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So I was blocked and another message it's parking lot for 30 minutes trying to pull someone out of another weekend I'm not going to say which method that is you guys can figure that one out and then I came in I found my parking my parking spot blocks so there's a brother named brother thought it and if you guys don't know brother thought mashallah he can bench 500 pounds and he can he's he's a professional wrestler as well Olympian boxer and he's gonna be waiting outside to see who was there but but in reality what I'd like you guys to do inshallah Tata to start off our evening if everyone can of course introduce themselves to each other and there's one thing that I'd like you to do, I'd

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like you to tell the person, someone that you know a family member or someone that's passed away, that's important to you and so that they can make dua for them and also introduce yourself to the person next to you insha Allah to Allah and ask them to make dua for someone that's beloved to you.

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Smilla Rahmanir Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah al Karim, Allah Allah he will suck up a domain who can tell me what the football was about?

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Let's test you guys because I asked you guys every time after my fourth when our you know as people and they'll be like, you talked about Islam. Alright, but what was the hutzpah about who gave the hutzpah?

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Let's see if you guys can get that one right who gave

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me the

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smart answer? Today's customer who gave today's cultiva chef Yasser what hfts are talking about and check yesterday you can't answer What did chef Iasa talk about?

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Submission? If the pop what is if the economy into a loss pinata what does that mean?

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showing weakness and vulnerability to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah our weakness and our dependency on Allah subhanaw taala how our dependence on Allah subhanho wa Taala And subhanAllah now this is a real this is for someone that really pays attention I gave the particular not last night the night before. What did I talk about?

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The total week it was just too mesmerizing, right?

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I talked about at least the last Surah that I talked about, what was it about? Do you guys remember unfound and what are the unthought

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about the Battle of better and we talked about how Allah subhanaw taala empowered a small group of people with the angels move on Allah Subhana Allah mentions the Sahaba in another situation this time they actually outnumber those that on the other side, the Battle of her name and ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada says is a diabetic coma Kathrada come when I'm talking on CompTIA Allah subhanaw taala says you the companions were impressed by your number and it did you no good whatsoever the same concept Subhanallah in the Battle of bed there they were a few 100 people that were outnumbered and and not just out number but somehow like even in regards to the to the weaponry they had to the camels that

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they had the horses just every in every way possible. This was supposed to be a massacre of them. Right. But because of their Eman because of this because of the strength of their faith, Allah subhanaw taala empowered this small group of people, and they were able to overcome a mighty enemy. Allah subhanaw taala says even the Sahaba are prone, what he's teaching us that even the Companions can be prone to falling into the mistake but yet he as he was mentioning today, feeling independent, not independent of Allah subhanaw taala. But feeling confident in the means in the ASVAB that which Allah subhanaw taala has given to them, even the best people to ever walk the face of the earth fell

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for this at one point in time. Meaning what where does that leave us? It's inevitable that at times when we are doing well when we have wealth when we have strength when we have power, it's inevitable for us to start thinking that we attained it not only did we attained it but because we attained it, the bigger problem is that we start to think we can sustain it. And that's when ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada, you know, pulls the rug from under us and that's one he raises raises us up so high and that Allah subhanaw taala takes us back down to a very, very low situation in life. And somehow Allah said he hasn't mentioned the ayat where a man will be raised on the Day of Judgment. This is really

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what I want to stress the concept of entitlements based upon that, that a man would be raised on the Day of Judgment last contest says woman and victory for another homeowner esa 10 One

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Okay, when Ashura who Yeoman piano T atma Carla Robbie Lima Hassan attorney Arma wakad, quintuple sera la says whoever turns away from my remembrance will have a suffocating life. But here's the thing Allah says we will raise them on the Day of Judgment blinds. Okay, we will raise them on the Day of Judgment blinds. And he would say to Allah subhanho wa Taala Oh my Lord, why did you raise me blind? When I used to be able to see? And subhanAllah there's something very powerful about the conversation here. The man does not say to Allah subhanaw taala and this is what I want you guys to pay attention to. He doesn't say to Allah, why did you raise me blind? When you allowed me to see in

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the dunya? He says quintuple Sierra I used to be able to see and you took away my sight. He didn't attribute to Allah subhanaw taala the bestow of sight in this dunya he only attributed to Allah subhanaw taala the taking away of his sight in the hereafter. Do you see the problem here? This is the attitude that we have at times, why does Allah subhanaw taala allow some people to be born in this world? with certain disabilities? Why did Allah subhanaw taala some people to be born born in poverty? Why did Allah do this? Why did Allah do that? The the core problem, the core issue with that question, is that we have a sense of entitlement. What does a lot Oh, you and I in the first

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What right do you have to make those demands of Allah subhanaw taala? What did you do for Allah subhanaw taala before you came in this dunya for Allah subhanaw taala to give you. Now, that's not to say that those who are stripped of some blessings in this world, are punished by Allah subhanaw taala for something they did in the past, we don't believe in that. But certainly Subhanallah one of the greatest issues that we have is that those who have blessings in this world those who belong to and let's face it, you know, all of us that are sitting here today are the vast majority of us, we probably belong to the top one or 2% of the world. As far as income and comfort and quality of life

