Omar Suleiman – Ramadan 2016 – Quran 30 for 30 – Day 26

Omar Suleiman
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seems like the connections a little weak today hopefully it'll

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catch up inshallah.

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All right.

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So I like rock and roll once again to all. Mr. Heyman handed in a slot was Salam O Allah Allah so he killed him while he was on me Jemaine. So obviously as I mentioned yesterday, we're starting very late today because it's a Yama Yama. Some of you might have seen that I was giving cultiva at

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three o'clock Central Time 4pm Eastern, which is our usual time for call on 3430

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there was all types of the post Juma crowd afterwards and some things going on. Of course, we are also planning inshallah to Allah for our big fundraising tonight.

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And so the program that goes along with that inshallah tada Valley Ranch master tonight, so I apologize This is I'm just getting getting started now, but shall keep consistent I want to actually congratulate those people that have been consistent Mashallah, throughout the month I know that obviously I was expecting that a series of this much depth with you know, there would be a great drop off after the first few lectures but upon a lot there have been really the same consistent names each and every single time and hamdulillah

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that have been paying attention so I asked last pants, I'd say except from all of us, it's just a few days left. I'm definitely

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you know, going to miss the study of the plan, but inshallah tada hopefully we'll continue with some other things after Ramadan as well but again, want to thank you guys who have been a part of this from the start. I hope that you found it beneficial.

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And inshallah we'll go ahead and continue now. So tonight, by the way, tune in tonight inshallah, tada, we're going to have our Valley Ranch, Islamic Center fundraiser live, it is really really good time inshallah for everyone tune in and be a part of something special inshallah. So that'll be about 10:30pm.

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central time and Chatelet 1130 Eastern time. So I invite you all to tune in tonight in Charlottetown as well, I'll have that streaming here. Also, anyways, let's start over again. So not acknowledging so now we are in just 26 today is the 26th day of Ramadan, obviously tonight, we have the 27th night so I asked the last kind of time to accept on on behalf of all of us and to to give us the reward of later to Qatar. So just 26 contains quite quite a few schools. So now obviously with these last few schools you have a lot these last few years, you have a lot of suitors that come within the same chapter. It starts off with sort of tail off which are the heights that have obviously referring to

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you know, who daddy is Salaam standing up is under a coma herbal coffee color to neutral, invade near the human Kulfi Allah terremoto Illallah until the end of the iron and others were who there any his Salaam stood up in the heights, he stood up and he gave his people the last warning

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you know of the destruction the punishment of a last panto coming upon them. And the last panel attallah warning them

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you know of this last chance of theirs and Pamela what happens with them obviously, is that they see for them Oh, who added on was stuck with that idea to tell you how they're added on monthly donor, they saw a big cloud coming their way approaching them and they thought that this is going to be less cross this is going to be rain, then who I must start gelatin be rather this was the punishment the hastening of the punishment of a loss of hundreds added that you have rushed towards reconfigure them on a limb, and so on so forth. So last kind of Tyler, you know, showed them this this cloud and they thought that there was benefit within it. But instead there was punishment within it. Now a

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little bit about where we are right now. So certain off is the last of group of sorta is known as the * I mean, the suit is the start off with Hamming. And the hat means all of these sources. Let's start off with Hamming. They all talk about the revelation and the rejection of the revelation. So they all sort of stay within the same theme.

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The the destiny of blame, the destiny of those who reject our you know, in a off being the people of add the destiny of them as mentioned in this school and the Sora is named after that last warning. So how I mean this group of Sutras, which is a word

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of the rejection of Revelation. The last sort of the * I mean that starts off with Hamming is named after a Lakoff named after the heights where, who stood up and called his people one more time and sort of off is one of those few suitors in the Quran that only has one name. So it doesn't have multiple names. But most of the sources of the quarter actually have numerous names, there are only about 30 or so sources that only have one name, and that sort of stuff is one of them. It's revealed in late Mecca. So it's about the 10th or 11th year, and so had a lot one of the powerful things about it is that it does not sound an apologetic tone at all, or a vulnerable tone. Even though this

