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rahmatullahi wa barakato

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a shadow

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Isla Hi

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she had to run

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hi I saw

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Akbar Allah

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it in Al Hamdulillah no matter who want to stay you know who want to still fiddle when over bIllahi min surely unforeseen women say et Molina may you have to hint Allahu Allah medulla who may yield little further ahead the Allah or shadow Allah Allah illallah wa Taala shady color or shadow Ana Mohammed and Abdullah Abdo Rasulo yeah you have nothing to Allah have a Ducati He later moved to LA one to mostly moon. Yeah, are you Hannah so tacos

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of the Kamala D Hana Kakuma? nevsun Wahida Hola caminhadas Oh Jaha Wasserman Houma region Catherine one Isa. What taco la Hala de Tessa Aluna b He will or ham in the Lucha Kana Alikum rock Eva. Yeah you Hala Xena Amman Takala Nakula colon sadita You slasher Come on, Malcolm. We all feel lakum Vinoba calm mailto hola hola Sula. For the first 1000 Alima Amma. For in the US local Hadith the keytab Allah O Halal Houda Houda Mohammed bin Abdullah sallallahu alayhi wa salam, or shahrul Ohmori Masha third to her, we'll call that that's in beta, or call me the item Bala will call Dalton phenom. And Hamdulillah we praise Allah we seek his aid and we seek his forgiveness. We seek refuge

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in Allah from the evil of ourselves and of our bad deeds whomsoever Allah guides, and then can misguide. And whomsoever Allah allow us to be led astray, and then can guide a right and I bear witness that there is no one worthy of worship except Allah subhanho wa Tada and that the Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him as his last messenger and servant. Oh, you will believe be mindful of Allah and Dianetics and a state of submission to Him alone. Oh humanity, be mindful of Allah Who created you from a single soul and from that created his mate, and from that scatters many men and women of humanity, be mindful of Allah and do not cut off relations with your kin with your

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relatives. And do Allah is Raqib he is a monitor over you. Oh, you managed to be mindful of Allah and speak the truth. In order for him to forgive your sins, and to bless it to forgive us of our sins and our shortcomings, and obeys Allah and His Messenger has indeed achieved the greatest achievement as to what follows indeed, the best speech is the book of Allah subhanho wa taala. And the best guidance is that a Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him, and of the worst affairs in our doctrinal system of Islam are the newly invented ones, for every newly invented affair. And this situation is an innovation. And forever innovation is a form of going astray. And for every form of

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going astray is in the fire of hell.

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Many of us have seen the video where the men and the men is touching the eyelids of his small daughter that Allah subhanaw taala chose to take away from this world when he's crying, and he's looking at her, or when he's just looking at her, and he sat and the man loses his daughter. This had an effect on us. And it probably incited us and motivated us to do something that was good, maybe to go to our daughters, and to kiss them on the cheek, or to go and serve our daughters or to go and serve our mothers or something that was good. It left something in you. That man himself has been seen on social media numerous times. He's leaving an authority. He's leaving some type of

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effect, and dare we even use the word if it is consistent, or if it is very powerful, intense, impactful, a legacy.

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He's leaving something. And subhanAllah when his in his daughter leaves. He realizes what has left been left inside of him and what he can do, and remembrance of his daughter and remember if so, what is going on in society? What is going on in Gaza?

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Let's flip the script a little. I saw another video where it was an African American gentleman, speaking to an out of gentleman and chastising him and calling him a terrorist because he doesn't even know what they represent. All he knows is that I want this liquor store outside of my neighborhood. Get it out and you leave as well because y'all are terrorists. That's all he knew.

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That's all he knew about these people.

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What legacy are we planning to live leave that will ultimately be determined on how you live.

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The way you live is what you will leave

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the way that you live is ultimately what you will leave Allah subhanho wa Taala says in the chapter of yessing after 11 A ship on a jean international no hidden moto went up to a map but what I thought I will call a che in absolutely no houfy Mmm moving Allah subhanaw taala says in this chapter Have you seen verse number 12 Indeed it is we who bring the dead to life and record what they have put forth and left behind. And all things we have enumerated and into a register into a clear register. I really want to split this verse up into three parts as many scholars do and it is very important that we take it each part we understand it, internalize it and hopefully embody it's

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the first of what Allah supine and what to Addison in an international motor.

