Ibrahim Nuhu – Ramadan Seeds Of Revival – Can A Menstruating Woman Recite Quran

Ibrahim Nuhu
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the issue of touching the Quran and the hesitation of people to do so because it is considered a general statement. They also mention the use of the word "has to" in relation to the Hara movement, and how it can be difficult to read and even touch the Quran. The speaker suggests that people should not touch the Quran and that they can revise it later.
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recitation hide doesn't affect the recitation of the Quran even Samia said there is nothing in the Quran and the Sunnah of the person or something that prevents the system from reading the world. The only thing that is haram is to touch Quran and this is not for the height is for everyone who doesn't have the purity whether it is minor Omega Saito purity you have to make all the work you don't have to for you to touch the Quran. The Hadith of the prophets Allah Salam have amodal hasn't is very clear he's a lion with some Quran in Napa Hara. Nobody should touch Quran except somebody who is in a state of Baja. Some scholars make that with here and I don't know why. Because they

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said, because the HANA here is vague. It's too general within which the hara and the purpose of Lhasa is intended. But generally the prophets Allah sama sin and more mainland in this movement is not Nigeria.

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We tell them okay, the word is general why can't we take it and deal with it in the way we deal with any general information given to us by Rasul Allah, because General includes everything that could possibly be included inside it. Tigger idea taharah which taharah we didn't know and as such we include whatsoever is called the hara has to be there for you to be able to touch Quran

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so we take it like that but somebody says but the movement doesn't become the Jessa we tell him what Rasul Allah is not talking about monjasa and Jessa is not the reason why you're not allowed to touch the Quran. Because the person who is in a state of law Jessa Genova is not not just a person who is in a state of height on the first she is not religious you know, they all know this but they are in a state of impurity the spiritual state of impurity That's why if you if you use the the toilets, economic formula you come out you know, before you make hoodoo, can you pray? Why? Because you don't have can you say it? Haha, this will help because he didn't have to have but are you nudges? No,

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because you wash yourself from every major so there is a new Europe matters. Because if the issue is about you being nudges, then even if you make Who do you cannot pray because you will not just

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take it either. So we tell them the reason why you are not touching Quran it is not because you are an adjuster, because movement is not an adjuster at all. But the reason why you cannot touch the Quran is because you are in a state of impurity. And this the Hara is general And subhanAllah life on one of our great scholars, he's of the opinion that says if you don't have although you can touch Quran but at the same time he authenticated the hadith of * and miracles when somebody did not touch the Quran until he has the will do or he told somebody not to touch the Quran before do and he said this is the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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That's the application of the Hadith. So how it can read grind but touching it No. But in this life of ours she can read about the turf see you use the form I used to say that you don't touch the phone but when they explained to me those people in it and all this is when you touch the screen you're not touching the form yet touching the screen.

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Just believe you're not touching the Quran. Yeah, touching the screen.

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Okay, so that's means you can use the Quran and get the pages and read. There is nothing to stop the house from reading Quran. She can read Quran, she can memorize Quran she can revise Quran, you know, even when without having the need for it inshallah

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