Omar Suleiman – Ramadan 2016 – Quran 30 for 30 – Day 13

Omar Suleiman
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Okay, so it's very likely that you're going to hear kids screaming in this in this video and

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Alaikum Salaam Alaikum. Salaam.

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All right.

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Like what's the nama seeing all of your salons? So I'm just

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So we got about 450. All right, cool. Let's go smilla Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah. All right, and he will be your man What up? So hamdulillah We are now in just 14. So we're pretty much we're at the halfway point, almost of the plan. And just 14 contains two sources. It contains sort of a ledger and certain. So it's actually just these two sources in their entirety. And if you remember yesterday, when we sort of left off talking about the transition point from from the story of use of finding his saddam

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Brahim, ie his Salaam and so on, so forth a lot and then sort of about him. This idea that each and every single surah is starting off with a verse about the Quran itself. Alright, so it tells you something that you need to know about the Quran. And essentially when it comes to suta, Brahim, the favor of Allah Subhana Allah upon us by giving us divine revelation, that divine revelation is a favor of God. Upon his creation, the tollfree gymnasts Amina Laura Matthew the naughty be in the lobby him he also authorizes Hamid so the purpose of the revelation is to take you from darkness upon darkness upon darkness to light and by the permission of their Lord to the path of the of the

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one who was always Exalted in Might and always praiseworthy. So this next surah Subhanallah certain hedges immediately when it starts off with Elif lama tilaka Ayatollah kitabi, what Koran and more being that these are the verses of the book and a clear or an a loss of Hannah Montana says Robin Iowa De La Nina cafaro, locanto Muslim in the last panel tada now is mentioning the regrets of those who disbelieved for not believing so if you look at if you connect it to the previous sort of the previous sort of mentions that this revelation is a favor of God upon his creation, and that it takes people from, you know, from from heart from darkness to light, and it's actually good for you,

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and it will give you the best of this life and the next, and here a loss of pounds, it starts off with the regret. So this is pretty much how the transition of the port and constantly is right from hope to fear from busha glad tidings to punishment and so on, so forth. So this is the consequence part a loss pantai says, not home yet Kudo. nohea tomorrow, go ahead and leave them to enjoy themselves and to you know, and to eat and to enjoy themselves and Allah subhanaw taala says that they are diluted by their mo and they're diluted by their false hope for Sophia alone. So they will come to know. So basically this idea that now the consequences are being mentioned for turning away

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from Revelation in the surah. So to hedger, do you have some of the most important verses about the Quran as well? Primarily, verse nine, where last pantai says international xenophobic, but in Allah Who would have known that indeed it is We Who sent down the Quran and we will guard the Quran, we will preserve the Quran. If you remember surah Ibrahim sort of focused on the idea that Allah subhanho wa Taala does not need anyone to confirm the truth, the prophets by some does not need anyone to confirm the truth. The truth is manifest. And the truth is for the benefit of the one who holds on to it and the one who listens and obeys. So this idea of the independence of the truth from

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needing confirmation here Allah subhana wa tada says, and by the way, this will remain preserved. And by the way, this is also at the end of Mecca. So all of these sources in succession are actually at the end of Mecca. So here Allah Subhana Allah says, We have revealed it and we will protect it. So Allah makes a promise and a guarantee to the home of the prophets lie Selim. That's something unique will happen with this message of all the messages that have come before. This is the only divine scripture that will remain protected and be maintained.

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until the end of time, because it's a universal scripture, a universal Prophet, a universal oma. Okay, so that's why in particular, this sort of started off with, you know, particularly mentioning the poor and poor and in well being that this is a plain and clear or an it's manifest. So Allah subhanaw taala use the word boron in the first verse, And Allah subhana wa tada said, that we will be the ones to protect it. And then it goes into which is pretty typical of makiko. And some of the when I say makiko, and obviously I mean called unrevealed in Makkah. It goes into the idea of, of a loss of habitat of creating the heavens and the earth and the favours of Allah subhanaw taala upon

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us Allah mentions his creation. He mentioned the ridicule of the messengers that came before he mentioned the destruction of the nations that came before without specifying any particular nation in this at least in this portion. And then the last pentatonic gives us another snippet of the story of Adam and his Salaam and obliques so lots of parents as well if Colorado Kalyan Mehta he can see in the haidakhan bezahlen min Slava slyly and min hammer in must known that he there's a way to who and effect to feed him in law he forgot Allah who said in the last keynote, Allah says that when your Lord said to the angels I will create a human being out of clay and from hammer in Muslim

