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Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The importance of writing in the holy eye is discussed, with a focus on the use of the pen as a tool to preserving knowledge and actions. The negative impact of writing on people's pride is also discussed, including the belief that writing is a source of pride. The segment concludes with a discussion of the use of pen and paper in learning and teaching and a recommendation to subscribe to a channel for more content. The importance of writing in the context of pride is emphasized, along with the legacy of conversions and the use of ink in events.
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Hello cannel barrameda Danny Kelly Marty Robbie Lana fiddleback rO cabela Anton further Kelly Mt. Robbie legit NaVi mithila Hema data. This verse that we read inserted calf that Allah Subhana Allah to Allah says, say if the ocean were all ink, and the trees, the trees were used as pens, it still would not suffice to write the words of Allah subhanho wa Taala. In fact, the oceans would run out of ink before the words of my Lord and even if he lost pants or brought another ocean for its eight. So what this teaches us is that there is no way that everything that Allah Subhana Allah says that everything that Allah does that everything about Allah, and the words of Allah could be contained

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within ink. And in fact, an Imam Hassan Rossi Rahim Allah, He says something very interesting. He says that a loss of parenthood's Allah doesn't need to write down his knowledge, he didn't need to have a column, a pen to write down you know, in a low hidden folder in the tablet, because it's all contained within a lost quantized knowledge anyway, but he said in that is in the shadow in that is a sign that Allah is showing us the importance of writing, Allah is teaching us about the gift of writing, and the importance of writing. And this is this is clearly consistent with the Quran, because a lot actually swore by the column, right there sort of the column Allah swore by the pen,

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and it shows the greatness of the pen in the sight of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Why because the pen is a means of preserving knowledge. It's a means of passing it on to future generations. Right? It's it's a means of, of documenting so many things that can be used for the benefit of mankind for years and years to come. And we see this rich tradition that we have in our own Islamic history of students of knowledge and scholars that have contributed to every single field, their works are still being used. And Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, He honors the pen and he and he talks about the blessing of the pen, by swearing by the pen. And Allah Subhana Allah even causes the angels to

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preserve all of our actions through the use of a pen. And we find that in the in the first revelation to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam Allah subhanho wa Taala says it cannot write, read. And so the first command is to read soon after Allah subhanho wa Taala says it cold water will kill a crumb read and your Lord is most generous alethea alhama bill column, the one who taught by the pen, so he taught the use of the pen. So not only does it clearly allude to the nerima being mentioned here the blessing of writing being mentioned here and the generosity of a lot of allowing us to learn how to write and to use the pen, but it shows us that right after read comes the pen

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right read and then write and this is very interesting because Elma tube, written knowledge which is what the scholars say Allah is talking about, when he says noon will column and he swears by the pen. Qatada Rahim Allah, He said that the pen is far more powerful than the sword, which is why Allah never swears by a sword there is no part of the Quran where Allah subhanaw taala swears by the sword, because the pen is far more powerful with the pen peace and tranquility is established or wars are started right it starts off with with with writing, right, Dawa is made or Tao is destroyed by the use of the pen. Right and the mountain will be Rahim Allah He said with the pen religion is

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established Will's are written down. testimonies are preserved minds are enlightened, the pen is far more powerful of a tool than a sword or anything else which is why Allah Subhana Allah makes it a point to swear by it and remind us of the blessing that he bestowed upon us with the ability to write. You know, there's a very famous weak Hadith and it is weak in Hadith form. That middle dilemma of Solomon demonstrated that the ink of the scholars is far more sacred than the blood of the martyrs. Although it's weak in Hadith form the statement is a statement of Imam Hassan abasi Rahim Allah as was narrated by le mammas show county Rahim Allah to Allah, that surely the ink of

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the scholar is far more sacred and far more precious in the sight of a lost pantalla than the blood of the martyrs. Why? Because again, the ink is what starts it all off the pen is what gets everything going. We find Salahuddin Rahim Allah, the great scholar, his his revolution truly starts by writing letters throughout the Muslim world. That's That's how he starts uniting the people and bringing the people around this wonderful cause that he had, that we still praise until today, and also in la sala la when he was Salaam in the Battle of beddit. What did he rent some prisoners for write someone who would have the ability to teach 10 people how to read and write a book or write or

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the alongside and who, who is obviously amongst the companions, the one who narrates the most Hadith of the prophets lie some of the most things of the messengers lie Salah. He praises Abdullah bin Ahmed and also the alojado who used to have a sahifa to sadhika the truthful tablet where he would go and he would write down everything the prophets lysozyme said subcohort I don't know the law and we pray

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Abdullah Abdullah Ahmed, he said that he used to write, and I didn't used to write, meaning there's something special about what he used to do. And this is something, you know, this is something to praise him for. And you know, a lot of times as a teacher, as an instructor, if I see people, even in a Holocaust, even if I see them in a conference or convention, not writing, not taking notes, it's pretty demoralizing as a teacher, because it's like, are they really benefiting from what I saying? Or are they just, from what I'm saying? Are they really just trying to entertain themselves and hear the next joke or hear the next cool story. And I always look for those people that are

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taking notes, and I focus on them. And the man has an adversity to him hola to Allah. He once said that someone who attends a learning circle without a board and a pen, meaning a pen and paper, is in the same situation as a man who goes to battle without a weapon, right? You have to have a pen, you have to be taking notes. And you know, this is this is extremely important with whatever you're learning to trap your knowledge and capture it with that pen because you never know when you'll be able to go back and benefit from it. Not all of us are. In fact, none of us are the memorable hottie or the mama chef, where we can memorize hundreds and 1000s of pages, you know, without without any

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use of anything. And yeah, hibben Marine Rahim Allah to Allah. He actually said that if I see a person going to the circles of Hadith without a pen, then I automatically classify him as a narrator that you can't accept from right because Buhari is an exception, the safaree is an exception. Otherwise, you've got to have a pet checklist, and Tamia Rahim Allah to Allah if you look at him. And this is a man who authored books between the hood and also that are used as textbooks for universities in theology. Right, this is a man who used to love to write, and Subhana Allah, the way that he was punished in prison was that as ink was taken away from him, and even then he continued

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to pen letters using his blood, because of the blessing and the value of ink. And this is a tradition and a legacy from our LMR. And for that reason, Imam, Allah to Allah, He said that upon everyone who owns an instant, or has a pen is the favorite event of Alabama Shafi Rahim, Allah Tada, in essence, telling us that we all owe a chef very, for what he taught us of the use of the pen as well. And how he made it a point to always be walking around, taking notes from the scholars benefiting in every way. And this is something that we have to thank Allah subhanho wa Taala for the use of the pen and the greatest way you think a lot is by using the blessing that he gave to you in

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a way that's pleasing to Him.

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