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was the most vulnerable part of the prophets. Iceland's life this sort of was revealed after a pot and we know that it's revealed after the five because of the story of the jinn, accepting Islam which comes at the end of the surah. So this surah is revealed at a very, very vulnerable time in the profit slice of life. But the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is still you know, having hope in Allah subhanaw taala and this is not a defeated tone by any means, as we say, See, and and how I mean. So, this surah is a very powerful surah it goes through many different aspects of the, of the message of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Allah Subhana Allah to Allah says,

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Matthew lochness mo Aldo Nabina oma 11 happy with a Muslim when levena cafaro Amma on zero more in one hour as a matter the reason I'm doing the law here are only maga fella come in and out of the AMA who shall confess somewhat II to Nikita and probably had a 30 minute element in quantum side. Okay. So last penalty Allah says that, you know, say to them, have you considered that which you invoke beside Allah subhanho wa Taala show me what they have created of the earth? Or do they have partnership in the creation of the heavens in the earth? Bring me a scripture before this or remaining trace of knowledge if you should be truthful, and they're not saying that Allah subhana

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wa, tada, started off with the Leela actually, which is a logical evidence, show me if you don't have an explanation for the creation of the heavens in the earth, show me you know how you created the heavens in the earth? Or if you don't believe in a vault if you don't believe in the Originator of the heavens in the earth, then prove it from a logical perspective. I'm going to homeshare confess somehow what or do you have a you know, a partnership and the way that this all came about? He tuni be Kitab in comedy Haha, so last time, so it starts off with the earth look around that the earth around you, did you have anything to do with its creation? Did you have anything to do with

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the creation of the heavens? A loss pantai says or is there a book that confirms the path that you are on today are a trace of knowledge. So it starts off with delete, actually, and it goes to delete Nutley, the real actually is a logical demand and then a demand for evidence. If you don't have a logical explanation, then provide some sort of evidence, some sort of textual evidence or some sort of Scripture that justifies where you are. Now this is, of course, the interesting thing about this, is that a last panel that I started off with delete, actually, because the people who are being addressed here are not added Kitab they're not People of the Scripture. So the people of Mecca were

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not people who believed in a previous scripture. So it starts off with the challenge to the observable universe around them, do you have any type of proof of you know, of the of the methodology of the path that you have chosen to take that you all have chosen to take in this world? So last time, you know, mentioned the challenge to them, in that regard, and a last kind of Allah says in verse seven what that took that led him to NaVi knots and Karla Dena cafaro will happily damage home syndrome ob. So when our Verses are recited to them as clear evidences, those who disbelieve they say of the truth when it has come to them, that this is obvious. Magic me aku Luna

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Tara, or they'll say that he invented it and fabricated it.

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So this this challenge to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, or the way that they were rejecting the Prophet sallallahu wasallam in different ways, is being highlighted that they can't really even come to a conclusion as to how they should reject the Prophet slice of them. They just want to reject Him, and by any means necessary. So if they call him a magician, they call him a sorcerer. They'll call him a poet. They'll just throw these labels at him and see which one sticks because at the end of the day, they just want to take people away from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and the message that he's brought. A last pantai says in verse 10, Colorado a town in

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Canada Minar en de la he was found to be he was shalida Shah he don't mean Benny Islam either, and admittedly he for avinor was stuck bottom in the La la de la cama vida mean that have you considered if the Quran was from Allah and you disbelieved in it? While a witness from the children of Israel the has testified to it and believed while you were arrogant indeed

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The last contact does not guide the wrongdoing people. This verse is referring to a lot of in Salaam about the Allahu tada and who the greatest Rabbi of Medina, who when he heard the Prophet sallallahu sallam, or when he hurt when he saw the Prophet sly somebody heard the message of the prophets lie Selim. He said that this is the prophesized prophet. This is the profit that we were told about. And he accepted the profits license so the Chief Rabbi of Medina who was named before being Abdullah, he was slain with Assad Hussein had been set out and the prophets I some changes named Tom the love and Salaam. So a last pantai saying that the chief rabbi has accepted and the Chief Rabbi has said that

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this man, also the last little lahardee was sent him is indeed the messenger of a law firm, and I was talking about him, so he believed but you're still showing pride, you're still choosing to refuse. So the the the point being driven here is that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam fits the mold of this profit that's been expected. And this is the last warning and some of the scholars say this transition now to the maddening period shows that this is where a cough is going. It's the last warning to the people of Mecca. As as who that is Sam gave the last warning to to the people of add a last kind of talent then mentions to us for sale in Santa bydd listener. So I mentioned that in

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gratitude to him so how to what to add, and then Allah subhanaw taala mentions in verse 16.

