Ibraheem Menk – The Consequences Of Lying

Ibraheem Menk
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The truth is of utmost importance. When a person says that which is true, then upon that is built righteousness upon that is built progress. Whereas, when a person lies, then that lies leads to destruction and that destruction actually causes the collapse of society Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, either you can be sued, it is incumbent upon you to be truthful, fineness Satya de la for indeed said and truthfulness leads towards that which is righteous. Well in Kariba Yeah, the ill for jewel. And, indeed lies leads to evil while in

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voodoo Raya de la Na, and that evil leads to the fire, or may as well may is Aaron or Raju Yakubu You Tuber in de la he can Verba and a man continues to lie until he is written with Allah subhanho wa Taala as a liar. And if we take a look at this on an individual level, then we will come to realize that when a person is truthful with himself first and foremost, then he can identify what is wrong in his life, what he is doing right in his life. And then he can build upon that and progress. Whereas when a person lies to himself and constantly says to himself, that everything is okay. It doesn't matter. And he turns a blind eye to the evil that he is doing, then that leads to

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criminality, that leads to corruption. And that leads to destruction with Allah subhanho wa Taala as well. So not only does his life fall out of place, and not only is he moving Helter Skelter, not knowing where he is going in life, but also with Allah Allah Boulez that you will Jellal he is written as a liar.

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And this has some serious consequences. Because we know the hadith of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam tells us a tool Munna FET, Salah artha, there are three signs of the hypocrite, either had Delta katha, when he speaks he lies what is the first quality when he speaks? He lies he can't say the truth. Do you know what happens? When you lie over and over and over again, it becomes difficult for you to even distinguish between right and wrong, because now you don't even know what is the truth, whether your neffs your soul, and your being is telling you the truth or it is telling you lies you don't even have the criterion between right and wrong. And Allahu Bucha is that you will

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Jellal ultimately is the truth. So when you speak that truth, then you are speaking that which is godly. And when you lie you are speaking and you are saying that which is satanic. So this is the absolute importance of the truth on an individual level. on a community level, if we take a look at those who lie, and those who make up stories and tell tales, what happens is this souls discord in community. So we carry a tale from one person to another, not knowing whether it is the truth or not. And what does that do when that person finds out that you've been speaking about him, then he becomes angry. It causes feelings of hatred within the person towards the next man. And Rasulullah

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says be has been re in it is enough for a man to be called Elia for him to take everything that comes to him and immediately transfer it to the next person. So we hear something from someone did you know that this girl was seen in such and such a nightclub? Did you hear about this? And that has nothing to do with us. So what do we do? We take it to the next 10 people it's no long

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But one person will passing that message on to 10 other people. And those people here, hey, did you hear of this girl she went to such and such a nightclub. And she was seen doing this and that now the story has actually increased. It's been, there is flesh and meat that has been added to that story. Why? Because it is juicy. Not only are you lying, but you are falsely accusing the person because that didn't even happen in the first place. The person that told you the story was a liar. And he wanted to cause a problem. He didn't like that girl. So what did he do he spread a lie in community as a result, now, that girl finds it difficult to get married, why? Because she was seen

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in such and such a nightclub. You see how this lie that originated from one person now has serious consequences in the community. So, on an individual basis, there will be no progress when there is lies being spread, when there is lies being told, and there is no progress on a community level as well. When people are telling lies

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Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam continues, what either what either to Mina Hana and when he is entrusted, he breaks that trust. And Wallah, he it is time that we speak about the trust that is being broken in our communities and the globe at large. People are given large sums of money. And I'm not talking about certain individuals, but I'm talking about it as a whole people are being given large sums of money based on trust. Let's not even go into whether the transaction is halal or haram or how it was structured is okay or it is not because often times we hear at the end of it that Do you know what was owed? What it was autos interest, I paid him everything the principal was

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paid, but what was owed was interest. Is it even allowed for you to engage in that transaction? That is a conversation on its own. But we have people taking large sums of money and they claim they are investing it but they are taking from Peter to pay Paul and in the meantime they're eating from that money. Where is the seed? Where is the truthfulness? Where is the honesty? Where is the mana that Allah subhanho wa Taala has entrusted you with? Remember when a person gives you his Amana? Then that is not a trust between you and him alone. between you and him? Is Allah horrible is that you will Jellal Do you Did you forget that Allah subhanahu wa Attallah sees lamea Allah.

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Allah, Allah, did he forget that Allah is the One who is watching? Did he not know that Allah subhanahu Attallah sees him and this is what happens as we come closer and closer to the hour, you will find that Amana trust is completely wasted away.

