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AI: Summary © The Surah's natural phenomena and actions, including mountains, trees, fruits, vegetables, and ingredients, point out the natural existence of worshiping one thing and finding the truth. The speakers stress the importance of faith and patient guidance in achieving success, while also discussing the historical significance of the Surah's title and its connection to the natural world. The importance of faith and patient guidance is emphasized, as it is the natural state and will lead to peace and happiness.
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hamdulillahi rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Redmayne or baboon. Welcome to the Friday Halaqaat at Abu Coronavirus center in Toronto, Canada.

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So we are we are still taking a thematic journey through the Quran. And we reached surah, a rrid Surah of thunder.

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We dealt last week we finished with Salah Yusuf Alayhi Salam. And we took some of the lessons from the story. And we saw how

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the whole surah was more of a consolation and moral support to Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam and the believers at all times when they face trials. And when things like the way life goes, doesn't seem to be very,

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so much in line with our you know, what we desire. But again, it just takes us deep into being content with what Allah writes for us, because that's eventually good for us.

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So let's ride has the concept of truth in it and how the truth is evident in Revelation and in the creation. So the the concept of truth is heavily present in the Surah. And it points to signs that show us the truth in the revelation of Allah, the words of Allah subhanaw taala, the divine words of the Quran, and also in the creation, which is the handiwork of Allah.

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the verse, the first verse in the Surah is quite telling about this theme about the central theme.

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So the solar stars or the National analogy Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Allah for me Murat Tilka, yet will keytab when the Zilla he came in rugby can help or like in axon naskila You mean Elif la MIMO These are the signs the verses of the book, and what was revealed to you from your Lord is the truth, but most people do not believe and that would be the supportive theme, which shows that people are not the majority of people would reject the truth even when it has become evident to them. In this sort of, there's a lot of mention of natural phenomena, the things that we see in nature around us and the they are used or they are utilized to point to the might and power of Allah

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and to the fact that the creation of Allah subhanaw taala has a wise purpose and that we should not look at natural phenomena just as natural phenomena as something that exists but we should look at it, look at anything in the world as a pointer that leads us to Allah subhana wa Tada this is the, the one of the most prevalent messages in sort of like this, it was named a rod alive and points out that this natural phenomena

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like thunder, rain, etcetera, these are actually

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these are acts of worship, acts of devotion, acts of love, from the creation to the to the Lord.

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So we're going to see that inshallah today, hopefully beginning Allah, we will be able to cover sort of run today, all of it.

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And it's one of these profound Solas where the RT RT that's very present and strong. So in the first page, Allah subhanaw taala draws our attention to natural phenomena and

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how it was ALLAH who put them in place, and all of that implied purpose. Allah draws our attention to the fact that this world was purposely put together to serve one purpose. And that purpose is that to help you find the truth, recognize the truth and follow it and worship your Lord.

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Salah mentions that he's the one who raised the heavens without pillars visible to you.

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And Allah talks about himself that he rose above the throne, and how he put the sun and the moon in these

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to serve a specific purpose that Allah created them for and that they follow their prescribed course. Then Allah shows that don't think this is all running on its own. It's not automatic. This is the system that Allah has wanted to put in place. So Allah says in the verse to you the bureau will Umrah you first sit on it I look when will you be coming to Allah manages all of the efforts. And he clarifies in detail all of the signs he devises the signs for you so that you may

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A grow certain, and you may arrive at a point of belief

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in meeting your Lord. So everything is in place to serve one thing to help you recognize your Lord, acknowledge Him, worship Him,

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be certain of meeting him and returning to him and getting ready for that. This is the purpose behind everything that you see in the world.

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Then Allah points to how he made the earth.

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In a sense,

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moreover, extended so we can travel through it, we can utilize it, we can make use of it. And then he established mountains to make it stable rivers, and Allah caused fruits and vegetables to grow of every kind, in pairs.

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And then a lot refers to the night and the day and the altar, the alternation between them. Allah says in all of this, there are signs for people who use their intellect correctly.

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Again, there is a relationship between nature and our intellect, humans, if, without negative influence on our minds and our thinking process, the natural world would lead us to ALLAH SubhanA.