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He said Verily that it is we that bring the dead to life. Now when Allah subhanho wa Taala says this in the Quran

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On depending on the context, we can look at it at the individual context or reason for revelation or motivation for revelation or we can generalize it here we will do both Inshallah, firstly, ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala says that Verily We bring the dead to life. This is important, numerous verses in the Quran, Allah will start and end with reminding you of His greatness. In the lesson here and we'll see you again Allah Allah cliche in Kadir, Allah subhanaw taala will end the verse with reminding you of His greatness, of a name of an attribute of an ability.

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And it's to remind you, or whatever you are reading, know that Allah is ultimately in control and has full ownership and agency over whatever you may read. Whatever you are reading about, he has ultimate control over it manifested in a different way. It may be strength, it may be mercy, it may be hearing, it may be seeing whatever it is, know that Allah is in ultimate control and has ultimate power and authority. So here he says that Verily, We bring the dead to life. Now some can understand that to be the dead hearts to life. We bring the dead hearts to life, we live in them, if they are hearts that have been dead without the remembrance of Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah can bring them

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back to life.

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Allah can bring them back to life. So what he is establishing here is firstly, our belief in Allah, that nothing is impossible, that Allah subhanho wa Taala will bring the dead that we see in this life, taking them from this physical life and bring them into another life in Jannah, as we see with our brothers and sisters around the world, in Gaza, in China, in Sudan,

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are Rohingya Muslims. They are brothers and sisters that are dying up from oppression, Allah will bring them to life into the next life. And they will be with him and Jenna and this case if it's from oppression, or if it's in defending your honor, you are a martyr. You are with him and we have to remind ourselves that is the ultimate goal brothers and sisters, Allah subhanaw taala even says do not be be saddened by those that leave this life and that way in fighting for his cause. Because I ended up being euros a goon they are, they are alive and provided by their Lord. So firstly, brothers and sisters, Allah consistently through the Koran wants to establish or maintain and

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strengthen your belief in him. This is the most important thing in the human beings life, his or her belief. Now, when Allah is establishing this belief, for you know that it can be manifested in different ways, as we see in different verses,

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or the ultimate verse that shows the diversity of His creation. When he says that Verily We have created you for male and female. Yeah, you had nests in a Holika coming decade, which I'm sure Ruben will cover in a later IRA for Allah says in the chapter hardraw, Chapter 49 Verse 13, oh mankind Muslims and non Muslims, we have created you and male and female and joins you in nations and tribes for you to get to know one another. And the ultimate goal is to have knowledge to appreciate each other to further have cohesion, community for eternity, brotherhood, sisterhood, love, solidarity, and we see that now even with what is happening around the world.

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But within these cultures, nations and tribes, there are values, we may value one thing one way and another culture may not value it in that particular way. But what brings us together is our belief. Our belief in the Oneness of Allah subhanho wa Taala you may see someone with your same nationality, they may not be Muslim, but you all share certain values and how to treat your mother, your father or other things in your culture. But there may be a diverging point in regards to something that they may not value as much as you value.

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And this is where it's important that the Muslim puts that as their priority. Their relationship with Allah subhana wa Tada. So Allah is establishing here that we bring the dead to life whether someone has died from oppression Allah brings them back to life. Whether someone in this life has a dead heart, Allah brings it back to life with the caveat that they make the effort they had the intention to have a life a heart full of life, life of remembering ALLAH SubhanA wa Donna and having the right intention when doing something in this life which brings us to the next portion of the verse went up to a map but the more what I found home so Allah says in Nana moto whenever

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To mount a demo what I thought, Oh, this is the second part, he says, and record what they have put forth and left behind, record what they have put forth, and left behind.

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So when we look at our belief initially with ourselves, what is our connection with Allah? Do we have intimate moments with him? When we see what is happening around the world with our brothers and sisters, and in humanity, it elicits any emotion. And I talked about this numerous times, because it's important for us to remember, when that emotion is elicited, what do we rely on? When we feel sadness or anger? What is our anchor? Is it lashing out at people? Or is it turning to Allah for Sakina, initially, tranquility of the heart, tranquility of the soul, initially, and then acting in a dignified manner.