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The the in gratitude towards the parents, the in gratitude towards the parents will will say I'm sorry, this is verse 15. Or I'll say no in Santa BYD. There he is Santa hemella to omokoroa walleye to call her Mohammed who wafi sala husana shahara Hata Ella Bella should the whoever or in the center call arabinose or any an escort an aromatic allottee an amateur Allah you're either odd or an animal or slightly huntable Ah, what else literally if either realty in need to go to daycare, or in need, you know, muslimeen so last kind of 10 dimensions and we have enjoined upon man to be dutiful and kind to his parents, his mother bore him and with hardship, and she brought him forth with

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hardship. And, and with the bearing of him, the weaning period was 30 months until he attains full strength and he reaches 40 years old. Then he says, My Lord grant me the power and ability that I may be grateful for your favor which you have bestowed upon me, and upon my parents and that I may do deeds of righteousness that please you and make my offspring righteous truly I've turned to and repentance and truly I am amongst Muslims. This is referring to the person who recognize the right of Allah upon them and the right of the parents. And the scholars say that this verse is talking about Rebecca study called the law of terror and because Abu Bakr well the law and was the first one

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to believe in the law, and I will back it all the time, of course, from the companions of the Prophet sly Salaam, and all record on the lantana and who committed himself to the prophets why Selim and I will back it on the law of terror and who showed excellence towards his parents, and he was a great role model for his children. And SubhanAllah. Rebecca is the only Companion of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam whose entire family accepted Islam, parents and children, parents, spouse, children, everyone accepted Islam, from the family of abeka was the vehicle of the long term angle, though some took longer than others. So this is the example of a person who was

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grateful of the favor of Allah subhanaw taala upon them and so they were grateful to their parents and the Prophet slicin um, says, Man, they escorted NASA as karela whoever does not think the people does not think Allah, and the first people that you should think and be grateful to Are your parents. So a lot showing how this gratitude to Allah subhanaw taala translates and manifests into a gratitude that's shown to the parents as well. And on the other hand, when are the on verse 17? What are the quality why the day he often lacuna, Atari done any unauthorized record holla till kuromon cobbly wahana yesterday Ethan in LA Hawaii like I am in in noir de la fere coluna ha de la south, we

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are willing. So here you have the person who says to his parents often nakoma both of you leave me alone. So he's ungrateful to his parents. And then what is and then he says to them, are you really trying to teach me Are you really trying to, you know, tell me that, that I'm going to be raised up again, when generations before me have passed. So this person is denying a lot and he's denying his parents. So in gratitude has manifested itself in rejection of Allah subhanho wa Taala, as well as the rejection of his parents and the way that he speaks to his parents without he can lead in a Haqqani human code. And those are the people who punishment is justified for that Allah mentions in

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verse 21, was called alpha and in it under a coma who Bella cough. So he mentioned he mentioned who that is Sam when he warned his people and they were diluted and the people who do it himself.

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I'm turned away.

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And Allah subhana wa tada ends this sort of off with

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in verse 29. What is sought off? Not unique enough? Amina jindee SME Runa and dilemma how Laura will call Allen's little fella polio Hello either accompany him on the green card we are common in North America keytab and onzie them in Burundi mosa or Sunday konima Avenida de yet the how Kuwait operate and Mr. Clean. So it's verse 29, verse 30, where Allah mentions a group of jinn that came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Yesterday, Ronan and I were listening to the call. And when they heard it, they said to they, they said to everyone, listen quietly. And when it was concluded, they went back to their tribes as callers to a loss of Hannah Montana, and they said, Oh, our