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What's ahead, then Allah points again to the earth, how he created the earth, different types of soil and land, and that there are Gardens of different types of fruits, grapes, dates, others, etc. And how the variety of the vegetation and the fruits that come out of the earth, although they are being fed with the same soil and the same water, and Allah says, and we make some of those blessings better than others, so there are grades, there are levels. Allah says, there is also science in these four people.

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People have reason.

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Then Allah points to how amazing you know, those who disbelieve in how the logic is just doesn't really make any sense. It's a it's a source of wonder like, they are denying that there will be creation again, that they will be brought back to life again. So since life was brought the first time one, why makes you doubt the second time again. So there's no logical argument here. But Allah Subhan Allah says those people who insist on this disbelief, they will be chained and they will be taken to the hellfire. Then Allah response to some of their arguments where they tried to deny a loss pinata Allah has existence, they try to strike some parables use their own twisted logic and

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loss of Panama to add a response to that. They asked the provinces LM for signs to prove. And Allah says, you know, almost injure, you aren't just someone who conveys the message and you want, it's Allah who guides it's not about science. And these people's problem is not with science. It's actually with something else. It's with their attitude.

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Allah points to his own knowledge is divine foreknowledge knowing everything. So Allah says, He knows what every woman will carry in her womb, even before that happens. And whatever happens in you know, takes place in the womb, or the stages or the details, and much more than that, and Allah says, What couldn't you say in in the Hubei metadata, this is verse number eight, everything is designed according to a precise measure. That's what Allah subhanaw taala there's nothing random. There's nothing haphazard, everything is very well designed. Everything is part of an intricate, detailed, wise plan, and everything is serving a purpose.

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He knows the Unseen and he knows everything. And he is the Mighty, the powerful, and the Most High.

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Then Allah knows everything, whether you conceal it, or you reveal it, Allah knows about it, Allah knows what's in the darkness, that what's in the light. And he also has angels protecting you taking care of you, you think you're just running on your own and,

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and that your safety is a given. It's basically Allah subhanaw taala sending guardian angels to protect you from anything that could harm you, which is not written for you, or from anything that cause you to die, which is not written for you as well.

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So there's an emphasis on the mighty power of Allah then alots points here again, to natural phenomena, like

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like lightning, for example. He says, he's the one who shows you the lightning

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and lightning causes you hope for rain, and also fear, fear of a storm right and destruction.

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And he's the one who builds and establishes these huge, gigantic

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A clouds that cause rain. And Allah says what you said before rod will be handy when you get too much Thunder

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is actually praising the last panel, Johanna. So that's the natural world, doing what it's created for, it's actually worshiping Allah. And although it serves a purpose or a service offers a service to humanity, but it's also in its own right, it is doing what it's created for and that's worshipping Allah, it's going to the whole world actually speaks the language of worship of Allah and love of Allah, except for humans in general are giving the choice.

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And Allah says, the angels celebrate Allah and they fear him.

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And Allah sends storms, with which he hits certain people, and he protects some people from them. And people still, despite the mighty power of Allah, they still argue about his existence and about even his right to be worshipped. And Allah Allah, Allah here establishes that the

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only the call to worship Allah alone is the only true call anything else is falsehood. Anything else is false falsehood, and those who do not respond to this call to this divine call, and which resonates with their very nature, which is actually part of who they are deep inside, that's the football. Those who do not, do not respond to this. Those are, Allah gives in an analogy, a very powerful analogy. He says, These people are expecting what they want, from a place where these things don't belong. And the analogy Allah gives here is just like someone who's trying to drink from a pond of water, by just extending his hand to the water and expecting expecting the water to

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come to their mouth to jump to their mouth. So Allah is saying, Those who want

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good life, those who want safety, those who want to live a good life, by worshipping other than Allah, they're just seeking that purpose from, from a place from a source that does not have it. The same thing, similar to people who are trying to get the water to jump right into their mouth. That's not how you drink water.

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And Allah says, that everything in the heavens and the earth actually said prostrates, before Allah worships ALLAH SubhanA wa that

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day and night.

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And there's an argument against the those who disbelieve in a law those who associate partners with Allah Subhan, Allah to Allah.

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And the argument is basically, about, who's the Lord of the worlds of the world who created the world who created the heavens in the earth?

