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The Art of Humility

Sh. Omar Suleiman covers the first description of the servants of the Most Merciful – “those who tread lightly on the Earth and when they are approached by the ignorant, respond with Salam.” What are the connotations of these characteristics?

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I'm gonna shower

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All right, community Mr. ecology Mr. Nelson Mr heme? hamdulillahi Rabbil alameen What are they wanting Donilon? I mean, what I have to give it to them Safina la masala cinema baddeck and avocado, silica Mohammed and sallallahu wasallam are already here or Sufi, he was lm testing and kefir. So, just as everyone's getting logged back in inshallah wattana. I, I wanted to, first and foremost apologize for the technical difficulties that we had tonight.

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And inshallah Allah will try to see if we can, maybe we can rerecord a shorter version of the jizz and put it back up, it seems like zoom had some issues tonight it was down. So, inshallah Tada, I'll go ahead and just continue with the discussion. And as I started yesterday, we started talking about a bottle of wine. And we started talking about the servants of the Most Merciful. And we talked about, you know, how people sort of glanced over the connection of very badly, the connection of servants of the Most Merciful and the connotations of that, and go straight into the description, they go straight into what that means to be, from the servants of the Most Merciful some of the

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the technical details of how people carry themselves as the servants of the Most Merciful, but they don't pay attention to the beauty of the title servants of the Most Merciful. So tonight, Nikita Anna, I'm going to go ahead and talk in Charlottetown, about the first idea, or the first description, but not the entirety of it. Last contact says a lady named Shona Ali Whoa, now what are you doing a call who said that those who tread lightly on the earth and when they are approached by the ignorance, they respond with set up. So this is also one of those things where typically you'll see that people will, you know, sort of glance over the part where Allah subhanaw taala describes

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people treading lightly on the earth, and they'll go straight to how we deal with the ignorant. And one of the reasons for that, is that there are so many stories from the seneff about how to deal with ignorant people. Literally, if you were to take any biography of Cliff outwash, the Dean of the righteous for the fat of the companions of the pious predecessors of the sages throughout Islamic history, you're going to see over and over and over again, the praise of their character in the face of taunting in the face of very ignorant people that approach them in ways that were not be fitting. So inshallah Tada, I want to focus on this first part because I think it's extremely beautiful. What

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does it mean to tread the earth? Like? What are the connotations of treading the earth lightly? How does that reflect? How does that reflect mercy and this is a deep, deep tough sea of that you'll find of this a and when you pay attention to all of the the connotations that come from this ayah So first and foremost,

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what causes you to have inherent wahala

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with the creation as a default before any infraction is that you know how much or what none has had with you. And so it's still connected to the Most Merciful and that's why they say that when you get angry with someone then first get angry with yourself when you think about taking revenge on someone think about how many times the last panelist did not immediately take revenge on you for a transgression that you had in regards to one of his rights when when when you see yourself slow to forgiveness, think about how quick a lot is to forgiveness with you. And so the first way that you walk the earth with Lima with mercy is this inherent understanding that Allah subhana wa tada has

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been so merciful with me, Allah subhanho wa Taala has so much water with me and allows me to walk this earth and allows me to benefit from this earth and allows me at times that you know, those those those mistakes, those inherent sins that are going to come as a part of my being Ben Adam from the children of Adam, it is so dumb, Allah subhanho Tada is, is merciful with me, Eliza forgives me and it gives me a time to repent. So the first way that you connect with a human in this concept of being rebellious

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in regards to how you walk the face of the earth is that you treat the world around you with this sense of gratitude, right? Because you know how Allah subhana wa tada has been merciful with you the difference between the first part of this verse

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Second part of this verse also led me I'm sure, it'll be hohner those who tread lightly on the earth. And those who respond with noble character in the face of insults in the face of rudeness is that, you know, illenium, showing our lovely home that is before anything bad happens. It's just your very essence and your very presence. And so your very presence and essence is one of bosma is one of mercy. And that if something happens to you, then it's one of forgiveness. And so, before the fact, it's mercy, after the fact, when you come across people that don't, that don't live up to those standards that don't hold themselves to a higher standard that act in certain ways. That's