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$50 million $100 million $200 million $2 million no matter the figure you have taken somebody's a man and eaten it gone. And tomorrow Do you not think that you will stand before Allah Allah bullies that you will learn? You see, this all emanates from one thing that man was not honest with himself in the first place? He could not be honest enough to sit and say am I being truthful here? Am I really investing this money? Did I not think of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada all these questions need to be asked by who by a BB by one who knows that he will return to Allah horrible is that you will gelato

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and what either

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fedora and when he promises. He breaks that promise. Man, I'm giving you this example because it is so relevant. I'm giving you this exam example because it happens now that he's taken the money and he doesn't know what he's he's where he is going to get it from. Hey,

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how are you? I need my money. The date is due in fact it is passed. When are you going to give it to me? What does he say? It is coming this afternoon I will be at your house 5am 5pm I will be there Don't worry. Wallah Your money's coming. He takes

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send over a dozen by his Lord and his Maker Wallah, he will receive it and 5pm comes and it goes, week comes and he goes, That man is phoning, calling, trying, Hey, where's my money? What's going on, nothing happens. Nothing happens. What is the basis of all of this? He lied to himself. So he did not be honest with himself. So Allah subhanahu Attallah caused him made him tell another lie. And then he told another lie. And then he told another lie, and then he started breaking promises and breaking trust. So this, Kevin, when we say don't lie, it is of utmost importance, it is of utmost importance. When a person has these three qualities then he becomes a pure monad if you want

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at least mentions one more one either how some algebra, and when he argues that he he's explosive in his argument, do you think I'm never going to give you your money? Do you think that I'm a liar? This is what they say they become angry. They shout at you they make you think like you are the wrong party, yet they have wronged you.

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So when this person has these four characteristics that hadith says Cana Munna, Phaeton. Ha, ha, he is a pure monofin and you know what will happen? To the Muna 15 The hypocrites on the day of Tiama Allahu Bucha is that you will gel Allah tells us

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yo maya Khun Mona

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Mona if you call Julie Medina Munna, Nakota tabbies mean no income when they see the believers walking with the light, then they will say that hold on wait for us, let us take a bit of your light the law Ruggiero all that will tell me soon.

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Remember email home being so real

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it will be said to them go back go to the back and see look for the light you know when you have a tunnel and people are walking with the light waves the light in front of them or behind them. They are told go back look for the light where you are in the dunya although riba by ina Hoon be su level BB, then a door a wall will be erected for them.

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And on that wall, they will be a door

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multinode roofie Rama at the back of that door is right. It's the Mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala was he room in the belly he lost

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and the front of it will be the fire. It will be punishment

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in the same manner that they deceived people in the dunya they lied to people in the dunya they will be deceived on the day of tea. Here is the door in front of you you see fire but behind it is dorama all you need to do is open the door but nay you can't because you don't see all you see is the fire. You cheated people. You deceived people. You lied to people you ate people's money. And do you think that that was going to get you to Jana who are in Kariba de la now and indeed that lie will lead you to the fire? It will lead you to the fire. Hola Hola. bool is that you will Jalil explains the condition even in this world methylome camera cellulari stone called Anna the example is like the

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one who has kindled a fire fallen off at my house or who the head Allah will be knowing him. So when everything is light in front of him he can see Allah subhanahu Attallah takes away the light. Which two qualities does fire possess? It possesses light and it possesses the ability to burn you. Allah subhana wa Taala never said the herb Allahu Beanery him that Allah took away the fire No, Allah took away the light so the burning was left with them. Even in this world they suffer. Why? You may enjoy for a short period of time. You may eat somebody's money you may lie to someone and get his daughter in marriage you may lie to someone and deceive him and cheat him and enjoy off his wealth and his

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possessions for a short while but not long will pass until which they will be in a fight.

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Ah, that will burn within and you won't be able to tell what is right what is wrong. What is the way forward what is the way back, you don't know how to move how to navigate the hub Allahu venuti more Tanaka home feeling alone Umatilla I oversee your own. So Allah subhanho wa Taala takes away the light, and he leaves them in the darkness is so that they can't even see. They don't even know where to go, how to operate, what to do, why it all started from a lie. And you never told yourself that this is a lie. You were not truthful enough with yourself to sit and say, am I being honest? Am I being truthful? Does Allah subhanaw taala want this from me? So we can see the consequences of

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lying. And the consequence of telling the truth is not only that, all of this won't happen, but that you will be in Jana who are in a silica lair de Elan, Jana, and righteous the truth. It guides you to righteousness and righteousness guides you to Jana. So the ultimate and complete position of those who are honest, is with Allah subhanho wa Taala with the happiness of Allah Rubble is that you will gel over them in Jana. This My Dear Brothers and Sisters in Islam is the consequence of lying and the outcome of the truth. May Allah subhanahu or to Allah grant us the ability to be truthful. And may Allah subhanho wa Taala keep us away from lies and falsehood mean what have you ruled out?

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