Bilal Assad – Reflections On The Prophets 05 The Quest For Each Other

Bilal Assad
AI: Summary © The history of Islam is discussed, including its punishment, use of "hubba" in Arabic, and the importance of finding a spouse in search of a woman. Adam's deceptive appearance caused some people to be nervous and try to make themselves more resilient. The importance of acceptance, forgiveness, and forgiveness in bringing out the culture is emphasized. The Torah is also discussed, with deceptive appearance and the importance of forgiveness in bringing out the culture.
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah

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wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah. While early he was so happy here are Jemaine

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brothers and sisters in Islam as salaam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

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So our father and mother Adam and her work,

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were finally expelled from Genoa to London, the Garden of Eden, as a law explains in the Quran.

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An explosion was not a punishment.

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As we understand from the verses of the Quran, it was not a punishment. And from a hadith it wasn't one based on wrath and anger from Allah Spano dad,

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there was a greater wisdom behind it, a greater codder a pre measurement, a pre ordained, meant by a Lost Planet Allah which he knows best, how it's justified and how it fits

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with our circumstances of being here, but Allah had a plan. And we were to be here on this earth.

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This is what's important to us that we were to be here on this earth

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in order to earn our place in gender. And so our last panel with Tyler, he warned us,

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he warned us from the shaitan. And he said, be aware of him, he is your enemy. Look at what he did to your father's your father and mother. He took them out of genda when they were once in there, do not let him take you out of it. In other words, don't let him stop you from entering it.

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We have to get closer to Allah subhanaw taala.

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And by getting closer to him that love will increase our life in this life comes better. And we earn Jenna in sha Allah tala

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Adam and her work

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that was sent down to earth. Allah says Carla habito, Amina, Allah said to them descend from it. And when we use the word hubba, in Arabic, it's when someone descends from an upper place to a lower place, it has two meanings, an upper place of status, or an upper place which is physical, Allah knows best. But gender is birth. It's upper physical, and upper in status.

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And that was sent down to this earth and the last panel dial I said to them, I shall be with you. I will guide you, I will send you my guidance. If you need me, I'll be there. So the situation is not that of wrath or punishment. For Allah wanted to punish our father and mother, then he would have not given them guidance. He would have let them live in misery in this world forever.

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here and give them any type of entertainment in this world or pleasures because the law says you will have in their pleasures until an appointed time until this comes to you.

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So we're here

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to grow and to learn

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and to be tested for ourselves and to choose in our choices.

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My dear brothers and sisters in Islam, Allah says in the Quran, one of

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A lot talks about this knifes the self that we have, and how he has designed it.

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He gave it

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its tendency to do really bad evil, and he gave it the tendency to do really good

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stuff to your choice.

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He who purifies it mean keeps the enough's away from its bad desires, protects it from it has succeeded. And whoever obeys his naps, has truly lost because as in another verse in the Quran,

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the wife of Al Aziz in the story of use of Allah He said and you will know that story, where she seduced Yusuf Alayhi Salaam.

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In the end of the story, Allah Allah says use of Allah His Salah, and he refuses to exit until the women who seduced him or spoke about him in

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cluding the wife of Allah Aziz would admit their fault. So he wanted to come out with honor.

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And the wife of the Aziz admitted, she said Anna hustle, hustle hustle and our our two one nipsey now the truth has come I admit that I am the one who seduced him

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and then she goes on by saying afterwards few few words later, one at one hour or battery or NFC, I cannot make myself innocent might not she she returns it back to the knifes she knew what the nuts is. These these these bad designs within us. The knifes gets hungry. It's selfish. It gets jealous, it's arrogant.

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It neglects people's rights ungrateful.

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The neffs loves to try the Haram the neffs loves to try adultery loves wealth, the knifes she said in an F selling a marathon be soup. The nuts surely commands only bad things. So it's in the Quran Allah acknowledged this statement that the nuts true surely tell us tells us to do bad things all the time. So we should as Allah says disobey the knifes and purify it and purified by keeping it away from it.