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where my fear comes in. That's where Apple comes in. That's where pardoning and forgiving comes in. And what drives you then, so in the same way that you walk this earth with mercy, because you realize how much mercy the Most Merciful has had with you. You approach with such a level of humility, you're humbled by love mercy upon you and your very essence. The second one is what's going to cause you to forgive and pardon and overlook after someone violates you, regardless of that noble character, is how badly you want a loss of data to forgive you. And by the way, this is not excusing, voting, we're going to get to that this is not excusing oppression, or excusing harm, or,

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you know, saying, to to, to accept abusive situations. That's, that's a different category, which we'll talk about tomorrow in Charlottetown. But we're just talking about the noble quality of forgiveness, and being able to overlook that's after the fact and it's because of how badly you want a lot to forgive you. But the way that you walked the face of this earth with nobility, is because of how you know that Allah subhanaw taala has had mercy with you. And so you automatically approach everything with a sense of mercy. So let's go to the the connotations of Medina I'm sure I'll be home. The first thing the scholars talk about here is the literal Walk of a person, the way that a

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person walks and carries themselves has so much in what it tells about the person especially in certain cultures, okay. So it's it's not limited to the physical act of taking steps but how you carry yourself and this is why we find that Look, man, Hakeem

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says to his son walks in FEMA, Sheikha was insulted. He says that, be gentle, be moderate. When you walk and keep your voice low and uncover a Swati assaulted me, and the most despised of voices is the one that resembles the brain of a donkey. Okay? So this is something that literally comes into play here, the way that a person carries themselves how you walk your body language is so important, what is the body language that you have, because he might have hustle and bustle Kamala, he described insula, for example, your body language and prayer, he said that if the heart has for sure, if the heart is humble, then all of the limbs will be humble as well, they'll all have a sense

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of stillness as well. And so humility carries into your body language as well, the way that you look at people, the way that you walk to people, past people, the way that you give people attention or ignore them, though, all of these things, the tone that you use in your voice, when you talk to people, right? These are all things that we learn from the Prophet sallallahu, alayhi wasallam, that have so much to do with tilava that have so much to do with humility. And so it's not just the physical act of taking steps, but rather its body language, what does body language suggests about humility. And if you remember last night, when we talked about this, Allah subhanho to Allah, by

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calling those people I say us hoping that we would be amongst them because we aspire to be from those people calling those people are about Obama and calling them the servants of the Most Merciful calling us in the nighttime the servants of the Most Merciful. We said that a lot as it was and chose the observable characteristics so that the the one who sees the difference in behavior between the oppressors between the Abuja has and the upper left halves of the world and the abacus and now that I've met them, they're also the world, they will clearly be able to discern who was inspired by rightful guidance, and who carries themselves in a way that the fits noble guidance. So law,

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addresses the body language, the exterior, the very observable characteristics. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, of course teaches us that it's not just the walk or it's not just the body language, but it's the attitude that it suggests. So he sets a lot he was set them in a different model the allowance on that Bane amount, Roger in your journal is out that there was a man that was walking and he was dragging his his his soul, he was dragging his ease off his garment with pride. Okay, so it was out of a sense of pride, a loss of kind of what's Allah festa Fabio, Allah subhanho wa Taala

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swallowed him in the earth, and he would continue to be sinking into the earth until the Day of Resurrection. So the prophets lie. Some is saying that there was once a man that was walking with a great sense of arrogance, dragging his garment and a loss of power to cause the earth to swallow him. Okay, because of that pride, and he would continue to sink in that Earth until the day of judgment. Compare that to a Welbeck catalyst, the vehicle of the local town and people who had a defect that caused him,

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caused his job at times caused his garment to drag. And, you know, he asked the prophets lie, Selim, he said that, you know, is this is this going to be against me on the Day of Judgment, because the film is dragging, and the profits licenses, you don't do it out of pride, hence, you have the difference of opinion amongst them. Which is, if a person drags their garments out of pride, it's obviously hot, um, and it falls into the category of major sin. In fact, if it's, if it's insisted upon in this way, but if a person's garment goes beneath the ankle, not out of a sense of pride,

