Yasir Qadhi – Weathering The Storm – Standing Firm On Our Principles

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The history and meaning behind Prophet sallali Alayshi wa sallam's message of universal human equality was not fully implemented until the time of the Prophet's death. The message was not fully implemented until the time of the Prophet's death, and some people were not allowed to wear their skin like the Prophet. The history of Islam and its use of "medicals to avoid visa restrictions" are also discussed, as well as the importance of not asserting who is Islam's to blame and not giving up on people's actions. The importance of compromising on "by the way" and "by the way" when faced with negative comments is emphasized, as it is often considered a natural thing. The speakers also emphasize the need for a level of confidence in Islam to avoid future political unrest and avoid wasting political energy.
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hamdulillah Isla De Niro

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Al Hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah Camden Kathy Daniella Bullock

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Obinna Masada to sleep Elena be in Moscow Valkyrie Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu.

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All praise is due to a loss of Hannah what sada we praise Him as He and only he deserves to be praised. And we ask Allah subhana wa tada for the blessings of this world and the blessings of the next we ask protection that Allah subhana wa Taala protects us from the evils of our souls and the evils of the whisperings of shaitaan and we pray that Allah subhana wa tada sends His peace and his salutations and his blessings upon the most perfect worshipper, and the final messenger sent to mankind, our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as to what follows

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when our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam began preaching the message of Islam, what exactly was the message, many of us will immediately say he was preaching to hate. And that's true, he was. There's no denying that that is the crux of what he came with. But what many of us fail to recognize was that from the very beginning of the prophetic message, there were fundamentals that were also being taught, there was a call for social action, there was a call to change societal norms and practices. For example, the very first prohibition of the Quran was about female infanticide, don't kill female girls. This is a social change. Islam didn't just come with theology didn't just come

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with rituals, there were principles that affected society itself. And some of these principles, dare I say all of them, were politically incorrect.

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They were principles that the Arabs, the pre pagan peoples of Arabia, did not comprehend or appreciate.

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And one of the earliest messages that our Prophet sallallahu wasallam came with, and also one of the most politically incorrect was the message of human equality. Now, pause here before I get to the issue of what I'm talking about, realize that before the coming of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, no philosopher, no theologian, no society had ever claimed that all human beings were equally human. I know it sounds pretty straightforward. I know it sounds like a given. But the fact of the matter is that every society and every race and every civilization deemed itself to be superior to other civilizations, the Chinese felt they were better than everybody else. The Romans

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looked down to the Persians, the Persians looked down to the Greeks, the Greeks looked down to the Arabs, every civilization felt we are the best morally, nobility wise, were number one, and everybody should be subservient to us. And even within every race, there was a hierarchy and paradigm. It's not as if the Arab said, Oh, we are all Arabs together against the Persians. We are all Romans against No, even within one particular society, there was a clear hierarchy. Rich elite nobleman, lineage blood. Who is your grandfather? Where were you born? How much money do you own Arabia as the classic example, if you were the chieftain or the son of a chieftain, you are treated

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very differently than if you're somebody from another tribe. If you are a quraishi versus a non Cora sheep. Why were the non Cora shoes persecuted? And in early mcca, nobody harmed Abu Bakar. So this will be a long line. Nobody actually lifted a finger against our profits of the law while he was sell them for the first six or seven years. Why? Because it took a long time for them to overcome the taboo of a quarter sheet hitting another quarter sheet. They brutally attacked a mode of vinyasa. They killed his father, he acid and his mother's swimming. Yep, they massacred some of the early Sahaba. They tortured Bilal they beat Abdullah bin Masaru to a pulp. Why? Because they weren't

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from the koresh. And he

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Even within the kurush, there was a clear hierarchy. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam came, and he began preaching a message that to the best of my limited knowledge was unheard of in all of human history. And if I am incorrect, please correct me. I do not know of a single person before our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam, who came with such a explicit message of universal human equality. All human beings are equal in the eyes of Allah. It doesn't matter who your father or mother was. It doesn't matter your skin color, it doesn't matter your social status in the eyes of Allah, all of you are equal, except with what you your cells do with your lives, which is taqwa,