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people. Indeed, we have heard a book revealed after Moses confirming what was before it, which guides the truth into a straight path. So if you realize the beginning of the suta, Olam mentions Abdullah bin Salaam, who was a rabbi accepting Islam, from the human beings, right, the Chief Rabbi of Medina, accepting Islam. Here, Allah mentions a group of Jewish jinn, because they did not say number uresa, they said men are the most after Moses, as opposed to after Jesus accepting Islam, accepting the message of the Prophet slicer now, that the most powerful message that we take from this, though, is that Allah subhanho wa Taala is showing that if human beings have rejected you, you

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don't know what you don't know who's heard your message, and who's believed in you. So even if you face rejection, in that regard, don't give up because there are people that still, that still will accept you, even if you can't see them. And in the case of the gym, you couldn't even see them, but they still accepted you yellows, little law, and they still went back and they called their tribes to Islam. So the point is, is that as a dairy as one who's calling to a loss of habitat, I don't despair because people are rejecting you, you don't know the effect the actual impact that your message is having. So just focus on delivering the message, let Allah deal with the impact piece,

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let the last pinata deal with the result that will come with that. The next surah is soulless Mohammed. And it's also known as cirtl preta, which is the surah of battle.

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This is really interesting. So had a lot because if you look at the way that the sources are, are spaced out, or the way that the the equation, or the sequence of the soldiers comes, you have a cough, which is the final warning to the people after a cough after the final warning, you have the pita that takes place, you have the fighting that takes place. And after the fighting the next surah after Mohammed, Mohammed is sort of fat, which is the victory, the opening and the conquest. So some kind of law, it's the warning, the battle, the conquest, the warning, the battle, and, and the conquest that comes in, you know, in the order of the suitors. So surah, Mohammed is the only

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madonie surah that's within this juice. So I'm sorry, not the only one, but it's the first money sorta that we now have in this job because God is the end of Makkah. So now we're in Medina, and sudo, Mohammed basically talks about the,

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you know, the way to deal with the captives of war, the, you know, to free them as a favor to ransom them for their freedom, freedom to exchange them, for your own captives or how to treat them if you decide to keep them as captives. So Allah subhanho wa Taala, you know, talks about the importance of treating the captives kindly. And this is really interesting, because it shows that we are not like our enemies, we should never become like our enemies to panelo when people oppress us and people deal with us with injustice, injustice is to be responded to with the justice and so with the Prophet sallallahu wasallam they had this, you know, they had this, this, this feeling of taking the

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moral high ground and this is what manifests in sort of Mohammed in the,

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in the surah or Lost Planet Allah mentions the way that that the captive should be treated now Subhana Allah in verse 38 of sudo Mohammed last pantai says we're in touch oh well no you're stabbed in common widecombe familia Kunal I'm follicle and if you turn away he will replace you with another group of people and they will not be like you, they will be better than you. So Subhana Allah the the message here the people of maca face is stepped down, they will they were changed now they could have had the profits by selling maca. They could have treated the profit slice them right and all the greatness that happened in Medina could have happened in Mecca but because of their arrogance,

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that did not happen. So last time I threatened in sort of Mohammed that if you turn if you turn away or followers of the Prophet, slice Allah, you will be replaced. And those that come after will be better than you. So this Dean does not depend on a specific group of people. Right, this Dean will continue and it is the honor of those that follow rather than the honor of the dean itself. So uh,

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Last kind of metallic is mentioning this importance of sticking with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, through all of these things. And so Pamela the next sort of a certain

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sort of factor was revealed. After her they be after the Treaty of her they via, and the year six after hits on the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says that this evening a surah was revealed to me that last night A sudo was revealed to me, which is dear to me than the entire world. And everything in it sort of fetish was more beloved to the prophets by some than the entire world, and everything that is within it. And last pantai starts off in there are definitely like a third hand, Malvina, that we have given you a clear victory. Why? It's amazing because sort of the further that the conquest or the victory that last quantize mentioning, actually accompany the Muslims at a time

