Mufti Menk – Ramadan 2016 – Save Yourself Series – 14

Always remember our brothers and sisters suffering around the globe in your prayers, May Allah ease their difficulties.
The reasons we have failed as a Ummah are dispute and disunity. Allah Himself has told Muslims to obey Him and His messenger and avoid dispute for us to be successful. If not we will become unsuccessful and our power will be lost. Just look at the Muslims in the world today and you will see the truth in Allah’s statement. The non believers have strength because they are protectors of one another.
War is not required of Muslims. We were taught to always lean towards peace, accept hands stretch in peace and lean on Allah; if they want to cheat you then Allah is sufficient for you. Islam does not teach violence. When enemies accept Islam they automatically become your brothers and Allah forgive their sins.
Be careful and do not let your love for family and wealth exceed your love for Allah if you don’t want calamity to strike you.

Ramadan 1437H 2016 from Bosmont Masjid in Johannesburg, South Africa, Episode 14