Omar Suleiman – Servants of the Most Merciful #1

Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The importance of reflecting on traits of the believer and their actions during their lives is discussed, along with the significance of being called the beast and the church's culture. The speaker emphasizes the importance of showing one's true qualities in interactions with people, including showing one's true characteristics and showing one's love for the beast. The success of their own job and the importance of showing their character are also highlighted.
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Almost Oliver cinematic and avocado, silica, Mohammed and Salalah when he was telling me he was like me, he was the Olympus him and Kafeel. So I figured for this series inshallah Tada, I'm kind of sick of sitting at my desk. And I think you guys are probably sick of seeing me at my desk too. So I figured I'd just sit on the floor and talk from here until lunchtime and just reflect the way that we would in the last few nights in the masjid where we'd all kind of gather around and we'd have our late night reflection, so

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I didn't bother making it pretty I just decided I'll just sit on the floor and just literally moved everything down here. So I hope you all don't mind and shout out a little bit of a change.

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But this is something I'm looking forward to. And my recommendation to you in sha Allah tada would be to situate this you know, 20 minutes every night just between your your prayers, inshallah Tada, so, I'm going to try to keep myself too short, you know, 15 2025 minutes max, per night, inshallah Tada, and just reflect on these traits. So, we get to about the white man, the servants of the Most Merciful, the worshipers of the Most Merciful, and what the qualities of the servants of the Most Merciful are. And this is one of the most beautiful portions of the poll, and that sort of describe a manual for how the believer is to live their lives. And it encompasses multiple elements and

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encompasses dimensions of worship, dimensions of family life, dimensions of character, dimensions of community, everything from how you would deal with prayer at night, Fiamma lived in the corner of your room to how you would deal with testimony in a courtroom to how you would deal with someone mocking you or someone being rude to you, as you're driving. Everything is really encompassed in these verses, and it's very beautiful for that reason. However, I wanted to actually start off with something that I feel like people gloss over when they're doing the Tafseer of these verses. So there are 11 or 12 qualities and total that are mentioned here in shelter, which we'll cover over

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the next two nights. But you know, typically what ends up happening is why bother why Mandela Dini? I'm sure wanna come out of the hole now either Holloman j Dona Carlos allama people will start with verse 63. And they will glance over the fact that Allah subhana wa tada calls these people a bother Rama. And so what is the significance of being called the servants of the Most Merciful? And so even when you read the classical tested, you'll almost immediately get into alidium Shona for

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those who walk humbly on the earth or out of the hole Now, those who walk humbly on the earth, and what that means, right, so I want to start with a battle right, not just this concept of being called a battle, man and what that actually means. So all of us of course, by birth, by virtue of our existence are the rebar the velocity on earth or the slaves of Allah subhana wa Tada. And whether we are conscious or not,

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you know, we are in that slavery and obedience to Allah subhanaw taala but obviously, there are those that willingly embrace the position of servitude to Allah subhanaw taala and exert themselves to their Lord and demonstrating to him the way that they want to be in accordance with how he wants them to be. And so he bowed the rock man are the people that are mentioned here and of course, previous sort of sorts from what we know in the first part certainly won't be known matches up the first few hours of shooting let me know in the description of the believers there matches up with the last part of super full con here and then the same chapter of the Quran. So, what are the

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characteristics and what are what how is it that Allah subhana wa tada classifies us as a bad little hang on here? What's the significance of that? Well, for one, Eliza that here cites the prominent observable characteristics of the believer, a lot of sites, the observable characteristics of the believer in a manner of saying look at the way that the believers carry themselves versus the way that the disbelievers and hypocrites carry themselves right. So the impact of being servants of servants of the Most Merciful on the observable behavior and of course, as we said, the ultimate servant of the Most Merciful is Mohammed Saleh. It was known as the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon

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him, the way that he carries himself with such dignity is is inspiring and it shows the effect of revelation on the person of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam and that is to say that

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the character of the prophets lie Selim should be enough to warrant an investigation and so what's making him so spectacular gornergrat and lo anthem Swami tune is on the line who said that your callers to a lie

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Even as your quiet hot how, with your good character, right? So people should see the qualities of the believer and should want to investigate what they believe in just by that in a way that would that would help them discover how pristine this guidance is. So, some of the scholars say, you know, Eliza lists the most prominent characteristics, the outward characteristics of these people, so that every, you know, objective, I can easily discern the difference in the character between the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and his followers and the other journalists in the labs of the world, and their followers and then you make up your mind right, you can see the difference between the two. But I

