Daood Butt – Friday Jumuah Lecture – April 30, 2021

Daood Butt
AI: Summary © The speakers emphasize the importance of cutting bad habits and remaining humble in order to become better, and the need to unite with negative language. They stress the importance of working on one's own health and being kind to family members, as well as finding peace andENTITility in difficult situations. The speakers also encourage donations to the oversized numbers of mustard and encourage people to visit the Event House and donate in person. They emphasize the importance of protecting the community and show support for Islam. The segment ends with a call to remember to use the Event House and encourage others to help with donations.
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Rowbotham in Houma de jan and Kathy are on one Isa. What takoma her lady Tessa Luna V will or harm in law, her kana la cumbre theva. My brothers and my sisters on this blessing Friday in this month of Ramadan, which I believe is the third Friday of the month of Ramadan, which means we only have one more Friday to go and shot Allahu to Allah. We need to check ourselves we know very well that this month of Ramadan has been a month of taqwa a month of consciousness and submission to Allah subhanho wa Taala, paying attention to ourselves, being aware of who we are giving more of ourselves and our energy and our time to Allah subhanho wa Taala, developing ourselves into better people

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trying to maintain a more normal or more natural or nicer standard for ourselves and our family and those that are around us. And so throughout this Ramadan, you've noticed within yourself, that you may have increased in some good deeds, and you may have decreased in some bad deeds, right, we may have started to give more sadaqa we probably think about others more often, we may be making more do or spending more time asking Allah subhanho wa Taala from his treasures and his mercy and His blessings. We may have, you know, come closer to understanding the Quran and reciting more of it. We may have been more kind and gentle towards our family and friends and neighbors. We may have, you

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know, gone out and cleaned around our homes and our community and neighborhood. So there's a lot of things that we could have done, and possibly have started to do throughout this month of Ramadan. The question is, though, are we cutting out the bad habits as well. So there's one, it's one thing to increase in goodness, it's one thing to become a better person, and to do lots more good deeds, but it's another thing to,

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to, to continue doing the bad things that we do in our lives. And for some people, the bad things could be, you know, some people are still, let's just say smoking cigarettes, right? Some people will go and hide, you know, hide behind a car hide behind the House side, you know, behind the building and smoke throughout the day, thinking that, oh, if another Muslim sees me, they're going to get upset, or if my family sees me, they'll be upset because I'm fasting. And I'm not supposed to do this. But we're supposed to be conscious of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Knowing that Allah knows what we are doing, right, so we should try to cut out those bad habits. Because, in fact, I wouldn't

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really like to call them habits, we should try and cut out those sins in our lives. Because we know that we are to become better, but also to let go of the evil. We can't continue to become better if we are going to maintain the evil or the bad or the sins that we're doing in our lives. So we have to gradually cut out some of these sins. I used smoking cigarettes as a as an example. There are many other things that could be backbiting, right? Are we controlling ourselves from talking about other people when they're not in our presence by saying things about them, that they're not happy with? Right? It could be lying. Maybe we're still lying the same way we were lying before Ramadan

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and still, you know, making up stories and telling tales and spreading rumors about people and things in ways that we are not supposed to be doing as Muslims anyways. Are we eating halal? Or are we consuming things that are held on like I used in the example previously, right? Are we purifying ourselves? Are we making sure that our bodies are clean and our clothing is clean? Right Some of us have a very, very difficult

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Time to keep our bodies clean and pure. Sometimes, you know, we use the bathroom. And instead of washing or cleaning ourselves, we let the impurities go on our clothing. So we have to make sure that we tried to become better people throughout Melbourne, but also to cut out the sins that we're committing. Because if we leave the sins at a higher level, then the good deeds we do is not going to increase, they will just plateau, they will just stay where they are. And so my brothers and sisters, one of the things that I really want to focus on throughout today's lecture in sha Allah data

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is, you know, the fact that we need to work on ourselves more particularly be kind and nice to our family. How do we be kind and nice to our family? Well, there's a lot of things that we can do, like we said, we'll look at the good things that we can do. And then we'll look at the bad things we're not supposed to do. And we'll focus on the family. The first thing that we should try to do as a family is to simply be kind to each other. There are always going to be times where emotions go Hi, where people get upset where, you know, we get angry with one another. But at the end of the day, we're family. And Allah subhanho data tells us in the Quran, especially between mother and father or

