Omar Suleiman – Not all devils are locked up in Ramadan

Omar Suleiman
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Salam Alaikum Welcome to light here where cattle

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spinata Hakeem Al Hamdulillah in 101 a stain on a stuffy Luna study. Why don't you know be here when I took karate when I wrote the benign of him and surely unforeseen illness a yachtie Amina Manya de la la la la la la la la homonuclear fellow ha de la, la la la la Allah.

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Allah Allah Hamed, he will meet with you in a much better he played wahoo Ida coalition cadet Mashallah Mohammed Abu rasuluh wasafi, who was at Isla de la Manitoba La Brea salat wa salam or Kashif alma mater I can add my husband to the very light legal How can I hurt he had a is he fine hola hola karate all sides automata seemed quite early he was likely he will understand that be so naughty he you know your Medina. Medina Minh home woman at Edina Amina Amina signing her to Ottawa so that happy but also the sub, I mean, I mean we'll see come on up see beautiful la Mulana or Carla China you elvina ammonoids Apple laha toccata here at Hamilton in Atlanta Muslim on your NASS.

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What's up Robert Camilleri. Hello cockman nursin wahida bahala caminhada well that's the main home RV john and Kathy are on one Isa what's up all la halaby TESSA aluna he will have him in the locker and alikhan rocky but yeah, he would have been among the top level of all Colin said either your slack on aeronautical way offered Welcome to the Nova con woman your player. fares are frozen all the mathematics Barrett. We begin by bearing witness to the oneness of Allah subhanaw taala

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asking him to send his peace and blessings upon His messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the prophets and messengers that came before his family and companions that served alongside of him and those that follow in his blessed path. Until the day of judgment, we asked a lot to make us amongst them alumni. I mean, dear brothers and sisters as we are now one week into Ramadan, I actually wanted to reflect on a discussion that usually comes up in the beginning of Ramadan, when you go over some of the

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when is it really no audio? Or is it just me?

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Alright, I'm gonna try this again.

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if any of you can hear me, can you please give a thumbs up? If not, then I'm just gonna have to go. Okay.

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So the sound is on your end. gela. So I'm going to go ahead and start over again. Okay.

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All right.

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There is audio. Okay. I kept seeing the comments that said there is no audio. Alright. I'm good enough. So you need to press the sound and Charlottetown and then you'll be able to hear all right. Where was I? Speaking about shelving being locked up, meaning it's not just the sale team that are locked up, but also sometimes our technological capacities are locked up as well. So I was worried about my microphone being messed up. I know that we've had an issue. So I'm going to start over and shutdown and somebody else lots of salami analysis, you know, it was Manuela says we're one weekend so I'm alone. And there's a lot of debate or a lot of discussion that often comes in accordance with

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a hadith that is spoken about as we're getting into the month of Ramadan, which is when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said when the month of Ramadan comes with a wearable Genova Licata we know that when the month of Ramadan comes the doors the gates of Paradise are opened. And one narration the prophet SAW some stuff with your hands while we're walking around, the doors of mercy are opened and the gates of Hellfire are shut, and the shale clean Sophie, that's a shell thing. The devils are chained away, the devils are locked away. And there's a technical discussion to have about this Hadeeth and then there's also something to reflect upon, as far as what the implications

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are at a deeper level inshallah Tada. The first part of this is the technical part, which is that if all of the devils are locked up, why is it that we still have issues? Why do we still send Why do we still get into it with one another? Why do we still feel temptation? Why do we still hear whispers? Why is it that we still end up in the same situations and some situations, you know, we feel even worse, right? When Ramadan comes around, we might some people would actually say that. I'm feeling depressed because I'm not able to reach the goals that I had. And I still feel distant from Allah. And we're already one weekend Ramadan, and I don't know what's going to happen. So why is there

