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last panel to Allah He mentioned to us holla sumati. Will Allah the city that Allah subhanaw taala created the heavens and the earth all in six days? Now, obviously, as we said before our last panel, it's either really doesn't need six days the last panel Tyler could simply say couldn't be at it is. So why would Allah subhanho wa Taala created in six days create all of the heavens in the earth in six days, as opposed to just in one second, and even less than that, because the last parent certainly is capable of doing so. The scholars say there are two reasons number one, it could be that perhaps the angels were already created, because we don't really know when the angels were

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created. So it could be that they were there. And Allah subhanho wa Taala, to show them his power, he wanted them to see the magnificence of this creation as it came into being so they would see the heavens and the earth, the oceans, the mountains, all of this coming into being in front of their eyes. And you know, and within those six days, some of the scholars they said that it is actually a lesson for us as human beings, that Allah subhana wa tada wants to teach us, one of the most beloved qualities to him, which is a to me, which is taking things strategically, slowly, gradually planning things out properly. So we learn from that to be gradual, when we do things and to do things

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properly and with their son and with excellence. The prophets I send him he said that Allah subhanaw taala he started the creation on the day of Saturday and Allah subhanho wa Taala finished on the day of Friday, which is the best of all days and that's why the prophets lie Selim he said that you know, we as an oma as a people were guided to the day of Friday because the best of those days and so on the Day of Judgment, though we were the last oma we were the last of the nations we will be the first to stand and the first to come forth in front of a loss of Hannah Montana. Now after Eliza gel created these you know the heavens and the earth, we also completely reject this idea of Allah

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subhana wa tada needing to rest or needing to relax a larger just says, Man, listen, I'm unlovable that we were you know, that we were not overtaken by any form of fatigue, any form of tiredness. In fact, last pentesters was summer Bernina. Hubby Aiden, we're in limbo see rune, that we constructed the heavens with strength. And we are constantly expanding them to show the power of a loss of alcoholic, the creator. A lot is constantly expanding this universe. And this is a scientific miracle, because science tells us that this universe, which is only part of the first of the heavens, is expanding constantly. And in fact, it expands faster than the speed of light. And the

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speed of light, you know, would be over 300 million meters per second. You know, I want you to think about that same 300 million meters per second. And imagine the universe expanding faster than that, as we're speaking, just count the seconds of this of this discussion, and then multiply it by 300 million and the universe is expanding faster than that panel. On top of that, Eliza just says that all of these celestial bodies Yaro June they are in constant orbit, not going out of place, Allah subhanaw taala constantly being in touch with them, and the last panatela constantly being in control of them, allies, and yet he says halaqa somehow it will help and he created all of this in

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truth, the heavens and the earth, in truth and in sort of the xoma Allah Subhana Allah says Yuko widow, Laila and how are you can we don't know how to add a lane that he causes the the night to envelope to envelope the day, and he causes the day to envelope the night. And you know, it's funny because the scholars they know the early scholars, the way they commented on this, they said that you co would it means to wrap something round like a turban. So, Rahim Allah and mandibula, Josie and urban Tamia have been hasm and many others they derived from this way back then, that the earth is round, because the last parent it uses uko with the word ucode. And obviously there's the ayah or

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last Pentax as well out of the bat the Delica that that after last panatela created the earth he made it like an egg shape, the How can be that he made the surface like an egg, meaning smooth or he that he actually shaped like an egg and obviously both meanings are true. Now one of the things that causes us confusion at times or that that's been left open to interpretation is one a lot or the messenger size and dimensions the seven Earths now emammal elucid Rahim Allah and Romani and his Tafseer he goes through many different ways of understanding the seven Earths one of them is that there are seven zones or seven cores of earth which is actually scientifically true. You'll see

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there seven core cores of Earth seven different layers of Earth. One one interpretation is that it could mean seven continents or seven different separated parts of lands within this earth. One of them is not the autumn that we all have is one okay that that all of this the entire Earth just complement just comprises of one of those seven Earths and there are other there are other Earths and other sets of land that have creation upon them.

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them and that you know that we are not in touch with and that we are unable to see. And it's interesting because I'm I'm encouraged to be Rahim Allah that just shows you how the scholars they always like to take something beneficial from this Imam unquote Rahim Allah, he talks about hypothetically if we were able to reach another creation or another group of people that are on another earth or another land that we are unable to see. And he actually discusses the obligation of Darwin upon us if we're able to reach them. And so this shows us that, you know, we're not really supposed to be focusing on what you know what this means in the in the realm of the unseen, and how

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you know, how we can interpret it scientifically, but rather, we take benefit from it. And the greatest thing that we can take from it is that Allah Subhana, Allah has provided much risk, much, much sustenance for us and he's a lot of these portions to us and Allah Subhana Allah has blessed us with much. And that's why, you know, interestingly enough, one of the greatest forms of oppression that we find within the sooner is when the Prophet slicin talks about someone occupying someone else's land someone taking someone else's land a lot as well. allowed a people are allowed someone to have a portion of land and someone else takes it. And that's where we find that the mention of

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the seven Earth's the profits license that says men are for them in and out of the shade and be really happy that whoever takes a piece of land from someone else unjustly, who sefa V and will create a loss of muscle loss items that he would be swallowed by the seven Earths on the Day of Judgment. And Subhanallah This is a hadith in Bukhari, we find many rulings in the study of taking water from someone's well without permission or eating an apple from someone's tree. You know, that's hanging over the fence without permission and so on so forth, because that's a form of oppression. Allah subhanho wa Taala has allotted certain portions of this earth to us and we have to

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be just with that and we have to thank a Lost Planet Allah for that, and obviously use all of that for beneficial things.

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