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husband and wife, he puts mo at the end Rama, and we should continue to ask Allah subhana wa Taala for mocha, and Rama, my word that is like a type of love, a love that no one can explain that no one can really understand as well, that comes from a law, it's not the typical love where someone says, Oh, I love you. And that's the end of it. No, it's a love that a person feels even when they see the person they're living with, the person they're married to, is going through some sort of hardship, some sort of struggle, they still love them through it, right? They may have an argument, but they still love each other. They don't want to hurt each other's feelings. So they disagree, but they

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still love each other. Right? They might be having an argument between mom and dad or between, you know, husband and wife, but they still have love for each other, they will still be respectful to one another, they will not call each other names. So now we looked at what we're supposed to do. That's good. And let's remove the things that are bad. No name calling, right, the loss of Hannah Hannah tells us what our turnovers will be called, don't use bad nicknames or attribute bad words to other human beings. And also the prophets on a longer how to us and them tells us in his final sermon in the last clip, ba, right sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he tells the men in particular be

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nice to your women, be nice to your mother, be nice to your wife, be nice, be nice to your daughters, be nice to your sisters be nice to to women in general look after them take care of them. That's a responsibility that we have. And of course, as a husband or as a father, that responsibility is even greater. And so my brothers and sisters, when we think of the family unit and the MOA de Roma that's there, you might disagree. You might disagree on certain things. But at the end of the day,

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try to unite, tried to put differences aside, and try not to make an argument turned into something even more violent. And this is an important topic for us to discuss. A lot of the time you will see at homes in some people's houses.

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Violence, right? Whether it's verbal abuse, where someone in the family is saying something to another person in the family, using bad language, you know, putting them down, making them feel really small, you know, destroying their self esteem, telling them things like you're useless. You're no good, you're like this, you're like that, who cares about you, the world doesn't care about you, your friends think this about you. That's not part of our dean. That's not part of his stuff. as Muslims, we're supposed to raise each other up, give each other hope, hold each other to higher standards, try to make one another feel good about themselves. Right? And be Muslims towards

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each other. If a mother and a father or husband and a wife or a parent and a child are arguing amongst themselves, they should know that at the end of the day, we are Muslim. We are Muslim, we're believers in Allah subhana wa Tada. And we're not allowed to behave this way. We're not allowed to, you know, insult each other. We're not allowed to put each other down. We're not allowed to defame one another right to take away the honor of another Muslim. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam tells us that the the blood of another believer is sacred. What that means is every aspect of another Muslim, another believer is important, and we have to do honor to that Muslim.

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What does it mean to do

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honor to another Muslim. Well look after them, take care of them. If someone makes a mistake, then

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encourage them to become better. If someone is doing something wrong,

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just let it go, put it aside, encourage them to become better. Right? And that's why I said at the beginning of this lecture, we need to increase in the good deeds while cutting out the bad deeds. We need to constantly increase because our amen it fluctuates, right he man as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says our belief, it goes up and it goes down as a man who has IID Wham costs is he do with Tara, when costs Bill massiah. Eman goes up and down. It goes up with obedience and Allah subhanaw taala doing good deeds, and it comes down with mercy, sin and evil acts. And so my brothers and sisters, if we're doing good deeds, and our email is going up, and at the same time, we are

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committing sins, it's pushing our Eamon back down. And so we're not able to come closer to Allah subhanho wa Taala in the ways that we would want to. So my brothers and sisters, let's remember that it's important for us to come closer to Allah subhanho wa Taala by not only doing good deeds, but by also cutting out the sins that we may be committing in our lives.

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Having said that, my brothers and sisters, there are always resources available for anyone who's going through any kind of hardship. This is the month of Ramadan. So we tried to purify ourselves, we tried to purify our home, we tried to purify, you know, everything that's happening around us, if someone or people a family is experiencing hardship difficulty, right, there's some sort of abuse happening at home. Well, we have resources, we have resources, first of all, you can reach out to us at the Islamic community center of Milton, right. And if we can help you, we will help you as best as we can. And then, of course, we have multiple other resources available to us as a Muslim

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community, we actually need to be very thankful to Allah subhanho wa Taala for having these resources available to us. For example, we have nice our homes, which is a shelter that Muslim women can go to, and they have shelters for men as well, right? a shelter where it let's say, a sister, a mother, you know, a Muslim woman is going through some sort of hardship in her life, and she needs to get away from her family, she needs to have some time to herself, she can't stay there, it's too violent, it's too potent, it's dangerous for her to be at home. Well, she can reach out to nissar homes.com.

