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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu wa salam O Allah seydel ambia evil mousseline wa ala alihi wa sahbihi A Jain mama God for the villa him in a shaker Nova James Miller

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hula Hema for Samadhi and medical facilities and I came up with it sorry, we're silly. Emily Wagner looked at me Listen to me. No, but I mean from Ahmedabad, Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. Everyone, let's try and get to know so little Juma the 62nd surah of the Quran. This incredible surah is just 11 is very, very small. And it's part of the masa behat series in which Allah declares his perfection in the beginning. And that says something about humanity. This surah is very, very deep and very beautiful and it's got some really interesting unique qualities. For instance, the first I have this surah mentioned for Names of Allah as opposed to a typical standard two names of

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Allah. So Allah will say Malika produces enough Hakeem everything in disguise in the earth declares his perfection. It declares a less perfection who happens to be the Sovereign, the king and Malik, the ultimately sanctified and pure the holy, that's all good news. The ultimate authority allows ease and the all wise al Hakim it's incredible that these four names have a lot and correspond perfectly to the next ayah in which a lot doesn't describe himself. He actually describes what his prophet His Messenger does, and what he was sent to do. So Allah says when Olivia basophil Amina Rasulullah mannheimia to Allah him it was a key him or Ali Mohamed Kitab al hikma. He says he's the

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one who sent among the unlettered people, the mean, he sent among them a messenger who does four things for them. He reads his miraculous signs onto them, he narrates onto them, the miraculous signs. He purifies them, and he teaches them the law. And he teaches them wisdom. If you think about these four things, the first of them was he introduces people to the great signs of Allah, the signs that remind people of Allah's kingdom. And that's the first name of a lion that previous sire the king, a king is known by his signs, by the symbols, by the castles by the emblems worn by the soldiers, by the marks of his kingdom. And all of this creation is a mark of a last kingdom, that

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this is a laws, grand kingdom that we witnessed before us. So the reading of Allah signs and his granddaughter and his kingdom are corresponding to each other. The next thing the Prophet does, the Quran says we use a key him he purifies them. And you recall the firt, the second name of Allah mentioned in the previous ayah was the ultimately pure, the sang the sanctified, the holy, and the pure. And so the pure, only the pure can sell and can purify. And so this messenger purifies on behalf of the ultimately pure. And then he says, will you allow Muhammad Kitab he teaches them the book, which actually in Arabic usage means law, he teaches them the law, and the law can only come

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from the authority and that's the third name of a line the previous ayah and then he says, well, hikma wisdom, and wisdom can only come from the source of wisdom, unless fourth name and the previous I was looking for Names of Allah for activities of the Prophet, perfectly selection perfectly superimposed on top of each other in such remarkable, beautiful language. They're after a lot of talks not just about the unlettered who Allah blessed with this this incredible, you know, knowledge of Revelation, he says, What are Kadena mean? hula Mayakoba him. There are others than them other ethnicities, other groups, other nations other entire civilizations that haven't joined

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their ranks yet? Well, who will as is a lucky man, he is the ultimate authority. That's the favor of Allah He gives it to whoever he wants. This is the first passage of the surah in which Allah describes the great gift of Revelation and how it formed a nation that who's under Allah, his kingdom is actually beyond ethnicity beyond one race, beyond one culture and beyond one tradition, and it's going to continue to grow and that is the favor of Allah who he gives to whoever he wants. This is unlike the tradition of Allah with the Israelites. The Israelites were one nation, continuous Prophethood coming within them will follow now whom Allah Allah, Allah mean, you know,

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I love preferred them over all other nations of the world could love Allah can never use Allah and the Prophet would tell us every time a Prophet would die, another would take his place. This is what Allah did for them. But this time, Allah has sent one single messenger from the line of explanatorily salaam, who is not a messenger for one ethnicity, or one people or one lineage. He's actually for all humanity, and it's already been talked about in the sacred text itself, while Kadena mahalo Madhavi him, there are others than them. They don't look like them. They don't talk like them, and they haven't even joined them yet. In other words, they will join them. And that's

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the great favor of Allah. And Allah is the giver of the ultimate favorite Willow and he's the possessor of the ultimate favorite artistic if this is then contrast it in the second passage with those who lost their true spirit of their faith from within the Jewish tradition, the Israel