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haven't in must known as his black mud. So for me that's a way to one effect to feed him and Rory so once I have proportioned him and breathed into him of my of my of my spirit, then fall down to him and prostration what's very interesting about these particular ionic is that Allah subhana wa tada is telling us that Adam, ie his Salaam, was not worth having anyone prostrate to him until the spirit and the soul was breathed into him. Now that's a powerful message. Why? Because what it shows us is that without our souls without our spirits, we are nothing but lumps of flesh, and we are of no value and have no worth. So when it comes to the money is Salaam, the money is salaams value

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comes from his soul and comes from his spirit and the soul and the spirit is valued only in accordance with how much it follows divine guidance. So the soul is beautified by it's conforming to divine guidance. And so what Allah Subhana Allah is telling us that without divine guidance, we become absolutely of no value. And so here without the money is salam, once Allah subhanaw taala proportion Tim and once the spirit has been breathed into him, then then then the sujood was commanded to him then the prostration was commanded to him. Essentially the facades of the meta he had to come to him as Maroon last pants I saw all of the angels prostrated to Adam at his salon in

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LA and Lisa other a corner I started in, except for a police he refused to be from amongst those who frustrated now in the previous surah in Surah, Ibrahim a loss of Hannover to Allah gave us the speech of shape on the speech of at least on the Day of Judgment. So at least gathering his followers and giving them that final speech before they all go to Hellfire and at least basically saying that that you know, you did this to yourselves I had no control over you whatsoever. It was under oath to confess the Java to me, I made you are I called I called towards my path I gave my debt what to you? And you responded to me for that I know more you will know more and for a second

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Don't blame me but blame yourselves. So sooner Brahim the previous surah believes is actually distancing himself by saying look, I didn't do anything I had no control over you whatsoever. You followed me? So it's your fault here after a loss of patent hooks. Adam mentions the conversation between himself and Subhana which Allah and police Allah subhana wa tada says, to as a response to the shape on in maryborough the laser lucky already him sovann in laminate tebah camino la Wien that my servants indeed My servants, you have no control over them. Except who those who follow you have the Divi haters. This is really powerful because Allah is referring to the fact that people feel a

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sense of emptiness, they're not fulfilled, when are people who are not feeling fulfilled by Allah subhana wa Tada. So they turn toward shape on for fulfillment. So the problem is that they they become slaves to their desires because they have not tasted the pleasure of worshipping Allah Subhana Allah to Allah and inclining towards Allah Subhana Allah. So the the key message here is that number one shape one has no control over us. So the speech that he gives in the previous sutra that's referenced in the previous sutra, that I had no control over them, except that I called them and they responded is confirmed here that I lost the parents

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says shape ons only power is an attractive message to the one who is looking for fulfillment in the form of their desires. But shavon has no authority over you and no power over you in any way whatsoever. And Allah subhanaw taala says what in the Johanna Mala Mala Mala Ito ultramarine And verily Hellfire is a promise place for them all. And then Allah subhanaw taala says, let her say back to above that it has seven gates. It has seven gates. So Hellfire has seven gates. How many gates does paradise have? So Hellfire has seven Jenna has eight. And so Subhanallah The idea here that the scholars mentioned which is quite profound, is that this is the superiority of Allah's

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mercy to his anger that even jahannam has seven gates but Jenna has one more gate than than jahannam paradise has eight gates, whereas Hellfire has seven. So loss of Hannah Montana is is showing us the superiority of His mercy to his punishments. And so Allah subhanho wa Taala says, Then, referring to the believers entering into paradise in and looked up enough each and not in Where are you and that indeed the righteous will be within gardens and springs and a loss of Hannah Montana says odorheiu Javi Salam in Armenian, enter into paradise in peace, safe and secure. And Allah subhanaw taala says one as that now Matthew saluti him in little in one and Allah Surin what's up Abilene, and we have

