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Manorama hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen or salat wa salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sallam. Firstly to all my brothers and sisters a salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. recovering the names of Allah azza wa jal. And the beauty of these names is to imagine and to think that how many great qualities or last or the last God, now look, I wanna, I wanna, I wanna, I want you to think about this. We come across celebrities, okay? They might be someone who's either got beauty or got talent or got skill or got a way of you know, persuading people or doing something on social media and they become quite famous right in the social media, films, sports, whatever, okay?

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There are people you know, you look at these people, talented people, how do we look at them and you think wow, you know, that person got that talent. I wish I could have that and I'm things that we don't have. We normally look up to those kind of people so so if you don't have some, if you're not so clever, when you come across a more intelligent person, the new you kind of always you know, you're in all of them. When you whenever you come across someone who's got more beauty than you you're in all of them because of the media or you can tell us that okay, it can go either way. stuff will allow them

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when you find someone who's got more wealth than you you're using, well, they've got some again, you know, you could either be jealous of them or you could you could just be in all of them. Now when it comes to Allah azza wa jal if Why are we going through all of these qualities you think how many qualities he's got one after the other. And you put these qualities together, I makes you be amazed that that is the that is the Lord and that is the a lot of creative. That is my Lord. And you know, the name that we come to right now is Al Karim. So today's one start we'll start with Al Kadeem now al Karim is the noble one the most noble, the most generous, okay, he is noble he generous, like he

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gives he gives he gives okay and, and when he when he gives us His gifts, you know, often what happened and this is this is the nature of the human being and Allah has Allah has discussed this in the Holy Quran in many different parts. He has said in an insane like an ode you know that the human being is very, very stubborn or very, very stingy, very stingy.

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The human being Allah has said, Love alone, you know, but the humans that they can be converted pressive Jehovah, they can be converted ignorant, the human being Allah says when I give it to them, when I give them something, then they forget me. When I don't give it to them, they're they're asking me Okay, and in fact, they're asking for your with lanky guys. So, the human being look, Allah knows that because he's created us and is given to this man given us this manual in the in the Quran, the Quran is our manual and tells us how we actually function. Okay? So you know, when you when you buy something, you you buy something, and straightaway come with the, with a user user

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manual. So it tells you how to use that product. The user manual of the product and the user manual of the human being is the Quran. Okay, so Allah created the human being and how do you how are you supposed to know how this human being functions, you look at the Quran, and Allah has told us how selfish we are, or how selfish we can we can become and, you know, when we have so much, okay, it's kind of less for us. That's the thing. Now, it's very strange, when the human has less, the human appreciates more, when the human has more, the human appreciates less, in fact, to the extent that Allah knows that the human being when you give the human being, and you give the human being, and

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you give the human being, then the human being becomes very accustomed to what they received. So you can see this between humans, you can see this between humans. So when you've got like a son or a daughter, you got a brother or sister or you know, you've got maybe, you know, a sibling, or whatever it might be, okay. When you give them and you give them and you give them and they become accustomed to it, then they expect you to do that because it's the norm. And it's very, it's very sad like husband could do this for the wife, wife could do this for the husband. When you when you do when you give someone when you do someone a favor and you do someone a favor again and again and

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again. And then you're doing the same favor over and over and over again, what happens the person becomes quite comfortable in in the favor that they've found themselves in, and they expect it See now they've moved from

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accepting your favor as a gift and a big favor, they move from there to expecting your favor to be on a daily basis without even saying thank you without even acknowledging that you're doing this out of a sacrifice rather than out of you know, just just habitually just giving for no reason. Okay.