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where they felt humiliated. They went out to do Amara to Mecca, so they left Medina and a * arm to do a Ramadan. They were prevented from doing the Ramadan. And the prophets lie, Selim went into a peace treaty with the people of Mecca a truce that would give them peace, where, where they could where they could come back next year. So the Muslims were not too crazy about this, right? I mean, the profit slice, and I was taking a very long term oriented approach. And also last by Islam had a vision, he saw things through the prophets lie, some knew the promise of Allah would come true, but a lot of people were really upset and their emotions got the best of them, because how could they be

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as right out of Mecca, I mean, they could see it, and they're not able to go to the huddle, they're not able to go to the cabinet. And they know that if they go in with force, they could probably overwhelm the people of Mecca because of the numbers of the Muslims at the time that they were. Instead, the Prophet seisen enters into a peace treaty with the people of Mecca. And they of course, the Muslims were so

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hopeful that the prophets like some would still be able to take them to Ramadan, that when the Prophet slicin commanded them to sacrifice, and to and to exit their farm, they just kind of stayed put, and also lost by some sought advice from them about the alarm teller and hand them about the alarm and has said that some people are upset, they're, they're still hopeful that something will come out of this. So she told the profit slice I'm so you shave your head, and you exit here and you slaughter and you exit your home and they will all follow. And that's exactly what happened is that the Prophet slicin went out at the advice of lymphedema. And he shaved his head, he slaughtered and

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he exited the club. And the Muslims followed, even though a whole bunch of them did not want

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to do so. Now, in sort of the last panel acknowledges a few aspects of this number one, Islam thrives in peace. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam understood that if the believers were allowed to preach, if they were allowed to give this message without persecution, then Islam would grow. And that's exactly what happened. Islam thrives in peace. The prophets lie, some did not want war. He wanted that treaty. And as a result of that fetter as a result of her they be the clear victory, that the amount of Muslims almost almost was multiplied by 10. Within two years, so they went from, you know, they went from being a couple of 1000 to being well over 12,000 13,000.

00:23:20 --> 00:23:57

By the time they would come back to Mecca two years later in the conquest of Mecca. So basically, this was the opportunity last pantalla ease the way he opened the way for the prophets lie some and for the believers, and sort of the data and that's why I lost some Hannah Montana calls for the via the clear victory, he calls it the conquest and I will Beckett on the low end who says my counterpart, an alum of Islam and Fatima who they be, there is no conquest greater in Islam than the conquest of her they be, even though there was no fighting. Because Islam thrives in peace, it opened the door for data where people could could could could teach the message of Islam without

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being persecuted. It gave them a break from the battles of the last few years, and Subhana Allah as a result of that so many people entered into Islam, and Allah Subhana metatag gave them that pleasure. A last kind of title also mentions law called the law, the law and in what meaning allows pleased with the believers if you obey or own a guitar to shuttle when they took the pledge with the profits license under the tree.

00:24:19 --> 00:24:56

There was a rumor when the prophet SAW some senators not only allow me to negotiate Mecca, there was a rumor that orthonormal the law I know had been killed. And the prophets lie some of the believers took a pledge under the under under the tree and had a BIA which is known as Beyonce with a blonde and a loss of Hannah Montana was pleased with them, as they took that pledge that pledge to go out and support of their brother if not have an iPhone, or the Allahu taala and who so they had they achieved the reward of gaining the pleasure of a loss of Hannah Montana, even though no fighting actually transpired. So this is

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you know, this is a loss potential.

00:25:00 --> 00:25:37

So what I named my Murphy pillow, colloquium, Allah knew what was in their heart. This is verse 18. So a loss of Hannah Montana Angela Lee was Sakina. He sent the tranquility into their hearts and he guaranteed for them, the imminent conquest and some had a law when the prophets license eventually came back to Mecca Two years later, because the Meccans broke the treaty. The prophets lie some did not come in like a tyrant, he did not come in with vengeance. Instead, he forgave the people of Mecca, in the conquest of Mecca, even though he surrounded them from all different directions, and he could have easily overwhelmed them with with military force the prophets lysozyme showed grace