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which is content, which is character, which is allowed, then you can compete with one another. Now, we all know what the prophet system said at the end of his life and had just heard Wada we've memorized it. We've been taught this since our kindergarten and our you know, Sunday schools love hot blooded Albion II Jimmy and Wally abbiamo. A sweater Illa the taqwa we've memorized it because it's true. He said that a few weeks before he passed away, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in front of the largest gathering that he ever spoke in front of he go He gave five paragraphs. One of them was about economic equality. One of them was about treatment of women. One of them was about the

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universal equality of all human beings. And he explicitly said that famous line, all of you are from Adam, and Adam came from dust. There is no superiority of an Arab over a non Arab have a white over a black except with taqwa. We all know that. How many of us know that 23 years before he said that? From the very beginnings of Islam, there was the message of human equality. This is ingrained in the Quran. It was in the very basic preachings of early Makkah. And that is why of the first converts were those who had never heard this message belong in Abuja ba Amar, vinyasa and his father and his mother sumiya Abdullah ibn Massoud who was a non kurachi from a lowly tribe of Yemen, who obeyed and

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so hey Rumi and hubub, ignorant and all of the Sahaba who are not from the chorus, they were from the earliest converts, and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was publicly preaching that the slaves and the slave owners are equal in the eyes of Allah except with taqwa, guess what happened? This message proved to be more problematic for a segment of the kurush. Then the message of tawheed versus idolatry. Let me repeat that the message of human equality

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proved to be more problematic for some of the outros because they were ingrained, it was something that was from generation to generation. Society is based on this hierarchy of social stress strata of the structure of class, which class are you born into, you will stay there by and large till you die, your skin color, your blood, your tribe, your lineage, your wealth, it dictates how you're going to be treated. pause here footnote. This is the default in the majority of mankind. Medieval Europe was the same Christian dumb was the same up until the advent of modernity. This was the way the world worked class society. You're born into a class and you're treated according to that class.

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And our Profit System said, No, everybody is equal. Some of the aurash they didn't have a problem with the heat. They didn't have a problem with rejecting idolatry. They were open to the idea. True, some of them weren't. But some of them were open to the idea of giving up idolatry and worshiping Allah, but they could not overcome this aspect. It was a stigma social taboo, that a slave owner sits with the slave that the Arab sits with the non out of that the fair skinned sis with the dark skin, they could not imagine it so a group of them when the message of the process and began spreading and more and more people converted to Islam amongst them as if not robbia shaybah Abner

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Radha, Muslim Eben ad others by the way, if you read their Sierra and their biographies, if you read their stories, by and large These are from I call them the noble enemies they were ignoble enemies and they were noble enemies. They were enemies of the Prophet system who didn't stoop

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That low that they threw a carcass on him or that they smeared him. No, there were those that there were enemies but they didn't stoop to these demeaning tactics and multi-billion. It is the classic example. And I have a whole lecture, you could listen to an online it's called the legacy of a catheter about multivitamin. So multivitamin, it was one of those whose he, he actually kind of sort of liked the idea of worshipping Allah alone. He liked the idea of abandoning the idols, also the two brothers of the sons of robbia. They also were flirting with the idea of monotheism. So they sent a message to Abu Talib. And they said to us,

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look, tell your nephew, that

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if he gives us the special privilege that we were born into,

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and he does not allow the slaves to sit with us in his gatherings, because we have heard that the slave master and the slave sit next to each other when they're in front of him.