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And the Arabs, you to recognize that it was ALLAH? So the logical conclusion, how can you worship others besides Allah, He is the Lord. He's a ROB. And that means he's the ILA. He's the only God the only ones who deserves to be worshipped. So where are your minds? Where are you going to worship something else?

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So that's a very, very straightforward and very powerful and compelling argument.

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Then Allah subhanaw taala also compares himself

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just for the sake of argument to their idols to their objects of worship, like what do you worship stones, sun, moon, animals, whatever. That's blind compared to Allah Who sees everything who knows everything who, who's almighty.

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Yeah, so there is this guy, this argument last pantalla

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approaches its argument from different angles. But eventually, it's just to let people think and reflect.

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Hopefully, this would wake them up to the truth of their existence.

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Then Allah subhanaw taala promises he says, those who respond to Allah, they will get the best reward, they will get Paradise, and those who do not respond to Allah positively on the Day of Judgment, even if they have

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all of the earth, all of the pleasures and the treasures of the earth, of this world together and the like of it on top of that, in order to rescue themselves from the hellfire, they would actually run, try to run and they would give up on everything just to protect themselves from the hellfire. But they will not be able to get out of the Hellfire because they were given the chance they were asked for a way less than that.

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And Allah Subhana Allah then afterwards praises those who respond positively to Allah. So Allah says, are the ones who believe who know and believe in what was sent to you to your Lord, like those who are blind and this shows that blindness is blindness of the heart.

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And those who reject deliberately reject faith and truth after it has become clear to them. Those people are blind in their heart. They insist not to see the truth and to reject the truth.

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Then Allah praises those who believe that they are people of understanding they are the ones who remain truthful to the covenant they have with Allah. It's the natural covenant natural agreement that further

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It's human nature in its essence, in its most pristine form, whether young or don't I meet up and they do not break this agreement with Allah.

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And they are the ones who connect with Allah commanded to be connected. And they are the ones who fear Allah and are afraid of his of their account turning out to be, you know, one that is bad, one that is marred with sin and disobedience. And they are the ones who are patient for the sake of the face of the Lord. And this shows that this life is going to have its challenges. And we will definitely need patience. We need patience in the face of predicaments and hardships challenges. We need patients to remain upon guidance and upon obedience to Allah Subhanallah because the neffs is impatient. And we also need patience to resist the temptations.

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And they are the ones who establish the prayer and pay you know give from what Allah provided for them, they give in secret and in public, because each one has its own merit. And they repel, they respond to evil with good for these people will be the best of destinations. It will be the gardens of Aden did not wagon, they would enter them and whoever is righteous among their fathers and their progeny and the wives, their spouses, and the angels would be entering upon them from every gate. And they will be saying to them Salam Alikum paymaster bottom Peace be upon you because the patients you had. And this shows that the path to Jannah requires patience. Being able to navigate the waters

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of this life requires a lot of patience to remain upon the truth and that means the temptations will be powerful, the distractions will be

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The difficulties will be quite abundant. All of that requires patients to remain steadfast

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that Allah compares this to those who actually break their covenant, the natural covenant with Allah subhanaw taala and how this reflects on their actions, the actions are not going to be good. And for those people there will be curse of Allah, and there will be the worst of abodes.

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A loving clarifies how he is the one who provides according to a precise measure as well.

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Then Allah returns to some of the arguments of the people of disbelief

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because they claim that if we had a sign a few showed us a sign we would actually believe but Allah says, in a no belief is in the hands of Allah, a guidance is in the hands of Allah subhanho wa taala. And again, it's in the hands of Allah doesn't mean it's random. Just Allah guides, those who truly seek the truth who are sincere in seeking the truth. There's a couple of beautiful verses here that are very famous for salata. Right Allah says, refers to those who are guided who are the ones who are guided investment but 28 Allah says and levena Amman with ultimate Enugu boom be the killer, and Arabic related my inner loop, those who have believed and their hearts find peace and

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tranquility, upon dimension of the Name of Allah upon the remembrance of Allah. Indeed, with the with the mention of Allah, the hearts find tranquility. And this shows that

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believing in Allah, connecting to Allah is the natural state. And it's what the heart is created for. So it enjoys it, it feels at peace, it says, it becomes it reaches its best when it's done, when it does what it was created for. That's what the heart is, for, but if the heart is dead, it does not obviously recognize that.