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still an issue? Or why do we still send and why do we still have the same issues in many situations that we had before and I'm a lot, the second technical part of this is, are all of the shale thing locked away? Or are some of them locked away? And so there's a Hadith of the Prophet so I sent him another narration Timothy where the Prophet slicin I mentioned that metadata sheltering but the the big devils meaning in the hierarchy of sheltering and the hierarchy of devils. There are those that command the smaller shell thing, the smaller devils to go out and

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to attack the people, and it is the big shale team that are locked away. And the small shale team, including the padeen, including the one who whispers to every one of us individually, those are still there. So you're Corinne, that that the profit slice and I'm talking about that is with you is still there, but the big shale thing that command them and that move things forward constantly and try their best to dissuade the people from acts of worship to sway them towards acts of disobedience. Those are the ones that are locked away. So the big Shelton are locked away, the small ones are still there. And some of the scholars said, in fact, all of them are locked away, right.

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But again, that Hadith of the Prophet slicin seems to indicate that it's only a set of devils that are locked away a set of shale teams that are locked away. What are the implications of this heavy flow for us? And how do we actually keep our shale team locked away, our devils locked away for good not just in the month of Ramadan, but after the month of Ramadan, the first thing that we should reflect upon is where a loss of data tells us in the letter us with Sufi salute in us that the only thing that the devils can do is they can whisper, they put ideas, they tempt they, they try to cause us to not just disobey last time, but to be distracted from doing the good deeds of obedience to

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Allah subhanho wa Taala. But on top of that, Allah subhana wa Taala also mentioned that the shell thing, do not have any sort of pond, they don't have any control over you in them and utterback Aminullah, except for those that willingly follow them. And so in all situations, in all situations, the sale thing, do not the devils do not control anyone, they don't have ownership of you, the only thing that they can do is whisper and it's your choice, whether or not you entertain their temptations and entertain their whispers, and allow yourself to go down that path. Okay? So it's your choice, whether or not you give them that access to your heart, and then access to your

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thoughts that they constantly seek throughout the day, and throughout the night. Okay, so that's, that's the first thing they are capable of what suas they're capable of whispering, they don't have control over you. But Allah subhanho wa Taala mentioned to us enough Amala bisou in the NASA motto to pursuit that the self commands evil as well as the self commands evil as well. And they'll tell you about him a whole lot. He mentioned this, or he gave this example of a factory that is processing wheat. And he said that the only time that the shape on finds an opening, to be able to plant some of those seeds and plant some of that some of those those desires and those temptations

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and those whispers is when the shape bond finds a void when the devil finds a void within you. And this is really important here because when the prophets I send them talked about Vic and when he talks about remembrance as a fortress, that the devil cannot penetrate.

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You know, one part of that one aspect of that the obvious implication of that is that the kid is that remembrance repels the same thing away from you. But the other part of that is that if a person is busy with the remembrance of Allah, how are they going to be tempted by the whispers of shavon? Right, the person is too occupied with something beneficial to be tempted to something that is so vain, so lowly, and cause them to something have no purpose. And so there's a there's a connection between the remembrance of Allah subhanho wa Taala, and the whispers of shavon. And if you are busy with good shaitan cannot busy you with evil, okay, shaytaan cannot busy you with evil. And so you

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have to ask yourself, just as the kid fills a void in the heart remembrance fills a void in the heart remembrance to the heart is, as some of the great scholars mentioned is like oxygen, right? It's our spiritual oxygen liquid is our spiritual oxygen. And when a person is pumping out that they could have allowed that remembrance of God, there is no room for the shape on to find himself in there to dissuade you there. And so some of the scholars commented on this, and they built upon this and they said, one of the benefits of this is that if you think about the things that shape on penetrates in your life, he penetrates your thoughts, he penetrates your deeds, he penetrates your