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And we will not go and be humiliated by sitting down with people of different colors and different races and are slaves and we all be equal. Go tell your nephew, that when we come, we will be willing to listen to his message. But he has to get rid of this clause in the religion. At least for us. They didn't even say By the way, they didn't even say that it has to be universally repealed. They simply said we will not be able to abide by that clause. So when we come, and this is the stories that have been a sham when we come then he has to kick out Bilaal, he has to tell hubbub that they're not welcome. In this room, there's not going to sit in our gatherings. Even Massoud is a

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lowly hired hand. He's an immigrant, literally the vernacular today in Moscow dude be an immigrant. Even Massoud was not a slave. He was rude was basically from another lowly Arab tribal who had come seeking, you know, work and muck are literally the type of mentality we see in American England and whatnot, the anti immigrant type of mentality in the US was that bailout, of course, was a slave, you know. So, these are Irish said, we will not sit in a gathering with those people. Go tell your nephew, that he cannot apply this rule to us. And if he agrees, then we will come and willingly listen to his message, and maybe even embrace it. Now, Muslim Eben ad is no joke. The sons of Arabia

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are big names, if they had converted, this is a this is a powerful statement to the kurush that the message of Islam is spreading in the nobility. And so Abu Talib sent a message to the Prophet salallahu idea who was sending him and he said, Oh, my nephew, you know, these elders of the orange the seniors, these literally these are the MPs these are the you know, the prime ministers and the movers and shakers, literally the senators, the congressmen, a number of them are willing to convert. If you compromise on this one principle, not even for all Muslims, just for them.

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The books of Pepsi have mentioned a very awkward story.

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And if you listen to my CFO, you know that I don't shy away from these awkward stories. And I rather you hear it from me than from anybody else. Because when you really contextualize there's nothing awkward about it. If it's presented in the proper manner, it makes complete sense. Here on a silver platter, you have some VIP names, no vvip names being presented, and they are being offered to the Prophet system. And it is being said to him, listen, just get rid of bilad get rid of even Massoud get rid of Sahaba Rumi get rid of these non Arabs and these non porous cheese and these, you know, dark skinned people get rid of them, and have an exclusive gathering for these rich and elite

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parades. And they might convert.

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What happened? There was a discussion in Darwin calm about this issue.

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Should we compromise on this principle?

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A very famous Sahaba will not mention his name, because perhaps some of you might misunderstand and these are more academic lectures, but you all know his name. And we all love and respect him. But in the end of the day, he thought this would be better for Islam, one of the great Sahaba and he is great. Even if he said this, it is a natural thing. A very famous Sahabi said yellow suit Allah, give them what they want.

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What do we lose? They're gonna sit outside the other people and we'll have these vvips come in, we'll have these big shots come in, and Allah will give us a reason through them and their conversion.

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You guys Following this, somebody whom we all love and respect said this, and our nebby, our Prophet sallallahu wasallam is a human being, and he wants what is good for his people. And there's no doubt that at one sense compromising on this seems to make a lot of sense. So what if Bilal sits outside for an hour a week? So what if Eben Masood is told he's not welcome for that particular time slot, we will get more time and ID, the one that is the most respected and all of mcca we will get the creme de la creme of the kurush of the new Avi shaybah, the people who everybody loved and that is the sons of shaybah. Both brothers. By the way, these two brothers are the owners of the farm then

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thought if you know the grapes that came, it was from their farm, they sent the grapes, they had something in their hearts, some were deep down inside some humanity when they saw the process and treated that way. They gifted the grapes these are the two brothers, the ones you heard about in thought If so, one of the Sahaba famous Sahabi said you have a sort of law. So what send these others out and allow give us is that through them

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and the idea swirled in the mind, why would it not? Why would it not so tantalizing, so close? At this, Allah subhana wa tada revealed multiple verses in the Quran that we recite To this day, look up the books of Tafseer. A butadiene himself went to the Prophet sallallahu it was send them and he said,

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My dear nephew, what do you lose? I mean, you're getting these people just give them so what if these lowly class were basically told to wait outside? What do you lose? So internally there was pressure externally there was pressure and even our profit system, the thought is swirling, why would it not swirl?