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removed whatever is in their hearts and their chests of resentments. So they will be brothers on thrones facing one another. Envy is what caused shavon to fall out of Paradise, right or to lose his position, envy and pride. Right? At the end pride, he had pride, he felt he was better than how the money is set up. And so his envy, his hustle was based on his pride, his envy was that why is our money his salon receiving this blessing, when I am clearly superior to him? So Allah subhanho wa Taala is saying, when the people enter Paradise, Allah will remove from all of their hearts, any of those things that would cause them to resent one another, or cause them to envy one another. So it's

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not like the people at the bottom of Paradise will see those that are above them. And they'll say, hey, How come he's at a higher degree than me? I was better than him. I know, he must have done some things here. There, she must have done some things here, there. But I'm still better than that person. There's none of that. There's no in fact, the people that you know, the profit slice, and I'm said that the folk are have an agenda. The poorest people have an agenda, the people at the lowest level of agenda, they would think that they are the most fortunate people have the creation of Allah subhanho wa Taala. They think that the best they want, they want and recognize that there

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are degrees that are above them. So Allah subhanaw taala removes any form of pride, Allah removes any form of envy, any form of resentment, any form of competition, because Allah knows that, when we have goodness in this world, what really spoils the narrative that you have in this world is when you start focusing on the narrative of someone who has more than you, you start focusing on the blessing the narrative that someone of someone who has more than you. So you would be totally satisfied with your home and your car, and your career and your spouse, and your family, your children and so on, so forth. But then once you see what other people have, you start belittling

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what you have. So along removes all of that when we enter into paradise, all of the reasons the root causes that cause a person to go astray Allah Subhana Allah removes it. And there's a beautiful verse here and verse 49, what is the core of the message of a loss of Hannah Montana net bit Eva, the Anita analog for laheem what another Abby who will either I will tell him that Oh, Mohammed sallallahu wasallam inform my servants that it is I who am the most forgiving and the Most Merciful, and that my punishment is a painful punishment. This is the equivalent of the previous surah, where a loss of Hannah Montana says whether in share capital letters Eden netcom, or the incoterm in other

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vilasa D, the loss of Hannah Montana says, if you are grateful, I will increase you. And if you are ungrateful, then my punishment is severe. So a lot is not threatened directly with the punishment but Allah subhanaw taala directly connects the reward to the gratitude that's shown. So here notice once again a loss forgiveness and his mercy is reference first. Not very bad, the enemy analog All right, the first thing you should tell my servants, oh Mohammed's on a long running list of them, and any dairy any color to the path of god that's following in the call of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam is that I am a merciful and a forgiving God. And then that the punishment of Allah subhanho

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to Allah is severe. So then Allah subhanaw taala mentions to us the story of Ibrahim IE Salaam, once again, the bush slide the glad tidings that was

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given to Brahim, a salon. And then Allah subhanaw taala goes into the story of loyalty, his salon, and the story of Luke and his people. This is one of the many references to the story of loyalty his Salaam, and his people that we find in the portal. And now as we said, the reference to shape on in this particular sutra in this particular context, because there's a reference to shape on and these five suitors altogether, all right, and they each fit with the theme of the soul. The reference to this surah was the reference of uncontrolled desire that a person leaves that which Allah Subhana Allah has made permitted for them, and they try they channel their desires instead in a way that's

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prohibited for them. So this is what Allah subhanaw taala mentioned in regards to the shape on not having control and authority over you except for those who go to the shape on pursuing impermissible outlets for their desires. so in this situation, this is this is where last month I mentioned the story of little tiny histogram and his people and this is the idea of Tarragona, mahalo hola hola calm that you leave that which Allah subhanaw taala made permitted for you. So instead of going through the permissible alternative, or the permissible contract of marriage, right, you sought other things and look at his Salam in particular, what is he? What does he do? He even offers his

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daughters right in verse 71, Allah Subhana Allah mentions little tiny has set up even offering his daughters right. And this shows you that the care and the genuine empathy that the prophets had, for their people that know how to is that Lutheran, Islam says ha, hula, even RT in quantum therapy and look, these are my daughters if you want to get married, so if a person sticks to that which is permissible, and they seek to channel their desires in a way that's permissible, that Allah subhanaw taala will reward them if they seek otherwise, then shavon will open up all sorts of things for them. Then we move on to Allah subhanaw taala mentioning us how will aka

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you know and the people of the mood so last pantai mentioning some of the punished nations as well. So we mentioned the punishment of the people of Lord Jesus Salaam. He mentioned the punishment of us horrible, aka, okay, so the people