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Especially the ones living in Medina are now being called to represent. And so Allah azza wa jal in this next passage, talks about those who carried the Torah, the revelation that they were given on their backs, like a mule carries carries a load on its back. And the idea is not to compare do to a mule. The idea is to carry someone who has been given revelation to someone who who only carries it around without ever pondering and using it for reflection, using it to purify oneself and to learn the law and to internalize the wisdom. The four things that were just mentioned are the purpose of Revelation. And now we're learning there are people who don't live by that purpose, and therefore

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all practical purposes. amule don't become like this, don't reduce your revelation to just something that celebrated something that just superficially recited, and nothing else, something that is heard at ceremonious occasions. And that's something that's that's all there is, or don't turn your book into, like, just some kind of protection. So you put it in the dashboard in your car, are hanging a couple of verses from the rearview mirror. And that's all there is to the book, don't do this, because there are people before you who reduce the book to this. And they're being compared to mules because of it because of the crime they committed with their book. That is not a place you want to

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be. So the first passage is what the relationship of the oma Whitaker is supposed to be, why the Prophet came with this revelation, and what it's supposed to do for us. In the second passage, Allah describes people whose relationship with their book became artificial. And as a result, they lost their purpose in life. And that's why they didn't want to didn't want to leave this world. They forgot they lost all sight of the fact that life goes on beyond this, there's another life after this, there's a facing of Allah, you know, and they didn't want to face death. And that's why I call Indian multi letter hoonah men who find the hamanako the death that you're running from is gonna

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come into contact with you. It is coming, you can't avoid it. That's what the you know what they are told the ones who lost track of what the book and its purpose was actually supposed to be. You know, it's interesting, that in their traditions, almost all mention of the afterlife has gone. Almost all mention of the meeting with allies gone, almost all mentioned, if not all of it entirely of the date of resurrection of Hellfire and haven't completely erased. And so a reminder to them, and says you can hide it all you want, you are going to be returned to the master, you know, to me that he was Shahada to the Knower of the unseen and the scene for you to call me my quantum terminal. And he's

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going to tell you what you used to do. Now there's a third passage of this. So there's only three passages. And the third passage of the surah seems to be completely unrelated to the first two until you think about it. The third passages, believers, when you the call is made for the prayer on the day of Friday, then rushed to the remembrance of Allah, leave the business behind, what's it all by? That's better for you if you knew and when the prayer is done, spread out in the land fantasy roofing of what a woman from the law, pursue out of favor, go make money, go continue your studies, go back to your families, do whatever you like to do, to pursue a less favor, with good luck if you

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don't continue to remember a lot a lot. So you may succeed. And then an incident is mentioned when the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam was giving a sermon and the Muslims were not yet educated enough to understand the etiquette of the sermon. And so Allah says without it, Jonathan Allah when Allah wa Taala, cuca, Karima when they saw trade and business, they saw some some some caravan go by that was making a lot of noise while the football was going on. They ran towards it, and they left you there standing. What are cuca Karima? You know, it's amazing that Allah mentions distraction level, entertainment business. That's what you left the Friday prayer for today. You don't even have to get

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up to leave it. You could just turn it on your mobile device. And you could just check your Facebook status while called buzz going on and you've left you've abandoned the station of the prophets I said that you're supposed to live by whatever cuca Karima you know, in Fotolia them what they rushed towards it, they poured towards it, and they broke off. And enfilade in Arabic actually is used for when a glass shatters, like the image of someone breaking the spirit of the Friday prayer is like glass shattering supposed to be staying together, you know, and it hurts when glass shatters. And it can't be put back together. It's like irreparable damage is so serious. But what is this Friday

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Prayer instruction doing here? And then he says well all huddled up, you know, as the best provider and is the only instruction for the Friday prayer in the entire Quran right here. That's it. This is all the place and here are less as allies the best of all providers, what in the world. What Allah has done is something so remarkable. The first two passages have now been summed up in this one last passage incredible. One of the greatest failings of the of the previous nation that was given the book was they were asked to observe their Sabbath, they were asked to observe the day of Saturday is the day of observance, a day in which they would leave worldly affiliation and worldly aspirations

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behind and they would only worship a lot and they weren't able to do so subtle art off describes that they even they were too tempted to continue their businesses on the Saturday so they tried to go around the you know, they find a way around the the day and make their money. Now, Allah has given us he didn't give us all of Saturday.