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So Allah subhanho, wa taala, after establishing the belief, he says, We are the ones that record what they have put forth, and what they have left behind, what they have put forth, and what they have left behind. Meaning, what you do, and what happens from the effects of what you've done. Many times we think about what we do.

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I prayed at home.

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I screamed at my husband. I screamed at my wife. I screamed at my child. I told my child I love you.

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I gave my child something that they really asked for. And it wasn't that big of a deal to me, but they asked for it. The good deed you've done there at that moment, the bad deed, the shortcoming that we all have, we've committed. But what about after so many times, we're thinking about what is happening with us right now? What has happened in Turkey? What has happened in Afghanistan, what has happened in Morocco, what is happening in Sudan, what is happening in China, what is happening in Burma, what is happening all around the world. But what about years later, you realize in Turkey and Afghanistan and Morocco, they're still fixing up their infrastructure.

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It's still happening, the effects of the action.

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When we as parents are with our children, and we may say something so destructive to them. We don't realize it because we just said it and we're gone. But what has it left in your child?

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What has it left in your child? When we tell them something about religion or about Allah, by not making him great in our life by what we say? Or what we do that shows that Allah subhanho wa, Taala and Islam

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it's, it's okay, but it's not priority.

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It is not what we value. And this is what I want to get to. We believe in Allah. But do we value what Allah wants?

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This is important, because our beliefs sometimes can be subconscious.

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Yes, I believe in Allah. But Juma I go to every now and then yes, I believe in Allah. But I pray when I find time. I pray for God if I wake up in time, but I have to get to work. That action that you see, firstly, Allah is showing you that it's going to be written individually, but your family your children, see that you go to work, you don't pray Fudger

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when you come home from work, you don't pray isha.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam so beautifully. Within the deen of Islam. Allah subhanho wa Taala has legislated with the shipyard

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that Serato Gemma offered the reach out primarily and the women as well. When they come in pray in congregation they received 25 to 27 more rewards in congregation. But the promise of Elijah was some also said, Let's do boo you.

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Do not make your houses like graves, meaning that you do not pray in your house. A family that prays together, stays together.

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One small effort we can make fathers is say you know what, after maghrib when I come home, we're going to pray together in Sharla are we going to pray merge them together, or a shot together on Sundays we pray shot together or something, something to where the children understand that you value your values coincide with your

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your values, what you hold important and what you see is priority coincide with your belief what you hold to be true. When there is the contradiction, mothers and fathers of values and belief. Where does it leave your children?

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When mothers and fathers come to me and say you know what my daughter wants to get with this non Muslim guy.

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What do I do? I asked the question. What was it like when she was in middle school? I asked the question. What was it like when he was in middle school?

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before puberty hit them.

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Was Islam important to them? Did they value Islamic practices? Did they value prayer? Did they value honesty? The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said, Man, sunnah sunnah. 10 Hasina fella who urged her. What as you don't mind me, labia Liang Sudanic I mean, would you read him share? The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam said, whoever does a good deed, and someone else acts upon that deed, they will receive the reward for the doer of that deed. That did it because you did it and it doesn't decrease from your reward at all.

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And in another way, it till the day of judgment that reward will be with you. But also he also said whoever does a bad deed, man, sunnah sunnah. 10 say you attend

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whoever does a bad deed. And someone does that bad deed because of your bad deed.

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fella who wishes

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they will receive the reward of that bad deed.

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If you are someone that is abusive,

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to your spouse,

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and your son grows up abusive to their spouse, remember this hadith

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it's important that we as Muslims break some of these generational practices that do not coincide with our faith and break down the integrity of family.

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This is important

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when we see how Muslims in humanity is coming together solidarity because of loss of family loss of lives.

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We have to have that self review. What legacy Are we leaving? Because Allah subhanho wa Taala just didn't say what you are doing now. But he also said what I thought and what they leave left behind. Because remember, with our children with society, it's not what you leave for them.

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It's what you leave in them.

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It's not what you leave for them. It is what you leave in them. A cola cola was stuck for the recycling machine for structural in Oklahoma for rain.