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that does the does it still fall under the element of sin, and there's a different valid difference of opinion amongst the scholars. And I'm not going to talk about that too much right now. But just to compare with the profit slice I'm talking about in terms of that man from the previous oma, and in terms of what we see from,

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from Benny to slot eat, compared to Apple bucket as to the quality of the whole time. So

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next, we look into some of the different narrations in this regard, that speak about this, from the perspective of the setup and how they interpreted it. I sold a lot of time was the daughter bubble back, it'll be a lot of time, of course, and who is a scholar of this oma, she once saw a man walking and the men walking was walking, you know, he was walking like he was he was sick, like he had, you know, some sort of,

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you know, some sort of issue and he wasn't able to sleep at night, whatever it may be. The point is, literally is described as walking like a dead man. Okay. And as he was walking, you know, in a way that was slow in a way that suggested he was sick, or whatever it may be, actually a lot of time and she actually said, What is it with him? What's wrong with him? And the people responded? And they said that, yeah, I mean, he's from the court of law. He's from the reciters, meaning he's from the people that pray all nights. Okay. So because he prays all nights, he's, you know, he's demonstrating how tired he is, because of his prayer at night, and some ham a lot of the setup, the

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pious predecessors, they used to actually project their voices so that people would not think they were up all night reading the plan, they would try to walk with a straight posture, so that people would not, would not think that they were praying all night, if they if they made it known to people that they had heard something that happened at night or that they saw the star at night or whatever it may be, they would make it a point to say that they were up not because of prayer, but because of something else. If they didn't have food, they would still display something just so people didn't think they were being people of people that scepticism so

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I saw the love on her she took great exception to this idea. You know, or you know, she was very offended by this idea that this man was walking this way because he had been praying all night he was from the portal, like Masha Allah, you know, someone's walking at night. Someone's sleepy The next morning, why are you sleepy at work? You know, I was praying to hedges all night long. Michelle, why is your posture off? Oh, you know, that eight hours every night really gets my back. Why? Why are you you know, Why is your voice so low? Well, you know, I recited a whole joke last night. So people that that actually would give away Why are your eyes so read I was crying all night

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These are things that are obviously exaggerations, but I used to seeing this man and she's she's totally bothered by it and realize it shall be allowed on herself as a woman that prays and is known and distinguished by her 200 so her response she said, watching the lahoma she's helped me a lot Have mercy. On on level the a lot of time. He was from Allah, he was from the leaders of the reciters meaning he was from the people can have alignments, you looking for what he was one of the people that would recite all night long. But despite that he the Messiah s lie. When he walked he walked fast. Why even bother us man. And when he spoke, he projected he made sure his voice was

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heard. He didn't there was no tiredness in his voice what either a lot about Elijah. And when he hit he hit heart and one narration when he fed, he fed generously even though he didn't have much food in his home. Meaning that this walking is what the Lord was saying this walking is a walk over the app to walk of showing off. And so just as you know, I'm shooting out of the home now. There's the pride, you know, the pride in your tribe, obviously in those times the pride in your strength or your your physical

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You know abilities or your or, you know, your posture of pride because you have wealth pride because you drive a certain car pride because of your position. Those are all types of pride. But religious pride can actually manifest false humility. And that is also the and condemned in this, that's also a showing off that's condemned in this I, okay, people that would walk slowly or humbly, but in a way that that portrays a false sense of humility also, for the same purpose that someone else would be showing off using another reason or on the basis of something else that they have this person projecting a false sense of religious pride. So

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all would have been added as he's looking, well, let's see, how do we find the narration about him? In this regard? What's the theme Ashika? organize, he's like a Mullah. He says that, you know, he was raised to walk in a certain way, because he was from the nobles of Benny omiya. And so they were told they were taught to walk a certain way. And, you know, one day when he was walking, someone told them you want me to slow down? Why are you walking that way? And Ahmedabad Abdelaziz him Hola, Tada. He apologized. He said, Well, that's how we were taught to walk that the children of the nobles have been omega were taught to walk in a certain way. And somehow he was trying to shake it

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off. He was trying to learn how to not walk in a way that demonstrated a sense of pride. And that's why when you read about the Sultan of the Prophets, lie Selim, description of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and you read about his walking, the Prophet slicin was described as walking, not too fast nor too slow. He walked like he had somewhere to be at his Salatu was Salam. So you had to keep up with him. But it wasn't an arrogant walk. It wasn't a boastful walk, but the Prophet slicin would walk like he had to be somewhere. Okay, so he, he had a busy walks alone morning, so I'm not a boastful walk. And so again, we think about body language here, and how we

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carry that, you know, through our voices through the way that we walk. But there's a deeper meaning to this. And this is really what I want to get to.