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He didn't give us all a Friday, he gave us an hour or two of the Friday. And he said, I've given you much, much, much less, it's a favor of Allah that He gives to whoever he wants. And now you that few hours, you better leave the world behind the world means nothing during the hours of the Friday prayer. And as a matter of fact, it's called the Day of Gathering. Because it's a simulation for what is going to happen on judgment day, a level called people will come out of their graves and they will gather to the call of Allah. And that simulation happens every single Friday, when the entire community gathers to hear the word of Allah and prays together, we're actually being reminded

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of our resurrection. every single Friday, remember, the Jewish community was reprimanded in the Middle Passage of the surah. And they were told to run away from death and resurrection is coming, and you're going to be brought before your master. We can't forget that because Friday prayers there, because we have to go stand in front of a lot every Friday prayer. We're being this mock rehearsal for resurrection, so panela that's the purpose of the Friday prayer. But that's how this passage connects to the one before it. What about this passage, his relationship with the first passage in which we were told that the Prophet purifies and gives revelate You know, he recites the

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revelations recites the miraculous, it purifies the teachers, the law and the wisdom. Now we're learning the purpose of the Friday prayer, the Friday prayer, the remembrance of Allah is those four things. The hottie, the sermon giver is supposed to recite the ayat of Allah, you know, he's supposed to by doing so cleanse people, this coming together, cleanses all of us. It teaches us the laws of Allah, the do's and don'ts that Allah has given us. And in in Dallas with wisdom, every time we attend a Friday prayer, it's the responsibility of all of us to try to internalize the wisdom that's being given. And what a huge responsibility it is to give the Friday sermon, and to give the

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wisdom from the book of Allah, and to give the IRS so they can purify minds of people, the thoughts of people, the attitudes of people, the emotions of people. That's what the purpose of the Friday prayer is. So this is actually in a nutshell, if the Friday prayer is given its due, it's like the oma is on course, they're doing what they're supposed to. And the state of our Friday prayer will be a very good indication of the state of the oma. And because the state of the Sabbath of the previous nation was a basically a damning indication of the state of their affairs where they stood before Allah. That is the essence of pseudo Juma how the abstract idea of purification and cleansing and

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wisdom has been personified and been given this incredible concrete form of the congregation of the Friday prayer, some of you say, and I'm going to conclude with this with just the commentary on this. Some of us say, well, the Friday prayer in my machine is pretty boring. I don't like it, oh, the guy has a heavy accent or it's such a long quote by just go towards the end. There's life or in accounting, we learned like lastin first out, right? The people that do that for the Friday prayers will be the last one to come in. First, when they get out. They'll park on the street, not in the parking lot because they want to get stuck behind anybody. They might even pray at the exit. Join

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the second record. Maybe they catch one side or something, man, I'm done. I got no, no, no. You forgot why the Friday prayer exists. It doesn't exist because you, you have some deep rooted guilt inside you that I didn't at least Come and touch the machine or something. You're supposed to leave the world behind. That's the spirit of it. You're supposed to reconnect with the word of Allah, that's the spirit of it. Come early to the masjid pray that you know, recite Quran. remember Allah, leave business aside come an hour early, come an hour and a half early. Let that be a time for meditation and prayer and like art and just sit there recital God do something. But that that peace

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that you will get out of the Friday prayer, that residual effects of it will be there until the next Friday. It will keep you going until the next Friday. That should be a time that is just between you and Allah time. That is you and Allah time if you can't make any other time. If you're so busy with everything else, this is the one time you have no excuse to be busy. I tell you now we have a chance to come before Allah willingly. willingly, a day is coming for all of us. We're going to have to come before Allah, whether we like it or not. So let's prepare ourselves by willingly coming to Allah happily coming to Allah. And so we are happy to receive Allah on the day of judgment when he

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calls us because it will be as pleasant and experienced as coming to the Friday prayer. May Alaska Western United all before Allah in the most beautiful of gatherings and realize that we can make all of our Friday prayers the most blessed of occasions throughout our entire lives. barakallahu li walakum wa salaamu alaykum wa rahmatullah wa barakato

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Episode 14 – Surah Al-Jumu’ah – Nouman Ali Khan

June 18, 2016

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