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Juz’ 8 with Sh. Tahir Wyatt

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Okay, so don't worry, I'm going to lie to you about a council. I've been asked to marry ministry apology seminar and handed it over to me What are lining that up? I mean, when are people to do what's up again? Almost nobody ever said I'm about to cut out because silica Mohammed's in southern Baja, it was Sunday. And he was like it was interesting and kathira come to the noble I mean, we were blessed to have with us today for Lila to chef Dr. Todd Wyatt Hamdulillah, who is a blessing brother and friend and scholar, the first Michelle American to teach the masses of the profit slice that may open it up to assume. And I believe we all to every Medina at the St. Do y'all know each

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other, by the way? Just Just that?

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I think so. I think I don't

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know. I mean, so bless all those two decades. shakaama almost two decades long. Allah bless you both and

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allow us to benefit from you.

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I want to share a beautiful news with everyone's handler last night as we were doing the 3430 there was a brother that was commenting and I want to welcome all those guests that are not Muslims, but better been joining us on a nightly basis and hamdulillah reached out to him and hamdulillah or another zoom Shahada. Mashallah lots of other colossal brother.

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Welcome, welcome to the dean may last time Bless you. And it's probably best for you that you don't have a bunch of people hug you in the message right now. But we're virtually welcoming you with open hearts and Shaolin if you're listening tonight, just know that our eyes are supplications and prayers are with you. A lot turns out and keep you firm and steadfast in these in these times alone. I mean, it's also the blessed night of Friday, and inshallah Tada, we're gonna go ahead and get into Drupal eight with starting off with a salon. Obviously, that's a whole lot it goes along, sending our peace and blessings upon the messenger peace and blessings be upon him and his family and

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companions on the night of Juma. So inshallah Tada, now we get into just eight, and just contains, it starts from verse 111, certain, and then it goes to verse 87, of sorts that are off. And it's very interesting how it starts off because if you realize there's a story that's being told here, somehow a lot of the as these chapters are unfolding, and it's a story of guidance and asked for guidance, and what causes a person to miss out on guidance and what causes a person to be a worthy recipient of guidance, and a loss of handle what's always fulfilling his promise, even though we sometimes fall short, so long as we do not intentionally violate the covenants that he has made with

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us. And Allah subhana wa, tada starts off by saying hello, and then amazonite up him, and mela, he can work at number one, if we were to send down to them the angels and revive the dead, to speak to them of it. Okay, so if we were to send angels to them and revive the dead to speak to them of this reality, they still would turn away from it. And they would still they would still miss that miss out on that guidance. Because the problem is not in the message. The problem is in the recipient of the message. And this is something that Dr. Nasir spoke about last night, this idea of radical skepticism, someone who doesn't want to believe is not going to believe, even if Allah subhanaw

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taala was to sundown, and that it can so we can learn from an OTA and the dead were to speak to them. And we were to bring, gather together every creative thing in front of them, they still would not believe unless Allah subhanho wa Taala. Should will but most of them remain in a state of defiance. And Allah subhanaw taala goes on to tell us after stating that this is a fault in the hearts that are not receiving the guidance not a fault in the message itself or in the guidance itself or in the profits itself or loss and counterterrorist starts to give us some of the reasons why people miss out. And this one is verse 116. We're in tilter. Excellent. I mentioned aldila.

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Luca, and his severe leukeran. So be the lad that if you were to follow the majority of the inhabitants of the earth, and they would turn you away from the way of God. And essentially what we have here is the notion of complacency that most people will simply be complacent. They're not going to pursue anything that's outside of what is what is amongst the majority. What is common uncomfortable, and truth requires a level of discomfort on our part. It requires a sacrifice and requires us being willing to take the necessary steps forward, to challenge our intellect to challenge what we've been told is truth. And that's and that's the case for religion, everything

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else. And so, on one hand the last pantai condemns radical skepticism, on the other hand, allows condemning complacency. Just wipe it out later, right when a person is just complacent and just follows the majority

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And what Allah subhana wa tada is saying, if you were to follow the majority on Earth, then you would end up astray, because most people are not going to be sincere in their pursuit of guidance. And this ties to a later verse, where, at least challenges Allah subhanaw taala, it says that you will find the majority of them will not be grateful, somehow the law so it actually ties to that, as well. A lot did not command us to follow the majority Allah subhanaw taala commanded us to sincerely follow the truth, right? And the majority of the Muslims will be preserved upon the truth in a holistic sense in the general sense, the majority of the believers but the idea of complacency is

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condemned here. And then a few hours later, verse 122, Allah subhana wa tada says, Oh man, can I meet him for a nap or diagnose young Shiva who fineness and is the one who was dead and we gave him light life and is the one who was dead and we gave him life.