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Right, and seek the help that is needed. And they will assist Of course with social workers. And they will assist with, you know, finances if that's what's needed, as well, through a collaboration with with masajid. And with organizations like national Zakat foundation. And, you know, there's organizations like iqnet relief and so many organizations out there that are doing so much goodness for our community. And so my brothers and sisters, if anyone is going through some sort of hardship, you should never feel alone. You should never feel like there's nowhere to go. You should never feel like there's no one to speak to. There can always be a way to find a solution through the hardships

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that we are going through my brothers and sisters. So never feel alone. And if you need someone to speak to where we can link you up with people to speak to there's always someone that's willing to listen, always resources that are out there, hotlines, right, help lines, coaches, right?

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therapists, right counselors, social workers, lots of people that are willing to help and to assist.

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And of course, I tell people all the time,

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that the masjid is a place where we find peace and tranquility. And now that our massages are not opened that many In fact, almost every single one of the massage is closed to you know, to public access to the public. This is a time when we need to come closer to Allah subhanho wa Taala through the masajid but we don't have access to the masjid. So what can we do? First of all, we raise our hands into our app, and we ask Allah subhana wa Taala for help and assistance and for the ability to return to the massage it We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to make it easy for us to be connected to the masjid. Why? Because people who are connected to the masjid are people who will be under the

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shade on the Day of Judgment. And we'll talk about this during the odd nights of the last 10 nights of Ramadan in sha Allah to Allah. As a reminder to every single one of us. We will be live streaming from the masjid on the odd

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nights during the last 10 nights of Ramadan, the 21st 23rd 25th 27th and 29th night of Ramadan we will be there in the masjid myself chef Riyadh chef they thought you know some of the father's well that were leading us into where we will have some of the head students as well that will join us one by one every single night we'll have one different students so that we are less than 10 people right we're just going to be a handful of people there within the masjid live streaming from the mustard to bring that feel of the mustard back to us and to also encourage us in the next step after do our heart to Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah to reopen the massage it and to make this pandemic go away

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and to make it easy for us to gather and to unite once again. The next step is to maintain our massage it right we learned about this in last week's chutzpah or lecture I should say right, we learned about the importance of maintaining the massage it in NEMA Yamato messaggi the law human M and A biller he will do me a favor what I call masala tea what is zakka We are the people who look after the massage it as believers we have to do that. And so be close to the masjid of Allah subhanho wa Taala by maintaining the masjid by being someone who goes down in history for having maintained the masjid of Allah Subhana what to add, whether it's your local Masjid wherever you're

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watching from, or you want to help us here in Milton and support our mustard, visit the mustard website today. Now even during this chutzpah if you're watching on one phone, I'm sure there's another phone another device within the house that we can easily go to WWW dot Aigner milton.com

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and support the Islamic community center of Milton. My brothers and sisters you remember last year during Ramadan, we were saying that this is a difficult time and that our massages are closed Alhamdulillah when you know things reopened a little bit throughout the summer months, I have to say that the Muslim community especially here in Milton, Joseph comilla, who hired on May Allah reward every single one of you with the best of this dunya and put loads and loads of Baraka in your wealth and your earnings and your provisions in your risk. Because what we saw from our community was so beautiful. We have a limited amount of people that will join the live stream. But when the massage

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had reopened when we had people coming every Friday, we noticed that the level of donations increased because people knew throughout the week they couldn't come or that we were limited in number. And so the few people that were coming for Juma How can you imagine we downsized in numbers? Because the mustard used to be open and we would have to Jamal's right when we would stand shoulder to shoulder. We're approximately 1000 to 1200 people every single Friday.