00:25:37 --> 00:26:16

instead. So sort of two factor has emphasizing the benefit that came from following the prophets I send them that this was a situation where the approach of the profits license was not a popular approach. It was it you know, it was not an emotional approach. It was a rational approach. And the approach of the Prophet slicin was not popular, but it turned out to be a good idea to follow the prophets license. So what's the next Surah Surah 200 the next surah is written here. gerat thorofare swatter. confocal Sultan nebby well attach Allah who will call the caja de Botton company Berlin and tackle the American mountain lattice road. Don't raise your voices above the voice of the prophets I

00:26:16 --> 00:26:38

send them you know, recognize who the prophets lysozyme is, recognize that your salvation as an Alma comes, no unknown sabado you know, that your your, your salvation comes in being patient and following the profits by seller and not disturbing the profit slice of them and showing up towards the profit slice of them. So certainly hundreds, it.

00:26:40 --> 00:27:15

It addresses the the community in Medina in the way that they should deal with the profit slice on them. So they should not call him from behind the Herat while he's in his home. They should not yell and scream at him to come out they should give him his private time they should show other than manner manners with the profit slice on them. And they should always see their opinion to the opinion of the profit slice on forfeit their opinion to the opinion of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam so Allah subhanaw taala addresses the society in following the prophets lie so I'm in peace. So if the Fed addresses the society and following the prophets lie some in war, so the next

00:27:15 --> 00:27:56

ruler addresses how to follow the prophets lie Selim in times of peace or loss parents Allah mentions this is called certain added the surah of nanners. Why? Because Allah mentions AdMob with Allah and His messenger will allow us to know how to show manners when there's gossip and rumors in the community, how to show manners when or how to deal with a fallout when there's when two people coral in a community or two groups start to fight with one another how to be a peacemaker. Lost parents are condemned mockery, so how to be humble and not mock other people. How to Avoid backbiting and slander and things of that sort last pentatonic addresses us with one another. Yeah,

00:27:56 --> 00:28:16

you enough Oh people in the Hala kanakam in Dhaka monta. So we are brothers as a community brothers and sisters but as a humanity, Allah has created us as nations and tribes male and female so that we may get to know one another in economical Miranda like at Comic Con, and the most noble of us is He who has the most taqwa the most piety

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and Allah subhanaw taala is adding one hobby at a loss cantatas all knowing and he's ever acquainted. Now Subhanallah

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if you realize and shoot the thought to a loss pantalla praise the believers he says Allah mafia Albion Allah knew what was in their hearts when they took the bait out with the profit slice on them. And here a loss of Hannah Montana is saying in certain hoogenraad that the best people are those who have tough love in their hearts who have the piety in their hearts, which are the companions of the Prophet slice them, so a lot of praise them in the previous suit of the companions. And here last contest says the people who are most noble in the sight of God are those who have the most piety in their hearts. And Allah has already given teskey of the hearts of the

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companions in sort of the next surah is sort of cough and sort of cough is a makin surah. And it is the beginning of what's known as an Mufasa on the sort of Mufasa, the surah, the sutras that are disconnected and the reason why they're called the disconnected sutras is because the ayat and the sutras, the verses and the sutras are very, very short and they're disconnected.

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Meaning meaning that they're not long AR like the other is they're very short is and that's sort of how the rest of the world and continues now from sort of off onwards. The very famous statement about a certain Muslim is that he saw the law and he says, had the first verse in the quote and be been, do not commit adultery, the people would have said, you know, we will never stop committing adultery and have the verse, the first verse of the Quran been do not drink alcohol, then the people would have said we will never forsake alcohol but instead, she said a loss of Hannah Montana before and halaal will harm before the prohibitions and

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The laws and the rulings Allah Subhana Allah revealed a sort of Mufasa he revealed these hearts softening sutras that instill a love of Allah and a dedication to salvation in the hereafter in the hearts of people. And once a person has firm belief in Allah in the Hereafter, then the halal and haram come a lot easier. So Allah subhana wa tada starts now with these sorters sort of off and sort of calf is a heavy, heavy, heavy sort of the prophets why Selim, he used to recite surah Kahf and Sultan Juma and in fact, his entire holtville would be about sort of half it's a it's a, it's a Sora that tells us about resurrection that says Kevin about Tavella Hong Kong, you know, him with, you