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And made for him light by which he walks amongst the people, like the one who is in darkness never to emerge there from remember the surah starts off with lots, okay, a little math when no one and we talked about this last night a bit, darkness and light and alasa is the one who emerges into this light and given life right through faith and walks amongst the people like the one who continues to drown in darkness never to emerge. Who is this about the majority of manifesting, say this is referring to the alarm timer connected to the incident of the Islam of all over the hip hop while the Allentown angle, if you look at all metal, the alarm, he broke through every cell of misguidance

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strength, position, power, complacency, tribe, everything, right, which is why he was a staunch opponent to guidance in the first place. But he broke through all the obstacles and then he rose in a way that no one would have expected him to rise, he became who he was. And he was the one that it was said that that the hammer of his father the donkey would become Muslim before I want to be alone I'm not only did he become Muslim, but he became a man that was given life through this faith and then walked with a light in the darkness and gave light to everything around him through that sincere and pure heart and that pursuit of truth that all hooked up while the alongside it. So you

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have an example of a man that broke through it all that's being referred to in this and then the last panel to assess them and you did not have any idea who yes so I saw the law who did this. So whoever Allah wants to guide he expands his heart to be able to contain Islam Subhana Allah Yes, there is a southerner who is now think about the image here, the heart is expanded to be able to receive face to receive a snap, right so a lot prepares it that way. And on the other hand, women unit a little late you can halogen can enter male slightly goofy summer, lost parents out assassin whoever he wills to misguide he makes his his chest tight and constricted as though you are climbing

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into the sky. Right. And you know, yesterday I was on another another obsession which he has suggested he was talking about the statement of of Napoleon Rahim Allah wherever Napoleon said that the one who has assigned a lady and how large of a constricted chest is a person who who is ignorant or a person who refuses to act upon knowledge or a person who is privately a hypocrite or a person who has publicly belligerence. So four things ignorance, the lack of practice, if you have knowledge that stage two, the lack of private worship or a bad a bad way of treating the people in public so unless mountainside prepares the hearts when the heart once desires guidance, a lot opens it in the

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last penalty, it makes the heart fertile for guidance and what is Allah subhanaw taala say, what up vocabulary.

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This is verse 133, your Lord is free of need and the possessor of mercy in Yeshua you'll have become where you were stuck living in Burundi conveyancer come out and chat come in Judea to call me after comment after him that if he wills he can do away with you and give succession after you to whom He wills just as he produced you from the descendants of another people. my computer's about to die, it's got 1% so that's a sign that I need to turn it over to.

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Tyler says at the end of this of this surah speaking to the believers and speaking to the prophet SAW why Solomon speaking to those that wish to be upon the truth to say that in any hamadani Robbie hit us a lot and Mr. Dean, Dean and payman middle lotta Ibrahim hanifa woman Academy I wish we can say indeed My Lord has guided me to a straight path, a correct religion, the weight of Abraham inclining toward truth and he was not amongst those who associated

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Others with a law. And then what comes next. In law, solidarity, we're not so keen on the Mountie, the law of land, I mean, luxury color would be that he can go to white and a little muslimeen. Allah subhanaw taala mentions to us as Now verse 161, to 163 st indeed my prayer and my sacrifice my life and my death are all for Allah, the Lord of the worlds, no partner has he and thus This is how I have been commanded and I am the first amongst the Muslims I'm first amongst those that submit sacrifice here is not sacrifice in the general sense but literally the Act, the band of sacrifice, the worship of sacrifice, because if you're reading that in translation, it can be lost in that