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And when the masjid had these new restrictions put in place from the provincial government. We saw every single Juma hookah with about 200 people. Right every Juma prayer had about 200 people and we were running five Juma prayers, which means we had about 800 to 900 people every Friday, but the donations increased. My brothers and sisters our mustard is not open for us to access

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but our hearts are still connected to Allah. Our donations should still go out to the massage it and you can go to the masjid right now, you can jump in your car as soon as we're done. And you can go to the masjid there are you know, management community management committee members that are there at the mustard right now who are welcoming our donations. And insha Allah who to Allah starting from

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from tonight, I believe all right tonight or tomorrow.

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Starting from from Sunday, let's just say from Sunday for now before the announcement goes out right just to be on the safe side. Everyone can go to the masjid to donate in person, right you can donate in person outside of the masjid through either a cash donation or through you know tapping a card right we have that ability as well. And you can join us there at the masjid outside of the masjid Al Hamdulillah you know stop in Drive Thru donate for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala for those that want to do it from the comfort of their home Alhamdulillah we can do that. Right but those that want to come into the masjid vote from 12 o'clock to two o'clock the time of thought every single

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day. The Masjid has you know someone there who's welcoming donations every single evening from six o'clock to seven o'clock as well.

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And throughout the last 10 nights, every single night we will be there from about 9pm onwards until about 11 o'clock between nine and 11pm you'll be able to come to the masjid but for now for here right now we need to do our part we need to show Allah subhanho wa Taala that we got this that we are doing our part that we're protecting the massage that we're taking care of the house of Allah subhana wa Taala a place that we go to to worship Allah like we learned in our Tafseer class the other night, right that the massage is a place especially the the house of Allah subhanaw taala, as in the Kaaba in Mecca is a place where people go to fourth off, they will stand in prayer, they will

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bow down in neurocore and they will make sajida that is the place that we go to when we want to connect with Allah azza wa jal so today here and now visit www dot akena milton.com and for those of you that are on Facebook and YouTube that want to donate to you, I'll put that link up in front of you now and for any transfers, you can send them to iccm [email protected] So for any transfers, please send them to iccm dots [email protected] and you know what my brothers and sisters, we have a task at hand still this that I'm on sprint 2021 remember when you return these boxes, I hope to see you throughout the last 10 nights of Ramadan returning these boxes to the masjid. Please make

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sure that either on the side of the box or inside the box you put a little piece of paper like the post it note with your name, your address your phone number so that we can issue a tax receipt for you for collecting your part and doing your part contributing towards the house of Allah subhanho wa Tada. So my brothers and sisters, please do remember you can write it on the side of the box or you can put a piece of paper inside of the box with your details as well so that we can get you your tax receipts at the end of the year. And you can benefit even more by sharing more of that with Allah subhanho wa Taala in sadaqa does that come along with Hayden my brothers and sisters barakallahu li

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comm we conclude Of course by sending Peace and blessings upon the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Allahumma salli ala Muhammad wa ala early Mohammed Camus on later Allah Ibrahim O Allah early Ibrahima innaka Hamid Majeed or vertic Allah Mohammed Ali Mohammed come about to Allah Ibrahim Ibrahim in nikka hamidah Majeed Allahu Matsuda Nana one Hamner what zoek now what have you know Allah Burdick learner fidi in in our dunya amin Allah Hama Taco Bell when he had the Shahada mobarak Allah Taco Bell Mina he has a shower and mobarak Allahumma Taco Bell Mina or Taco Bell Surya mana Waka yamana oroku ohana, Masada Katana Yara Bella alameen Allah sydnor any men or Hamelin year

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Rockman we are him. We ask you all law to increase us in knowledge and to forgive us of our sins and to make us from amongst those who cut out the bad deeds and the sins that were committing in our lives. The Allah strengthen us and strengthen our Amen. Make us from amongst those who stand strong in the face of adversity and difficulty. Now love Please make it easy for us to stand strong at times when we feel weak. Allah please make it easy for us to turn to you at times when we feel when we feel we are at low points in our lives. Yeah Allah please make it easy for us to open up the Quran and to recite more of it every single day. Yeah Allah please make it easy for us to be from

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amongst those who learn and who implement the Sunnah of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he Allah please make it easy for us to continuously learn from the ayat and the surah of the Quran that you have contained within it. Yeah Allah please make it easy for us to respect to the Quran. Knowing that it is your word and your command. Yeah Allah please make it easy for us as a community to be united once again in our mustard, the Islamic community center of Milton, Allah please make it easy for this community of Milton, the Muslims across this entire town to be united for us to always come together to work together to hold hands when we're able to hold hands when we're able to stand side

