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Nov’12 – Thanks to the Muslim Students Association who invited us to Hong Kong University to speak about our beloved Prophet, Muhammad PBUH to the students and professors of this great university. Alhamdulilah, the event went very well and many misconceptions were dispelled during the talk.

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As we address one of the most

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and we have not sent to you,

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except as a mercy to all the world today's

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religion of the American Open University

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probably shortly so do a silly mid washcloth that I miss any of call Polly suparna Carlisle Molina Illa Allah antenna in Naka Antara Lima Hakeem

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euro cute Arabic

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volumes and volumes were written by qualified scholars, Muslims and non Muslims alike about the great life of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. So what we are going to present today is just the tip of an ice berg about the life the characteristics of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him who was described by his opponents or his enemies as one of the most remarkable human beings who ever lived in a country where there is no low or government

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in a in a time where tribal

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or tribes used to fight and always at wars, in a time where black people were considered to be slaves, and they were sold like the cheapest products ever, in a time where women were just misused and treated as a second class creature

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in a time where woods and stones were worshipped, beside the one true God in a time of ignorance.

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In the time where female infants used to be buried for no crimes at all, other than being females,

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in the time of drunkness, gambling, fornication, insist in that very corrupt environment, Muhammad peace be upon him the prophet of Islam was born in the year 570, after Jesus Christ at the early 20s, Muhammad peace be upon him was known by all the Arabs around as a saw the I mean, the truthful, the trustworthy. That was the title given by the Arabs, before Mohammed, even claiming prophet who, at the age of 40, exactly in 610, after Christ peace be upon him, Muhammad peace be upon him has experienced something really new. It was new to the Arabs, it was new to him. And it was even new to the Jews and the Christians in the region. And that is an experience of Prophet Muhammad peace be

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upon him experience a visitation by the angel Gabriel, who commanded him to read, to recite, to proclaim

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and these were the first words revealed in the end, which were later will be descended upon the will be descending upon the Prophet Palmer Saul Salah for a period of over 23 years. The first few words were current listener of beacon Levy, hardlock. re in the name of your Lord, who created holla call

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amin Allah, He created man from a clot Cora or a vocal at forum read and your load is the most generous

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olevia Lana bill column. He told man the use of the pen means the knowledge he he taught men how to become learned.

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Our lemma is an AMA lamea Allah, he told men what he knew. No, and I'm an Arab. By the way, I'm from Egypt. And I know how difficult it is to run to your wife and tell her that I'm scared.

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This is not an attitude of an Arab and Arab woman really revealed his fear to his wife sadly. But Mohammed being an honest, he didn't mind to go on run to his wife and tell her Cover me up I'm afraid I've seen an experience which is terrifying. The nature of the message that will later descend upon the Prophet ponsel salon was very simple.

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Worship only one God and stay away from worshipping anything or associating any partners with

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this message was actually familiar with the Arabs at the time because they used to worship

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Only one God The only problem is what the only problem was that they used to associate with dead God other than, you know other than as we can see the message is very appealing to everyone, but still mankind by nature, human beings by nature, they they are inclined to rejection arguments for the sake of arguments, they think that they are more smarter than a law than the Creator.

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So they start waging wars against the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him until he was forced to leave his beloved city make the Arabs start coming to the Prophet Mohammed from every direction declaring that there is only one God and you Muhammad is the Messenger of God. And back in Mecca, when the disbelievers of the tribe of Christ knew that Islam is gaining now converts, many people are coming to Islam. Then the run after the Prophet comes on sanlam and the wage many battles against it was the time for Muhammad now to come back to his beloved city. Finally, 1000s of people enter to slam and it was the time for him to go back. And he went back, he went back with these

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followers who numbered about 10,000 Muslims at the time, they entered the city from every direction, shouting Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar.

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I want some non Muslims to tell me what's the translation of allowing for non Muslims please?

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Okay, so he is so now you know the translation because people always associate Allahu Akbar with bombing.

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You see a lot, but there is a bomb coming.

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So they were shouting Allahu Akbar, me God is the greatest. They didn't attribute that victory to themselves, but rather to God Almighty, it was called the conquest of Mecca.