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good, he penetrates your social interactions, he penetrates your wealth, he penetrates all of these different things. What you have to ask yourself is how much of that how much of an opening Are you giving to him in the first place to be able to find that, that room to start to twist and start to turn and start to dissuade you and misguide you away from your Lord subhanho wa Taala. And that's an important point, that if you take the analogy of liquor to the heart and apply it to everything else, and so if a person has tasted Subhan Allah right now, at this moment, there

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Are there's there's a line in Dallas, of people that are picking up food and masks from about, you know, 40 Muslim businesses and charities that have come together. And they're serving people right and left with food and with masks and things of that sort. And one of the business owners actually made this comment, which I found very beautiful. He said him good enough for this opportunity. He said, Well, like the sweetness of being able to serve the people in the street right now is greater than the sweetness of business picking up because he owns a store where people can come You know, which which is

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which puts him in a place of advantage right now and others are struggling but you know, people are in need of the things he's selling the food and the groceries, he saw, he said, but the sweetness of being able to, to spend this in the way of a loss of parents how to do good with this far outweighs the sweetness of the purchases and the racking up of the sales inside the store the sale of good. And so you don't you know, when a person starts to go down that track, how is shavon going to get in and sway that person towards selling, have them sway that person towards selling that which is prohibited in order to build up their sales, if they're really thinking about how wonderful it is

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that Allah has given them an opportunity to do good with their wealth. And so you you box, the shape on out of your wealth, if you're making that connection, and you start to say, you know, what, if the sweetness of doing good far outweighs the sweetness of racking up something of this world, something that's material, then why would I sell Hold on, maybe it's time for me to move on from something that's prohibited and just focus on that, which is good in that which is beneficial? So how do you box the shape on out when you think about your social interactions, right? The prophets, I said, I'm taught us to have Nia to have a sense of intention with everything that they do when you

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are making your friendships in the first place when you are developing your social circles. On what basis are those social circles being developed? And if you you know, just think about if you walk into a meeting and you don't have an agenda, how how distracted you're going to be how far away you're going to go from the actual objectives that are necessary to be fulfilled? And so what is your agenda for everything that you do and so if the agenda for the heart is to pump the kid in the spiritual sense to pump the remembrance of Allah subhanaw taala, then where's the shape on going to be able to insert those seeds? And some of the scholars said that this is what Allah is, or what the

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prophet of Allah is referring to in the Hadith where he says, Sophie, that the shell been that the devils are minimized in their influence. Why? Think about it, Vic, in remembrance of Allah and the Quran is the greatest Vicar and is referred to as Ezekiel it is the greatest remembrance, the remembrance of the lost sons, the devil is fleeing from your home. And right now people are trying to finish their huts, most of the massages on an ordinary basis would be full of the Imams that her father recite out loud for a very long time. The event is as lively in the masjid, the amount of recitation of the plant, where's the shape, I'm gonna find room in anyone's house right now if the

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people are engaged in the recitation of the

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people that that that typically would commit sins outside of Ramadan. And it's important for you to think about, you know, when you commit sins inside of Ramadan, or when you commit sins outside of Ramadan, you know, you've got people that that will forsake a sin throughout the entire month of Ramadan. But then as soon as I'm a blondes over, go back to it, and then they'll claim that it's just too much for me, I can't get away from the sin, but you just proved that you can get away from it. And so you know, if the guilt of Ramadan or the weight of the virtue of Ramadan, as is the case for many people that you know, I'm not going to do this right now, because it's Ramadan, even though

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it should be I'm not going to do this because it's a lot, right. But I'm not going to do this because it's Ramadan, chiffons, you know, hopeless that, okay, like, I can't sway this person this way, because they've already decided, I'm not going to do this, I'm not going to listen to this. I'm not going to look at this. I'm not, they've already decided that while they're fasting, they're not going to do these things. So they have no room to penetrate their sadaqa you know, shuts the mouse charity shuts the mouths of the devil's it's like it's like stuffing the mouths of the devil's with dirt because every time you are called to sadaqa we know that Hadith of the prophets lie Selim the