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lustful desires

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in the harm in the things which are lost forbidden.

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So now we are here to fight this knifes we are to wrestle it and a level not programmers to be obedient in because that's not true obedience. That's not true earning of paradise.

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And if you do obey Allah and His messenger and repent from your sins, you can become higher than the angels because they bowed down to Adam and I sent him in his pure state. Allah will take that impurity from you in the hereafter and put you into agenda. As if the angels themselves about to all the offsprings of Adam, who are now pure engine, we ask Allah to make us one of them.

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So Adam Hauer was sent down to this earth.

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In one narration, it says that Adam alayhis salam, many scholars agree with this that Adam alayhis salaam

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landed in India.

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Adam alayhis salam, he came down to earth and landed in India

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and Hawaii

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in a sham or near Mecca in that area.

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Allah knows best there's differences of opinions, but what we do understand is that they came down in separate places.

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And so they began to search for one another.

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This search my dear brothers and sisters is inherited. Today, when people are searching for their spouses.

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We are on a journey.

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And the law has guided us in that search for a spouse even through his messengers.

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Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said for example, about the men, Mangia contado. Edina who who Luca who was a widow, if a man comes to you are fathers, of your daughters,

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and obviously to the daughter as well when she gets the opportunity to see the spouse to speak to him. But generally it also hasn't given advice when a man comes to you.

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And you are pleased with his character and his religion. Then marry him off. If you do not do so, there will be corruption on earth and terrible sin. Because what is there better than good religion and character? These are the two elements that make up a good family make up a good man. What else can make up everything else is just rubbish.

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doesn't fear God and has no good character? Rubbish.

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And then he advised for example, in searching for a wife.

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I also saw Sam tells us this is just an example of many words that he said in his advice. Don't go out to servers and Murali urba a woman is married off usually for four reasons meaning a man looks for for reasons to marry her in in manager earlier when he learned he how he has Serbia Serbia early Dini had fought for visa to dimitrova to deck either the man searches for his her beauty as the first priority, or her wealth as the first priority, or her lineage as the first priority lineage meaning in the Arab world lineage is the name of her ancestors. So it doesn't matter about their character just means that the ancestors have a fame so get married her to grow on her back become

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famous and become you know honorable among the other clans and tribes are number four her Deen her way of life,

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loosely religion, but Islam is a Deen. It's a way of life.

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It's not just a religion where you sit inside of a corner or inside of the masjid only in worship, where it's separate from your other dealings outside. Islam is not a separation of state

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and personal affairs. It's a combination together. It's a whole way of life, even the way we go to the toilet, believe it or not, the way we eat, the way we on the way we sleep, the way we sit, what is recommended for us in the way we came out here, and the way we clean ourselves, the way we marry,

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the way we raise our children, everything else the way we walk and talk everything. It's a way of life a dean. So he said, for the Furby that Idina tadoba to make the dean her way of life in a way that pleases last pantalla her Islamic way of life, be your priority. Otherwise, it's a throwback to that otherwise you will be playing with soil.

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You know, a person sits there playing with dirt, like a child, just playing with the grown old mount, pray, play with dirt.

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You know, doing anything for yourself, if you put money or beauty or lineage as your priority, and the dean is not your priority, if you get all four, that's fine, but the dean is the priority. So these are some ways that a source has taught us about searching for the spouse,

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or accepting the spouse or deciding on a spouse. So Adam and how were searched for each other.

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Now, I'd like to make a little point here everything we mentioned about Adam and how these things, we need to understand that because they are our fathers we actually inherit, we inherit the characteristics, their features physically, and the characteristics morally.

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So we actually inherit what they had of character, manners, and physical appearance.

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In relation to physical appearance. Rasul sallallahu alayhi wa sallam describes them alayhis salaam in the following manner. This Hadith is so here, you'll find similar wordings in Bukhari and Muslim many other books of Hadith that Adam alayhis salaam, he was 60 cubits long, or tall.