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because think Mecca, the way that they're presenting these animals to their idols, Allah subhana wa tada commanding us to present our prayer and our sacrifice in the Abrahamic way, to Him alone some kind of autonomy to make our life and death for him. She's going to give you a snapshot of the next the next surah to one very particular thing and Chef Abdullah lunch and lectrofan inshallah we'll talk about this in detail for sure. But Allah subhana wa Taala goes on to talk about our

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beliefs, the devil and his refusing to prostrate when the last time he commanded him to prostrate so the devil refusing to prostrate Parliament monarchy, test you that it took one last answer says what is it that prevented you from doing what I commanded you do? What did he say Allah at a height of men, he said, I am better than him. You created me from fire and you created him from dirt, which means that it was the real reason. And the real reason for people turning away from this guidance, or turning away from guidance and being misguided are worldly reasons they cling to false prophets and false ideals that ended up betraying them. So shavon lost it all. The devil lost it all. And the

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people that rejected the Prophet civili, seven out of a sense of arrogance, out of a sense of tribalism, out of a sense of not wanting to bend in position or power, and that which they had, they ended up losing all of those things anyway. Right. And so again, their hearts were not expanded for faith because they insisted on clinging to those things. And as a result of that they lost. The last idea that I'll share with you is verse 43, and sorted out off or lost prioritize talking about the people praising a lot for guidance, what God hamdulillah hymnody had done, and he had one that couldn't have been after the Lola and had done a lot. And then they said, and hamdulillah All

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praises be to the one who guided us to this, and we certainly would not have been guided, had Allah subhanaw taala not guided us. So it's an off the devil shape on challenges and says that you'll see that the majority of them are not grateful. And Allah subhanaw taala validates, indeed the majority of people will not be grateful. But here you have a people that are grateful, and they're grateful for what they're grateful for guidance. And they're attributing that guidance to the one who gives guidance who makes the heart ready for guidance, the one who allows us to have a clear path forward. And and what is the law tell us about Ramadan when he took me today, that's what he took me.

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Under conditional on that the goal of us at the end of this month is to thank him particularly first and foremost to glorify him for that which he guided us to have clarity and guidance in Charlottetown And with that, I'll turn it over to Shaykh Abdullah

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it's when I was allowed to sell him a little while and he was suffering mangled out in the name of Allah, we seen a Peace and blessings upon the Prophet sallallahu wasallam in all of the people that follow him in righteousness inshallah, as he mentioned, straight on and as in the chapter off, Allah subhanho wa Taala is talking about relaying the story of shape line and how he refused to bow down to Adam, primarily for the arrogant nature of shape line that he had. and due to that, you see the influence of shape on because she thought even tells him earlier in this in this chapter, when he says in verse number 17, that I will come to them filming it and then being an ad human hoping on a

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man human chameleon, whatever it takes to Xsara him cecchini fairly I will come to them, in front of them and behind them and on their rights and on their left and you will not find them of the grid tissue as people at the grid tissue was once. So as he mentioned, the blessing of guidance is something that we're so we should be so grateful for, that we have given been given the direction but we still have a choice to make. And that is exactly what I want to talk about in verse number 26 and 27 right after Allah subhana wa tada talks about the conversation that took place with Adam, and how shaytaan convinced Adam and helwa and Eve to eat from the tree. But what's interesting, that we

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noticed from the *ty from the body of law of Islam, the blueprints of Islam, if you will, is how when a law prohibits something from us, a lot of times it's not the exact thing or action of the person

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ambition, he prohibits you from the Super Bowl or the raw air or the ways and means to that thing. So when we talk about you know, man being with a woman, alone without a person that is what is called a mushroom or someone that is, you know, a third person that's allowed to be with them, because of the possibility of what it could lead to. When we see this, some of us may not understand it, but this is when we go back to our relationship with God, who is God the all knowing who is he the all wise. So from here, Allah subhanho wa Taala is talking about the advice that he gives to us after he relates the story of Adam being told Adam and Eve a lot telling them lads about how he shut

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off both of you do not come close to the shut off, not don't eat from the structure that Don't come close to it. And what happened shaytaan whisper to them, and when you whisper to them, and they answer the call, so as to whom on their private parts became apparent because they were covered with Li bass. They were covered with the work of Jen from the trees of gender, but when they when they disobeyed Allah subhanho wa Taala the their private parts became apparent and then a LASIK panel with garlic cast it them from Jenna from heaven, but to talk about the advice after that, so one would say okay after I read the story, what is the advice what Allah What do you want from me? What

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are you telling me exactly? And this is where lots of kind of a dialogue goes on instead of 11 to 13 you have any Adam or the answer now? The best thing UID so it can militia where the bathroom is that he can clear that it can it can allow supply Lumia that Quran, Allah Allah says obey Adam oestrogen of Adam we have bestowed upon you clothing to conceal your private parts as an adornment, but the clothing of righteousness is the best that is from the signs of a lot. Perhaps they will remember verse number 26 here, Allah mentions three and some scholars say two types of Lee bass two types of clothing. Firstly, the clothing that covers your private part, the minimal amount what is needed for

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you to maintain chastity. The second is the kind of what he says Grecia that is adornment, that which beautifies you but then Allah soprano without Allah the Exalted mentions the third type, when he Bassam taqwa that he can hear, and the adornment or clothing or garb of mindfulness, this is the best. And what's interesting in Arabic When he used to estimate a shout out he used the, the indefinite article to say when he said and the clothing of mindfulness that is better when he put that after the actual noun in Arabic that shows the importance and the greatness of what was just mentioned, when the basswood taqwa that he cut that he cut means the the clothing of mindfulness and

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also, some scholars mentioned here that when he says that instead of this shows the how it's much more preferred than the other two forms of clothing showing that that is most important because someone may have the enjoyment of clothing, someone made that look nice, you know Juma on my show law. I saw he was his best clothes when he wants to get married my chalet comes to ask for the proposal in marriage. But then he's a different person at home. He's a different person when the doors are closed and only Allah knows, and his wife and children may know. Right? Where's the lead bath of taqwa be heart, the Akita, the belief that one has with the law, when we say I need it to

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be, what is the connection that the person has with a law? How is it manifested on a daily basis that comes with the mindfulness of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And then he says, that is best for the people if they were to remember and remember the blessings of Allah by giving them clothing by giving them these blessings. When they remember these blessings. They're good tissues that are lost that kind of $1 goes on and verse number 27. And he makes the same call. He says, Yeah, Benny Adam, oh, sons of Adam. The scholars say he says this to show the importance. He's repeating here to show you the importance to pay attention. Now that you are on the earth. What are the guidelines that I

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am giving you to survive from shade on here? He says Yemeni Adam, lay if tienen nicoma shavon who come out of awakening and agenda. Do not let Satan tempt you as he removed your parents from Paradise. Why? Because he got him home and he recommended me to NASA him and he swore that he's from the advisors. He's the one that's advising them so he goes on and he says

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come up with a common agenda tianzi are on humanity basta Houma, UDL home so

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and he says that stripping them of their clothing to show them their private parts in New York who who have a bloomin hate letter on him. That barely he sees you and is

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Army sees you from that which you cannot. So here, we understand that they are on earth and they have been given this advice. And in times of bliss, we should understand in times of bliss, Satan, Satan will come to you and make you be negligence of actions of worship because of that time of bliss. And he will convince you to do something that initially you know, is not right. But he is persistent. And that's what's beautiful. When you look at the story in the in the past, when he talks about the advice, he was using the present tense verb, which implies that he was a continuous Wes was whispering consistently to them. You know, that bad friend that you're on social media with

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that person that you're talking to? That's not a good influence. They're consistently calling you, but you have a choice. And that's why I lost the point of what Allah says into who you're talking who will Kabila who barely he sees you from where you cannot see him and hate the letter on him. And then last, but not It concludes with giving us a fat because he is an alien. He's the ormally that barely we have made shape on in Nigeria nutshell, Tina Odia, a little Edina. You mean we have made the shell teen as a guardian for those that do not believe. So in conclusion, looking at these two verses, how Allah is reminding us after the story of Adam, what has he given us? And what is the

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advice in regards to shape on May last month, Allah protect us from any of the plans that shaped on and make us give us knowledge and be aware of that, For verily that is the best of tequila, that is the clothing of mindfulness.

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The second verse of the Joseph actually after a lot talks about guidance, Allah mentions that every Nabhi every prophet has

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enemies from say healthy, from an insolent in right from the from the humans and the devils that the jinn enemies from the devils and so it almost gives us a sense of if even the profits, right? have their shell been attacking them. What about us, right? And we can certainly rise if we are mindful of Allah subhana wa Tada. And Allah is most merciful. The total 100 are taken away

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from the loan Salatu was salam, I don't know why early, he was talking to you woman. What about the consistent message of the Quran or the consistencies that are found in the Quran

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are one of the greatest miracles of the Quran for those who ponder its meanings. Lots of hats, Allah says in the Quran and prior to that, but owner of the Koran they not ponder over the Koran will open them and delighted that there was your logic to 15 if and

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if it had been from other than Allah, if revelation if this crime, the speech of a loss of habitat it if it had come from other than Allah, then you would have found in it many contradictions.

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That's important for us to look at the broad framework of what we're covering in this juice the eighth part, if you will of the Quran.

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That's because this part of the Quran is split between split evenly in fact, between two sorters right half of this juice isn't sorted till anime, and the other half of the juice isn't sort of turned out off. So the sixth and seventh chapters of the Quran

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However, there are some consistent themes throughout the Jews, even though it's split between these two sources. And inshallah I'm going to go over just one of those themes. And it is in fact, the reason why the sorta the first one that we're covering which is the sixth chapter of the Quran, so little anime is the reason why it is named an AI. And so I want to look at that inshallah and look at how it kind of relates to

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a broader theme Bismillah So, first of all, it's important to note that sorta l n is a Mexican, sorta which Sheikh Omar talked about yesterday. And the meccan sorters are quite different from the Medina and sorters. Are those sources that were revealed after the Prophet some light it was some of them

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migrated to Medina, and that's because the Mexican sources don't focus a lot on rules and regulations and legal technicalities, if you will. They don't focus a lot on the do's and the don'ts of our what we would call our jurisprudence or our phip.

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So, when we look at the first part of Sora, and I'm, in fact the first 73 is they're all dealing with the relationship between Allah subhana wa tada and his creation establishing his

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oneness his uniqueness in his names and his attributes and his right to be worshipped alone. There are also many proofs that are established against the idolaters and those who reject the messengers in general.

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And and so we get to an app and this is an I'm literally means livestock a lot of times the chapter itself is translated as cattle but it's broader than that. So and I'm refers to livestock as a whole. And during the time that the prophets of light it was some of them was receiving Revelation, this was primarily camels, cattle and sheep and goats so

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so what does anime have to do with tau heat? Like if this whole sorta right is dealing with the oneness of Allah, his right to be worshipped alone dealing with his names and his attributes? And then we have that beautiful story of Ebrahim or Abraham, it is Sadam, in his argument with his people to establish the oneness of Allah.

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Then, what does the fact that you know, what, what I eat or how I deal with my camels in my cattle? What does that have to do with the broader picture? Well, the reality is, is that though, many people may read this, and see, for example, that I see that say, an eat from what the name of a loss of Hannah Tata has been mentioned, on and so forth, and may think that this is actually coming to establish some rulings or some legal technicalities in terms of how we eat or don't eat. The reality is, is that these verses that talk about lnm, okay, which is what the sword is named after the first one of them comes in the 136 I, and then you find that again, and 138, and 139, and 142. So anyway,

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that string of five or six is a lot of hands, I was talking about livestock, but it's not because of,

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it's actually to establish a very major and important point of our creed.

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And that is that a law alone is the one who has the right to determine what is permissible, and what is not permissible. And so he's arguing, or make or bringing these proofs against the mushrikeen, the idolaters, who decided that certain animals are not going to be permissible for certain people, and other animals, we're not going to allow anyone to ride on them. And these ones, we're not going to allow him to carry anything. And then they said, for example, we'll call him f equal to and he had him and I'm

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Holly, certainly the codina, will mahabhava monada, as well, as you know, they would say that the offspring of these and, or what are in the wombs of these animals are purely for our men. And the women don't have any share in that. And so they're making something impermissible for women, that Allah actually made permissible for them. And so, Allah is saying, to us, to the believers, conditioning us to say listen,

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when you are a Muslim, meaning that you submit fully to the commands of Allah, then you have to accept the commands of Allah as they are and don't change them. Don't you come and make something permissible that God has made impermissible and don't make something impermissible, that God has made permissible because in fact, this is a form of worship, how's that?

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When the verse was revealed, and sorta to Toba, which is the ninth chapter of the Quran, Allah Subhana Allah says it's tough to do better than a home or bathroom and Daniela almasi, have been a marine. They took their rabbis and monks as Lords besides Allah. And also as Missy had been Imodium, the Messiah, the Son of Mary, Jesus, it is so then I'd even had him who was a companion of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he said to the Prophet, we didn't use to worship them. And we didn't use to worship the the rabbi's, the monks and the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said to him did that they make permissible what Allah made impermissible and so you also made it permissible and didn't they

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make impermissible would allow me permissible and so therefore you made it permissible. So in other words, you were following them in the way that they legislated things and a lot of saying, this is the right of God alone to decide what is permissible and what is not what is lawful and what is not what is moral and what

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Not this theme carries over throughout the Quran because and this is the point that that is very important because those who don't follow that are basically saying that we actually have the same right as the messengers of God. And you look at what what was talked about yesterday, and also mentioned again today about that radical skepticism. And so you find it here again, they say, we will not believe until we are given, had to not tell them at all to also lie, we're not going to believe until we're given what the messengers were given. In other words, until revelation comes to us,

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Allahu Allah mohe through yahudi sadita Allah knows best where to put his message, he knows best, who to give His revelation to and so it's not for us to determine what is lawful or unlawful or moral or immoral. And so you travel over now let's look at for example, the beginning of solitaire out off. And we we look at with the machine, the idolaters. Again, they're saying well, he got fired, in fact, he should attend carlu, which I didn't I didn't have and that will allow Amazon FBA when they do some active immoralities they say this is what we found our father's doing. This we found our ancestors doing and the law commands that us to do this called in the law law yet Moodle

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will fracture. A law does not command within morality. You go even further, you just a couple more pages. Pullman hub limousine to LA he lets you off allegedly Betty, who is it say who is it that makes impermissible the adornment that Allah has made permissible for his servants. This was a reveal about the Arabs who would go around the Kaaba, they would they would circumambulate the Kaaba naked. But they wouldn't they wouldn't wear any clothes, because they were saying is impermissible to wear the clothes. And so last minute, I say who is it that is made impermissible what I have made? What I have made permissible. And so it's very important that we we recognize this point here.

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Now, does that mean that we're not going to sin that we're not going to fall into disobedience to a lot? No, it doesn't mean that and in fact, we get this at the very beginning of the chapter, the seven chapters sort of out off. When we look at the story of Adam and Sam. he disobeyed the law he ate from the tree. Okay, but he also repented. It met now here's an important point I hope that we really pay attention to this is a takeaway for every Muslim.

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And for non Muslims as well. If we recognize that what we are doing is wrong, then we have a chance for repentance, we have a chance to turn back to Allah because we know that what we have done is wrong. And we're all going to be those people who do things that are wrong from time to time. And we're going to need God to forgive us for those things, and we're going to turn to him and repentance.

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But if we don't believe that what we're doing is wrong. And we actually believe that we have the right now yeah, I know that this is what it says in the Quran. And I know that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said this, but I'm going to rationalize my way out of it. I'm going to actually figure out a way to make this seem halau for me, then I'm never going to repent from that. And this is exactly what happened in the story of a blease.