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Now when when you

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Your spouse or your child, or your sibling, or whoever it is, you know, in your family member or someone close to your friend, whatever, when you're doing these things for them, and they, they find this as something that is the norm, then they lose value for what you've done. And they don't appreciate. The only way to make them appreciate it appreciate, again, is to take that away from them. But it hurts. It's it's a process that hurts that I've come across a lot of family disputes and so on. And I found that, you know, it's, it's sad, it's sad, okay, I found that with some of these families, the like, a person rang me and he he regularly comes to our office. And he said,

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Sure, he said, Look, I really, you know, I really need your help. I said, What is it? What is it? And he said,

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I, I've been so good to my wife. And I've given an a given and you know, she wanted holidays, I gave a holiday, she wanted extra, give it extra, I gave her regular monies in a bank, and every month, and then she wanted some extra like few 1000 pounds, and I gave that as well. But I you know, I just find that, you know, I'm in constantly, you know, unappreciated, and yeah, there's arguments, and so on, so forth. And henyk told me a few things. I said, Brother stop, as I say, to tell you what your problem is. He said, what I said, Your problem is you've been too generous.

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And he said, Really, I said, Yes. That's the price you could pay. If you become too generous as another individual, so me and his son, he did everything for his son, he even you know, imagine you are your son. So you've got wealth, so he can give you some wealth, and you bring them up, and you give them everything they need. Right. So the son never had to ask for anything, he hasn't got all the college, university, you know, whatever they needed, payments done for them. In fact, the father even bought a house for the son, the father even got the son married to a, you know, daughter in law. Okay, so So now as a wife of the Son, so now it's the doctrine of the Father.

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And after all this, so they've got a house without having to go through a mortgage and all of this, and they've got, you know, all the things that that any person could have asked for. And in the end, what happens? The son is disrespectful towards the Father, and the Father spoke to him about this. And I said, Your problem is, you've been too generous. You've been too generous, and you just come stop being generous. And that's why that's, that's who the human being can become. They not all human beings become like this now, but that's how they can become

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a woman Romney, and she talked about her husband, and she said, how much she does for her husband, you know, to the extent that she takes she's been taking breakfast, to his bed, years after their marriage. You know, she's she's, she looks after the entire house, the family, the kids everything, but the husband.

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And the husband doesn't even spend can't even spend, you know, a decent evening with her because he's out with his mate. He goes to work at AFRICOM for work, he eaten exactly these meats.

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And she spoke to me about this. And I said, Well, you've just been too, you know, too generous. And I could go not go on and on with the stories. But the thing is, look, where you've got to understand is, it's a real problem. Because human beings are conditioned to the explainer, if you've, if you've been, if you've been receiving things again, and again, then it becomes the norm. If you've had problems in your life, you've been struck with poverty, or you didn't receive something you like, let's say, for example, you've been struggling in your life, let's say that you struggled to get your house you struggled to get on with the ride, you struggle to find a job, you struggle to

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sustain your job, right? You struggle to keep keep things together, or whatever you struggle, struggle is a wonderful lesson and a wonderful training from Alaska. Because what happens is when you struggle when you don't have what you wanted.

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So you start from here, right at the bottom end, and you slowly move up to get what you wanted, you appreciated when you're there. The person who started from here,

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that becomes the norm, that's the benchmark. And now when in life, they're always there, that Okay, that's the norm but when they don't get what they want, they really can become upset. Right? And then they can have, you know, huge tantrums and whatnot. Okay. And if they do go up here, yeah, okay, that's the norm. Okay, the expectations were very high. And whoever's expectations become very high, you've set them on the wrong foot, because life's always there to to, you know, the challenges that we're going to find and that's why look i'm i'm pretty worried about the current generation that we've got because the current generation for the last few years more or less, we've we've given

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them you know, everything fed into their mouth, okay. The children, they wanted this they wanted that they got it, they got it. They wanted, you know, Playstation three, they got a policy for they got it. They won

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Got it. Okay, somebody comes out they wanted to get it they wanted Okay, they have all the smartphones everything else. Okay? Okay, you want it? You got it. Okay, your Wi Fi. Okay, fine. I said, Are you okay? You can have our 3g or 4g or 4g, or 5g. Alright, so so you keep on feeding and feed and you know, there's no discomfort, right? So even the getting bored, okay? Give them the power give them the phone, give them something else keep them busy cartoons, whatnot, you know keep them busy, okay his nature, he's a squirrel, whatever, you know we're doing this and all the time constantly, you know what are they might be good at entertainment might be in the house, we might be