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want to start with a man what it means to be servants of the Most Merciful before we get into any of the qualities just why are you valuable, man? A lot could have said about the law. A lot could have said, you know, are you bad have any one of his names? Why the servants of the Most Merciful man is a very special name of Allah subhanho wa Taala they're all special, but our man has certain connotations that other names do not have one of them Eliza judgments and attack them Allah who Samia, do you know if anyone else named that the idolaters did not have an idol that was named of Lenin, no one was using the name of a man it is a name that was only reserved for a loss of habitat

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and that is only reserved for a loss of friends. So hello, Tottenham Allahu Samia. Some of the scholars say is have you ever heard of any name like a black man or anyone that calls upon him the most merciful the way that the believers call upon him the most merciful? And some of the scholars they mentioned here semia his likeness, right? Is there anyone like him some kind of attack like a white man? Now anytime a lot of attributes you to him, that is a means of honoring you, the greatest honor is to be asked of Allah subhanaw taala to be a slave of Allah. That's how Allah subhanaw taala elevates you. But to be Abdul Rahman is another level. Okay? So what's the difference between a

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Walkman and the other names? Well, for one, it's one of those names that cannot be given to anyone but him. So there are names of Allah subhanaw taala, like an ad that could hold a lot of solid, the unique the self sufficient Master, whom all creatures need, who, who does not have any human likeness, these are names and I had a solid that can only be given to a loss of parents on their names that are like and with a character.

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That the the, the one full of majesty, in the human connotation with the cupboard is horrible. It's someone who's boastful, right, but it's a name that only belongs to Allah subhanaw taala, and only has certain connotations with its name, as it's attributed to a loss of Hannah Montana. I don't know man is one of those names. We it's inappropriate to say to someone or a man, okay, or to call someone with non without having it in front of it. That's not the case. For example, with names like khadim generous, or Hakeem someone who's who's wise or someone who's guided in their actions. And these are names that belong to Allah subhana wa Tada. But at the same time, we are allowed to name

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ourselves with these names. Man is Batman is one of those special names, that only belongs to a loss of Hannah Montana, not because we're not capable of having mercy, and I'll get to that in a minute. But because the mercy of the loss of Hannah Montana or the connotations of his being a white man, are completely removed from anything that human beings could ever be capable of. And the scholars talk about this from from numerous perspectives. One of them is that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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He said, I have a smart ILA ahead, well, it's not yet aligned to Hana. I'm the low abdomen, the most beloved of names to Allah subhanho wa Taala, or Abdullah, and Abdullah, these are the most beloved two names to Allah subhanaw taala. And obviously, we only name our children in a certain way, so that they can aspire to have those qualities and so on the prophets lie some says these are the two most beloved names to Allah subhana wa, Tada. That's special. Another thing that the scholars mentioned as a benefit is that everything that is going to be defined as the qualities of a man of the servants of the Most Merciful is an implementation of mercy within that particular domain. So

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merciful in your relationships merciful in the way that you treat others merciful and not having a heavy presence or making people feel like they have to serve you merciful and that people don't fear the harm of your tongue. They don't fear the harm of your hand, or your bad luck merciful and that people can trust you, right. These are all qualities of a bottle of wine.

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So every one of the qualities is laced with the Rama of Allah subhana wa tada in some way. And the prophets Allah lahardee was a walking wounded Hamamoto among those who have mercy, the Most Merciful man shows mercy to them in a humble man with a hammock in Memphis and that show mercy to those on the earth. And a black man in the heavens, the Most Merciful in the heavens will show mercy to you why man is all encompassing.

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And this is why it's not something that human beings can have. Okay? a white man encompasses the believer and the disbeliever, the seen and the unseen. It encompasses this dunya and the ARCA Rahim is a specific type of mercy that is exclusive. Okay. So heinous acts allows exclusive mercy that only belongs to some man is the mercy that encompasses everyone in some capacity. So a lot is a common to people that believe in Him, and people that disbelieve in him, he's like man to the one who rejects him by delaying his punishment and giving him a chance to repent. His being a rock, man, the connotations of that in this world are the way that animals treat one another. Or when an animal

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shows mercy to another animal, when a bird shows mercy to her, to her baby, all of the all of the all of the mercy that we have that which we attribute to him, and not all of it is from the implications of his being a black man. So that's something that belongs to him somehow to Montana. And from our perspective, to have like not to have mercy. It's important for us to think about in any one of our interactions, what does it mean, to be a merciful person? Okay, what does it mean to bring mercy to a discussion or to a domain? And that if there were no qualities that were listed here, okay, and the I had to follow if a person was just to take and to do to the board, which is