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Allah subhana wa tada revealed in the Quran multiple verses of them was total rodilla DNA the owner of bone belladati will Ashi Do not ever expel those people who are praying to Allah morning and evening. Don't ever get rid of them for the sake of this world, if you dare get rid of them, Fatah furuta home, Fatah, Khun Amina min Avada mean if you get rid of them, you would have done the volume against them. I don't want to stress the point too much, who is Allah speaking to? Just imagine the verses very clear. If you get rid of them, you are doing volume unto them.

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Never get rid of those people who are praying to Allah morning and evening. In the other verse, Allah says, What do I NACA and whom don't allow your gaze to leave that righteous group to go to others to D to Z, Natalia to dunya so that you'll be deceived by the look of this world. Don't be deceived by the power, the pomp, the arrogance, the finery of those, so that you don't see the piety of these. Do not let your eyes sway from the good. And yet another verse, sort of alcohol, all of these verses came down from multiple incidents, obviously joining it all together, because time is limited multiple times this offer came on the table multiple times from multiple people. And in one

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verse, Allah says, last spear enough sec, you Be patient and be with those who are praying to Allah subhana wa Taala, wanting his face, you didn't know what was there enough sec, be patient with them. Stay with them, don't go to the others. And our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. When this was revealed, he immediately it is said in the Tafseer of authority, he immediately stood up, and he walked over to be done. And they've been rude. And so hey, but Rumi and he sat down in front of them. And he said, My Lord has commanded me that I stay with you.

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Imagine giving up multimedia ad outside and sitting with Bella in Abu Dhabi.

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And the story of Ibn omac tomb is known to all of us, I don't have time to go into it. But it is an awkward story and I mentioned it in my Sierra. And it is an arc one of the most awkward stories of the entire theater, and yet it is so much full of meaning. So so well.

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We all know the context.

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We try to gloss over it and perhaps we should. It's some not. It is a very difficult story. It'd be Nomi Maktoum comes tapping away and none other than what he did. Now Mozilla is standing with the Profit System. Do you know who he is? He is the chieftain of the Bahamas zoom. Abu Jamal is under him. And Waleed is the boss of Abu Jamal. That's who he is, or will he is the father of Khalid Khalid al worried no mo Hara is the chieftain of W MK zoom, the single most powerful man in the entire khoresh no one is richer than him. No one is more powerful than him. No one has more wealth than him. And Waleed was somewhat sympathetic with Islam somewhat. And the Prophet system is

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standing with him deep in conversation. When tap, tap, tap tap and the blind man hears the Prophet sallallahu Why do you send them he rushes up? He says, Yeah, Rasul Allah, yada Sula, Allah, what happens? And Walid snorts in contempt class society. And he says, Listen to this. You want me to follow you when these are your followers?

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And he turns away

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our profit system is human. He's the best of humans but he is human. He is the hero healthiness He is the Savior of the atom. But he is still have the children of Adam. And and Waleed was so close, so close. And they've been with me mark to him comes tip tapping away.

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What did Allah say?

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When you did eek Allah, Allah, Who

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was it your job to say, who wanted guidance? Who didn't? Were you in charge of assigning hidayah this man wanted guidance, the other one didn't.

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A man is the one who thought he had it all for antenna huzzah. You want to give him your attention? The one who was arrogant he didn't want to die. And you want to give your attention to him. What I'm and Jackie is our hula yaksha, the one who comes to you running he has humility. He has taqwa. That's the one you turn away from No, no, no, no, no, no.

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What is the purpose of all of this brothers and sisters? Where am I going with all of this? It's very simple. We are living in times where the most basic fundamentals of our religion are being assaulted.

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Where how often, quite literally are being mixed together in the eyes of the masses. That which was clear cut out on is now being saying, well, there's two opinions, that which was from the fundamentals of our faith, our ethics, our theology, our laws, our morality, the views that our religion has about the basics of this world, things that no two scholars ever differed over. And there are many examples that every one of you can think about right now. They're now coming under assault. And people are double guessing, triple guessing, backtracking. And they don't know what is to be done.