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playing with them or with them outside. So you're not giving them a chance to get bored. And constantly, you know, the expectations is here and money expectation, financial expectations, attention, this is big thing, okay? Attention expectation is very high. And, and I really worried for them. Because the moment they come to marriage, you don't know this, this other girl that's coming to marry your son or this other boy that's coming to marry your daughter. If they've also had expectations like that from their parents, which is becoming common, by the way, like the son was led in a life of great expectations. And the daughter was given the great expectation by the father

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and both of them are coming to marriage. Now, this marriage is looking like a disaster. This marriage looking like a disaster. Why? Because both of them started there. Okay, the moment they get some kind of problem.

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This one's at that one, that one's this one. And they and they're arguing why because it's like, you know, he's not comfortable with with him being here. He wants to be there. Right? She's not comfortable being here. She wants to be there. You got to do this from ego. Because she's had her mom and dad do things for her all the time. He's had his mom and dad doing things for him all the time. And now they're looking at you thinking what you're going to do for me and she said, You know, you're gonna do for me, and it's like, well, I'm gonna, I'm not gonna be happy with if you don't, if I'm not gonna, and quarreling.

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I'm getting many of these cases that are, you know, landing in on, you know, coming to my ears, or I received mail. And the problem is what the problem is, if you go deep into the problem is that the parents gave to the parents gave too much or too generous, they gave so much so much to children that the expectations were very high, they never made them go through a life of struggle. And now, after marriage, it is pretty late in the day for them to learn all of these things. Okay, so why am I saying all of this video is all coming from an AI of the Quran? In Surah Al infoway, Allah said, Yeah, you an insane Mahabharata can kill him, all human being what has deceived you from such a

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great noble Lord of yours.

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Allies so noble, so generous, okay, so I'll carry the, the Allah that, you know, let me holla aka the one who created you, the one who made you the one who gave all these things to you. But yet, because he was so generous, I'll carry him. What has deceived you from that most generous Lord, most noble Lord.

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And the secret of why human beings are turning away from Allah is because he's been so generous. Just like you know, your sibling, your spouse, your sons, that you when you so generous to them, and in a way, they don't appreciate what you what you're giving to them, and then it becomes a tough problem for you. All, that is the very thing that a lot of us human beings are finding that look, your health is okay. Your wealth is there. Right? People say, Well, you know, I, I don't need to go to God, I don't need to pray to God. You know, like, okay, I'll do a little bit why do I need to pray to god why why why why?

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Man, man, I tell you, you know, people fall. Once I was talking to the brother in a second look, Allah is giving you a nice business. He had a business, okay? He's got a business and he's doing very well.

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And I said to him, Look,

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you Lord, okay, some time for your Lord. And he said, What for? I said, Look, Allah will give you back and you're busy man, you know what he said? He said,

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he said, Well, you know, I've gotten a blessing, Archana Baraka in my business anyway, look at the attitude of people. Like instead of thinking that all these blessings and I'm doing really well in my business from the start and from the get go, was that my lord has been so generous with me so I should appreciate that and get on you know, worshipping Him and do things for him instead of that oh god enough

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reason to tend to level yeah right now.

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And then and then when someone gets stuck, you know with with something like a health problem or a welfare or some something that comes then they start complaining, moaning and whatever analyze described or like the Quran about the human being Anyway, moving on to the name of Rocky, Rocky, Rocky is one who's watchful and this is different from the name of Allah, which is our boss's boss. He does the one that he sees. He sees Okay, he's saying but a rocky gives us the meaning of being watchful meaning that he's

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He's and he's watching again and again and again and he's continuously watching. So there's no no moment of taking, you know, the attention away and allows a little ensued of Allah has described his angels on our side sitting there rocky bonati they're just sitting there watching, observing, ready to, you know, put down whatever we've done, ready to take it down or what have you done? And we've we have a life where, okay, fine, we're doing things but you got to know this name is Rocky is a name that, you know, makes you think Ally's watching me as in. Everything I'm doing is watching it all the time now looks with Hanalei.

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I sat with a police woman, Chief police woman once they had the some meeting, and I must say that they came down and they'll generally talk, this was the time you know, when all the 911 all that happened, and so on. So they wanted some meeting to the masses and so on. So they came to our local machine, they sat down, we invited them, they sat down, we had a presentation, I gave a presentation, we talked and then after that, we sat down for a meal. And then there were the Chief Superintendent that was there. I said, Look, what are you doing to take the crime down in the local area? What are you doing? So they said, do we have police on the beat? I said, tell me this year,

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I'm sure where there's surveillance cameras, where there's more CVT, CCTV cameras available, where there are police officers. And there's police cars that, you know, civilians can see, they will look at those cars, and the crime rate will drop. And those moments at those times, and at those places where there's more CCTV cameras, and so on, so forth. Okay. That is quite evident, from the stats that we've got that the crime rate drops, not completely gone by drops. Suddenly, when you've got these cameras there.

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I said, How much are you going to continue to put so many cameras and police forces force and you've got your cars and vehicles parked in certain areas? How long? Are you going to do that? And how in places Can you do that? You just can't manage to go on every single street in every single area and have a Bobby on the beat and the police that says walking around? You can't?

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So she was like, you know, so what's your point? And I said, Look, I said it's any more important to work on the human being, that the human being feels deep inside that is being watched by not your cameras, or your police force, but by God Himself. Because once a human being has this thing that I'm going to be resurrected, and I'm going to have, I'm going to be questioned on the Day of Judgment. And there's punishment, if I if I've, you know, done something wrong, and there's treats and delight, if I've done something, right, once the human being in his heart, he has that,

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you know, awareness, that there is a God and that God, I can't hide from that God, and he's ever watchful.

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Then I said, you change the game, because then the human being even if he doesn't have a CCTV camera, or a or a Bobby on the beat, or police watching him, he's he's not going to commit that we're always going to be less likely to commit that crime. And she said, you know, she said to one of our officers, take his number down, you know, we're gonna call him to have another good meeting about the simplygo. She said that she never they're never called back. But But my point to you, to you, you know that the audience is that you think about it. Our problem a lot of the times in not wanting to have the crimes and things and I'm not just talking about street crimes, let's talk

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about, you know, human being crimes like crimes even as Muslims or Muslims do to other Muslims. When will that end? The the moment that will end is that we have this deep understanding of poverty, that he is always watchful, not just not just a rookie, but he's the one who's going to take us to questioning on the Day of Judgment, and we're going to have to answer for for when we're done. Now, if this thought is there, you know what, you can't use your tongue in the wrong way. You can't use your eyes in the wrong way. You can't go to the wrong places, you know, you you kind of feel so tensed up and how can I do this you don't realize what you know, kind of stuff unless there's a

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feeling that you have inside you that stops you and that feeling come from your own belief. And this is the Why would this is the reason why we're doing these names. Because if you go over these names, and the reason why it was also awesome said that whoever will you know God these names, then you will enter Jannah is that look, if you take in and you absorb the meaning of the word in the the name of Allah Rocky, that he's always watching, he's always watching resumes watching me. You change yourself as an individual. You're You're now a good believer, because you've been careful what you say you've been careful what you do. You've been careful in how you treat others. And that was the

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whole point of doing these things. The whole point was less and less. I'm saying that, you know, whoever God's

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names, they will they will go to gentlemen. And then let's move to the next name Alma Jeep. So I like his emoji, which which means that he is the one who answers to the calls that we make to him. So this particularly means that when we make and draw or when we when we turn to him Now don't forget, the VA doesn't have to be made with your hands up. They it's as soon as the prompts that allows them sometimes to make draw, sometimes my dog with the hands up, but you're generally in your life, you can make draw to allow just with your heart, a, you can make it with your hands down, like say, for some of you commuting to work, you know, you can draw straight away with your hands down,