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of thermowood and the retribution that came to them, and Allah subhana wa, tada tells us about us habit higit. Okay, so the people of the rocky track, that's the that's the the translation of the rocky tract. This here what this is referring to, and this the reason why this surah is named after unhedged is that the people of unhedged that used to carve out, you know, places houses within the mountains feeling secure. Right? If you if you realize Allah mentioned the people of Paradise, when they enter into paradise, they're told to come in and meaning they come into paradise with security and safety. These people that turned away from Allah Subhana, WA, Tada. They sought, they sought

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their protection by carving out homes into the mountains, and Allah subhanaw taala basically saying that, that's not going to offer you any protection, whatsoever. carving, you know, homes, into the mountains, using the skills that Allah gave you. It's not going to offer you protection from your Lord, that when the punishment of Allah Subhana Allah comes, the punishment comes. And so Allah Subhana Allah says in verse 84, Femina alpha nanomechanical yuxi born and so nothing availed them from what they used to what they used to earn, then a loss of Hannah which Adam moves on to this, once again, referring to the importance of the message here, and the the importance of following the

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plan and guidance and the divine revelation as it comes. And Allah Subhana which Allah says once again, okay, once again, this idea that shavon has no authority whatsoever over his over his creation. And I'm sorry, this is the next sort of last pentatonic ends the surah with the recognition that it pains the believers the hardship that the believers face, by remaining firm on this path, it pains them It pains, the messenger, sly, sullen and attains it pains the believers that are with him so a loss of hundreds ISIS Wanaka nella mo we know Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and neck al de casa de Luca de Maya Kowloon, that your heart feels constrained by the things

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that they say about you. You hate the things that you face you you hate, the hardship that you're facing. So Allah subhanaw taala says, For seven behind the Arabic word can mean a surgeon. So exalt Allah with the praise of your Lord and be amongst those who prostrate to him. If you realize this is a direct response to what the shape bonded shape on did not want to be from a statue Dean, he did not want to be from those who prostrated themselves to a

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Loss of Hannah Montana so humiliation came to him. So here Allah subhanaw taala says you want glory O Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, you want glory of followers of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam then be amongst those who prostrate couldn't miticides Dean what will drop Becker hedaya to Kalia clean and worship your Lord until certainty comes to you and you have pain here means death. Okay. So your pain in this particular context means that meaning keep on worshiping Allah and keep on being from amongst those who prostrate to a loss of Hannah Montana, until your very last moments. The connection here is that a lot is is the one who provides you, your outlets, Allah Subhana which

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Allah is the one who provides you Your glory, do not let the emptiness inside of you lead you to the ways of shape on if you are fulfilled with with with the with the pleasure of worshiping your Lord and abiding by his contract by his covenants in the form of tests beer and liquor, and such the right glorification, remembrance and prostration then Allah subhanho wa Taala will, you know will will make you will make you independent of the ways or shape bond and Shea ponds appeal will not affect you, now suited to nahan, which is the next which is the next surah

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Allah Subhana Allah says, atta Umrah, la fenetre startegy rule that the command of Allah is on its way, so do not be impatient for it. So Hannah, who is an amazingly Exalted is He and high above what they associate with him. The idea here is the loss of Hannah Montana is saying, Do not rush for the punishment of God, don't ask for it Don't mock the Prophet slice of them the way that the previous prophets were mocked by their people. And they were told to just go ahead and bring about the punishment of God upon us whether it was the people of Noah, the people locked, the people of hood, whoever it may be, they rushed the punishment, they mark their profit and they said, go ahead and

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bring the punishment upon us. So Allah subhanaw taala says, Do not rush for the punishment of God to come towards you. A loss the kind of attacker has already willed that the Day of Judgment is on its way. And Allah subhanho wa Jalla you know, then it's a beautiful beautiful, beautiful discourse. Allah subhana wa tada starts to mention his creation, the way that he creates, but it's one of the most beautiful, you know, passages which talk about the favors of Allah subhana wa tada in the form of creation. So Allah mentions Kala personality will Otto bobbitt Huck Tana and NIOSH record that he created the heavens and the earth in truth, and high is he above what they associate with him. Allah