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And you know, how long it's beautiful how allies words, this idea of humility here. Some of the scholars say that mentioning the adult mentioning the earth and levena, young Shona lol all the hohner those who walk on this earth, likely with ease, is to remind you that you are from the earth you are from this. This is what you're made of you are walking on yourself, you are walking on what you are made of. And so this is a reminder that men have fallen NACA Murphy Henry to come, that this is where we what we created you from. And this is what you will return to what your feet are upon every single day as you walk, you are walking on yourself, you are walking on your origin, and you

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are walking on your return. Okay, this is where you came from. This is what you will go back to and this is where you will be resurrected from. What does this mean? So the obvious part of this first and foremost is the our essence in regards to Allah subhanho wa Taala. Right, that Allah subhana wa tada created us from this earth, because we are all the children of Adam and Eve who said I'm an Adam is from Adam is from dirt. So the obvious, you know, humility, to humility to the Most Merciful. There are two beautiful lessons that we can take from this as well. Number one, in relation to your own essence. So the first lesson is in relation to your own essence. You know, how

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they say people become arrogant when they forget where they came from, okay? They forget where they came from.

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That's also true with an adult with the earth, you rise from the earth and you never leave it, you're constantly, you know, clinging to the ground, only to be buried in, it's inevitably when the time comes. Right you are, you are reminded by virtue of being on this idol of being on this earth, that this is who you are, and this is where you come from. And do not forget where you came from. Because when you forget where you came from, that's when arrogance and pride develop. Right? And so this is a lot as a judge way of telling you remember where you came from. And this is not the only way that the last contact tells us to remember where we came from right? It takes us back to the

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process of our birth. Right. And if you remember that you came from nostalgia that you came from that dirty drop of fluid, it should humble you and so here as you go out with your you know about your business every day, as you are clung to the earth as you are walking on the earth, realize you're walking on your own essence you are treading upon your own essence. So that's the first thing it's in regards to how you view yourself. Don't forget where you came from, I'm sure not an adult, well into an adult, you walk on this earth and you are from this earth. The second thing is in relation to the world around you and the people around you. So could it become an Adam or other

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You're all the children of Adam and Adam is from dirt. And so you don't, you don't have to cub or you don't have pride with anyone else, because you realize that you are from the same material as them and that all of the distinctions, the worldly distinctions are not distinctions in the sight of a loss and kind of what's out there false distinctions. The only true distinction is tough, what is God consciousness, and that's something a tough wahana that's concealed in the heart. And so you don't belittle people on the basis of their race, on the basis of their education level on the basis of their wealth on the basis of their status. You don't belittle people, you don't look down on

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other people, because you realize we came from the same thing. And you know what, when we go to the earth, we will all be buried in the exact same way. And to Allah subhanho, wa Taala, we are all the same except by virtue of taqwa by virtue of God consciousness. And so you remember that the person in front of you because realize all of these verses are going to be about how you deal with people, the person in front of you, is made from what you are made from, and will return to the same URL that you will return to, and will return to a loss of parents are just like you. And the only thing that will distinguish you on that day, or your good deeds.

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So that's the those are the two ways that we understand how to automate and the benefits of it.

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The next thing is, you know, what does it mean to have a subtle presence, and this is really what the, you know, what the verse is talking about, is having a humble presence, okay? And so the scholars say this is comprehensive, like when the prophets lysozyme says, mental blah, blah, I did not follow the law, whoever lowers themselves for a lot, a lot elevates them. What does it mean to have a subtle presence, the scholars mentioned a few things here. They mentioned that you don't make people get up for you. They mentioned that you don't make gatherings uncomfortable, you know, by your presence. And there are many ways to make a gathering uncomfortable, people you don't have, you

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know, people don't have this idea that you have grand expectations of them that when you enter the room, it's a heavy presence. You don't let others always serve you, which I had taught him a lot.