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mounds of those shells, clean, open 1000s of them those devils and say don't give, don't give, don't give worry about your material worry about your material, and you're stuffing their mouths when it gives sadaqa. And think about how many how many times the shell thing gets punched in the face and Mama bond with all of the charity that's given in the month of Ramadan, right it is the month it is the month of silica. So where's the shape, I'm going to find any room with all of this good that's going on. So it's the environment of good that many of them are in amount mentioned that the shale team find themselves locked out that they find that they're that they cannot penetrate the spaces

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that they're usually able to penetrate, that they're usually able to penetrate now of course

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A lot in his mercy limits their influence he, he, he shackles them in a way that allows us to get ahead that allows us to propel ourselves forward to make those strides towards a law that we've been called to make throughout the year. But at the end of the day, it comes back to you. And so hello, one, you know, very beautiful reflection, that I'd heard of this hadith from Dr. Lots of the Nabulsi. Some of you know, me is a very famous color preacher in the Middle East. He said something really beautiful. And he said, Sophie, that's a shell theme. You know, if you look at the the Hadith of the Prophet sly somewhere, he's talking about Ramadan, he talks about sallallahu wasallam, the

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end result, the end result. So for example, when you finish a complete Ramadan, may Allah Subhana allow us to complete the similan with mercy and with worship at the end of Ramadan, your place in general is guaranteed for you, right, and you're written down from a liberal car, you're written down from those that are freed from the punishment of jahannam. Right, it's written down for you at the end of Ramadan, that this that this person has completed this period. They just spent the last 10 nights of Ramadan, may Allah allow us to witness them, saying alemannic Alpha One, two hibbeler, for fat for our law, you are the one who forgives, you love to forgive, so forgive me, they just

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finished it. And so Allah writes it all down for them. And so he said, if you think about this person, Sophia to shout lien. He said, The meaning one, one potential meaning that could be extracted from this is that and this is where we really want to get that the shale clean that used to bother you, with certain sins that used to be able to find access to you with certain sins are locked up for good posts Ramadan, because you've repented to a loss of hundreds and you said, I'm not going back to those sins, you've made a firm determination to not go back to those sins. And so it's like the shell cleaner put away, just as you're being recorded amongst the people of Paradise

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at the end of Ramadan, like you have finished that beautiful period of fasting, that beautiful period of worship, you have finished that beautiful period of immersing yourself in Allah's mercy, you have engaged the poor, and you engage in prayer, you cried and supplication, you are written now at the end of this period amongst the people of Jenna, may Allah subhanaw taala make us amongst them, the shell thing are locked up and put away. This is a person that I'm not going to be able to get to anymore, because they're not going to give me access. They're not going to give me access. I don't have a way to get back to that person. Because that person has put in the controls in Ramadan

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in the midst of their repentance to where they will not let me back in and so you want to give shape on a life sentence, right? You don't just want to give him a month sentence. You want to give him a life sentence. Is it possible? We talked about in the angel series we mentioned the couple of episodes ago. The the example of armor and how powerful the alongside and who, who when the shape and size or armor or the alarm of Thailand who on the road? He just goes to another road he says I have no way to access Armando vilano he's just he's so determined to please his Lord to do what's right. That I just can't penetrate his minds. I can't penetrate his heart. I just you know, it's

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it's it's defeat, admitting defeat. I mean, I'm hustler Busey Rahim Allah, He said describing a lossless unharness a lossless and Hannah's that alive describes the shape on in two seemingly conflicting ways. And what's worse is the one who whispers canasa is the one who sinks away you know, shouting can be locked up in Ramadan, you want to drown them to death right? So kindness is literally someone who sinks who drowns they're gone they cannot they you know not not in the literal sense but in the way they can't affect you they cannot ruin you. Because you've decided to to connect to a loss palletizer now has an embassy Rahim Allah. He said that when a person remembers

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Allah subhana wa Tada.