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mentions holofoil in Santa may not offer that either who or Hassan Levine Allah subhanaw taala created you human being he created you from a dirty drop of fluid and suddenly you're you know your your clear adversary, you're someone who argues and you're someone who expresses and you're someone who chooses whether to follow guidance or not follow guidance. And Allah says he didn't put you in this world without help. When an AMA Hanukkah Allah subhanaw taala gave you grazing livestock, and he created it for you let him feed her own woman if you're a woman has Kuru and that you have from its warmth and numerous benefits and from them you eat while a comfy heart gym. And you have amongst

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that livestock Gemma Don haina to to the hoonah or hanaa Tesla home, you have beauty when you bring them in the evening and when you send them out during the day and a loss of how to assess what tamina escala calm it carries your belongings from city to city and you know the favor in that regard Allah mentions and he created for you and hail horses and mules and donkeys for you to ride and he created for you that what you don't know why f local Nana Tana mon a lot creates that what you don't know, the scholar say something very beautiful here that the observable universe and the observable favours of a loss of Hannah Montana are enough for us to come to the conclusion that we

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have a lord who creates and the Lord who sustains Okay, that's the observable universe. But all of the elements that we don't see that are working in perfect harmony, to make life easy for us and to allow us to continue to live and to function.

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All of that is being created by a Lost Planet Allah for your benefit, even if you're not actually recognizing that. So Allah Subhana Allah mentions all of these different things he mentioned, Azhar was a tune whether he will or not, he mentioned the crops, the olives, the palm trees, the grape vines, all of these different fruits he mentioned was Sahara Lachman later when the half was shumsa will come up when nujoma masaharu to be hungry. He He said that he subjective for you, the night

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The day and the sun and the moon and the stars are subjected by his command. So all of these things the entire orbit is to your benefit. And Allah Subhana which Allah has given you all of these things, and Allah subhanho wa Taala says at the end of all of these different things that he's giving you a loss of kind of analysis what interridge do Nascimento la de la to pursue her in Allah Allah photo Rahim and if you were to try to count the favor of Allah subhana wa Tada. You would not be able to enumerate them. Indeed Allah is Forgiving and Merciful. And Allah subhanaw taala uses Naira to Allah, the blessing of Allah in the singular. And the scholars mentioned that because the

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reason why last Pattaya uses a singular is because if you were to take one single blessing, take the blessing of the sun. Take the blessing of water, take the blessing of a heart, take the blessing of your fingertips, take the blessing of your eyes, take one blessing that Allah has given you. And trying to enumerate all of the blessings that come from that you would not be able to do so. But Allah is most forgiving and most merciful. The scholars here say love a photo Rahim, most forgiving, Most Merciful, what it really refers to hear is that a lot understands that you're not going to be able to thank him for everything he's giving you. Like Allah does not burden you beyond your scope.

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So the fact that you're unable to thank Allah for everything that he's given you does not mean that Allah subhana wa tada is going to punish you for that. But at least when you recognize the blessing of Allah subhanaw taala in numerous forms, make sure that you express gratitude to a loss of Hannah Montana, and a lot of focuses then on the creation of the honeybee. Look at that little honeybee and look at all of the miracles of a lot in that tiny honeybee. How much honey does the beat provide, and how much benefit comes from those from those little bees, and how magnificent of a creation is that little tiny beat. So a lot did not create anything in Lubbock, except with a purpose, and

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except with In truth, and all of that is for the benefit of mankind. And that's what a loss of Hannah Montana mentions to us play if you fast forward to the, to the end of this surah. And again, Allah mentions the favors of children, the favors of animals, the favors of everything, the heavens and the earth here. So you can sort of go through that. A loss of Hannah Montana then mentioned to us in the La Jolla little bill it would be the most comprehensive verse in the Quran, according to the love and miss the law is the most comprehensive verse in the in this in the Quran is verse 19. of certain nation, where a law says indeed a lot orders justice in the law, yet little gladly when

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Sam when he taught us a lot of commands, you had three things, he commands you with justice, he commands you with excellence and your conduct, and he commands you with excellence to your relatives in particular. So, Justice is to everyone justice in general, compassion in general and goodness in general, and then specifically to your relatives. So these are the three things that are lost patterns Anna enjoins us with and this verb in this verse, while young hair and in fascia he will carry well above it, and a loss of how to add a specifically forbids you from from, from an fascia from wickedness, from bad conduct and from oppression. So Allah subhanaw taala forbids you from all

