Ramadan 2019 – Allah Loves – Episode 25 – Your Mother

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So now I want to come on up until I break out. So everyone welcome back to Allah loves. So last time we talked about this concept of loving someone else for Allah sake. And a lot of times, unfortunately, we immediately expand that and extend it to others outside of our households, but we forget the people that are inside of our households. And there is no person that you should think of more when you hear those ahaadeeth than your mother because the Prophet peace be upon him. When a man asked him, to whom should I give my honor and kindness to the Prophet peace be upon him said, your mother. Then he said, who he said, then your mother, then he said, who he said, then your

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mother, he said, then who he said, then your father, so we know that Allah has preferred the mother in a very special way, that the Prophet peace be upon him, sent a companion back to his mother and said, paradise lies at her feet, that Allah has put the obedience to the parents in the poor and with obedience to Him, that you worship Him and OBEY Him and that you show a similar level of kindness and love to your parents, without Of course worshipping them, or preferring them over the Creator, but he included them we'll call the autoboca laptop with to Allah. Yeah. But what BYD Danny aksana, he included them by saying that your Lord has judged that you worship none other but him,

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and that you show only excellence to your parents. So where's this concept that Allah loves your mother and I have to give this qualifier that this does not mean tolerating injustice, or oppression, or harm. These are things that are outside of the scope of the default and needs to be dealt with as exceptional cases. But in general, the status of the mother and this concept of earning the love of Allah by showing love to your mother, there are two narrations that I want to share with you today. One of them from the Prophet peace be upon him, the other one from love and Ibis may Allah be pleased with him, the cousin of the Prophet peace be upon them. The Prophet peace

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be upon them had a man who approached him and said to the Prophet peace be upon him, that I committed a major sin Headley, Toba. Is there any way for me to repent to Allah, the prophet peace be upon him said, Do you have a mother? Is your mother alive? And the man said, No, look at the follow up question that the Prophet peace be upon. He said, Well, does your mother have a sister? Do you have an aunt that's alive? A maternal aunt that's alive? The man said yes, the prophet peace be upon him said, then go be good to her, show her some axon show her some excellence and some love and hope for Allah's mercy in the process of that so it wasn't even, you know, after the mother the

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Prophet peace be upon him jumped far out. The Prophet peace be upon him said, Well, is there an onset, of course, in those societies, and in many societies today, the Hala the aren't particularly the maternal aunt really plays a motherly role in a person's life and the Prophet peace be upon mentioned, and Harlan, the maternal aunt Manzella to him that she has the station of the mother. So she's the number two, when it comes to that honor and that love. But again, that idea of you know, you committed a major sin between you and Allah, we'll go ahead and go to your mother and show her goodness and see if that's a way of opening that door of pleasure with a loss of autonomy. The

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narration from an ambassador a long time, who is a very profound one, a man came to us and he was guilty of murder. So he confessed to the love and Ibis that he killed someone that he became jealous, and he killed someone. And if and I bustled a lot of time on who responded to him omocha Hi, is your mother alive? Now this is separate, by the way from any legal proceedings, and anything that would take place in the capacity of retribution. This he's worried about his affair. He's worried about his hereafter, is there any chance of me to have forgiveness from Allah subhanaw taala. And that's what he came to us asking and even our boss says to him, is your mother alive? And

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the man said, No boss said to him, well just go and seek a loss forgiveness sincerely and hoping His mercy so it gave him a generic answer after asking him specifically, is your mother alive? So the students have a boss, the scholar of this oma, they asked him they said, you know, it's interesting. Why did you ask him about his mother? His mother wasn't even in the equation. He killed somebody. He's worried if he's going to be forgiven by Allah subhana wa tada if he still has a chance that allows mercy. And that's what you asked him if an Ibis said he said, Well, I don't know. I swear by Allah that I don't know of an action, more beloved to Allah than serving your mother. I cannot think

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of an action that Allah loves more than showing kindness and obedience to one's mother, Pamela, these are things that are so easy to us, they're so accessible to us. And if your mother is still alive, then make sure that you make use of that and they Zainal Aberdeen may Allah be pleased with him. He said that if one gate has closed, then go to the other gate. Then please your father, then show that love to your father and that obedience to your father, as well. And the Prophet peace be upon him of course.

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mentioned that the robot have the pleasure of the father as the pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala. And so our parents are truly a gate to paradise serving them, showing kindness to them, showing love to them, especially as they become older and age showing patience with them as a result, these are all things we seek from Allah subhanaw taala. So there is no person and no two people that you can love for Allah more than your parents. We ask Allah to be pleased with us to let our parents be pleased with us and to join us all our parents, our spouses, children, brothers, sisters, aunts and uncles and everyone else we asked a lot to join us and the highest level of generative for those

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alum I mean, does that come off? I don't sit on my couch.