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It was the only conquest in the history of mankind. Where there was no fight. There was no blood. But it was a conquest.

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Because the conquest of mind

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the conquered the minds of the Arabs, finally, the Arabs realize that Mohammed was not the enemy. He was actually calling them to that which is good to that which will purify them from ignorance.

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And some of the non Muslims when they saw the crowds of the Muslims coming into the city they rather hide.

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Now do you realize that Mohammed have gained power and he's coming back to revenge. So the run and hi

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and Muhammad peace be upon him, he stood on his camera, and he start shouting, all those who run and hide are safe. All those in the house of Abu sufian are safe. Abu Sufyan was one of the greatest enemy of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him at that time, he also later became a Muslim.

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And some people approached the Prophet Mohammed looking at him, thinking that maybe Mohammed now is going to kill them. Maybe he will take them as slaves. Maybe he will take their belongings and properties as they have done to him and his followers back then.

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But the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him looked at them and say, What do you think I'm going to do to you now?

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What are you expecting from me now?

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And they knew that he was a kind and a generous person. So they told him at home Kareem webnode in Korea means you are a righteous and a generous brother, and a son of a generous brother. They knew him. They knew that he's a good quality person. So he say it Habu Phantom, go all of you are free, and no one is going to harm you in any way to the Bahamas peace be upon him died in the city of Medina at the age of 63. And he was buried the most amazing part in the Hammad story is that he's the only religious man on amongst the few religious men in history, who was not considered by his followers as God do not make the place of my grave. A place of worship means even when you go to my

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grave do not worship me. You say do not exaggerate in your love for me as the Christians did to Jesus the Son of man. You see, the Christians we do not deny the love and respect for Jesus Christ but their love for our from our perspective, their love that extreme love of taking them to another level of worshipping Jesus Christ. But Muhammad peace be upon him make it very, very clear. Do not ever exaggerate even in your love. Although we love Muhammad more than our own selves. Muhammad peace be upon him was the best of all peoples in morals, and the most generous of all

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in morals. The Quran testifies to that fact Allah Spano tala God Almighty says in the Quran, in that galala hole open all the most certainly Oh Muhammad, you stand on the top of all moral character Muhammad peace be upon him despite his busy schedule, being a prophet of God.

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The responsibility is huge on his shoulders, yet he found a time to play with these wives, play, play with them.

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Spend some times with them clean the house, fix his own shoes and garments. Milk is gold, the best of you is He who is best to his wife the criteria? If you want to know who's the best man,

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not the one who's very handsome, not the one who has so much money, not the one who has good position, not Professor so and so no, the best of you is He who is best to his wife. That's the criteria, the his servant, one of you serve, and you say that I serve the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him for 10 years. And during this 10 years, the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him never told me off. And by the way, off is not a word.

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You know, when you are frustrated?

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That's a it's not a word. It's just an expression of frustration, that you are not satisfied.

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the testimony of his servant, he say I served the Prophet how many years? 10 years, 10 years. And he never told me. And he never told me. Why did you do that? or Why didn't you do that?

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Now compare this quality with how people are treating their mates today.

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Compare that in Sri Lanka. In Saudi Arabia, two couples have shot their salon can make 24 nails nail gun, in her skull in her arms and her body. Why? Because she couldn't bear the tasks that they have given her. They gave her too much beyond the her capacity, she couldn't bear that task. So they shot her with gun nail.

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They must have thought that she is the worthless creature ever. That's why they treated her badly like that. On the other hand, 1400 years ago, in the days of ignorance, in the desert, the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him told us those who have some maids and servants under the care, he told us, they are your brothers and sisters, they are your brothers. Feed them from what you eat.

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dress them from what you wear. And if you give them any task beyond the capacity beyond their limits, then help meeting a man of Power Authority. So this man was going to be the Prophet Mohammed knowing that he's the prophet of God.

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And where was the Prophet sitting under the tree?

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That was his location. Whoever wants to find the Prophet, he's lying down under the tree. So the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him notice that the man was a bit nervous. So the Prophet did three things. He stood up. Number one, he walked towards the men. Number three, he tapped his shoulder and he told him, relax my brother. I am only a man whose mother used to eat dried meat, indicating the simple man. Forget about these titles and all these things. I am very humbled. The Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him is the most valuable thing that we have in this life, his teachings, his manners, he's our role model. We are told in the Quran that the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him is an

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example for you to follow.