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Hamdulillah he certainly he was shook ruler who Alecto filthy he wanting any brothers and sisters, if I am and I always mentioned this beautiful point he mentions in his book, and why we will say which can be titled The invocations of God or showering of good utterances. It's a book primarily about remembrance of ALLAH SubhanA. Without and the virtues of remembrance. He mentioned a beautiful day for a nice little point. When talking about sins. How sins is or can be has the potentiality of being stronger and more effective than good deeds.

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One may ask how

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when you ponder over the sin, you ponder over your shortcoming. All of us, every single one of us have a shortcoming shortcomings and we will have shortcomings when we ponder over it. And we have a sense of regret. We have a sense of brokenness. We have a sense of which results in debasement of the self. So when I think about the fact that I lied to my son, I lied to my daughter. I said something wrong did something wrong. That makes me think, okay, it elicits an emotion. And that emotion goes to what now?

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Oh Allah, forgive me.

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Why you're saying Allah forgive me, Your heart is soften, your heart breaks, then you start to feel like you are nothing. Nothing Without Allah, meaning that if it was up to me, I would be out I will be out to lunch. If it was up to me, I would destroy myself and the ones around me.

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Then you think of a name of allah savour the one that is patient and his patient with his slaves and makes others patient Yes, so Boris or Bernie. So your heart becomes soft, broken, you end up debasing yourself, Oh Allah, I am nothing without you. If TPR you feel deprived, without the richness of faith.

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So when we think about the legacy, I thought, oh, Allah subhanho wa Taala is saying that legacy, what are we leaving, and events that take place ins in life, such as what is going on? What actions have we encourage ourselves to do and others to do from

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actions of worship showing thankfulness to Allah, giving to society, in our localities, masha Allah as we see in every locality, I think, mashallah people are going to the the council and they're speaking about wanting a ceasefire.

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There is a level of influence when they see Muslims representing the Ummah, and having something to say, in a dignified, educated, peaceful, intelligent way of int with integrity now,

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with integrity, that can leave a long lasting legacy. When this Masjid was built in the Sinai Islamic Center of Capelle people in the neighborhood we're talking, but now it is a fabric of the community. Each and every single one of us has something to contribute.

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When you do that good action, it's recorded, but what is left after it insha Allah will be that of good to where you will continuously receive rewards for that. And that's why Allah subhanaw taala says, And the third part, will Coolessay in Asana, houfy, Imam and moving and everything, all things we have enumerated in clear register, knowing that ALLAH SubhanA wa taala, just as He brings the dead to life,

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he is also the one that records every single thing. And what's beautiful here is that he starts with his greatness in His Majesty in his honor and his lordship, and he ends with his greatness in His Majesty in his honesty, and his his honor in his lordship. And in the middle, it is what you do,

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showing you that everything will be written from what you do and what you've left. So brothers and sisters, make no mistake, just as we think of our shortcomings, it pushes us to do a deed. When you do that deed, make no mistake, it has any effect. It has any effect. And Allah for many of us has given us the strongest, the strongest elements for leaving a legacy, which is family.

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So the way that you live will determine what you leave. Remember that brothers and sisters, the way that you live will determine what you leave. May Allah subhana wa Taala make us of those that are consistent in actions of goodness, may Allah subhanaw taala make us of those that worship him sit on Wallonia in secret and an open May Allah subhanaw taala make us of those that ponder over his beautiful book, the Quran and ponder over the actualization of the Quran the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him. May Allah subhanaw taala make us of those that are conscious of his greatness and His presence, every moment of our lives to be the best version of

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ourselves to where when he takes us he's pleased with us and after he takes us may Allah subhana wa Tada make those that follow any good deed that we have done, a means of making dua for us to where we will be with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam Robina and everything you have to know if you'd like there been no rubbing up further and illuminate well crafted honestly, I didn't want to offend them either. But yeah, even in the law, you agree with Sandy what you tell either Kuba and her and fascia it will mancave your ethical Allah come to the Quran further. Allah you're the quarter come watch crew Allah near me. He hasn't come what are the Kulai Akbar? Allah Yeah, no Metis

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No. Welcome Asana