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When Java came along, he says that I accompanied him enormously alongside him

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for you know, many years many journeys. And I did it so that I could serve him so I could do fitments of him. But he ended up doing more figments of me, right? So this idea that you don't let people serve you, you don't let people carry your things. You don't get easily agitated to where people are afraid of saying certain things around you, because they know that your presence is heavy. And so they always have to watch the words carefully because you have a hot temper. You don't harm the gathering. You're not loud, you don't disturb people. You don't cause other pollution to the world around you.

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By the way, don't worry, I'm not saying oh, I just forgot to grab my cup of water. Okay.

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So the point is, is that, you know, you have to actually ask yourself when I walk into a room of people, what does that do? Right? What what type of message does it send to the gathering?

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And there's a difference between people honoring you because you're a noble person, noble, noble characteristics, like Earth model the law of time, when there's not only a lot of time who came in upon the prophets lie, some of the prophets lie, some would sit up and fix his garments. And he said, should I not be shy from a man who even the angels are shy from all the a long time?

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So what does your presence do to the to the gathering? And then inshallah Tada, you know, just mentioned a few more things. And I think my throat is telling me I should stop. Even though I don't have a sore throat. From the duck, I just need to get some water.

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What does it mean to have humility with your parents? What does it mean to have a subtle, a subtle presence with your parents? Allah subhana wa tada says, what that

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means whitener. So how to look at the language that lies those are the uses, that you lower your wing in humility, you know?

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Are you lower your wing and humility, and Russia and mercy? And we are here described as.

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So what does it mean to not, you know, you know, when you're a kid, and your parents call upon you, and you're slow to respond to them, or you give them a hard time? That's one thing, but then when your parents get old, in particular, and you're serving them, you know, how do you make them feel when you serve them? Do you make you make it known to them? Is it is it a heavy presence like Fine, I'll do this for you. Or is it you know, I'm honored to serve you.

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The subtle presence in the home. The prophet SAW, I saw them when he would come home.

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I saw the allowance for Anna. She was asked about his home life. She said 10 if he could make the effort, he, he was so simple. And he was in the service of his family. He would milk his own sheep, he would patches on clothes, he'd go to the market to buy his own things he would sit and he would eat with servants, he would initiate the saddam to others.

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You know, he was just so simple. So a lot more. It was Southern. He didn't have a heavy presence when he came home.

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A subtle presence in when you would manage people. And I said no medical the amount of time I'm talking about how the profits lesson was never harsh with him.

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And that, you know that one time the prophets lie, some sent him on an errand prophets lie some just gently made his presence known. And nslds lavon who was embarrassed that he didn't do what the prophets lysozyme had sent him out to do. So he went out and he did it. And so the last thing I'll say here is the way the scholars described this idea of sooner than the homeowner

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in a proactive way is that you bring a calming effect to the environment around you. You give people sit down, you smile at people, you put people at ease, you assist people with heavy objects, you serve people in your vicinity, you bring a subtle, comforting, calm presence, not an arrogant or boastful one. And so that is the first way

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that these people are described and inshallah tada tomorrow we will continue with what either Papa homodiegetic going to follow said ama and also to remind everyone shuts out we'll have our virtual hosts back at 2pm Eastern sha Allah tada so I will see you all there and Allah tada as well and of course for on 3430 and we'll try to see if we can rerecord this past session inshallah Tata since we had issues with zoom in technology so does that come a little fight on we escalus printouts and make us amongst those that tread the earth lightly that the profit slice I mentioned that they can enter a gathering and leave a gathering without even being noticed that they are the celebrated Odia

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velocity data, the people that don't cause apprehension or harm to those around them but people that that are gentle with everyone around them the people that serve rather than expect to be served the people who speak with with a voice and a tone that is comforting and not stressful people who bring Sakina to the environments around them tranquility to the environments around them and a people that humble themselves first and foremost to a loss of hundreds out and in the process are honored violence internal tada Allahumma amin inshallah tada see you all tomorrow does that Malala Fado said I want to go to LA he will get a cut