00:30:44 --> 00:31:27

know, that before us new Han, and the people of North Canton within and, and Littleton and further and further down and sure as all of these people, or these peoples rejected the message and they were punished and they were resurrected, and Allah subhana wa tada then says, well, Arthur Laughlin in Santa will next to us will be enough. So one afternoon acabo de human habitability Allah Subhana metab did not just know what's in the hearts of the Sahaba as mentioned swithun Futter Allah subhana wa tada has created us and he knows our internal whispers. He knows the voice of shape on inside of us. He knows our desires and our inclinations he knows the tough one our hearts loss penalties

00:31:27 --> 00:32:11

closer to us than our juggler vain idiot Allah Kalamata Allah tele piano and any meenie miney Shin actually carried my elfie Domine Colin Illallah de la ke when it was at Sakura tournament, he would have that he cannot have quantum in hota, he'd have a sword that he can Yeoman worried, and so on. So the verses of death, that the angels write down every word that you say, there's not a single word that you utter, except that the angels write it down. And then death comes to you, with joy, etc, to note even half of those last moments of death come to you. And that is what you were trying to escape. That is what you are not paying attention to when you have the sword. And the horn is

00:32:11 --> 00:32:53

blown into the idk Omen worried. And this is the promised day, when it's called lunasin Mara has that you can watch the heat we come with our angels as witnesses and as guides on the Day of Judgment. And then the arguments start the shape on says that, you know a lot better not apply to the shape and says I didn't lead him astray. It was him. A loss of Hannah Montana talks about the ways that we tried to blame the shale clean, and that people you know start to disperse from one another. The idea of personal accountability is really stressed here that you stand before a loss of hundreds as a human being as a personal as a form of personal accountability Nelson Pamela here last

00:32:53 --> 00:33:35

assessment has been a bit lately with Jeremy Corbyn, we need those who had who had fear of a loss of Hannah Montana in private. And they came with repentance hearts. So this is the third now mention of the importance of having clean hearts pure hearts. So that last pass, I knew what was in the hearts of the companions. So 200 Allah knows what's in your hearts and that's how you'll be judged. And here's sort of cloth Allah mentions that salvation belongs to those who come with those repentance hearts, those hearts that are turned towards a loss of hundreds. And a Lost Planet. Allah says enter into paradise or the Hulu hobby Salam danika, Yeoman Hollywood, and today you have eternity. Whereas

00:33:35 --> 00:34:17

with Hellfire, a Lost Planet and has no shortage of space and Hellfire for those that turn away. So the third mention of the heart is here now, in sort of off the last sort of sorted that he talks about how the name of Allah subhanaw taala can go in various ways. So the different types of winds, it literally means the scattered winds, and the way that the winds and the clouds, and the angels and everything works in correlation for our benefit, however, that nirma can turn against us. If we stay distant from a loss of Hannah Montana, as it did with the people that were mentioned in the Lakoff, the people that were mentioned, in the first sort of in this juice, which were and the

00:34:17 --> 00:34:57

people have heard that only his that the winds and the clouds conspired against them and lost parents how to use them, against those people because they turned away from the drama of a loss of Hannah Montana. So a lost parents, Allah mentions the way that all of these different things work, the way that the universe works for our benefits, and it is by our belief that that benefit stays in our lives. And and we should we should call upon a loss of Hannah Montana all the time, seeking that benefit so lost friends I mentioned to us how long will it more cost? sumati Allah Allah mentions the angels that divide his sustenance that carry the glad tidings of a sustenance to different

00:34:57 --> 00:35:00

people and a lot gives us the very specific instance

00:35:00 --> 00:35:06

And then follow Him and His salon and his wife Saba, when the news was coming when the news came to them

00:35:08 --> 00:35:47

of from the angels of their son is happen after his hat. Yeah, cool. And of course, at the same time they were on their way to destroy the nation of loyalty Hassan. So in the angels came with the with the good news to Brahim it is Salaam that there is a new nation that will be born to him. But because of the turning away of the people who already has set up that nation was destroyed by nature, right or rather lost pets I use the elements of nature to help them and they were destroyed. So the angels divide and proportion the the risk of the sustenance that Allah has decreed as,

00:35:48 --> 00:35:57

as a loss chronometer, Allah commands them to do so. And I'll leave you with one very beautiful connection as well. So we mentioned that the previous three sodas

00:35:58 --> 00:36:39

mentioned the state of the heart as being the reason why a loss of Hannah Montana would enter a person into paradise here and sort of at odds verse 15 in them would subpoena fija not in what are you and he vena mobilehome in Hong Kong Oh cobbler daddy can works in that verily the righteous the people that tough when their hearts the righteous are in the agenda that was provided that was promised and sort of buff, so the righteous the people had righteousness in their heart. We are now in the gardens that Allah subhanaw taala promised entrance into and sawed off giving them a memorable home they are indulging in the things that Allah has provided for them in their home can

00:36:39 --> 00:37:17

will cobbler that he can moistening. They were people of some people of excellence before that. What is their description countable khaleel Amina Lady Maria geralyn they used to sleep little at night in sort of coffee last anti-seismic Kasha Bohannon, a bit of hype, those who feared a lot in the unseen here our last genotype describes the manifestation of that that they were praying their night prayers, they were praying Fiamma late at night can or kalila I mean, a lady may have had your own or as Harry whom yourself your own, and they used to in the hours before dawn. They were they were asking Allah Subhana Allah to Allah for forgiveness. So there's that those last hour that last hour

00:37:17 --> 00:37:54

before fudger that last period and secured the time of sahab literally the time of so who they were seeking forgiveness from Allah subhana wa tada well Fie Amani, wanting him Haqqani, certainly when my home and with their money they were giving it to the ones who asked and even the ones who did not ask. Even the ones that were not asking these people are people of Verizon, these people are people of excellence. So they go looking for people in need to give them even if they're not being asked why because in the home candle couple of dareka Marcin, they were people of some people excellence, right so they did not just give when they were expected to give to those that asked them, but they

00:37:54 --> 00:38:33

even went looking for people in need to give to them. So some had a lot this is the fear of the servants believe they used to sleep little at night and in the unseen relate. They turn their hearts to a loss of Hannah Montana. And that's where true success and true salvation comes. We ask Allah Subhana Allah to purify our hearts to accept these nights of prayer that we that we put forth in these last 10 nights particularly tonight being the 27th We ask Allah Subhana junta Anna to make us the people whose hearts are always turned towards him and and who are raised amongst the matcha clean and the mercy and on the Day of Judgment, Lama Amin. So today's charitable cause is actually

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as I said in the beginning of this lecture for those that are coming late, now, Chela Tata tonight is our Valley Ranch Islamic Center fundraiser. The Valley Ranch method is a very unique method, do you see the services that we provide Mashallah, you're benefiting from it, you know, those of you that follow my Facebook Live from the systems that we have in the Valley Ranch Islamic Center, it's a very unique community center Mashallah very unique message that does a tremendous amount of work. It truly is a message that I asked a lot to protect our community and to and to allow it to grow in your communities as well. So it does amazing work and hamdulillah. And we have a Masjid that we hope

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would be an example for Muslims around the world in sha Allah Tada. So tonight is our annual fundraiser. We are building a new facility we have completely outgrown our current facility. And and our new facility is very reflective of who we are as a community in the different services that it will provide in sha Allah tala. So I really hope that if you've been benefiting from the Valley Ranch method, live stream and recordings which I'm sure that many of you have been in chat a lot, then please consider this your messages as well. So I'm going to post the link here inshallah. And also, I'm going to invite you guys to tune in about 1030 1035 in Charlottetown a central time which

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is 1130 1135. Eastern Time. Tonight inshallah you can actually tune in live to the fundraiser in Charlottetown. I'll be broadcasting it live here, but in the meantime, please do give generously inshallah, tied to this cause there's a lot of hate on me a lot except

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Your 27th nights and all of your nights. See you all tonight and Chatelet sign up for the fundraiser and if not, then tomorrow for our next episode of 3430. So don't worry

Quran 30 for 30 – Day 26 – Ahqaf, Dhariyaat

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