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Then Allah subhanaw taala shows Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam how previous

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messengers received this kind of resistance, and how even if Allah shows them signs, powerful signs, like if Allah brings down a Quran that moves mountains, and cuts the earth, and would get the dead to speak. Those people would not believe it's not about miracles. It's not about science, it's it. It has to do with something what was given was enough.

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So it has to do with their attitude and their choice not to believe in Allah subhanho wa Taala so there's a reference to how previous prophets and messengers were dealt with by their people. There is a few points again, pointing to Allah subhana wa Tada

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his power in his care how he takes care of his creation.

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There is a reference to Paradise, how its rivers flow, and the food and provision in it is permanent and how its shade is beautiful and permanent.

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There's a reference to the Quran and how it contains the truth. Again, we said the whole surah is about the truth. So a lot of this previous, these previous pages from the Surah, where there's a heavy reference to the natural world, and how it carries the message of the truth. And then there is a reference to human nature and how it actually harbors the seeds of the truth in it, and how disbelievers actually are rebelling against the human nature. And now there is an emphasis towards the end of the surah on the fact that the revelation that came from Allah also harbors the the truth, and how it was presented in Arabic.

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And how prophets and messengers were sent, they had wives that had children just because one, this was one of the objections against Prophet Muhammad Suzanne, that he should have been an angel or something like that.

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Yeah, then Allah subhanaw taala comes down Prophet Muhammad SAW so and just

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indicates to him that people

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I mean, people good people will be guided eventually. And those who reject the truth, no matter what signs you bring them, whatever you do, they will not believe. So what Allah wrote 50,000 years before the creation of the heavens and the earth as to who will be guided and who will be misguided, will actually come true because what Allah wrote down was based on his four knowledge of everything,

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that Allah concludes the solo by indicating his power in mind, and that no matter how, how they plot and conspire,

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the plan of Allah is way more powerful, and it's going to dominate and the end will be for those who worship Allah subhanho wa taala. And then Allah Putana instructs the Prophet Salam in the last verse, as the disbelievers challenges message, they say you're and you're not a messenger, that Allah Subhana Allah says to him, say to them, you know, Allah is sufficient as a witness between me and you. I'm not seeking your approval here, or your recognition. It's Allah's Patel is sufficient. And he is he will be the judge between us. And those who have knowledge of previous scriptures of the book. If they are sincere, they know this is the truth, they recognize it.

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So again, so the surah is the concept of truth is heavily present throughout the surah.

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we have these, I would say, three sources where you find the truth, heavily presents the same kind of truth. So it's coming at humans from three directions, first, from within themselves from their very nature, the football, it's the natural covenant with a lot. And second, it comes at them from

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the natural world around them, everything screams the name of Allah and the Oneness of Allah points, the Oneness of Allah pantallas and his right to be worshipped, and everything is actually worshipping Allah. And third, it's the revelation, the divine Word of Allah subhanaw taala in the Quran, and the guidance that he gave to Prophet Mohammed, Salah lock, right to use all of this points, again, to the truth of this message in the Quran that no one should be worshipped, but Allah and this life is all about humans,

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worshiping Allah being obedient to him being dutiful, towards him, and fulfilling the purpose of their creation. So with this, we sort of had a very quick thematic, you know, skim through sort of one, which is a very profound and beautiful, so I'd recommend you actually read it, if you have time after this halacha and you will see how profound and powerful it is find the language there to be very powerful, very captivating, and very poetic, by the way. So this is one of in my experience is one of the most melodious you know, sorrows in the Quran. So now it just the way it rhymes the way it it's words are arranged in the way they sound. It's just so powerful and beautiful. And maybe

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there's a connection because it's called Thunder and thunder is about the sound. So there is something there. Very special about so let's Adelaide, okay, so I think this is enough for today, inshallah to Allah next week, evening later, we will be dealing with or will be going through Surah Ibrahim, which is surah number 14 in Joseph, I'm lucky enough for joining us. And again, I hope you guys are keeping safe.

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Taking care of yourself and your families. See you next week was Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh