Contradiction Or Abrogation In The Quran

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When it comes to the fast

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is it simply the doing away of food, drink and sexual relations or other implications? The things which are part of the proposal fasts, as I mentioned earlier, one of them is to abstain from things that break the fast that is food during an avid sexual relationship.

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But besides this, one another important factor is is the intention is the Nia,

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any deed without the need

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for the Accra It is useless. The Nia should be there, the near the intention is very important, because we intend to fast to be the last monitor, its act of worship. If the intention is not there, then there are various different types of fast for example, a person may pass for political reason,

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a person may fast as a passive resistance, a person may fast as hunger strike and starving hunger strike to get whatever he wants, you know, people Firstly, non Muslim sustain a person may 1 find reason

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maybe for dating, he may fast maybe to lose weight.

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He may fast it may be a medical treatment, but all these pasts, they don't have intention, the Nia to be the last vannatta. So that is the reason in the Islamic Sharia. When we abstain from things that made the past it shouldn't be accompanied by the Nia, without the nia. The past is useless. It's very important. Nia is compulsory for every act of worship, including fasting and our beloved for masala. Some said it's mentioned in same Muslim woman number two in the socket. chap number 372 198. Our beloved Prophet said that when you have intention

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to approach your wife relationship with the wife, the moment you have intention even that becomes charity. The Saba has having relationship with your wife is also charity honka mo Beloved Prophet. The Prophet said that if you have sexual relationship with people who are not your wives, if it's unlawful, isn't it a sin? They said Jaroslaw? Yes, it is a sin. So that is if you have sexual relationship with the person you're supposed to have that as your wife, with the nia. That's an act of charity. That means Nia is very important. The moment you have Nia then you get up for that. And Allah says in the Quran, in Surah Yena Chapman it it was number five, it's mentioned and he

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commanded that you worship Him alone. And in sincere devotion to in faith. Your the word used is Leah widow, which means to worship, but actually, Abu it means to humble. But the word Lia Buddha in Arabic is normally used for worship. It actually means to humble. There the Arabic word used is mukhlis which means to serve with piety and with dedication. So yeah, we should serve only for Allah. And a worship should be to Him alone, that should be a near that is an intention. And Allah says in the Quran, in Surah Baqarah chapter number two, was the move in name that we have created for you everything on this earth, but alas, created everything in the earth for us. Not one 10th not

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one fifth, not one foot, not half, but everything for the human beings in this earth. So but natural, our servitude should only be trimmed and no one is. If while worshiping Him, we worship somebody else, then it is useless. We have to only worship Him and no one else. We can't say that I am praying to record for a line to refer somebody else. We can't sit I'm sacrificing one God for Allah and the second word for a king or a ruler. All our worship should be to Him alone. No one is. And that reminds me of added the first added in, say Buhari were, Mormon lobbies with him. He says that the Beloved Prophet Muslim said, in normal Armenia, your deeds are based on intention, you

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action are judged by intention. And anyone who has migrated with the intention for the land is a fool. You have migrated for liners. But if someone has migrated for the wealth in this world, or for marriage, he has migrated for the wealth and marriage. The intention is important. Why did you do it? And why did you migrate? Why did you have so intention is very important. Find the act of worship in

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Doing some that