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Setsuna they are on fizemos 60 cubits tall as the raw as the raw

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is said to be from the elbow to the tips of the fingers, and some say it's from the shoulders, the tips of the fingers,

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close to about a meter,

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60 meters almost 50 meters tall, and about 40 meters wide about.

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And he was beautiful, as Emily said them is actually most scholars suggest that he is the most handsome and beautiful looking human being even more than Yusuf Ali Salim Why? Because they said because Allah created him.

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As Allah said, I created with my hands, I created him with my hands. In other words, a Lost Planet. Allah actually fashioned Adam alayhis salam as promised us and it says Allah surah t in His own image,

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in His own image. Now, maybe some people are thinking, well, but Christians this is what they use. They say that we created an image of God.

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In this Hadith, it doesn't mean that

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they had hudy does not say Allah created to advise them in the image of God. He said holla Kahala sarathi Allah created him on his own image, meaning Adam and I sent him was not born and then developed his height and weight and his skin and hair and everything as he grew up, like us not born as a baby. But the way he was he first came to this world

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was the way that he was at the time that he was created as in, he wasn't born from anyone. He wasn't a baby and then grew.

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But at the age that He created him at that form that he created, he started from there. So Allah created Adam alayhis salam in his appearance, without having to have led up to that appearance. And he got a lot of fun Tyler created Adam alayhis salaam from all the different soils and clays of the earth.

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The different souls and plays of the earth. Why, what does that tell us? So it also Selim explains again in the Hadith, so he had this, you know, problems in that,

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that Allah Allah created Adam, and he sent him from different colors of soils and clays from different textures. So some was hard, others was soft, some were white, some wood duck. And so he sets on a lot he was telling me, he said, and therefore they came out the different colors of people, the different

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characteristics of people, the different

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attitudes of people. So some people are created naturally from birth, with a tendency to be a little bit more rough than others and others are created a little bit softer than others, other than one of the

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Other than a little bit more firm a little bit. It doesn't matter which way Allah created us all actually part of the test. If you're created, naturally you tend to be more softer. Then Islam comes in and tells you Okay, now this is how you are, you're going to now train yourself to come a little bit more firmer in certain areas. If you're too firm Islam comes in and teaches you, okay, this is your test, you're gonna have to wrestle with your enough's, to try and make yourself a little bit more lenient in these areas. Some people are rough with their physical, you know, the anger. So Islam comes and tells them lighten up. Some people are too soft, so that just let people walk over

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even when the truth is there. They'll just let the truth don't compromise. Islam doesn't be a bit more firmer. So all of it is actually a test for us. You can't say I'm naturally this way. I can't do anything about it. No, we actually can.

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But that's part of the test. It's like being born into a family that's poor. Family that's rich family inherits diseases, you are tested, we are tested in our own world in our own circumstances. And we are to learn about our Deen to see how we're going to pass this test inshallah our different colors and nationalities. Allah also saw Samson in his final sermon. Before his death, salaria was sent in by about three or four months had jotted down his last hedge in Mecca was his only first and last hedge where he said,

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all of the human beings are like the, the teeth of a comb.

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We are equal and allows eyes. The difference is our righteousness.

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He says and we are all from Adam

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alayhis, salaam, whatever the moment Torah and Adam is from the soil.

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You see, so Islam talks about justice here and equality between humanity. Yes, we may have muslim brotherhood and sisterhood which is a very special bond. But we also do have rights of other humans, even non Muslims.

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And every person I say this all the time, every non Muslim person is a potential Muslim. Brothers and sisters, every non Muslim person, harsh or not. Enemy or friend is a potential Muslim in our eyes, inshallah.

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We try our best to invite and the rest is up to our last minute.

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Now we need to draw out the sword and force people into the deen to Islam.

