How Can Women Make The Most Of Ramadan During Mensturation

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Ustadha Taimiyyah Zubair answers

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How can a woman make the most of Ramadan during menstruation

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while a woman is menstruating, the only two things that she cannot do are basically fast and perform Salah. Other than that, while she's home. Of course, when she's not doing the love, if she's at home, she can listen to the recitation of the Quran. She can, according to many scholars even recite the Quran, she can keep herself busy in the vicar of Allah, she can also listen to something that's beneficial to her. She can she can stay busy in making the law. There's a lot that a woman can do even while she's menstruating. And this is something that is relevant to Ramadan and also outside of Ramadan. We learned that in the last third of every night, Allah subhanaw taala invites His servants

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to make the art to him, to give sadaqa to give charity in his way, and to ask him for what they need. And so if a woman is making doll during the night, or during the day, giving charity or she is listening to the Quran, or she is staying busy in the remembrance of Allah, she does not need to do for any of these actions.