00:33:36--> 00:34:21

When he says when I lost my dad commanded him to bow to Adam. He said what a hail Min haluk didn't even know or hold off to him and clean up. I am better than him. I'm not prostrating to him because I am better. I know that this is what you commanded me to do, yeah, Allah, but it doesn't make sense to me. And see, so what happens is, when we know that Allah Subhana, Allah has commanded us to do something, we can't follow the way of those who rejected the messengers. We should not be like those who denied the messengers and rejected faith. Allah is telling us and sort of Tila anon Be wary of that path. Because that is a path that will take you down a very slippery slope and you may not be

00:34:21--> 00:34:58

able to come back from it. So if there's something that comes to you from guidance, meaning it comes to you from the Quran, it comes to you from the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu. It was Sunday, and maybe you don't really understand that. That's okay. It really is because a lot of us I mean, it doesn't matter how long you study, you're gonna learn new things every day. There are things that you didn't understand yesterday that you understand today. And, and so panela if you're tuning into this right now you're watching it live or you watch it later, and you're trying to understand the core and know that this is the path that Allah wants for you. And Allah azza wa jal

00:34:58--> 00:35:00

if he wants guidance was

00:35:00--> 00:35:41

Somebody, yesterday I saw that on Hulu Islam, he will open his heart up to full submission, which is what it stands, right. So full submission. And when you submit fully, you will find that inner peace and you'll get salvation in the next slide. And if you don't, and you fight it, you're not going to find any inner peace because your Fitzwater your natural disposition wants to obey the commands of God. Okay, so if you fight that is that there's gonna be inner turmoil, and you're subjecting yourself to losing out on Allah Subhana. Allah is mercy in the hereafter. So again, if you're if you're watching this right now, that's a good sign. Keep learning, keep studying revelation, and as

00:35:41--> 00:36:18

the do it, the prophet our Prophet sallallahu Sallam used to make a very important prayer, he would say, Why did he and he Allah guide me? Well, yes, Cyril who did it and make guidance, easy for me. Because sometimes we know what we're supposed to do. But it's not easy for us. Sometimes it's not easy, because we don't really understand fully Why am I supposed to do this? And why am I not supposed to do that? The point is that we know what we're supposed to do, and we're not supposed to do and as we continue in knowledge, then hopefully Allah will give us that light, so that we understand the rationale behind his commands and his prohibitions. That the the point here and I'll

00:36:18--> 00:36:20

close here and say, I'm sorry for going over my time.

00:36:22--> 00:37:06

But but but but the point that I'd like to close with is that we have to do our best. And as we begin to forge, our American Muslim identity, if you will, we have to do our best to make sure that what we are doing is totally in line, to the best of our ability with the commands of God, it is he subhana wa tada who has the right to determine that which He wants us to do with that which He wants us to do that which is moral, and that which is immoral, and is our job, it is our duty as Muslims, to submit to that, and then to seek that knowledge that will help us to better understand His commands, and his prohibitions will allow them to love some of our enemy in a way that exceeds

00:37:06--> 00:37:10

power. Just one reflection, as you were speaking, I can't help the chair,

00:37:11--> 00:37:17

you know, the prophet sighs undescribed pride as to he said, pride, his humbleness obatala.

00:37:18--> 00:37:54

Which is to either be little people, or to reject the truth. Rare, rarely do you see that a person who rejects the truth does not belittle others, because there's a sign of arrogance that's going to be there. But at the same time, which shape on with the devil in that one moment, he actually did both right, he belittled the creation of man. And he said him and his descendants, and he rejected the truth through his rationale, and things of that sort. And we might escape one form of pride might not be condescending to people, but we want to unlock things for ourselves. And so as you said, always try to find loopholes and find your way out. That's inherent in men, that when their

00:37:54--> 00:38:08

desires become too prominent and unrestricted, that they're going to start finding a way to make those desires in accordance with or to make truth in accordance with the pursuit of those desires, so that they don't have to commit to anything that's uncomfortable. And so

00:38:09--> 00:38:46

I was not uncomfortable with either one of you tonight, Zack Malone for not making us comfortable, beautiful reflections as always, that is the night of Friday, and she thought we'll be having you again. So let's hang on. At least one more night into the night Tyler. I believe so many love bless you for being with us. And I apologize to everyone who went a little bit over tonight, but does that come along? later on? It's the night of Friday and so I want to remind you to do solo entrepreneurs you'd be inclined to give some thought to you know, to use this night also to put forth some other fun Sharla Tara, you'll find some organizations they listed that combat hunger today. And of course,

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European Institute as well. It was pants I bless you also now mighty

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So now let's come over to cat