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by side when we're able to be shoulder to shoulder yeah Allah please make it easy for us to get through this difficult time. Yeah Allah for those of us that are willing to do our part and to help and to contribute towards helping this the the entire community and the greater good of this society. Allah please make it easy for us to do that. There are many places that we can go to for assistance and help and yet Allah if we need help, please make it easy for those who are struggling, those who are going through difficulty those who are facing oppression in their homes, those who are going through some sort of violence inside of their houses, whether it be abuse of, you know,

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physical abuse or verbal abuse or any kind of abuse. Yeah, please make it easy for them to reach out to get some help. Yeah,

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Please make it easy for them to reach out and get some help. Yeah Allah Please grant them the strength that they need. Yeah Allah please make it easy for them in their hearts to trust and to understand that you will protect them that you will look after them that you will support them that they will never be left alone that this Muslim community will always stand by their side and support them whether physically financially, spiritually, any sort of motivation that they need yet Allah please put it in the hearts of those that are struggling and suffering that we will be there to help them and they are never alone. They are always always in your safety and protection and you will

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always provide for every single one of us I mean yeah Allah please make this pandemic go away. Yeah Allah please make it easy for us to get through this difficult time you know Allah please make it easy for us to be from amongst those who look after our message it Allah please make it easy for us to be as generous as possible. You know, Allah this pandemic has allowed us to stay at home the money that we save on gasoline, the money that we save on coffees, the money that we save on going out to restaurants the money that we've saved on so many things you know Allah Please allow us to put it to good use. Yeah Allah please make it easy for us to be generous in South Africa and Allah

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please make it easy for us to open our hearts to those that are in countries around this world that are being oppressed. Allah please make it easy for us to first and foremost raise our hands to you yeah, Allah into our hearts throughout the day and throughout the night to pray for them to pray and to ask him to beg you for your help yet Allah please remove the oppression upon those that are oppressed. Yeah Allah Please allow our brothers and sisters regardless of the country regardless of the race, regardless of the of the nation that they are in yeah Allah please make it easy for them to have ease and safety and tranquility and medical supply and food and water and an education yet

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Allah please make it easy for their families. Yeah Allah we sit here in luxury. We sit here in comforts. We sit here in happiness. We sit here enjoy. We sit here in safety. We sit here protected from the cold and protected from the heat. We are cooled when it's too hot and we are heated when it's too cold. Yeah Allah there are people on this earth who don't have water to drink. You know, Allah make us a means to provide that water to them. There are people who don't have food to eat. Yeah, Allah make us a means to provide food to them. Yeah, although there are people who don't have a shelter, a home or even a piece of cloth or a robe or clean pants and shirts to wear. Yeah, Allah

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please make us a means of providing that to them. Yeah, Allah allow us to have Baraka in our wealth and our earnings. keep us away from what is hot on so that we have more Baraka in our wealth. And we can use our wealth to help others enter you to benefit from that as a sadaqa jariya. Yet Allah please make us from amongst those that understand the purpose of this life and strive for the athletes and do not strive solely for this dunya here Allah, please protect us from any kind of harm and protect us from from from COVID-19 and protect all those that have that have come that have contracted this illness, those that are going through the recovery process alone, many of our

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community members are sick in the hospital. Many of our community members are self isolating at home. Many of our community members are dying and some have already died. In fact, many have died. Yet ALLAH forgive those that have left us and grant us the ability in the strength to get through this altogether. I mean, you're behind I mean, in the law here at mobila Hadley will Essen or eata either way under an infection you will want to carry well well he areas will come down loquitur karoun with Kuru La Jolla corkum, where the rule yesterday will come when a vicar Allahu Akbar en la jolla animal martyrs neroon my brothers and sisters once again when we end this live stream please

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visit www dot akena milton.com go to the mustard website. If you want you can visit the Instagram account the Facebook account you can have the link to the to the website there. Please do donate as generously as possible does not come along well. Hayden, may Allah open our hearts, open our minds and open our our spirit to understanding the importance of this life. barakallahu faecal Love you all for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala and I hope to see all of you soon. Joseph comilla Hayden was center more at econ what not to lie about our cattle

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