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That's our role model, not David Beckham, not Shanahan not Jackie Chan.

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Only only the Prophet Muhammad peace. We are told here that among the non Muslim sources that spoke very well about the Prophet Muhammad SAW Salaam is the Encyclopedia Britannica, Encyclopedia Britannica and we are told that this encyclopedia was written by a staff of about 100 full time editors and over 4000 expert contributors.

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Yes, and it is widely regarded as the most scholarly of all his encyclopedias. What did he say about the Prophet porcelain we say, a mass of detail in the early sources shows that he was an honest and upright men, who had gained the respect and loyalty of others who were likewise honest, and

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upright men. centuries before this, centuries before this, Mohammed was titled by his enemies, by his opponents in the desert have solved me the truthful, the trustworthy. Another man by the name of Michael H. Hart, Michael H. Hart. I actually I had his his book at home, I forgot to bring it back. He's He's book is consist of about 1000 pages. He made the research about the most influential persons in history. And after he has done his research, he starts ranking them. Who is the greatest of all? Number one, and why are what are the reasons who is number two on the list and what are the reasons and so on and so forth. 100 men, his book called the 100 and

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ranking of the most influential Christian persons in history, this book I have searched for about five years, I've been trying to look for that book. I've been to Philippines. I couldn't find it. I have been to Europe, I couldn't find it. I asked many people coming from America to why they couldn't find it. At the end, I found it in Hong Kong.

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Yes. What? What did he say about Muhammad peace be upon number one, he, he placed him number one on the list, to be the most influential person in history. And by the way, he's a Christian.

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He's a Christian himself.

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And he plays Jesus Christ, peace be upon him on the list. Number three, and he gave that he is he say, my choice of Mohammed to lead the list of the world's most influential persons may surprise some, and may be questioned by others. But he was the only man in history who was supremely successful on both religious and secular levels.

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Some people say maybe the Muslims have bribed him. No, you say a few nice words. Another famous poet named lamartine. He said, about the Prophet Muhammad wa sallam, he gave three criteria of greatness for anybody to be great or the greatest, he had to have some qualities, three qualities. So he said, If greatness of purpose,

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smallness of means, and outstanding results are the three criteria of human genius, who could dare to compare any man in modern history with Mohammed, who could be 1.5 or 1.6 billion Muslims are in our world today, in every corner in the globe, wherever you go, you will meet Muslims. And despite our differences, our languages that we don't understand one another, if I go to Japan, and if I went to any place and I say Salaam Alaikum. And if there was a Muslim around the corner, and he would say, well, alaikum, salaam wa Rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh he will understand me, I will understand it. If I say Hillel, he will take me to a restaurant where I can eat some halal food,

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we will communicate.

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If I'm in a hotel room, I cannot find a mosque. And if I heard someone shouting outside, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, I will know that there is a mosque outside. This is how Islam connects us. George Bernard Shaw said about Muhammad, he must be called the savior of humanity. I believe that if a man like him were to assume the dictatorship of the modern world, he would succeed in solving its problems in a way that would bring it much needed peace and happiness. The question would be now why would these people talk about Muhammad in this way, because they have studied his biography. They have studied his teachings, and he did not find any single

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thing in his teaching that goes against humanity as a whole. And that's why they came up to this conclusion. So these words are in my talk. That was, as I said earlier,

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the tip of an iceberg about the life and moral characters of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, I hope that I was able to deliver to you something of great importance about our faith. And I will end by reminding you of my second intention here. I am basically here to invite you all,

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not to Paris,

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to slam and when I say I'm inviting you to Islam, doesn't mean that I want to convert you. Because in Islam, we don't have that concept go and convert everybody left and right. And when Congress we don't have that in Islam, we have something very important called our or sharing the message of Islam. And that's why we are here, an invitation to learn more about Islam, so that we can coexist peacefully. The more we understand one another, the more we will live peacefully, peacefully amongst one another. Thank you so much.

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vikhroli happy, baby