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Either luffa was was when you when you become heedless of Allah, when you become heedless of Allah. Then you let shape on into whisper and then when you remember a lot either veka Allah hardness when you remember Allah shakedowns, like a drowning individual like a drowning creation. He's got no access to you. He has no way to get to you. Because you're the kid is forming a fortress your remembrance is forming a fortress. Olam refers to the old man as the kid alive refers to salaat as the kid to the prayer as they could as remembrance. What are the fortresses that you're building in your life right now to give shape on a life sentence so that he will never be able to come back to

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you with the power and the access that he had before and his power and access was already merely of one of temptation, merely of one of whiskering and he's not going to be able to have that or he will not be able to have that to the same effect and impact. If you sentence him by your actions and by you're setting up those fortresses, the way that Allah subhana wa tada has given you

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The ability to so that he may not be able to penetrate once again. And so we've got to think about these things and not really talk about this idea of making the shape on despair in you. And that's a beautiful concept. How do I make the devil and his name is a blease. The chief of the shale clean is a beliefs which means the one who despaired at least comes from a blessa, the one who disappeared, what did he despair and he despaired in the mercy of Allah, He gave up on the mercy of Allah subhana wa tada and he chose to go down a dark path, how do I make the shale clean despair in me, to where they don't feel like they can lead me astray anymore, they lose hope in you, they lose hope in you

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because they don't know how to take you away anymore because you are focused on pleasing Allah subhanaw taala. And so the greatest thing that you come out of Ramadan is not that shavon was put away for a month only to come back at you, you know, viciously, right only to come back out to you with a vengeance. And a lot of times we see right, as soon as there ain't happens, things happen. That might be by the way, one of the things that shavon is really sad about is if quarantine continues, you might not get all those eight parties where Shelton have plenty of access to some of those eight parties. You know, it's not just their eats a lot. You might not have that access

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anymore, you know, but in our own individual lives, how do I lock him out? Because Allah subhanho wa Taala is not going to hold him back for a month, just to release him like a wild dog on the afternoon Allah, Allah is giving you an opportunity to put them away for good. We ask Allah Subhana, Montana, to allow us to fortify ourselves to guide us to fortify ourselves with the deeds that cause us to be surrounded by the angels and the deeds that caused us to have those angels report to him in a way that's favorable in our regard, and in a way that attains His pleasure and in a way that causes our sheltering, to despair. Just like the chief of those devils despaired in the mercy of

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Allah, may they despair from leading us away from the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah, I mean, I pray that you all continue to find blessing in this Ramadan. And I hope that you all are engaging in your total week in your in your recitation and finding, you know, great fruit in the salon. And it's the day of Friday, a blessed day in a blessed month of Ramadan. So I want to remind you all in sha Allah to Allah to increase and Salawat today to increase in the prayers upon the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam I want to remind you to into to, to recite sort of calf, if you can today in sha Allah, I want to remind you to make use of the last hour of the day Saturday, Java,

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the last hour of the day before mclubbe, which is already an accepted time for the fasting person of supplication to increase that because now you have the Friday, the blessing of Friday with the blessing of being in the last hour of your fasting, and of course to remind you in sha Allah to Allah to to also do acts of good and one of those acts of good Southern law is an act of charity. So if you feel inclined and shot law to Allah, then please do support the work that's being done at yaqeen and the work that's being done by all of our beautiful organizations that of course are out there serving right now in such beautiful ways to exact millennial hate on a loss parent I bless you

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all and we asked the last content to accept from us all I'll see you all tonight in sha Allah tala for and 3430. will sit on Monday come to LA he will not account

If devils are locked away during Ramadan, why do we still sin?

Sh. Omar Suleiman discusses the meaning and implications of the hadith in which the Prophet Muhammad says, “When Ramadan begins, the gates of Paradise are opened and the gates of Hell are closed, and the devils are put in chains.”

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