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And the point is very simple. When you look at the spirit of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he too was given the chance to compromise. He too was tempted with watering down, he too was told by the kurush. Look, just get rid of this fundamental change this basic and guess what the people will like you or he will like you will he will accept Islam, Muslim and he will become a Muslim, the sons of shaybah will become your protectors.

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But our Prophet system did not change.

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He was tempted. And every time the temptation came, Allah subhana wa Tada, center on down and he rose up to the challenge. And of course, he passed with flying colors. He is Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and in the end, the same principles that he preached of human equality. These days, it is sad to say that of course there are still many racists I'm in our ranks. I'm outside, it is sad to say there are still segments of society. And every once in a while we find these vulgar YouTube videos or Facebook posts coming up and with the rise of my own president in America, and with the rise of the far right in Europe, this sentiment is now being rekindled. Yet, it is still

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correct to say that you cannot be a mainstream racist and become the prime minister or the president you have to be a hidden like our guy in America. You have to have political correct language. You cannot be an in your face races and come out and say, Oh, this race is better than that race as we can see in the world today. My point is

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It took 14 centuries for mankind to get to that point that our Profit System preached 1436 years ago, 14 centuries, even in the generation before us, Martin Luther King had to March, Nelson Mandela had to go to jail one generation ago, plenty of societies were very overtly racist. As we all know, by and large, that strand of racism has, I'm not gonna say it's gone, it's not gone. We all know it's not gone. It's still there. It's hidden. But by and large, if you want to be a mainstream politician, if you want to be a mainstream business owner, you cannot be that type of racist anymore.

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That type of change did not come about instantaneously, what our profits are preached as the truth was only recognized as a universal truth quite literally, just a few decades ago. And even now, many segments of mankind are struggling, as you've seen so many things, even unfortunately, in your own country of Canada, number of incidents where people have said nasty things to immigrants or Muslims or whatnot. We're still struggling with that. But my point is, what our profits are some preached has now been proven to be true, after so long, why then do we doubt the other fundamentals that he preached? Why then do we need to be wishy washy about the house and about it? Now, I need to make an

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important disclaimer before I get to my conclusion. And the disclaimer is I'm talking about issues that are clear cut, there should be no two opinions about I'm talking about issues or Yes, it is truth and falsehood, where there is unanimous consensus and the entire history of the oma that certain things are allowed, certain things are not allowed. Whether it's to do with gender, with sexuality with other things that are now coming up for discussion. There are no two opinions about quite a number of issues that are now being debated in the public sphere. We as Muslims need to have that level of confidence to say, Allah knows best and watering my faith down for something that is

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politically incorrect at this stage to appease a certain segment that's never won in the past, it's never going to win in the future. That having been said, there are other issues where perhaps we are allowed room for change. And this is where I have to have this disclaimer. Our scholars are going to be at the forefront of telling us what issues can be fine tuned. What issues can be rethought through Islamic economics is a good example. By the way, modern Islamic economics has been rethought, top to bottom, because it's a new field, and therefore Muslim, or they might have had to come and do an entire new field called modern Islamic economics. That's fine. certain fields do need

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to be rethought. But they've never made a blatant out on the head, or a head on how wrong they are principles that is built upon. My point is, don't be that simplistic that if you hear a foot 12 from one shift, you think it is the act versus the balton. No, sometimes there is room for change. Sometimes we can fine tune. And sometimes there is no room whatsoever. How do we know the difference in knowledge will tell you and that's why I leave it to the dilemma. When you find the traditional LMR the mainstream scholars of the oma those that have a love for the Koran and a respect for the Sunnah, when you find them unanimously agreeing across all the all the methods, all of the schools

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and saying this issue is how wrong then if some nobody comes up without any background, with just a Twitter or Facebook following and he says oh, I have given a fatwa in contradiction to this. Well, then, you know, we're How can both of this standing? You know that this is an issue, there are no two Binion's over and learn from the past, learn from the past, compromising on your religion will never gain you success in the long run, frankly, even in the short term. Why? Because the types of people that you're going to attract are not the types that are going to bring is that Islam? That's what Allah says in the Quran. Do not be deceived by the glitter of those that are having this world

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zenithal at the dunya stay with those who are righteous and pious, quality over quantity, sticking with principles over watering the faith down. Yes, it is true that our faith is being assaulted from all fronts. Yes, it is true that our fundamentals are being mocked. Yes, it is true that that which was unanimously agreed upon for the first time we're hearing Oh, there are two opinions. It is true. And many of us might be tempted, might be persuaded to go with the flow. And I say to those people, don't be like a boo positive when he said to the Prophet system, who cares about these people go to those No.

