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Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The prophets lie that they are not the same as the world and that anyone who wants to be an angel will be rewarded with a hustle. They also mention that the world is "overcome by materialism" and anyone who wants to be an angel must be prompted to do so. The importance of watching angels while praying and being strong in order to achieve their dreams is emphasized. Viewers are encouraged to subscribe to their channel for more episodes.
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There's a very famous story in a very famous Hadith, the hadith of humble, humble out of the Allahu anhu is really only known for this one Hadith, which is naffaa hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah started to cry that he was a hypocrite. And that Hadith is really profound if you study it in detail. We're humble I was coming from humble Allah, He says all the Allahu anhu that when we were with the prophets lifetime, and this first sentence is something I really want you to pay attention to. He says it was as if we could see paradise and hellfire. I mean, we didn't even feel like we were in the world anymore. It was as if john and not were already in front of us. There was no such thing as

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the world. Then when we got home. He said, I started to play with my kids and I was laughing and I was with my family. Then I realized that I might be a hypocrite. He went to obey the law and who and said Natha hamdulillah that I'm a hypocrite Oh, Becca said Why? said because we're not the same way with the prophets lie Selim or when we're outside of the presence of the prophets lie Selim. Abu Bakr said, Well, if that's the case, I'm a hypocrite too. So humble Allah and Abu Bakr radi Allahu Allah, they go to also la spice and I'm complaining that they're now hypocrites Pamela Can you imagine and the prophets I send him he says Why? Says he also law because when we're with you were a

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certain way. But then when we go home, you know, we're overcome by the world by the dunya, by materialism and so on so forth. And we start forgetting about the hereafter. And the prophets lysozyme responds with a very powerful response. He says, Yeah, humbler low Quantum kimata corner and if you were to be always came out to Conan or nd as you are with me, now, Safa hudco, Mona melodica, the angels would actually shake your hands and then one narration the prophets licenses Allah furoshiki comb, oh, Allah, todo pecan, you know, even if you're in your beds, even if you're in your streets, the angels would actually start to come to you and physically manifest and shake

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your hands. Where does that happen? Where is it that the angels enter upon us and constantly say Salaam it's in paradise. And if you connect it to the beginning of that Hadith hamdulillah said, when we were with the prophets lie, Selim, our faith, our Eman was so high, it was as if we were already seeing paradise and the prophets lie Selim is saying that cannot be achieved in this world, you can always be as you are with me, right? Now, the idea here

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that that's really profound as well with humble auto Tila, and who is that what ends up happening with him? It doesn't stop here that the angel shaking hands, what ends up happening with humble all the love is that he has a distinction in our Deen as a serial melodica, the one who was washed by the angels, because humble a lot of the Allahu anhu died a martyr. And the angels actually washed his body human beings didn't actually do his little slit he was washed by the angels panela, the same men who feared that we can't always be angels in or we can't always be in that state where the angels are saying Salaam to us in this world. Allah subhanaw taala rewarded him with the hustle from

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the angels even as he was leaving this world. How do we bring the angels into our lives to that extent to where they're always around us, we find that they always you know, they're always connected to seeking knowledge or remembering a loss of data in some way, shape, or form. So the prophet SAW I sent him he mentioned in the famous Hadith of the one who's seeking knowledge that the angels actually spread their wings. For the seeker of knowledge pleased with what he does, they seek forgiveness for him as well as the fish in the sea. Right this the seeker of knowledge. Also last time he mentioned, he said, in fact, anyone who starts a journey with the vicar of Allah subhanaw

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taala, you just start off, you know, your morning ride to work with the remembrance of Allah subhanaw taala. And instead of listening to garbage, you're going to listen to the poor and the prophets license that no one does that except that kind of loudly for whom Alec, his companion on the way will be an angel, you'll actually have an angel riding to work with you. We find a hadith from Osage in her late while the Allahu taala. And Sade says that I had my son. Yeah. And he was he was reading for an particularly sort of baccata. And as he was reading sorts of bacala, he's, you know, his horse started to get irritated. And he started to see lights descending. So somehow he

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would stop reading and bacala and the horse would calm down, and then he would start reading it again. And then, you know, he would see these lights descending again, and his horse would start to get extremely nervous. And he said, somehow law had I not feared that the horse would trample my son would trample Yeah, I would have kept reading, but he stopped reading out of fear for his son. And he told the prophets lie Selim about that. And we'll sort of lost on a lot who it was saddam says, till kill America, those were the angels can attest me relax. They were listening to your recitation. What else a lot. And if you would have continued to read about how to harness the people

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would have all seen the angels, I mean, some how long they would have all physically become manifest by virtue of your recitation. Now, obviously, that's not for anybody. Right? I will say there's a special man he's a special person amongst the companions of the Prophet, slice Allah. But generally speaking, reading, and you are surrounding yourself with angels, you're choosing to bring angels around you all the time. Sleeping while you're doing

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Although the prophets lie some he said that when a person goes to sleep if they do will go before they sleep, Allah subhanaw taala sends an angel that spends the night at the head of that person and you don't turn over in bed except that the angel says Allah, Allahu Allah Mohammed ALLAH forgive him. Allah have mercy on him for in the bathtub ah hero because he went to sleep tonight in a state of purity. Can you imagine the entire night you've got that Angel watching you making that draft for you? Simply because you went to sleep in that state of tour in that state of purity. Now what's greater than fahara is Salah, right? And these angels upon Allah, they you know, they are they are

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watching you as you are waiting for the prayer the Prophet slice on him, he said that if a person goes to the masjid and they're just waiting for the Salah, the angels start to send some alerts upon them, they start to send their forgiveness, you know, seek forgiveness for him and seek mercy for him all the way until the prayer so long as he does nothing to break his will or remove himself from that worship. So you just go and you sit in the masjid and your anticipation of the Salaam the angels are anticipating it for you and they're already seeking a loss of palletize forgiveness for you before you even get to the prayer where you will see colossal forgiveness for yourself. So

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that's how they are they come around these people who are doing good and they stay amongst them and Subhana Allah in every aspect of our lives, we find that they that they are there that they that that we are surrounded by them when we are doing good. And they seek forgiveness for us and they will spend the day with us. And somehow a lot this is every single day. I remember being at a fundraiser and imams Raj Raj he made a comment about a very famous Hadith that the Prophet sly Sam said every day two angels come down. One of them writes a lot or one of them says Allah Allah T one t Cunha, O Allah give to the one who gave, the other one says a lot in the article MC can telephone

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give destruction to the one who withholds so they're praying for the one who gives? They're praying against the one who withholds as well. I remember him Siraj, he said that those angels are writing tonight. And there's going to be a number next to my name. And I want to make sure that that number is not zero. You want to make sure that it's something greater than zero, that there's something there that they're asking Allah Subhana eyes forgiveness for you. Lastly, even within your Salah there there are times that you should that you should watch to see if you can coincide with the duet with the angels. And that would even be a greater sense of forgiveness. Imagine they've been

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praying. They've been praying for you up until the time of your Salah. Then in your Salah, the prophets lysozyme said when the Imam says mean the angels say amin and if you're a mean coincides with the Imams mean and with the angels, I mean, you will be forgiven for all of your sins. So try not to go before the Imam get all excited or sing your I mean, right you know, try to do it with the Imam because the angels are also doing it with the Imam and we hope that our our mean coincides with theirs and that we are forgiven for our sins.

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