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Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The concept of loss of handouts and licenses, as well as moral evil, is discussed. The speakers emphasize the need for people to confront the lack of clean water and the corruption of men and God. Law and contribution to evil are essential, and addressing the issue of hunger is crucial.
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El Hierro kulu BIA dake was chateauroux Lisa illig. The prophets lie Selim he famously said that all goodness is in your hands and evil is not to be attributed to you. And when the prophets lie, some says that obviously the first question that comes to mind is, well didn't Allah subhana wa Taala already write it down? Didn't we say Allah wrote down everything, so didn't the last panel and then create evil? And the answer to that question is that Allah Subhana Allah to Allah tells us directly in the Quran, that evil is to be attributed to the creation. So men shall remain Halak, we seek refuge in Allah from the evil of that which he created. Okay, a lot of hands on. He also says that

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corruption has appeared on the land and on the seas be Marchesa, but a DNS because of what men's hands have earned. And what that shows us, again, is that we are the ones that earn it. And this all goes back to what we've already discussed that, you know, to Allah Subhana, what's out there is no past, present and future ultimately, this evil is happening because of our choices. And because of what we do. And to say that, you know, it's because the last point I created that we have evil is to absolve ourselves of responsibility. And the moment that Rahim Allah Tati gave a very beautiful analogy, he said that, for you to say that you are not responsible for the evil that you've

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performed, because a law created it is like committing adultery, having a child and then saying, you know what, I'm not going to support that child because the law created the child. So you're absolving yourself of your own responsibility in the making of that evil and what happens as a result, and obviously, in our religion, you know, you had one extreme of people that denied Divine Decree altogether and said, a lot doesn't know what's going to happen tomorrow. And that's why certain things happen. And that's the only clear explanation but obviously, by saying that you reduce from the power of a loss of handouts Are you attempt to reduce the power of Allah subhanho to

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Allah. And then you had the opposite, which was a jabariya. The people that said we are forced into doing what we do. So in essence, we're all actors in a play. So Musa alayhis salaam is equal to fit their own, because they all did what a loss pantile created them to do. We have no power over anything that we do. And obviously, that's nonsense, as well, because, you know, we're absolved in our religion. For example, for if we oversleep, even if we oversleep and we miss a prayer, also loss licenses are that Allah holy Almighty, Allah has forgiven my own little Hopper, when this young woman Stokely who are late for the things they do out of mistake out of forgetfulness, or that which

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is forced upon them, so you're not punished for things that you do out of compulsion in the first place. So then how could Allah subhanho wa Taala, you know, make that the basis of all creation, that you will be punished, even though you had no control over the evil that took place in this world. So it is all attributed to us because time is irrelevant to a loss of Hannah Montana. And obviously, you know, if we look at,

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you know, what happens in the world today, you know, people tend to divide evil into two categories. There's moral evil, and there's natural evil, and you know, under moral evil, essentially, that's what can be directly traced to human beings hands. So moral evil, includes murder includes, you know, corruption and things of that sort. And there's a very famous quote, that I wanted to ask God, why he allows poverty and oppression and hunger, but I was afraid he might ask me the same question. There is enough food in this world for each and every single person to have a 3200 calorie diets, which is more than enough. Now why is it that food is not a why is it that we have feminine? Why is

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it that we have crisis's of hunger in the 21st century? That's not because a lot didn't give us enough? That's because of our own corruption. Right? So we have to we have to ask ourselves, what are we doing to solve the problem of hunger? And what are we doing to solve the problem of clean water not being available to certain people? Because clean water is available? There's an abundance of clean water. But why is it that certain people don't have access to clean water? To clean water? Why is it that we allow oppression and we don't speak out against injustice? You know, Karl Marx, his argument against religion is that religion tends to dull the masses and make them complacent.

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Islam doesn't teach us to be passive or complacent and just say, you know what, this is all happening because a lot decreed, rather Allah Subhana Allah to Allah gives us the responsibility to confront what appears to be evil to us. And then when things don't go our way, we then have the satisfaction that Allah subhana wa, tada is in control, and that there was a greater reasoning for this happening. It's not that we sit there and just say, hey, there's a greater reasoning for this. So we should not attempt to confront it. Because evil at the end of the day is relative. So when it comes to the natural evil now, which is earthquakes and things of that sort, and you could make the

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argument that that's also due to the corruption of men, because we destroy our environments, and obviously when we destroy our environments, it turns against us and though it's by the color of Allah subhanaw taala it's by the decree of a lot still traced to our hands. What we what we should understand is that evil is relic

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At the end of the day, and that Allah Subhana horchata does have a plan. And in essence what you know, if you look through the Quran, when Allah talks about the believer, the foundation of the believer at the end of the day, he believes in Allah and he believes in the hereafter. And, you know, people that have issues with the plan of God and what happens in this world and Divine Decree, they either have a deficiency in their belief in God and in his power, or they have a deficiency in their belief of a life beyond this life. Because what other explanation would there be to a person that died at the hands of his oppressor, except that what are taxable in the law, often Anoma yamano

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badimo don't think that a lot is unaware of what the oppressors are doing. Right that Allah subhanaw taala will deal with them on the Day of Judgment. And as for the one who's suffering in the value of a slob, you don't need it, he said, Allah will give them the reward of their patients with absolutely no limits. So either there's an issue with your belief in Allah or there's an issue with your belief in a life beyond this life. And that's the and if we have a firm belief in those two things, then everything else is easily solved. And what we have to also understand is law you Kelly, for long enough son in law was a law does not burden a soul beyond its capacity. You have a

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responsibility to not contribute to evil, and to also confront evil as you see it, but at the same time, do not let what appears to be evil, cause you to lose belief in a lot or in the last day.

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