentioned earlier the bearers of the throne, how they would actually ask a loss to forgive us as loss. pantai tells us good stuff Corona, they live in a manner that they seek forgiveness for the believers. This is actually something that we should be keen on that the angels would mention us to Allah and the messenger sallallahu Sallam to have as many of them as possible going to Allah subhanaw taala and mentioning our names to Allah subhanho wa Taala in a favorable way. And the prophets lie some he told us particularly that the angels have shifts, you know, the angels have shifts with us at third. And and also they shift, you know, they switch these shifts, you know,

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somehow as we go to work, they have their work as well. And the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said that when a person attends Salaam in congregation in fetchit, and an officer, then those two groups of angels, they meet at those prayers, and that's when they attend the Salah. And then they go back to Allah subhanho wa Taala. So the group that is departing from you, they go to Allah subhanaw taala. And so they say to a loss of lost parents, I asked rather, you know, what were they doing? And they say, tarak now home or home use Allah, we left them as they were praying. And then when they go back to them, they say, Well, I tell you now home well home use alone, and we got to them

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while they were praying. Until the prophets lie, Selim is teaching us to try to make sure that we're in a state of Salah during the shift change of the angels so that every time Allah asks the angels that were with us, what were my servants doing, they would say they were in a state of Salam O Allah. Now obviously a lot doesn't need the angels last Planetside doesn't need to ask them about us. Allah is very well aware of us. But this is something we find in many different narrations a lot asking the angels about us as well. in hajj, for example, on the day of alpha, the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he said that as a lot looks to this gathering of people, you know, Subhanallah,

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covered in dirt in you know, in this valley, millions of them calling upon him leaving behind everything a loss pantai looks to them. And he says to the angels, ma do have Allah, what is it that all of these wants? And the angels are the ones who say, yeah, Allah, they're seeking forgiveness from you and protection from the fire. And the prophets I send them he said that more people are freed from the fire on the day of alpha than any other day of the year. We also find it in the very famous Hadith where the prophets license mentions the roaming angels, right, there are angels that roam the streets. Now, generally speaking, the prophets lie Selim, he said that no people gathered

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to remember a loss of Hannah Montana, except that a loss penalty, you know, causes the angels to surround them, mercy to cover them and tranquility, to descend into their hearts. But the very famous Hadith, the Prophet slicin, I mentioned to us that the angels that go around the streets, navigate the homes looking for people that are remembering Allah Subhana, Allah to Allah. And then when an angel finds them, he calls the rest of them and says, Hello, my inner Hagerty can come to that, which, which is your need come to that which you were looking for. So this shows us that these angels are all particularly just assigned to look for people that are remembering Allah Subhana,

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Allah to Allah. And so those angels surround that gathering with their wings until they reach a loss of power to Allah. And once again, we see a lot asking about us. And Allah says, what is it that they're doing? They're remembering you, oh, Allah. They're seeking your pleasure. They're seeking entrance into paradise, and they're seeking protection from the hellfire. And a lot of us I mean, have they seen me? Have they seen paradise? Have they seen Hellfire and a lot already knows the answer. And of course they're answering No. And Allah says, Well, what would they have been like? Had they seen me? Had they seen paradise had they seen Hellfire and obviously, in each of those

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areas, they would have been more diligence. But Allah subhanaw taala is showing the angels something he's showing the angels, how special this how special the human beings are as well and how much he loves his believing slaves. So Allah says bear witness, oh my angels that I have forgiven them all. And they say back to a loss penalty, but yeah, Allah, what about so and so? You know, he's just there because he had some business he had to meet somebody. He wasn't necessarily there. You know, for the lecture for the class. remember Allah Subhana Allah and Allah responds to them and says home welcome. Leah Scobie Hamza is home that they are a group of people. You know, that would not be

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deprived by you know, because of their company meaning by sitting with this righteous group of people, anyone who sits with them would not be deprived of the mercy of the forgiveness of Allah subhanaw taala now that's the famous Hadith what happens after that? There's a narration in a double Ronnie, that at that point, nada home una de medicina now the angels go back, and an angel calls out and says coma for and lakum stands up forgiven. Go ahead and stand up forgiveness has been given to you. faqad good deelat say to compassionate and your sins have been converted to good deeds Subhanallah so there's nothing

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citement from the angels like Congratulations, this is what you've attained. We don't hear it, but we feel it. And that's why you feel a sense of renewal. When you leave places where last pantiles being remembered even if you were learning about you know about a technical science in Islam, you leave with a sense of renewal, because you are forgiven, the weight of the sin has been removed from you, we also see that the angels will make dua for us to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, when we make dua for our brothers or sisters behind their back because the prophets lie Selim, he said that no one of you calls upon Allah subhanaw taala for his brother or sister, we lost her life in the you

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know, without being seen, except that there's an angel that's been appointed to him, that says, I mean, what I could be missing he mean and for you as well. So that Angel now is calling upon Allah Subhana Allah to Allah and saying, Oh a lot, give them whatever it is that you said, Oh Allah give them right so the angels are mentioning you to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, they also as the Prophet slicin have mentioned a lot and his angels send them you know, send their their their blessings upon a soften Oh, well, the people of the first row the people that get to the messages First, the people that inclined towards everybody. First, you know, because as human beings we have

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that lag time the angels don't have that lag time. And in fact, on Juma the prophets lie Selim said that on the day of Friday, the angels have their scrolls you have to go in an hour, an hour and they write down you know, people in accordance with what how early they got there. So those that got there earlier, are at the top of the scroll that's going to go back to Allah subhanho wa Taala. The later that you got there the later you will be on that scroll and handle it. Mama Zahra Kashi, Rahim, Allah Zarqa, she actually says that some people used to go so early to Juma that they needed to carry lights meaning they go pray fetchit they'd go home, you know, do it you know, clean up and

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then they go back to the masjid carrying their lights, they'd actually go in darkness. The prophets lysozyme said then when Juma when the Imam greets the people and sits down, the angels closed their most house, they close their books, with jealousy, Estemirova and addicted and they sit down to listen to the remembrance as well to listen to the ultimate as well. Now as far as are mentioned to the messenger sallallahu wasallam you have to know that no one is more beloved to Allah or the angels than the messenger sallallahu wasallam that's why I lost my entire says in Allah lamella equateur who use aluna Allah Nabhi that Verily Allah and His angels even a lot his angel senders

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Allah watts on the prophets lie Selim, and the command comes to us as well. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mentioned that anytime you see Salawat in any form a lot more somebody will send them either Nabina Muhammad or Allahumma salli wa salam ala nabina, Muhammad wa ala Ali Mohammed are so on so forth in any form, there is an angel that will actually deliver those Salawat to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam with your name on it. So these beautiful creatures are actually serving that purpose of mentioning our name as well to Allah and to the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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