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At the end of the day, who knows a few years time maybe they will be guided and they'll accept this Deen. You never know. Remember? I'd like to mention him

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and an Imam by the name of Amina Vilas Phillips, if you heard of him, when he came here about I think 1516 years ago, it was only about 18. That time, I listened to his first lecture actually the first one in Melbourne that I know of him to have given

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and the only one probably the only time he was able to came out to come out. He said, when I embraced Islam.

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He said it took about 19 or 20 years as far as memory serves me until finally my parents became Muslim

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20 years or 19 years if memory serves me, right.

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So you never never give up in shalom.

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Adam alayhis salam and Hawa

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searched for each other.

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In one narration, it says Fatah photographer, the art of it.

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They became acquainted. They found each other on the mountain of artifact, that's the name of the mountain the mountain of acquaintance.

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Allahu Alem. Maybe because Adam and I somehow were found each other on that mountain, you will know the amount of artifacts that area where we go for in hajj, huge story about that inshallah later classes to come inshallah we may have a chance to talk about.

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And then my dear brothers and sisters, they renewed their life here on earth. There's a difference of opinion about how long Adam Eisenhower stayed in paradise. We don't know exactly, but the majority of scholars agree that it was more than 40 years, at least.

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And he lived on earth for about 1000 years.

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The Jews in the Torah have a different

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age to atomize sentiments close but a bit different. However, we all know what happened to the Torah and the Injeel the Bibles that was sent down later on, they became corrupted they will change and also therefore our Quran or Hadith stay firm.

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And the prophet SAW Selim tells us that he stayed on earth for 1000 years or he stayed he lived

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Sorry for 1000 years, not necessarily on earth live for 1000 years, could have been 40 years in gender.

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And 960 years on Earth. Adam alayhis salam had 40 years extra of his life.

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But it says in one Sahih Hadith, she was also in Muslim, sorry Muslim.

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That went out last night that created Adam alayhis salam, there was a time where he took out all of his offspring in front of him. His offspring, like all of us were taken out before he could see us, all of his children from the beginning to the end of time. And, and and we had light on our foreheads or on our faces. Some people had their lights more than others. And there was one particular man whom he liked his light very much. And he asked Who is that and they said, this is your son, Dawood alayhis, salaam, the prophet devil, Elisa and David.

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And Russell's asylum advisor, I'm asked how long is it being given to live? They said, 40 years he said, Oh, my lord.

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Sorry, I was mistaken. Give him another 20 years of my life. So I was given another 20 years 60 years of his life so other monies sent him died a little bit before his time.

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We mentioned last week that Adam alayhis salam repented to a last panel died. But aloka Adam Rob bkd met in Santa Ana No, whatsoever Rahim. Allah is Salaam had learned some words from his Lord.

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Allah is the one that taught him. When you say teleport, it means you take it straight from the person that they're not called Adam Arabic And he met in fetta. Bali. Otherwise Salaam learn some words directly from his Lord. And he's used those words and the last one to Allah forgave him. Verily, Allah is the forgiver, the Most Merciful.

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Some of our scholars indicate to us

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that they were the words in the court and

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they said our Lord alumna and for center we have oppressed ourselves. And if you did not forgive us and give us mercy when I'm Dr. Linda tarhan, an akuna na serien we will be among the losers. And this is similar to eyes that you will find among the prophets and the people of righteousness. When they say that about themselves. I have wronged myself, my Lord, forgive me.

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That was the dawn of unicel a solemn in the stomach of the whole of the world, or the big fish. We mentioned this last week.

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Now, a police and his soldiers shayateen they understand what the human being is like. They know how the human being can be tricked. They know things about the human self which the children of Adam alayhis salaam did not know. If it wasn't for Allah to warn us from them, we would have not known.

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So what happened?

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We said that Adam and his Salaam knew the knowledge of everything. He knew the names of all things new the animals, the fish that how to prepare his life everything. So didn't need anyone to teach him like parents. He knew what on earth and his wife was the learning from Adam alehissalaam

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