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Be like the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when Allah said to him

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Stick with the quality. And don't go with that quantity. Because in the end of the day, when you have a law, you will be the winner. When a law is on your side, you don't care who's on the other side. When you're standing up for the truth, then the truth shall indeed cause you to prevail over falsehood. And if you are not standing up for the truth, then Allah will not be on your side when Allah is not on your side. How do you expect ever to be successful? We're living at a time in a place brothers and sisters, where certain fundamentals of our faith, for the first time in human history are being challenged. And it's difficult for us to, to preach, to speak publicly. Many of us

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have to couch our language, many of us cannot speak the truth, the way that it was one spoken. It doesn't matter even if I cannot speak the truth doesn't change the truth. It doesn't matter. Even if we cannot publicly say as explicitly as we would have done, it doesn't change truth and falsehood, as Allah says in the Quran, Allah Yes, the will habito walo are Jabba catarratto hubbies say the filthy and the pure and holy will never be the same.

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Even if the preponderance of the filth dazzles you and you don't understand what's going on. Even if you're surrounded by the fire by the filth, everybody's making it normal everybody's making it safe everybody's saying it's legit. Even if it's all around you, Ola yester will have to walk by you know our job Akaka throttle hobbies, the filthy and the pure will never be the same. And if one generation doesn't see it in shallow Tada, future generations will and those who stand up for the truth, then Allah azza wa jal will protect them while levena jaha delphina. Then at the end the home Sudan are those who strive in our way, we shall guide them to the right way. My dear brothers and

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sisters, stand up for the sake of Allah preach the truth. If you cannot preach it, then at least do not preach falsehood, preach the truth. If you don't have the courage to preach the truth, do not preach falsehood be with Allah subhana wa Tada, Allah subhana wa tada will be with you, no matter who says that about it is how it will never be out. Even if the majority of mankind says it. A last message is clear, the harm is clear. The highlight is clear. And our job brothers and sisters are with this I conclude our job is not to change the message. Our job is to preach the message. We are salespersons Allah has given us the product, I cannot change the product. If somebody does not like

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the product, it's not my job. The product is here. If you don't like it, you take it up with the one who sent the product down. It's not my responsibility in LA called Bella, why are they in his job? My job is to preach the truth. It is a law's job to judge the people. So let us be those who preach the truth who stand up for the truth. Let us be those who are not scared of the criticism of their critic. Let us be amongst those who understand what is happening. What is vaulted. May Allah subhanho wa Taala allow us to walk in the footsteps of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to preach the message of the prophets and to be resurrected with the prophets. Bada Khaled vehicle 400

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of them was sent Mr. De Kumara to LA he wabarakatuhu

Shaykh Yasir Qadhi delves deeply into the concept of standing firm on the principles of Islam – primarily, equality.

When the elite of the Quraysh requested for a change in the clause of Islam which was to get rid of Bilal RA, Ibn Masud RA, Suhaib Ibn Roomi RA and other non Arabs from the sitting in which the elites would be housed, they cited a possible chance of accepting of Islam by the elites like Mutim Ibn Adi.

A discussion ensued in Dar Al Arqam. Should a compromise be put into place for this principle clause? What was the outcome at this gathering? Listen intently to discover the happenings there.

The pomp and arrogance of the elites could not win over the heart of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ and the piety of the ordinary people. The Prophet ﷺ openly declared that His Lord, Allah SWT has said that he will be amongst the wrongdoers if he obliges to this clause thus, outright rejecting the elites.

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