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of those things. And notice here that Allah does not specify to who so you're forbidden from from from wrongdoing any any one of the creation of a loss of habitat and if you look at the surah Allah really mentioned the value and the special role that each and every single creation plays in Allah subhanaw taala scheme of things, so you should not wrong and you should not show injustice to any animal to any to anyone, regardless of their faith or whatever it may be, you should avoid wronging people so a lot commends us with three and he forbids us from three and had been misused. So this is the most comprehensive idea in the Koran. And it became after I'm going to bin Abdulaziz talking a

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lot to either I'm gonna bring up diseases to mention this at the end of every chutzpah. So it became the tradition of our Alma that the hot leave that the one who's giving the sermon, the Friday sermon, will will mention the this particular Ayah because of its comprehensiveness and sapan Allah Allah tells us in verse 93, what oh shout Allahu Allah Jana cometan wahida If Allah subhana wa tada will, he could have made you all one religion. And what that means here is that a lot could have made you angels, where you were incapable of sinning where you were not tested at all, a lot could have made you just like the angels. But the fact of the matter is that the angels have a particular

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role to play. And Allah has created us with a role to play. So if Allah wanted to create us without free will, and to create us to be forced into submission, he could have done so. But instead Allah subhanaw taala

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Allah created us with, with with a choice and Allah subhanaw taala created us to where we could either choose to acknowledge those blessings and acknowledge that guidance or we could reject it. So a lot did not force us into a religion he did not force us to be like the angels to where we have no choice but to worship Allah subhana wa tada finally and this is very, very powerful and very beautiful. Allah subhanaw taala says once again about the shape on and pay attention so this is the end and Mashallah, you guys have argued quite a bit today. So, lots of comments. I haven't been reading them but you guys have been kind of going at it. So everyone that's arguing back I know we

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always have people that come in and try to argue and things of that sort of just focus in South LA Tyler right now on this point that Allah mentions in the who lays Allahu Sorbonne and Allah Medina, Amman, Orion Amitabha cannon, that shavon has no authority over those who have believed and those who rely upon their Lord. So, people have tawakkul shavon will not be able to lead them astray people who depend upon Allah subhanaw taala on the connection of this particular reference to the previous reference in the previous surah. So, in the last surah, Allah subhanaw taala revealed that shavon has no authority over his servants, except for those who who seek Him for fulfillment, they

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go to say Thawne they want chiffons path because they seek fulfillment of their desires in a satanic way. Here a loss of Hannah hoods, Adam mentions that people who trust a loss of Hannah Montana will not fall to the authority of shape on the reason being the difference between the two is that many times people forsake the way of a loss of Hannah Montana, because they are seeking a risk or sustenance in this world. They think for example, that by you know, by abandoning the particulars of the religion and the particulars of guidance by by being selective in what we apply, that, you know, I can earn more money, and I can be in a better situation in this world. You know, once a thought

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comes to a person and says, Hey, you know, it's okay if you use a little bit of a little bit of usury everyone uses Oba It's okay, if you sell these products, it's okay if you get in this capital market, it's okay if you get in this if you get none and so on so forth. Why because many people turn away from the path of a law because they think that provision comes from outside of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And that religion hinders them from pursuing what they want in this world. But Allah says in this sort of accent, sort of denial, no, no hate on play, but that those who respond to the guidance of Allah will have a good life, Allah will give them a good life. So the idea here,

00:32:37 --> 00:33:15

what's being mentioned here is that Allah is the provider and you need to recognize that allows the provider and don't let shavon convince you that by following some of his ways, that an interesting yourself to Him and His ways instead that you're going to get more of this world you will not get more of this dunya by turning away from Allah subhana wa Tada. So we ask Allah subhana wa Jalla to provide for us in both in you know, in fulfillment so that we don't become slaves to our desires and become susceptible to shape on in that way. And we also ask Allah Subhana Allah to fill us with trust, to fulfill us with fulfillment to counter the desires and to fill us with trust so that we

00:33:15 --> 00:33:29

don't fall vulnerable to the tactics of shape on thinking that provision comes from anyone but Allah Subhana Allah, so does that malachite unto you all. inshallah Tada, I will see you tomorrow. salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah cut.

Quran 30 For 30 – Day 13 – Al Hijr and Al Nahl

June 18, 2016


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