Ramadan Debates 2016 – 12 Missing Isha

Waleed Basyouni


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If I miss the congregation for Isha, do I join Taraweeh, make another congregation, or pray on my own?

June 13, 2016

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This question is about a group of people come late to the salon, the Mr. Isha prayer, should they stop there on demand the pressure or should they wait and join the telawi prayer with the intention of Russia and after the Torah they stand up and they complete the other toorak has left or should the pray individually. I would like to say first of all those who come late, they should try to come early to the salon. Because it is important for the Muslim to care for the farrier more than than aphylla which is a short prayer. And number two is starting another gym. So while the Salah is about to start is a very confusing because both Gemma will be disturbed by recitation of one of the map.

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So, in this case, I will say the best solution for you is to join the telawi and to stand up and to complete the tour like I left with the ratio prayers is not necessarily to have the same intention of the Imam the Imam can be praying something and you praying something else and nw salsola. After federal once a man came late, then he said, many of us have the Anahata who will donate to this man by praying with him. So, this man will be praying fuddled, which is fragile and the one who will join him will be praying nephila, so these completely two different intentions also rather they allow us to lead his people in the Salah. After he pratyusha with with the prophets of Allah, Allah

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you already were sending them, so he will pray the price on Russia and then he will lead his own people with natural salaat. So, in this case, I will say yes, join the salata tarawih and

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complete Taka later on after the man finish.