Friday Sermon – How to be a Happy Wife 3 of 4

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make any kind of disrespect to her.

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But just the different modes, different ways of thinking, reacting,

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and so forth, also, so he need to let little things goes even bigger. But if there's something hot

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she backed by someone she said, he said, No, this is deep inspect like, I don't know. And he forbade him from that. They just this done, you don't basically let it go who make that correction, but make sure that to remember what the profits are themselves, not kind of this position.

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gentleness and being gentle, is easy the way you handle things and bring success will always be about you to achieve success. But if you mean if you're aggressive, you talk it's not gonna change things. Number five, smile to life. As you said

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he used to smile The most inside his house, smile a lot, too, right? Look at her in her eyes. gazing is a powerful tool of making the connection between

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you know how icon, the smile, and Bresser so often in the midst of something before he leaves, Houston kisses,

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American bikers, that attention again makes a huge difference in her life. Number six, thank you for all what she does for you. This is something we predicted to we're not very grateful. Make sure that you Thank you for the meal. Thank you she correct that if she cleaned out? Thank you. And if she does, she did something good to you to the kids. Thank you for being a good wife, do you think her for him for being a wife

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and say that I'm grateful to

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make her feel that a good acknowledgement. That's rolling was so happy and so special.

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To let anybody else take care of more.

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Number seven, which is very interesting point. And I hope that you seriously go and do that today.

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I want you to go to your wife,

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and tell her or text message her

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text message every time. I want you to send me the five things, the five things that I have done recently, the most fun things I have done, and that really had a good impact.

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Tell me share with you five things made you so

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I hope that actually will not be your text messages.

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There's more than that text message and I

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asked her to write that. And let's say say nothing terribly. How can it make you happy?

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Because it's about her it's not about you.

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It's an honor and

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Nikica so in

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the wake of the soul lock is

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like what this man did.

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Man was

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from sad.

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So we said, dress up for her. Use keep names for her. Don't treat her like a flop. If you see something wrong, little things go comment on things which has to do with the How long are acceptable islamically in a gentle, wide smile, gaze of her was smiling, you know, impress her often. Because love has to do with physical touch. That's one of the language of love. Also thank her for all the things good things that she she does, and asked her to write down the last five things you did for her that made her happy. Then go and do them more often again and again. Number eight, don't be limited in your desires. And this is something very important. Her desires can be different than

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you. Anything your spouse thinks is important. It is important

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even if you don't see them

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I will say something

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else maybe it's the biggest things it's about her it's not about you

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so you can talk don't even belittling her what you want

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to come to play with because he knows that she loves that

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Harrison young singers when they were in the back of domestic density and with the with the spheres and he noticed that she wants to look at that

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and he facilitate that for her

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in anything you think that your wife is interested in make sure that you get it attention as well.

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You know the profits are

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as wide you know, she she has the problem with guests so one of our wives send food so that might go so jealous. Why would she send food to my house and my dad and I should look for them she went and she hit the plate and the plate fall on the floor in front of the guests can imagine that you have a guest in your house and your wife will do that

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smile on he said she is jealous. Just give your sister another point of views in the store he understand her feelings

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don't play with her feelings. Don't ever belittle your desires in your field segment are so good in Tz

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I have to say go so badly

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so hard and every

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time I am going to marry another one going to divorce I'm going to do this

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don't don't hear people's emotions. Maybe it means nothing to you but it means everything to them especially

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be us and playing games with your

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range twice with the actual gun itself that the process is by too

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late they used to laugh and don't can be she has no good sense of humor. Even one that she had the source of the food as they were playing and the paint each other's face or

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watching it was just talking with

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the will don't think we'll have fun doing playing together.

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after initial if there is any three things deserve to stay for them, it will be one of them

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been playing together. They're fun to

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play together.

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You know, how do you bring that back in the mustard. We have ping pong table Earhart.

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And then Esther

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do a competition between each other. Either kids it's a it's a spring break, isn't it? That's how so fun. I'm going to compete with you. Maybe I woke up one day and we'll see who's cooking is better. Be creative. Be to some activity to get a

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handle on bring happiness.

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Number 10 always remember the world allows

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the best of those who treat them the best and the best among

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The best among the best.

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And that's why I'm saying remember that every act of kindness it said before

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even the food that she put in her mouth with your hand. It is a form of saliva that will

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finally be faithful and volume to

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be faithful to

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the province is the best example for being

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a mom she said I have not felt jealous for any woman like even though he needed me for years after her death I never met I never met her in my life. I only heard about but she loved her so much. even to the extent after her death when the offer comes he will kill the machine and he will delete from that meat on behalf of her after that.

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And he will donate to her friends once had the profits or sometimes sister.

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The sister She came she said how you're going

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to get

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he heard

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His face changed.