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Episode 21_ The First Rows _
What is the significance of the first rows in the Masjid? Are they physically the first rows, or do they encompass something deeper?

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So I never like the denigrating of the mustard uncle or the Auntie, for several reasons. But one of the things that I think we really, really need to take into consideration is that if you go to the masjid, who are the people that are usually in the front row, and who are the people that are usually staying behind to clean up after everyone has left, and it's usually that uncle that's being denigrated on some online commentators platform, or that Auntie that's being mocked.

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And particularly when it comes to those that love the massages, which is one of the things that causes a person to be shaded by the throne of Allah Subhana Allah, and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and though the narration of upside below the line is not the strongest, but it has a correct meaning that if you see a person consistent with the motion of the doula who will imagine that if you see someone consistent with the mustard, then bear witness that that is a person with faith. And of course, a lot confirms that there are people that go to the masjid, that want to get to the huddle that seek to be purified, what then have a person who makes it a point to always be in the first

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row, that person that's in the front row is harbor suffering. And the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said in the lahoma that he gets Oh, you saw Luna Allah soften that the Allah and His angels send their prayers upon the first row. Now, the first row is not actually about physically being in the first row. It's about how early you're coming to the masjid and the way that you adjusted yourself to make it a point to always be that person that's there. First, that's always there before the Imam says Allahu Akbar. And if you think about it, it's a mindset. Because if you generally went to most massages, you would see that the people that are usually in the first row are the same people all

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the time. And the people that usually catch the second, third, fourth, that are caught are usually the same people every time, right, because just like you have some people that set their watches to five minutes in advance so that they're not late, or people that are very punctual with things that are important to them. There are people that have the mindset of always being in the first row. And the angels recognize those people and the angels always send their prayers upon them. And it's a category of people. When you read the books of the seller of the pious predecessors, one of the ways that you talked about someone who repented and changed their life was that they became from us how

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the software word they became from the people that were always in the first row. So that's one of the ways that you knew that a person's repentance was sincere, and that they really turned back to Allah and they left behind another way of life. And it's not just that the angels love to send their prayers upon the people in the first row. The prophets like Selim said, that one of the blessings of this oma is that Allah has established our prayer in the same way that the angels line up for their prayer. So the way that we make our rows and form our rows is the way that the angels form their rows before a loss of habitat as well. So when the angel see those people that are coming early to

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the masjid, and that are lining up in the same way that they line up before their Lord, then they love to see those people. And there's also the Hadith where the Prophet slicin um, said that the angel sent their prayers upon those that are on the right side of the road. Now, that's not someone who just praise on the right what this is referring to, is when the when the row is imbalanced, it should be imbalanced, slightly to the right, if it's going to be imbalanced. So you want to have the Imam as centered as possible, but a person who's even thinking about where the angels line up and so the angels filled the right side, before the left side and it all fills in together. That doesn't

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mean second row, right is better than first row left first row is always better. This isn't a sporting events, okay. It's the people that are there first in front of Allah subhana wa, tada and the prophets license that the angels prey upon those who fill the gaps as well. Okay, so when we line up like the angels for prayer, then they prey upon us. And when we come to our worship, punctually on time, longing for it, the way that the angels long to worship their Lord and the way that they line up, then they particularly take note of those individuals, and a loss of Hannah Montana particularly takes note of those individuals.