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Episode Notes

In this episode Ammar talks about a powerful name of Allah – As Samie and why it matters to you.


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The speakers discuss the use of " jail" in the title of a book and the pairing of names. They stress the importance of accepting "naught" in the title and emphasize the need to be more conscious of one's words and actions in order to become more hopeful. The conversation also touches on "will" and how it can be used to avoid mistakes.

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Welcome back to a discussion on the 99 names, or rather this monster federal loss manual. Tada. So what are we talking about in this one? So the name of allies they get a semia. A lot as again, the all hearing a semi as semi.

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Yeah. All right. So if we were to write this in Arabic would be Elif seen. meme. Yep. And I yeah, I think

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you put the up with the Yep. Yes. I said, Yeah. I didn't know I'm seeing me. Yeah, I Ah, I messed up. Okay. Yeah. So Alif Lam seen meme? Yeah. And I and I'm actually gonna write it now with my hand and be loud and post production is going to make the script to go along with it.

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Here you go.

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Okay, here's

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the big letters, right. Here's a live lamb and seen meme. Yeah. I mean, yes. Right.

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tele, there you go. There you go. So let's say me. So Samir is mentioned in the Quran a lot. 45 times. And you counted. I didn't count, but the author of this book counted it. Could it be possible that they're off by one or two? Of course? Absolutely. Because a lot of what's we talk about the names of allies again, some of what they use as a point of reference to that name. Yeah, maybe the name and verb form, for example, like, how do you use a verb semi analyse? Oh, okay. Right. So it's not edited to semi sense of the definite speaking of allies again, but it is just a description, for example. Got it. Okay. Anyway, so allies, we get it being a semi,

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or SME, we'll get to see it in the next one. For example, one of the ways or when the times is when able to him and it's made or building the carbon is a little burner, company midnight in the cancer center, it is a whole lot except from us, you are SME You are the always wonder what his relationship was to me and our team in relation to the fact that they built the house of law. That's a great question. And that's a concept that really, we need to reflect on so much, which is the pairing of names. At the end of verses, we kind of just come to the pairing and we just kind of go through it. But really every you know every word every letter is there for a purpose. So why is it

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that I need their attention? I mean, I can understand with like, the following verses where he's talking about monastic monastic and

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Rahim Greg, right you're going for hygiene you're going for dough you're trying to cleanse yourself and I love that the love or hate that makes sense. So just full stop right then that's something that I would like for viewers to think about and even comment about, which is why as allies we get it in this version, sort of a bucket of famous verse, way but I Haman is made or building the house and they say, oh, Allah accept this from us in the kind of scenario. Why why those two attributes?

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Do you want to hear that? Yeah, I

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mean, it's just a matter of reflection. It's just a matter of reflection. Yours is as good as mine. But, uh, send me an ID Eliza. We didn't accept this from us. We're presenting an action. Yeah. How many times have you presented an action and it was dismissed, or he was completely ignored. Everybody who's ever worked, has had work and effort that they've presented that went completely unregistered. Right. And so here, they're saying, oh, a lot accept this from us that we're doing. And that got too similar. I think you hear one you hear our request for you to accept. And one of the things that we're going to learn also is that signia isn't just what they say more than here is

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not. Okay, more than Yes, that's exactly what I mean. It's not just hearing. For example, in the solo, we say semi Allahu even hamidah. Right? Allah you just translated as Allah hears the one who praises him, right? Yeah. But if you were to say that that's what it means a lot. Here is the one who praises him. That means what a lot doesn't hear the one who doesn't praise them. No, that doesn't make sense. Sam here means accepts. Ah, okay, so Allah semi Allah who the man who made up a lot accepts that praise.

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And when he says in that kind of similar idea, it has also the connotation of you are the one who accepts we're offering this to you. Okay, that's it.

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You know what we did? And we were hoping that you accepted this action of us and you're completely Yeah, exactly.

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That make sense.

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So, I mean, the white trailer is here,

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here and listen, you're never going to translate the Hold on, as it is all accepting.

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But here, any translation is a is a is at the end of the day to to proceed. Okay. It's what the author chooses the the person who's translating. It's the meaning that they've used to be the most apparent, and you will always look at a word and anybody who's ever dealt with translations of America, always

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Find wherever they feel to be, according to their understanding of better suit. Okay, that's number one. The second I shoveled the law on how she says, a beautiful statement she says that hamdu Lillahi ledi was at some level of swatch he says All praise is due to the one who his knowledge encompasses all all sounds or his hearing encompasses all sounds. And then she gives an example, when you know the famous incident at the beginning of Sultan mu j. dilla, where old woman came to the province lesson and complaining about her husband. And she says, I couldn't even hear what they were saying. And I'm right there. But I'm out of your shot. I'm beyond your shot. And she says a lot

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as I did hurt from over seven heavens and allies you did reveals but somehow law COVID-19 law says a law has heard the statements of the one who is closer to her. So your issue was her husband had

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sworn he had said to her your back is like the back of my mother. And this was basically a statement that would make the hot where they would forbid themselves from having a being intimate with their wives. And it just kind of leaves your wife in this in this scene right in limbo. Exactly. So Allah azza wa jal hears everything, and a lot as we get accepts from the believers and those who do righteous deeds. And that is the second aspect, like we mentioned about somehow loving them, and how many of them then

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with the road system here, just really quickly, some some take home points with regards to Simeon. So now, when you know that a lot is due, again, here's everything what's your your first response to them?

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Is that you don't begin our next videos with words. That would cause offence, right? That should be the first take home.

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It's not intended to offend. Okay? I'm just saying that a person becomes more

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of a person becomes more cautious of their words, when they realize that a lot as I did here is all and allow God to send me a person is

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more cautious. Yeah. And not only that, but a lot a person is more hopeful. So there's caution, obviously against sending a lot as a hitter, whether you're in private, even by yourself the most intimate of conversations, you recognize that allies are just silly. Here's a loss, as Michael said, as a teenager level on their own. There's not a gathering of three except that he's the fourth.

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And the verse continues to micromanage with another thing below Rama Hamza de la hora, Satsuma, dynamin, Daddy Casa de la, and not five, except that he's there six, and not more than that, or less than that, except that

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that's the sort of the majority that's off, okay.

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And the idea is that you always recognize that a lot as we get is with you. Also, you become more hopeful, in that

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any statement that you make any prayer that you make, that it is always something that allows you it has access to a lot, and a lot as we're getting shoulder data with exception, but because he is amazed that prayer is accepted, granted isn't safe to show. Exactly. Okay. So what's the action? The action point is to become more conscious of a lot easier and more hopeful, okay. in your conversations with allies. And again, these attributes, you come to a seminar and we'll see it an ID, it reminds you always that there's nothing that escapes a lot of knowledge that every little thing that you do will be accounted for you never belittle an evil word and you never belittle a

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good word. Because a lot of us we don't just belittle our sins, but we also belittle our good deeds. You know, if it's a if it's a penny, I'm not going to donate a penny, a single cent, why would I donate a single cent, but they'll have a had that mentality where even if it was half of the date, and that's what the profit slice and then commanded, right? Which one of us would donate half a date? Or

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would you donate half a day? Is it like a bit off of the date? Oh, yeah, actually, just

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like a normal person would

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have to excuse me that he recently arrived on Earth.

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If you take a full day, they put it in their mouth.

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God, all right. So we're ended here with a semi, or something like this, and I'm gonna do it.