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what we do reflect and to say, what does that look like when someone owes me money? What does LACMA look like? When I come across? Someone's someone's shame, something that people don't want to be known about them? And I come across it. What does that person look like? What does the LACMA to a setting look like? What does it look like when I walk into a community gathering? What does it look like when I walk into my home? What does it look like? When I'm in a in a discussion? What does it look like? When someone who I don't like or someone that's been abusive towards me shows an opening and I have a way to pounce and i and i don't all of this is Lana Weidman your financial transactions

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like that and your societal transactions and everything right? So a lot of did not even list a bag of Walkman, the qualities of a bad man just by a law saying they are a bag or whatnot, we should be able to try to reflect on what it looks like in all of these different circumstances and situations. And so the most comprehensive way that a lot refers to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam one that all of a sudden NACA Illa Allah mean, we did not send you except as a mercy to the world's the Prophet placement is a mercy, not just in the way that the Prophet slice and treated people he's a mercy in the way that he smiled at people he's a he's a mercy in the way that he built up people's

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self esteem. He's a mercy and the way that he gave charity to whoever asked for him, and who did not ask him, he's a mercy in the way that he treated his enemies. He's a mercy in the way that he treated his family. And he's a mercy. And that a lot chose him to be a vehicle of clarity and guidance to us that too is because it would be cruel for us to be left without guidance and clarity and purpose. And so the profits why time is the channel of that. Revelation is that as well through the prophets of Allah, how it was set up, and so as servants of man, and as followers of alignments and Malala mean, and Allah subhanaw taala says, we did not send you except as a mercy to the world's

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meaning the entire mission of the prophets lie, some of them could be described as being a mercy. Okay? All of it has an element of mercy, that everything about him His mercy flies on them a lot not sent him except as a mercy to the world. And so, what do we do with ourselves? We ask ourselves in every situation, how am I being merciful?

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How is my presence mercy? How am I interacting with people mercy? How do I how do I be Abdullah? How do I be the most beloved person to Allah subhanaw taala because the implication of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam saying the most beloved of names to Allah subhanaw taala, Abdullah and Abdul Rahman is that I want to be that quality because the blessing of the name is the intention of the quality that the person lives up to be of that caliber. And so how to lock in that situation. I would then

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ask you, you know, what does it look like to show Lana in all of the initial interactions that allows going to mention in the next set of verses without even telling you the way that Allah subhanaw taala specifies how we respond in those situations, right just giving you the situation's Why is this so important inshallah tada and I'll close with this and then tomorrow we'll start with you know, the very specific qualities inshallah Tada, why is it so important? Because sometimes the poor and does not give a situation that is exactly analogous to a situation or one that is applicable to us. Now, sometimes you'll come across a situation in the Quran that is frozen in time.

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And Allah subhanaw taala praises the quality of a person or, or Allah subhana wa tada highlights a negative quality of a person or a group of people in that situation.

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The goal of us as we're reading the Koran, and we extol what Allah extols, and these virtues and these qualities of the Bhagavad man is not to come away from this and just to have a checklist and say, this situation, this situation, this situation, I match this, I match this, I match this only. The goal of it is for us to take those qualities, and to apply them to evolving situations, without getting away from the identity of Obama, without getting away from the identity of mercy. And our mercy does not just meet the standards, and this is the last implication of a bad luck, man, by the way, we don't just meet the standards of mercy that other people start. Alright, so other people or

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our society, our culture says, This is what mercy looks like in this situation. We go above and beyond because we're servants of the Most Merciful. And so the standard of Rama. The standard of mercy that we show is beyond what other people define even as mercy. We go the next level, and that's the prophets lie. Some of them right if you think about the prophets lie, Selim, he didn't just meet excellence, as it was defined by people of his time he redefined excellence altogether. He didn't just meet the standard of mercy. He redefined it by going to two lengths that other people had never seen before. So it was completely unprecedented, and it fell outside. The first way that

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that's shown is in the quality of Allah veniam Shewanella, the hotel either hot Obama hiranyakashipu Salama, it's the way that you deal with people that character, it's the way that you deal with people have no mercy. It's the way that you deal with people who do not give you any worldly reason whatsoever to be nice. Okay, but you still choose to show mercy and to demonstrate a higher level of character higher standard for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So inshallah Tada, we'll go ahead and we'll stop there.

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We'll get deep into these qualities and talents. I'm actually really looking forward to it. One of the reasons why I didn't want to get into a Labine, I'm sure all the * no either hot woman Jade on Apollo cinemas, because of how rich some of the stories of the seller of the pious predecessors are in these particular ion. So, inshallah Tada. I look forward to seeing you all tomorrow in Shaolin. Please keep us in your

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mid comb Rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh

The benefits of being called servants of the Most Merciful

What is the significance of being called the servants of the Most Merciful? Sh. Omar Suleiman kicks off the first late night reflection in this special 10 day series.

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