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you can just say those doors are open and just with your tongue without even having to move your hands up. Because your heart means these words and they're turning their attention towards the last. That's okay. You don't even have to use your, your tongue, sometimes we'll do a dryer, okay, you don't need to do that. Sometimes your heart, you know, is really attached to a lot. And you really seek something from a lot and you want from a lot love understands what's in your heart. That's also like a call is not a call from your from your tongue, but it's a call from your heart. You think a lot of them didn't respond to the call of hearts. When hearts are broken when hearts are, you know

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yearning for a lie. You think Allah doesn't read that just because the only way we communicate is through the tongue. So if I'm saying something, you can hear it if you hear it and then you can respond to me in that's the way humans communicate with Allah. Yes, we will also communicate with the time we say these dogs with that time the Lord desires Yes, we're saying that, but I'm just saying that if somebody is their heart was was they're attached to a lamb, they yearn for something and they're thinking of, you know, of presenting this to Allah with the heart, that's also communication that allows it as well, he understands. But anyway, the sooner is to combine both of

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them to combine the tongue and the heart when making law. So there's lots of our hearts and minds told us that Allah doesn't accept the law of a believer, if they have, you know, or a person, if they if they're calling Allah with an absent minded heart or a mind. So so so they're absent minded and the calling Allah so Allah doesn't accept that, that what that means is that we're supposed to have a heart connected so it's more important for God to have the heart connected than to have the tongue connected. So anyway, the point is that whenever we're in a situation and we make into art or law school, he is responding to our call under so many things allows told us enough time regarding

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that I mean, just just the time of your start. And look at the plan in the eyes of Ramadan. Allah says wait a second, okay, buddy, I need any pedagogy with our da da either than that I'm in a close to my seven and my seven asks about me and I will respond to the call of the one who calls me yesterday Budi, let them continue to call me Well, you know, we let them continue to continue to believe in me law loving your children so that they come to the straight path. So, US calling Allah azza wa jal is part of our DNA. This is a brother, this is part of worship. And in fact, a lot of struggle has reprimanded people who don't call him Okay, so a call or a book Moroni has to give like

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your Lord has said to you,

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call me and I will respond to you

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unless it's in the loveliness that we're all those people who are arrogant proud to the extent that they don't want to even call me Allah says days you know, my regard or my worship, they're proud to even do that I'm more fussy and I've said here particularly that if you're if you're too proud to even call Allah than this punishment for Allah doesn't like that. Allah wants us to call him through a battle through worship through others and so on so forth. Okay. This is in Surah Surah number 14 number 16. Anyway, the point is that whenever we get into a situation where we where we you know, need him and recalling his deference and this name, use it when you want to ask to be answered.

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Okay. Yeah boogy boogy boogy boogy we are recording that again and again, is a way to try and get allows Julian's attention towards us. So we move to the next thing which is a lesser okay. The one who's the great expand the one who expands Okay. Now so Hanna line our theme Allah has this is known as Sera, Sera in Arabic, which is expansion. And the one thing that we know with with Allah is that he expands for Subhanallah Look, look at from the moment we are born to the moment we get to you know, adult life. Look how many things he expands for us. Subhan Allah, our bodies he's expanding, expanding the the entire body of the growth of the body that is that is from Alaska and is expanding

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our growth as we grow our financial status look at your life as you move along. How allow is Alaska he does he look Rosa is the one who provides Oh, he's provided some that's fine. He can just provide you enough for you to get along with you.

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You know daily expenses till the end of your life But there's one thing which is unwise or many that have provided you I'm not going to expand it I want to give you more so more than what you need more than you know what what what you had yesterday more than what you had one year ago. So let's expand our lifespans our families a alacer alike spans our living space Allah expands my mind a alacer especially if you want to be someone who wants to have you know, you want to have expansion in any of these areas or many of the other areas you know that are they like us the name Yeah, why sell and the Quran has used was your non Fira okay?