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is concerned. Just think about the world that's out there, this group of people that sitting here today, amongst ourselves, we probably on the top 1% As far as quality of life is concerned, And subhanAllah we are the same people who will complain to Allah subhanaw taala about why is Allah doing this to me? Why is Allah doing that, to me, anyone that's ever interacted with the poor on a consistent basis with people that are, you know, orphans or people that are, you know, that are from war torn countries, or people that have had a difficult life will lie, they're more satisfied with their situation than we are with our situation. It's amazing. You interact with with people, you

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know, you know, subhanAllah the other night we write and the thought at my roof were the refuge, there was an a thought for the refugees. So how about the amount of genuine joy, the amount of genuine satisfaction with ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada, there was an elderly sister from Burma, that does not speak any English. And that's, that's, you know, learning how to drive a cab or something like that. And she's just saying and hamdulillah she's saying, Allah provided me income, she's trying to communicate and her broken English how happy she is with Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, the more other than there at the masala where the refugees are, you know, he's from Yemen, right old, an old

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elderly gentleman from Yemen. SubhanAllah. You know, he's been through so much in life. And the man just loves to do it, that big smile on his face. And again, you know, you meet people that are in very, very disadvantaged situations and they're happy with Allah subhanaw taala yes, they're grieving. Yes, they're sad. I'm not trying to take away from their trauma.

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But they're satisfied with the loss of hundreds Allah. They're not, they're not complaining that Allah subhanaw taala did not give them a fair chance at life. In fact, when you look at when, when when we look at the people of Assam May Allah subhanaw taala free them and grant them victory over their oppressors. Unfortunately, it's more than one No, may Allah grant them a victory over all of their oppressors. When Allah Subhan the prophets lie some mentions that these are people that have to come in it gets a lot bassy towards near hottie hottie Anisha that the angels of Allah subhanaw taala have their Wingspread for the people of a shot. What does that do for them? Right? It gives

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them a sense of iman faith. The faith is what's being described here. Not the worldly circumstances just like asiyah Well, the Allah Tada Anna, once he was being tortured by fifth round, the melodic of Allah was spreading their wings for her. That didn't mean that the torture was not still there. But there was a sense of Lila, there was a sense of of being pleased with the decree of Allah subhanaw taala and not feeling like Allah subhanaw taala took something away from them, but rather attributing evil to other than Allah subhanaw taala and attributing good to Allah subhanaw taala. That's the point here. That person that's raised on the Day of Judgment blind attributes

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Only the blindness to Allah not the site to Allah subhana wa Tada. The believer does the opposite. The believer does the opposite. He attributes the good in his life to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, Allah hydrocal will be a date or shall release a lake, he attributes the good to Allah subhanaw taala and he attributes the evil to himself, he attributes to the evil to other than Allah subhanaw taala and that attitude is what is what exemplifies humbleness. And you know, if you took from the hutzpah today and if you take from this concept of if the car Illa Allah that Allah subhanaw taala wants us to inflict poverty upon ourselves and wants us to live miserable lives, then you

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misunderstood the entire topic because the prophets lie some says applying was shocking. Beeman Zilla to saw in the saga, that the one who eats in his grateful is just like the one who fasts and his patients. The point is that even with all that Allah has bestowed upon you, you remain grateful. And you remain in recognition that Allah is the One who bestowed it upon you, and Allah can take it away from you at any moment. And you have to stay in that humility to Allah subhanaw taala. So long as you have that attitude, the circumstances of this world are irrelevant. It goes back to the heart and you're and how and the attitude that you have with your LORD with your Creator. Circumstances

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are irrelevant. Unfortunately, they influence us in many ways. But Allah Subhana Allah, Allah will not sort out people on the day of judgment based on their circumstances, he will sort out people based on how they dealt with those circumstances, and whether those circumstances of hardship or ease, took them away from Allah subhanaw taala, or not the vast majority of the people of gender Who are they? Who are the vast majority of the people of Jannah prophesy, some said, you know, and Fukada a boy, I thought Mr. Keane, poor, oppressed people will make up the majority of paradise. And, you know, the reason being that they didn't, they don't have that entitled sense that many of

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us have, right, that that that granted luxury that we have their humble will Allah subhanaw taala and the province is someone the other hand, by the way, said one of the most hated people to Allah subhanaw taala is an arrogant poor person. You know, Subhan Allah, Allah stripped you away from those circumstances that usually make a person arrogant and prideful, and you still have it. It's one of the most hated people to Allah subhanho wa taala. Right, but the majority of the people of Ghana are poor people because they didn't allow that sense of entitlement to overtake them, they remained in that sense of gratitude. So that means, you know, that that those of us that are

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privileged because even those of us that are poor but in these circumstances are better than those of us who are poor and in other circumstances and other parts of the world. That the responsibility to be grateful and constantly think Allah subhana wa Tada and not have that sense of entitlement is absolutely necessary becomes even more necessary for us we ask Allah subhanaw taala to allow us even when we're not in a state of * are in a state of poverty to still feel it, if they call it Allah to still feel that vulnerability, and that dependence upon Allah subhanaw taala I mean, does that mean well