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That he is so in his has got so much expansion when it comes to forgiveness. So so how do we live our life according to this name, how we live our life record his name is that we should make expansion for others in our lives. So the Quran tells us in Surah Giada, whether, you know you're Latina, amen. Oh,

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my God.

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So, all believers, when it said to you in a gathering makes space for people like you're in a gathering that loads of people sitting there, somebody comes in, they're looking for space?

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Just make some space? Because if you make space, yes, sir, hello, my love's gonna make Allah is going to make space for you, meaning Allah is going to expand things for you, you sacrifice something to make way for somebody else to make somebody else's comfort, Allah is going to give you even more. That's how the rule of Allah xuejun works. So what we understand from this is that the more you can make space for people in your heart, and in your life, Allah will give you even more, to the extent that Subhana Allah, when you help a believer on this earth, Allah is going to help you in a very special way on the Day of Judgment, when you cover the faults of your Muslim brother,

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Allah is going to cover your faults on the Day of Judgment. This is a hadith a Muslim. So what are we doing in terms of how we live these names also, right? Because the, you know, the Hadith said that, you know, to God is that how we got this particular name, and we bring it into our lives is that I'm gonna think now how much expansion Can I make for people like allies, so you know, he has so much expansion when it comes to his, his forgiveness. So I should also do the same thing in my life for people as well. Anyway, that's the name was here. And the final one that we're going to go for today is a hacking, which is the most wise now allows, you know, this, this, this name has so

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much, you know, so much meaning for us. So, one of the things that we understand from this is that a lot, not only knows everything, but he has wisdom, with his knowledge, there's two, there's two separate things, you could go and get a university degree and you could know something, but you might not have wisdom, wisdom is something something different wisdom is to, is to have the ability to know when to apply the kind of knowledge that you have, and when not to applied how much to apply to how much not to apply. that's to do with the wisdom. So. So a lot of people have might have university degrees, but you know what, socially, they like the zero, when it comes to something

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simple to do in life, they can't do, they might be wizkids at a computer, they might be, you know, fantastic people when it comes to, you know, the social media and how to, you know, how to take a phone and how to

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do something really fast and fun, which which some of us look like dinosaurs when they when it comes to those kinds of phones, right? But wisdom is on the different wisdom is that, you know, you might have knowledge, but it's when to buy for example,

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when do you When should you actually you know, say something to someone or not, when should you stop, you know, something and you know, if I say this, it make the situation worse. So to make yourself stop, I'm not saying that that moment, that's wisdom. Or you're in a situation, that if you don't say it, it's going to make these situations worse. That's wisdom.

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If I don't get upset now, the person is going to really, you know, get spoiled, even when they're going to do something worse tomorrow, it wisdom or if I get upset now I'm going to make things worse. My son's going to look at me and say, Well, you know what, they're upset with me and always upset with me and he could make things worse. So when to apply what you know, at what time at what circumstance that is all wisdom. And I'll be honest with you, when we are learning. When you're studying Arabic And we're studying stem studies, many of our teachers said they said they said if you have one ton of knowledge with that one tonne of knowledge, you need 10 tons of hikma and wisdom

00:29:55--> 00:29:59

for one tonne of knowledge you need 10 tons of wisdom.

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So I used to think why they say you only understand this properly when you grow up and you kind of see or people doing their lives you know, if you didn't got knowledge but they lack wisdom, it's a huge problem. Hey, I know people in my life, okay? That they might have the university degrees in the market is so knowledgeable in one area but they totally let down when it comes to other areas and they lack serious wisdom and around the corner, you know, understand things as you may understand things anyway, we've covered these names Today I'll carrying the most generous one of the keys, the watchful eye Mooji, the one who responds to advise on our calls, otherwise, you're the one

00:30:43--> 00:30:59

who expands and right now al Hakim, the one who is full of wisdom, allows you and blesses and bless all of you that are watching allows region, give us all the best of these qualities in our lives as well. Zach Lehane, Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh